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Thread: DX9 Throttle Options, IC
26/08/2015 13:18:25

Thanks Steve, i used to have a Graupner 16/20 and had throttle on stick, deploy brakes with 3 way switch and if needed to abort landing, open throttle and brakes were put away, now how i did that i do not know, the 9 is new to me and struggling a bit at present.

26/08/2015 09:40:43

Hello all, just changed to DX9 with AR 9310 RX, finding the input ports confusing, two rows with dual use for inputs, Help please?

Can i programme throttle stick to be throttle and kill motor and use throttle stick for crow brakes, this is on full house glider with motor?

More, sorry, can i programme my Hacker ESC 70 pro with jetty box or do i need card or plugging pc with( forgotten the name)?

Thread: E Flight Habu 32
02/01/2012 14:07:02
I have just bought myself a Habu 32 EDF, in the process of assembly and have come across a problem withe the installation of the front retract set up.
I am using DX7 so cannot disable the steering when retracted, my problem is when the nosewheel is retracted i cannot get enough movement and using the rudder the steering servo binds up one way, the pushrod will not stay centralized in the slot for steering, should i make the slot longer or is there another remedy?
Thread: New 2.4 AR9300
03/07/2009 11:41:28
Gary, Iwould appreciate an update on how you get on with the AR 9300?
What was the best price you managed?
Thread: Modified R/X?
27/06/2009 06:48:53
Has anyone tried to modify the Ar700 or any of the multi aerial R/X, in as much as lengthening the aerials similar to the AR9300 so that they protrude outside the fuz, if this works why are we spending £130plus on these so called carbon friendly R/X?
Some one told me that the aerials unlike 35 mgs are not tuned by the length of aerial, true or false?
Thread: Li-PO R/X Packs
24/06/2009 08:24:20
Just to add, the R/X pack to switch to regulator to R/X.
Changing tack slightly, what do you reckon to the extended aerials on the ner AR 9300, or can we just extend the aerials on our other R/X, we would have four  whiskas instead of three to put outside the fuz?
24/06/2009 07:35:33
Well done and a very good overview of the problem , now i have it, thank you very much.
I doubt wether this model would need to be flown full chat for any length of time it is so graceful being flown slow and easy, just the odd fast hat on is good fun though.
The expo i use is from the manufacturers sheet, if there were none at all i think this model would have been in the bin in minutes, believe me it needs it, but with most models as you say less is best, i do not like using dual rates so expo is good for me, each to there own as they say.
23/06/2009 10:54:40
PB, Thanks for the detailed reply, think i have it weighed up now?
One last point on this though, how does the redundant part of this set up kick in, it is wired via two H/D switches via an 8 amp regulator, i presume if i only used one switch i would only be using 2 cells, could presume wrongly of course?
                                                                                                                                                                 With regard to the electric extra, it is an awsome model to fly, still getting to grips with it at the moment so have not flown it for too long a flight, had ten minutes, put back just over 2000ma out of the 5350 packs, but not pushed the envelope yet, previous owner reckons very near the 3 Kw mark, must put the Watt Meter on and check for myself, of course this type of model is not on full tilt for too long so throttle management is pretty good, hence longish flight times, will shorten of course once the speed freak part kicks in, occasionaly, got to be done?
Having a job finding anyone with an APC thin electric prop of 24x12 dimensions, any ideas?
Never flown a model using so much expo, 40% is needed to tame it down a tad, that is per the instructions and maybe more once full throws are introduced, maybe.
Now using the Ultra Duo 50, noticed a great improvement in cell performance, even with some of my older packs, like the facility of built in balancer, and with the purpose made li-po adaptors from Gliders it is easy to set up any of my packs, charge balance all at the same time,so much more effeciant,well  worth the money.
16/06/2009 19:40:18
Thanks for the info, my set up is in the 2.1m extra,  12x 5350ma flight pack, via spin 99 to hackerA60L , 24x12 APC, gives unlimited performance.
The R/X pack is as per. discussion, through an 8 amp regulator, two switches, 5 digital servos, so one must charge pack via one lead, does the single bal. lead cover all 4 cells.
This is the problem when you do not put it to-gether oneself.
15/06/2009 17:32:03
Taken pics of Cells, can i send them to you, not sure how to post on here?
15/06/2009 13:08:32
Thanks for the reply, checked the said pack and it is according to the label 2s?
15/06/2009 10:33:26
I have a extra 300 electric with a lipo r/x pack, this is a 2s 7.4volt 4350 ma pack.
My query is, there are 4 cells in this pack 2 charge leads and 1 balance lead,
I am told to charge as 2 cells by previous owner, why are there two charge leads as i discharged via one lead thinking the other lead for the other 2 cells, not so the other lead when connected shows empty also, the bal. lead has four wires but when connected shows only two cells?
Stumped, this is supposed to be a redundant cellback up as it goes through a regulator and two switches?
Appreciate any help.
Thread: New 2.4 AR9300
02/06/2009 09:17:59
Having carbon fuz models in my fleet i was interested in the new carbon friendly R/X, has anyone used one yet?
If yes is it any good, or is it possable to extend the whiskas on the other R/X to achieve the same result, ie, whiskas sticking outside the fuz, do not need to be to long as most F3b/j fuzelages are quite narrow?
Thread: LI-PO Repair
04/10/2008 15:27:00

As LI-PO cells have now been in use by modellers for some time now, has anyone discovered anyone who will carry out repairs as in, usually one cell in the pack goes down, expensive to replace some of the now widely used big packs, 5000ma 6 cell set ups, surely the duff cell could be replaced by some one with the relevent know how?

Any ideas??

Thread: Gold connectors
06/09/2008 16:39:00
New ESC's have an anti spark device in situ, dont see the need for that extra wiring, my diode is connected to the pos, with a loop made with the end leg back on itself, all you do is connect up neg, touch the pos. connector to the exposed loop and make connection, bingo job done>
31/08/2008 16:35:00

Be carefull using cheap copies of gold connectoors especially on high power set ups, the final connection which gives a hefty spark(unless you have a diode fitted)can melt these cheapies, my personel preferance are gold connectors as i find that a clean connection is nigh impossible with deans, once again as i use 50 volt packs this can confuse the ESC, having said that one of my wiring harnesses has deans but they are the first to be connected then the 5.5mm gold after touching the diode first, clean spark free connection every time.

The more modern ESC's i believe are fitted with an anti spark device?

Thread: New type of Li-Po
31/08/2008 16:21:00

Talking to a chap at the Nats. who was telling there are supposed to be a new generation of Lipos coming to the market place, anyone heard anymore about this?

Supposed to be lighter-more powerful and probably more expensive.

Just a quickie on balancing, i have been using a couple of packs for a while now and after charging checked the individual cells with a voltmeter, all within.1 of a volt, so why do we go on about balancing so much, no need if cells show what i am getting?

Some of my packs take a right hammering with no signs of imbalance or capacity loss?



Thread: The August Grand Prize Draw
05/08/2008 17:18:00
Keep on trying , one day my luck may be in???
Thread: 2.4 and carbon
15/07/2008 16:23:00

Not been into the 2.4 for long and was interested in using it in a carbon kevlar fuz, any experiances from anyone would be of interest.

Do the aerials need to protrude through the fuz. or is it safe for them to be all internal, bearing in mind there is not a lot of room in the fuz of an electric glider.

I seem to recollect a diagram of a fuz showing how to mount the twin r/x with cutouts in the fuz. but cannot find it again, any ideas.

Any info much appreciated.

Happy landings,


Thread: 2.4 g, DX7
21/06/2008 18:21:00

Thanks to you all for your advice, read and understood, i have had good response to any query on the forum and all sound stuff.

Keep up the good work.

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