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Thread: British Freestyle Aerobatics Championship: What do YOU want?
06/12/2008 00:06:00

Many thanks


05/12/2008 20:42:00
British Freestyles: What would potential entrants/spectators want ?

Well before 3D flying became so popular the idea was to create a competition that would be interesting and entertaining to spectators, where the pilot is required to display an entertaining schedule that is both original and creative.

Over the last few years we have developed the competition to cover a wide spectrum of abilities from average club fliers who have their “B” certificate, using models under 1.8mtr wingspan and a maximum of 20cc motors, through the best club fliers who can fly up to 60cc models in the Advanced Class, and finally the cream of the UK’s pilots flying very large scale aircraft as well as Jets in the Unlimited Class to become the British Freestyle Aerobatic Champion.

In September 2009 we are holding the next BFAC and we hope to have a new sponsor working with RCM&E to create a competition that will draw the best pilots from around the UK and Europe, not only in the Unlimited class but in all classes. 

This is giving us a chance to restructure the event to not only meet the wishes of the pilots but the hundreds of spectators who enjoy watching the very best Freestyle and Flights to music available in the UK. 

We have seen good entries in the Unlimited class and quite a few in the Advanced, but we need more people to join in. Considering the 120 class can be won with a low cost basic machine, then why do we not have people beating our doors down to take part. 

This is the time for you…the pilots who have always fancied having a go and you….. the spectator who have wanted to see the Aerobatics but wished there was something more; to speak up and tell us what you want to get you through the gate.  

Is it the formality of fixed rounds ?

Fear of flying in public ?

Fear of losing ?

Unsure of the 3D side of things ?  

Too boring? 

As a pilot being able to prop hang or do a wall or even an Aneurism is useful, but not essential as in recent years flying smoothly and using patternesque manoeuvres in smooth freestyle flying has won over the crazy low level do or die flying of yesteryear. 

This coming year we intend to make the competition more of an event, with the competition as the main attraction. In between rounds we will be having guest pilots flying anything from Jets to war birds as well as display pilots from the main sponsor including the possibility of Global superstars displaying their wares. 

We hope to be holding the event at a new location where space is not an issue, and trade stands and static displays will be around the spectator area to keep even the traditionalists interested. 

In the UK we have the 3D Masters that attracts hundreds of visitors, why is this?  Is it the International entrants?  Come on guys lets have your feedback, what will make YOU want to take part or come see the event?

Thread: RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatics Championship
11/11/2008 10:23:00

The DVD has all the advanced and Unlimited fixed manouvers as well as all the Music rounds.

Its great to watch to see the best pilots in the UK put in some world class flying.


10/11/2008 19:47:00

Hi All I know quite a few came to see the event, so here are a few clips from the DVD of the event.

 You can obtain a dvd by dropping me a PM, the cost is £5 including postage, and the proceeds go towards the cost of putting the event on.


Thread: LiPo RX Regulator causing Interference
06/11/2008 19:29:00

Guys I am going to be a real meany as I have discused this with a manufacturer and they want to make this.  You may say this is a cop out but they like the design and are happy to pay for it.


05/11/2008 23:58:00

It does not regulate, just reduces the voltage.

 Simple, reliable, and can not effect the radio signal.


05/11/2008 21:16:00

The circuit is one used in cars to match 12 volt power to 6 volt electronics, as there is no switching involved, there is little noise at any frequency. 

I am doing some testing on it, so far its happy on 6 servos, three of which loaded were to 600g on a 35mm arm (about 2 kg at 1 CM).  This test was run with the servos all continusly cycled for two hours.  I then stalled three servo with a big load and apart from the servos getting hot, the matcher worked fine. All told the simulation was an attempt to match the sort of loads a freestyle model goes through in a flight.

 It was an interesting test as the 2100 2S LiPo only used 1400ma during the whole test. I have repeated the test with 1kg on the same arms, for 30 mins and apart from the matcher getting a bit warm, all was fine.

 I need to do some over load tests to see what happens if some how all servos get stalled.


05/11/2008 15:54:00

I have binned them and stick with the weight penalty of the Rx pack. Rather a machine that takes a few extra feet to take off than one I can't control.

I have to ask why you binned them and did not return them.  I am amazed how many of my club members say the same about flying products they have purchased.

 It used to be ARTF manufacturers that ripped us off, now it the accessories, we need to complain and complain loud when products dont work.

I have found a voltage matcher that does not use switching, and cost far less that others.


03/11/2008 20:14:00

Strange...Well I cany blame Mr gates as I am using Linux.

 Mine gives ma a message about Java Script Void


03/11/2008 20:03:00

No they least not when using Firefox!!!

And yes we did ramble off the subject a bit.

 OK suitably chastised 


03/11/2008 19:50:00

I did put a big smily face after it  

Sorry my friend, my humer can be a bit dry sometimes


03/11/2008 19:38:00

The model had had a 50mtr range check the day before. I had done a capacity check over night on the old RX pack and it only had 60% capacity.

 I switched out the 5cel RX pack and used an 800Ma 2S pack through the regulator.  I only did the 30ft check with the aerial removed as a way of ensuring all was well and movments were OK.

I really did not think and for that matter neither does the majority of experienced modelers tI have discussed this with think that an RX battery pack through a product designed for the purpose would have such catastophic failiure.

 This was not just a few glitches, it was stop to stop movement on every channel.


03/11/2008 19:06:00
Timbo - forum moderator wrote (see)
Peter Hawtin wrote (see)

Of course not doesnt everyone charge their LiPo's in their Airframe? 

Mine are charged on the dinning table in the lounge where I can see and keep an eye on the charging rate.   I also estimate how long I feel they will take to charge and use a small kitchen timer to remind me to check they are done.

 I also use a temp monitor on the charger to kill the charge if it goes over a pre-set limit.

 Wife hates all the mess, but at least I know if there is a problem. 


You estimate how long they will take to charge - Why? Any proper dedicated Lipo charger will use the correct constant current / constant voltage method to correctly charge and determine the terminal voltage and stop the charging process. If the packs are accessible to be able to insert the temp probe, then why not just remove them any way and charge outside the model - this is the safest method, as it also allows you to see if any cell is starting to puff.

Timbo, i think you missed my point, I never charge LiPos in my model, hence the reason I can charge them on the dinning table.

 If you think that a charger can never go wrong you are very mistaken. In just 3 years of flying on LiPo powered models I have had a charger go crazy.

 I have just invested in a Groupner Ultra Duo Plus 50, and even with a charger of this quality I keep a very close eye on the packs being charged.  I also never discharge a pack more than 75% of its capacity, as this keeps the Pack in good condition longer, and as some of my flight packs are close to £300 each, I want them to last!

 I have today designed my own LiPo voltage matcher(so easy should of done it before), and the prototype ran 6 servos, three of which were loaded with 0.5kg on long servo arms, that roughly equated to around 5kg at 1cm.  Using a 2100 LiPo 2S pack, it happily drove all six servos for well over two hours, with the final LiPo voltage reading 7.2v. That equates to a 1ah average servo drain, over the two hours.

My largest model uses 7 servos, 6 of which are 8 - 17kg digital, units. So I dont think I will have a problem when using two parallel 2100 2S packs.

 The unit did get warm, and under high load with the servos close to stall, some of the components were just over 55deg C, but when I have both battery packs working the load will halve, cutting down the heat. That said 55deg C is nothing to worry about.


03/11/2008 13:13:00

SAme with mine, drives my wife crazy. 


03/11/2008 13:00:00

Of course not doesnt everyone charge their LiPo's in their Airframe? 

Mine are charged on the dinning table in the lounge where I can see and keep an eye on the charging rate.   I also estimate how long I feel they will take to charge and use a small kitchen timer to remind me to check they are done.

 I also use a temp monitor on the charger to kill the charge if it goes over a pre-set limit.

 Wife hates all the mess, but at least I know if there is a problem. 


03/11/2008 10:57:00
How else you going to charge it (them in my case), in the airframe  
03/11/2008 10:22:00

I dont think that there is anything wrong with LiPo technology, it is the way we use it.

 I agree with Timbo, if you leave the reg connected to the battery then it has a very slow but sure drain. This will completly drain the LiPo below its minimum voltage and ruin it.  ESC's do exaclty the same, I had a Jeti ESC that has an RX switch attached.  For one reason or another I left the flight pack in the model over night and the following morning the 3S flight pack registered 0.7v! I tried everything to get this to take a charge including using a simple trickle charger at 50ma, but it had gone.

 If you are using a reg, always have it the far side of the switch.


02/11/2008 23:03:00

I think we are all too prepared to pay the price of poorly designed products in this industry, first it was poor engines, then poor ARTF kits now cheap and nasty electronics sold at very high prices.

 I agree a full range check would have shown the problem, but the 30 ft range check was fine and I have never had this bad interference even with a really bad ESC, and all but two of my models are electric (out of 12).

This was not just bad it was like hitting a brick wall, one second all was fine, then wam, nothing but jitters. I am not even sure my usual "full" range check would of picked up the problem.


02/11/2008 17:09:00

Sorry missed your comment about the battery size.

This was on a fun fly model, that has been running on a 5cell 600mah Met Hyd pack for the last 2 years, to keep the weight down. The LiPo pack was 20C capable, so more than up for the task of running the fun fly. I drain 8amps off one of these cells in a shock flyer, so 1-2 amps servo drain should be no problem.

 To test the reg on 2.4ghz I fitted it to my 27% sukhoi, and that has 6 large digitals, and it had no issue even when I stalled the elevator to simulate some flying load.

A 5a regulator has a good safety margin.


02/11/2008 17:02:00

I went to Futaba, and have no issues with that, but there is no warning on the unit, about 35mhz.

 We shall see in the morning what the shop has to say.

If not its name and shame time.


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