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Thread: British Freestyle Aerobatic Club Talks
23/11/2009 10:56:51
AS we get responces from the clubs and dates set I will send the to you David as I am sure the clubs would like the exposure.
So far I have been contacted by three clubs from the posting on here, so there is good interest.
20/11/2009 10:42:45

There are many club pilots who own some form of aerobatic aircraft and enjoy trying to emulate the flying they see at the shows. These aircraft; be they generic “pattern” style or Scale versions of competition aerobatic machines are capable of more than the average loop, roll or spin. Even Sports models like the PC9 or Acrowot can be used with great effect in freestyle aerobatics.

The British Freestyle Aerobatic Championships (BFAC) has been championing aerobatics that are not strictly pattern, or just 3D gyrations hanging around the strip. The BFAC encourages a mixture of piloting skills that mixes precision aerobatics with artistic aerobatics to music.

As a way to encourage the average club pilot to take a step forward into competition the BFAC team is organising club talks to cover aspects of aerobatic competition, Freestyle flying, Model Set up and trimming.

We would like to find clubs around the UK that would like to host one of these talks. There will be a small donation of £40 to cover the costs. If you would like to host an event at your club, get in touch with me.

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Thread: British Freestyle Aerobatic Master Classes
20/11/2009 10:42:05

There are many club pilots who own some form of aerobatic aircraft and enjoy trying to emulate the flying they see at the shows. These aircraft; be they generic “pattern” style or Scale versions of competition aerobatic machines are capable of more than the average loop, roll or spin. Even Sports models like the PC9 or Acrowot can be used with great effect in freestyle aerobatics.

The British Freestyle Aerobatic Championships (BFAC) has been championing aerobatics that are not strictly pattern, or just 3D gyrations hanging around the strip. The BFAC encourages a mixture of piloting skills that mixes precision aerobatics with structured artistic aerobatics that includes flights to music.

As a way to encourage the average club pilot to take a step forward into competition the BFAC team are organising master classes in Freestyle flying and aircraft set up around the UK. Pilots taking part would need to be working towards their “B” certificate, and capable of more than just basic circuits, but any pilot wishing to learn about Aerobatics would be welcome even if they have no intention of taking part in a competition.

We would like to find clubs around the UK that would like to host one of these events, its really simple, you organise the site, and we do the rest. There will be a small donation of £5 per pilot to cover the costs with a minimum number of ten pilots in attendance. These events will be held from March onwards and will take a whole day. If you would like to host an event at your club, get in touch with me.

If you are a pilot who would like to attend, but your club is not big enough to host an event then keep an eye on the events section for announcements of master classes in your area.


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Thread: 2010 RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatic Championships
02/11/2009 14:49:50
It’s BIGGER, it’s LOUDER and it’s BETTER………
 It’s the 2010 RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatic Championships
 The dates for the 2010 RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatic Championships has been set for the 11th & 12th of September. The event is being moved to a new site at Sywell Aerodrome near Northampton, allowing more space for the ever growing aircraft being flown. Several International competitors who this year flew at the European Xtream Flying Championship will be taking part, along with the best pilots the UK has to offer.

The Class structure has been brought up to date to match the move towards larger competitively priced petrol powered airframes.  A new Sportsman class will replace the old 120 Class, allowing any model with a motor up to 60cc. The Advanced class now has no limitations on engine or airframe size, with the Unlimited Class available to the best of the best.


The move to Sywell has been in the planning for some time and takes the event to a new higher level. The interest from top European Pilots shows the formula we have put together is right and will allow many  UK pilots to compete against the best.

We intend to make the event as balanced as possible for the spectator; with the Fixed Manoeuvres allowing them to directly compare each pilot as they fly the same schedule; a freestyle round with no music to allow the pilots complete freedom to "display" their skills without the constraints of the music, the Fixed Music round where the spectators can see how each pilot interpret the same piece of music, and finally the Music Freestyle round where the pilot flies an all out routine to their own choice of music.


We have made the changes to the classes to reflect what is happening at club level. When we took over the BFAC a 1.20 powered model was considered fairly large, but now you go to the average club and you will see at least one 50cc aerobat and quite possibly some 100cc or larger models visiting the site at regular intervals. The availability of low cost high quality motors and models from the Far East has meant these models are now within the reach of the average club pilot. The biggest advantage to these aircraft is the running cost; with a ten minute flight on a 50cc model costing only £0.40, compared to a basic 1.20 powered machine on glow fuel at around £2.50 or more. Over a year the fuel saving alone could cover the cost of a new airframe.


With the big general interest for flying at Sywell we know we will have a large crowd of spectators from all walks of life. In many cases this will be the first time many people will see model aircraft and we hope it will bring more people into the sport. There will be the usual trade stands supporting the event as long with some very interesting scale models and full sized aircraft displays throughout the day. All told this is going to be a weekend to remember with the very best Freestyle Aerobatics shown off in the perfect location.


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Thread: Fine bit of Freestyle flying
15/10/2009 18:56:03
Posted by Ernie on 15/10/2009 18:00:42:
Hi Guys,
If one spends many hours BUILDING a scale model, then surely the primary aim should be to fly it in a scale manner. Anything else is daft..Also, it's extremely difficult to do
As for any form of model flying being an art form. All the words that I want to use are  subjected to the RCM&E blue pencil 
 Erie,  I am not the one calling it Artistic, the FIA call the F6A flying "Artistic Aerobatics"
That said I think you should see some of the better pilots flying to music, Artistic is the perfect description, especially to the slower passages of music.

 Some of us are not interested in building, infact I hate it, for me I am only interested in flying, but I do like scale models. Why should you limit the way a pilot flies a model they have because it looks like a real aircraft.  If the model is capable of aerobatics, then why not fly them, whether its a Spitfire, a Mustang or even a B17, the way the model is flown is up to the pilot..
Just look at Ali's Cub, it puts on a stunning display, are you saying all the people who have really enjoyed his dispay this year are wrong?

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Thread: Flying Club near Market Harborough
15/10/2009 17:33:36
We are 18 miles (30 Mins) away from you near the Park Farm Industrial Estate at Wellingborough.
This is our website.
We can fly any day, but mostly Friday afternoons, and weekends. There is a masive cross section from 1930 style models converted to radio to 40% Freestyle models.
We have a good group of young members who all show us how to fly, and the club organises the RCM&E British Freestyle Championships each year.
PM me and I will give you my mobile number if you fancy coming over to see us.
Thread: Fine bit of Freestyle flying
15/10/2009 16:46:48
I have no problems with people having their own thoughts on different fields of flying, but to liken freestyle flying to someone having an epiliptic seizure is opening yourself up to very negative feedback from pilots who enjoy this kind of flying.
I also think that moderators should be more thoughtfull when calling pilots who enjoy thowing any aircraft around "Stupid".............................
"there is nothing more stupid and offensive than seeing a classic warbird such as Spitfire prop hanging and flick rolling before turning back for a blistering and completely non scale like pass down the strip"
Freestyle flying has been ackoledged by the FIA as an artform with the F6A regulations, and is working to bring it to the same level as Pattern and Scale disaplines. Looking at the number of Yak's, CAps, Extras, Sukhoi's etc being sold then this is by far the biggest interest in model flying today.
I enjoy seeing a scale war bird being flown in a scale manner as much as anyone, but I also enjoy seeing the same model being flown to the max and seeing the pilot really enjoying the sport of model flying.
I also really enjoy watching the TomBoy competitions, especially in the wind, and seeing Dave Boddington fishing his models out of the trees.....GREAT FUN
Yes have oppinions on what you enjoy, but lets admire each section of the modeling world rather than attack them.

Edited By Peter Hawtin on 15/10/2009 16:47:56

15/10/2009 15:44:33
How do you know how other pilots feel?
He offended me and several other Freestyle pilots, how a pilot flies is his personal choice, but we dont make sarcastic remarks.
People make silly remarks like Flip Flop flying and the like and when we counter its classed as Stupid, very strange.
15/10/2009 14:21:51
Posted by TonyS on 13/10/2009 10:48:44:
Technically, it blows your mind how well they can fly but personally, I just don't get it. It's like watching a ballet dancer having epileptic seizures. Planes weren't meant to flop around pointlessly  like that.
 I personally wonder why many pilots just fly round and round in circles, with an occasional change to the other direction, but it each to his own. 
Modern Ballet compared to Clasical Ballet always brings out the same comments but most knowledgable watchers are prepared to accept the skill and grace mixed in with the wild and wild and free.
Modern Freestyle pilots have far more skill than they are given credit for, many Pattern Pilots openly state their admiration to the skill and contol these pilots have and even the best admit they need to bring more of this kind of control into other sectors of the sport.
Tony come to the RCM&E British Freestyles next year, watch the control these guys have during the fixed manouvers, the see how they fly to both slow and fast music mixing the flying to match.
Then you might just understand how offensive your remarks are.
Thread: LiPo RX Regulator causing Interference
29/12/2008 10:46:00

I am now using this simple voltage dropper on my 68" cap and after 5 flights of 10 minuets it only drained 850 ma from the cells.

This model has 5 digital servos (14kg) on the rudder and although I do fly smoothly, a fair percentage was full on tumbles, Knife edge spins and servo intensive carzyness.

I discovered that SM services also use this method, so cant be that far off the mark.


Thread: British Freestyle Aerobatics Championship: What do YOU want?
24/12/2008 21:16:00

If this was an air race where absolute power was the leading factor, I would agreee with you. In aerobatics a large model is an advantage, tot he judging as they can see the model easier, but in previous years this has not been so with winning pilots using 60 sized models.

 Two years ago the Advanced class was won with a home designed/bulit model powered by an Irvine 53. It was quite a shock to the others using 50cc 80" - 90" models to be well beaten by such a model. Mike I think you know who that may have been?

I will take your sugestion to the comittee as I do see your point and perhaps it should be called "Sports Class" reflecting the open nature of the class

 What was your old favorite?


Thread: DL's
24/12/2008 20:43:00

Before you chose a DA or DL take a look at the Area 51. I fitted one in my Pete Tindel Sukhoi and its been amazing from day 1.

 take a look at this

 I run it with a Graupner 22x8 (running in) and 22x10 prop now its dome over an hour or running. The Area 51 is turning the 22 x 10 at just over 7100 rpm.

The ignition is running off a 1300ma 4.8v NiMh pack and runs happily for 4 - 5 flights per day.

I use Halfords fully sythetic oil, and used it from day one.

 You can order them from various locations, but full information is here ...

 Paul who runs Gashanger is a great guy who gives great support.


Thread: British Freestyle Aerobatics Championship: What do YOU want?
19/12/2008 12:42:00

I am more of a cougar person, but I know what you mean lol

 We have Brian Cooper at our club and he makes FunFly models do things you never thought posible.


19/12/2008 10:06:00

SO does that meen you will be joining in?


Thread: LiPo RX Regulator causing Interference
18/12/2008 17:02:00

Hi Gents

Yes tyhe circuit was designed many years ago to allow 12v car phones and radios to be used on 24v vehicles. I slightly modified the circuit to work with our voltage.

In the mean time I have been playing with various forms of low cost but reliable voltage droping circuits that can be easily manufacture by mr average for use with 2S Lipos on the RX.

 I have spoken to a few scale guys who build very large scale models and they both looked at me as if I had gone mad when I asked what regulator they used.  They simply use 3 x , 6A, 50V; Voltage, Vrrm:  P600A  standard diodes in series, and these drop the voltage down by 0.7v per diode, so 2.1v in all.

 I have made a couple of these and run them in paralel into two unused channels on my RX. The Diode stops and back feed if one cell short circuits and although they are rated at 6a, they can easly handle 20a if a servo stalls. Total cost £1.50 including heat shrink.

 I have tested a single unit running 6 servos (4 x digital 9kg  + 2 x analog 3kg) with each servo loaded with a weight half of their maximum rating.

The supply was a 2S 2100 RX pack from Flight Power into a Futaba 9 channel RX connected to the TX using a DSC lead rather than the Radio. 

The TX was set using servo test function to continually move ALL channels and was left to run for just over 2 hours.  The result was a 1 - 1,5 amp drain on the battery pack and when the analog servos were deliberatly stalled the load rasised to just over 2 amps.

 During the test the diodes did get hot, and using and infrared thermometre they peaked at 50deg C.

The cell was fully charged at the start of the test and fully recharged after the test and over the two hours of the test the cells used just about 1700Ma from the packs and the voltage of the 2s cell at the end of the test was 6.9 (4.8v at the RX) under load 7.1 (5v at the rx) off load.

I carried out the same using two parralel diode sets and two separate batteries and the temperature of the diode packs was just under 30deg C.

 This does not give you a constant voltage to the RX, but even with the LIPO under load for over two hours the cells still coped with the test rig.

I used a 5 cell 2500 AA NiMh flight pack on the same test rig, and the voltage dropped to less than 4v after only one hour.

 The servo test rig is something like I use in my 50cc models, but it NEVER has full loads all the time and two hours would give me about ten flights in a day.

The most interesting part of the test was the way the NiHi cells die quickly when loaded at the sort of loads we often use. Seems to me the LiPo is by far the best way to supply power to large models as they can give substatial power for most of their cappacity...the LiPo cells I was using were capable of supplying over 40 amps and there is no way the NiMh cells could do that.

From these results it seems that a far smaller LiPo could be used as long as you limit the flights to 3-4 per day without charging.

 Thoughts ?


Thread: RE 2.4 what is this
09/12/2008 10:49:00

I am a member of the standards comittee


08/12/2008 12:38:00

XBEE also called Zig Bee is a posible replacment for blue tooth. It is covered under the IEEE 802.15.4 regulations for low power radio devices.

ZigBee devices are required to conform to the IEEE 802.15.4-2003 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) standard.  This standard specifies operation in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz, 915 Mhz and 868 MHz ISM Bands. In the 2.4 Ghz band there are 16 ZigBee channels, with each channel requiring 5 MHz of bandwidth.

The group that is developing it want it to replace bluetooth as when using 2.4Ghz it has a much higher bandwidth and range.


Thread: British Freestyle Aerobatics Championship: What do YOU want?
08/12/2008 12:02:00

I am one of 5 organisers of the British Freestyle Aerobatic Championship.

 This has been supported by RCM&E for many years, and has grown from a small one day event into one of the premiers aerobatic events in the year.

 We (the organisers) are mainly members of the Ogees Model FLying Club in Wellingborough Northants and are working on developing the competition to not only make it an event worth coming to see but to also raise the level of freestyle flying in the UK. The is currently quite a divide between the pilots in the UK and the rest of the world, and through this competition we hope to bring the UK pilots up to international levels.

In the last 4 years that I have been involved the standard of flying has improved considerably. This year we had the return of a past double winner who was stunned at the quality of flying at the top levels.

Along with the normal Advanced and unlimited classes that has been in place since the start, we have included the 120 class to give average club fliers like my self and youngsters a place to take part in the competition and be assisted by the top pilots around them.

The friendly nature of the event has to be seen to be really appreciated, where the 120 class pilots are coached by some of the best, and in some cases, pilots have been loaned models by their competition to enable them to continue when a technical problem has grounded them.

 I as part of the organising team am looking at ways to improve the event, and encourage new pilots to join in or spectators to come support the competing pilots. any input is appreciated, but as always I prefer constructive criticism.

 All the best


08/12/2008 11:19:00

Maybe not Fourniers, but the 40 somthing percent scale aerobatic ships, is still an amazing sight.


07/12/2008 19:16:00

Thanks for your input.

 If all goes well this year we hope to have some static displays of Model engineering, old clasic cars and military vehicles on display.

 There will also be the oppotunitiy to take a ride in a Tiger moth and look round a static display of Microlights...and buy one if your that way inclined lol  There is also a very small but interesting flying museum on the site.

 I agree model shows, and especially model competitions are not everyones thing, but if you are into RC then it can be good to see what the best can do, especially the flight to music as this is more artistic that pure aerobatics.

 All the best


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