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Thread: LiPo RX Regulator causing Interference
02/11/2008 16:44:00

A bit late to solve the problem the model is destroyed.

 All electronic devices creat noise, but a correctly designed unit will be "tuned" for the situation it is supposed to work in. This says to me the design of the electronics is for 40 or 75Mhz but not 35Mhz, and this should be mentioned on the instructions.

 I realise we are all responcible for ensuring the model is airworthy, but this one slipped under my radar.

Interesting you say it needs a ferrite ring, the more powerful version my friend came over with was fitted with a ring, but still had the same problems.

 Have you seen similar issues?


02/11/2008 16:31:00

I have just repeated the test using the a 2.4 14 channel futaba RX with the TX on range check and there does not seem to be an issue.

 This problem seems to be with 35Mhz only, and so is almost certainly a problem of RF noise being generated by the Regulator.


02/11/2008 16:08:00

Last week I purchased two 5A regulators to work in parallel in my Sukhoi, but decided to see how well they worked on my Cougar fun fly.

I had an 800 ma 2S pack through the 5a regulator and all seamed fine until the flight.

Yes I know I should have done a full range check but as I had only changed the battery I just did a short 10Mtr check and all was well.

The cougar got about 50 Ft off the end of the strip, then started Glitching like mad before loosing control and powering into the ground on virtual full throttle(it was glitching from low to full with no control).

I collected the wreck and kicked myself for not doing a range check and went home assuming the RX had a major problem.

On getting home I did a range check using my FG12 rather than the 9cap, and also swapped out the receiver, but the problem remained.

I then went over in my mind what had changed since the last time I flew the cougar and the only change was the LiPo RX and reg.

I disconnected the Regulator and plugged in a spare 6v RX pack, problem went away.

I repeated the test with several other makes of receiver including a 9 channel PCM RX all had the same problem, the PCM RX managed about 10feet more before locking out.

On each RX, I switched back to the 6v receiver battery pack and the problem went away.

I called a local friend who had a higher current version of the same regulator, and we did the same test with exactly the same problem.

At this time I wont give out the manufacturers name as I will be contacting them tomorrow to discuss compensation, but lets say its a UK company selling Chinese products.

Has anyone else had problems with LiPo regulator with Futaba 35Mhz RX's? I will do some tests on my 2.4 RX to see how they work and add it here.

If any of you are switching over to LiPo RX batteries, then use this as a warning and do a full range check before you fly.

Thread: Pete Tindal Sukhoi Re-engine
27/09/2008 20:31:00

I now know how to loose Lift on a big plane !!! Both Ailerons 20 deg up needs virtually full elevator to keep level, The main problem I had was the rate switch is just above the right stick, and struggling with almost full left aileron and up elevator, there was no way I could reach the rate switch...xome more movement and expo would have been so usefull!!

I have all the bits to get it finished this week, Carbon Copy, had my custom under cart delivered in 3 days, and, has sorted out the standard exhaust 2 days after speaking to them.

Got to say its good to have the support of good suppliers.

Here are a few pics of the instalation, please bear in mind the model is over 5 years old!!


26/09/2008 18:52:00

Had a disaster on the Sukhoi, with the left Aileron servo arm cracking and spining on the shaft. This happened during an inverted flick, leaving the right aileron at 20 degrees up!

 Managed to get the model down in one piece, but broke the rudder, undercart and exhaust outlet pipe. No big deal as the rudder is already fixed, and CArbon Copy are producing me a new Undercart and it should be with me next week.

 The exhaust however is another thing, it was a bit noisy anyway, so I have decided not to get a new standard exhaust, but have contacted Weston UK to produce a custom in-cowl unit. It will be interesting to see how it effects the motor.


22/09/2008 13:05:00

Part 2

Area 51 has now done about 45 mins running in the Sukhoi; I am using Halfords fully Synthetic oil at 30:1 and will leave this for at least another hour of running. The carb was originally set to 1 ¾ out on low and 2 1/8 out on high, all I have done is take the low needle in till its picks up reliably but the High still has not been touched. 

Its still rich on the bottom end and burbles on 1/3 throttle, and will need perhaps a 1/8 turn in to get it about right. ( its about 1 1/8 out now) and the high needle will need some work to obtain the best once I change to 50:1 oil.

The good news is that with the motor still running a rich it has amazing power and pick up, putting the Zenoha to shame.  For the first hour I am using a Graupner G sonic Pro 22x8 prop. It is a bit on the small size and pulling 8400 on the ground, it must be unloading to over 9500 in the air(if not more), but it sure pulls well!! 

I have tried a Graupner G sonic Pro 22x10 prop to see what sort of revs I can expect, and this with no mixture change gave just under 7400, running VERY rich.  I will complete the first hour of running on the 22 x 8 prop and then go up to the 22 x 10 and start taking the low end in, then we will see what the Area 51 can do, and its pretty good now.

Mind you the sound of that prop at 9000+, is like music, we have one of the worlds best full-sized display teams (The Blades) based 2 miles from our strip who fly the Extra 300 and the noise the Area 51 makes on the 22 x 8 is just the same. 

One thing I discovered about starting the Area 51 is not to be too agressive. I was used to the Zenoha...tough leather glove and give the prop a good belt. The area 51 is amazing, couple of flicks on the choke, then just push the prop over TDC to start it purring. Give it a hard flip and it sulks from miss use.

I just need to find an exhaust that can quiet the beat a bit without loosing too much power. I cant fit a canister or pipe (no room) unless its less that 8" as I will have to fit it across the airframe behind the motor.

22/09/2008 13:05:00

I though some of you may like to hear about the changes I recently made to my Pete Tindal SU26MX Sukhoi.

The 27% Sukhoi 26MX (2.1mtrs),  originally had a Zenoah 62 fitted, and it aways felt like an aerobatic truck rather than the light weight it should have been, but the design of the model needed the weight on the nose to get it to ballance. I never really liked the Zenoah, being a pain to start and when it finally gave up the ghost I put the Sukhoi in the back of my garrage and their it stayed. 

I recently was shown a new 51cc petrol motor that like many others now starting to emerge is purpose built for model flying rather than modified strimmer engines. The Area 51 comes complete with exhaust, ignition and substantial stand-offs and the measurments seemed about right for my Sukhoi.

I liked the Area 51 as the mounting lugs on the motor are very substantial, and the supplied standoffs are also well made with 5mm mounting holes for the motor end, and 6mm fittings for the fire wall. This gives a really solid mount on to the fire wall without adding too much weight. The Peter Tindal Sukhoi I have has a Kevlar honeycomb sandwich construction on the fusealarge, and the firewall is a glass fibre moulding with a plywood plate glued on the rear. The larger fittings on the Area 51 really stiffened this firewall up compared to when the Zenoah was fitted. The Motor was supplied by and Paul supplied a great mounting template enabling you to see exactly where the holes and the throttle cable needed to be drilled. Its good to find a supplier that has the service and knowledge to support its customers.

The Sukhoi used to weigh in at 7Kg, now with the area 51 mounted slightly forward (6mm) of the Zenoah and some changes to the main spar and UC (aluminium to Carbon), it now weighs in at just under 6Kg.  That is with 2 x 4200 5 cell receiver batteries through an SM services battery backer just in front of the spar to keep the model balanced, drive the smoke pump (yes I like to show off) and for added safety.

I have a problem with ground clearance, so max prop size is 22" and that's cutting it really close as it trims the grass on take off! I am looking at ways of adding 30mm to the end of the carbon undercarriage or I am going to try a 20 x 10 3 blade prop to see how that feels. Has anyone used a 3 blade on a similar motor, if so what size/make? What was it like?


Thread: RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatics Championship Results
01/09/2008 10:53:00

Unfortunatly not, as only one pilot (me) was fit to fly or turned up. 

I decided I did not want to come last!!


31/08/2008 15:14:00

Here are the Results for the 2008 British Freesyle Championship

Competitor Total Position
No Name
110 Luke Shaw 299 1
103 Ian Watson 285 2
116 Paul Skinner 271 3
109 Martin Bell 256 4
106 Thomas David 236 5
108 Lee Waples 233 6
114 Craige Baverey 205 7
113 Adam Woodley 178 8
112 Kane Woodley 164 9

Competitor Total Position
No Name
211 Simon McNeill 290 1
201 Reuben Evans 282 2
202 Rob Adkins 275 3
209 James Ballard 269 4
204 Lee McCrory 242 5
203 Steve Haughty 236 6

Best Flight to Music  -  Ian Watson

I would like to thank everyone for making the weekend great fun, and I hope to see you all next year.


Thread: New Date for RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatic Chapionship
26/08/2008 14:18:00

Its four days away and looking good.


22/08/2008 14:03:00

The entries are now closed, giving us over 30 of the countries top pilots fighting it out to be called the RCM&E British Freestyle Champion.

 We will have people flying Freestyle Jets as well as machines up to 52%,  flying low with "smoke on".

Please come and support the pilots its well worth the visit.


Thread: FAncy trying your hand at Freestyle Flying?
16/06/2008 19:10:00

If any pilots fancy tacking part in the RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatic Championships, the date is on the 30th & 31st of August.

The 120 class is ideal for any pilot who wants to take part in their first competition. Some pilots are using small foam models others small 40 sized electric, so dont worry about not having the latest YS powered patern model or 50cc powered yak, just come enjoy the fun.

There are places in all three classes.

2008 Final Format

There will be three classes flown... 1.20, Advanced and Unlimited.


1.20 class (Entry level class with a max size restriction of 1.8m / 1.20 cu in)

Flight 1.  Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 3mins duration To music!

Flight 2.  Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 3mins duration Music optional, but cannot be that used in flight 1.

Flight 3.  'Speciality round' Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 3mins 30 secs duration, which MUST include a specified number of manoeuvres from the published list.  Music optional, but cannot be that used in flights 1 or 2.


Advanced class (Intermediate class) 

Flight 1.  Fixed Programme of no more than 4minutes duration.

Flight 2.  Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 3mins 30secs duration To music!

Flight 3.  Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 3mins 30secs duration Music optional, but cannot be that used in flight 2.

Flight 4.  'Speciality round' Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 3mins 30secs duration, which MUST include a specified number of manoeuvres from the published list.  Music optional, but cannot be that used in flights 2 or 3.


Unlimited class (Expert class)

Flight 1.  Fixed Programme of no more than 4minutes duration.

Flight 2.  Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 4mins duration To music!

Flight 3.  Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 4mins duration Music optional, but cannot be that used in flight 2.

Flight 4.  'Speciality round' Freestyle programme of the pilots own choosing, 3mins 30secs duration, which MUST include a specified number of manoeuvres from the published list.  Music optional, but cannot be that used in flights 2 or 3.

For more information or to enter


Thread: New Date for RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatic Chapionship
15/06/2008 20:26:00


 Come say hi, I will be in TX control as usual


15/06/2008 10:25:00

Many Thanks

You comming to the event?


14/06/2008 11:13:00

The British Freestyle Aerobatic championships is on Sat 30th and Sunday the 31st of August.


There will be practice available on the Friday afternoon should anyone require it.


The event is open to the public, and there will be demonstration flights during the breaks as well as one or two traders at the event. There is a £3 charge that includes access to both days, and a program, children under 16 are free. There will be a raffle offering you the chance to win some great prizes including engines, models, and even flying lessons with some of the countries best pilots.


The usual Bar and food will be available, so come over and see the best UK pilots doing there stuff.


Any pilots that did not enter the original date, and wish to enter, can do so at the BFAC website.


Full information on how to get to the event is also shown on the website.



Thread: RCM&E British Freestyle Aerobatics Championship
13/06/2008 15:36:00

See new Post about New Date

23/05/2008 23:59:00

A meeting was held tonight and it was decided that we need a minimum of 6 hours of flying to get in two rounds for each competitor and the chance of getting that is virtually nill.

For this reason we have decided to postpone the event, I will post the new date as soon as we have it.


23/05/2008 11:37:00

Thanks david

Unfortunately the weather gods seem to have chosen our two days to once again spoil the show.

We will make a decision tomorrow (Saturday) if the Competition is to take place.  If it is decided not to hold the event this weekend, it will be run some time in July.For more information, please keep a watch on the web site: thanks for your supportPeter Hawtin
21/05/2008 16:57:00
The best Freestyle Aerobatic Pilots in the UK doing what they do best, flying models up to 50% in size.

MAY 25TH / 26TH

There is a great raffle with engines, fuel, radio gear and kits to be won.

The Blades full sized Aerobatic team is going to dropping in on the way to South end.

Trade displays during the breaks

A full licenced bar.

Entry fee is only £3, kid under 16 are free.

Come meet the old (that will be me

) and the young flying to music.

Music on.....Smoke on......
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