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Thread: Electricy Size Zero
15/06/2009 21:42:34
Thanks again Peter!
I've noticed you did an artical called ' Design It Yourself ' but cant find anything on here, what magazine issue was it in? Just i'm starting to lean that way as I cant find a suitable plan for my next build after werewolf. I have always been a huge fan of Martin-Bakers MB5 and am thinking along those lines for a home for my 120fs. Steep learning curve for sure, but a challenge is something I enjoy! The Fuse seems fairly easy to make and I have a few Ideas for that already, but the down side would be the relatively small wing area! (I think it may require being built a little larger than a true to scale job so she would fly a little nicer!!
The hard part for me would be finding the right scale/weight for the intended engine, aerofoil type to use and wing build design (tho I had considered just using scaling up a wing design like yours with the appropriate aerofoil?????) Obviously this would be a long term build for me (give me a chance to get my fling skills up to warbird standard!)
Sorry for all the questions, hope I'm not driving you mad!
15/06/2009 09:40:17
Many thanks Peter for the great info and fast reply!
I will check the incidence tonight (that was a really good simple exsplination!) I forgot to ask you for control surface deflection measurments for a beginner, and high rates too please.
I have really enjoyed the build and have caught the 'balsa bashing bug' now. I had started 'werewolf' but left it on the shelf as this model seemed easier, but once size zero is complete, werewolf will be continued while I start looking for the next plan for the 120fs
Once again many thanks
14/06/2009 12:24:12
First off, just wanted to thank Peter for a wonderfull little plane!
This is my first plan build, infact apart from my tutor 40 artf, its my first build of any sort!
All in all its gone well, the fuse is covered and all but finnished, tail feathers are complete and done and the wing is almost ready to cover. My first question is wieght. With all the components inc a 3cell 1800 li-po she will come in at about 2.25 pound, definatly no more than 2.5, is this ok?
Next up is do I check the CofG without or with the battery in place? sounds silly but you check the I.C. version with an empty tank!
The next one is how do I check incidence, I'm sure its fine as I have followed the plans, but would be good to know how to check!
And last but not least, anybody got an idea for my next plan build??? I have a brand new SC 120 FS looking for a home! Something scale thats going to stretch my building skills a little more without being too hard, is fairly acrobatic without being stupidly hard for a novice's second / third plane to fly and isnt too bad in windy conditions as I live atop of the pennines lol! OH and MUST take the 120fs
Thanks for any info
Thread: Win a brushless motor and ESC
18/09/2008 14:03:00
Always worth a go! Thanks guys
Thread: The September Grand Prize Draw
02/09/2008 08:12:00
Another great prize! Thanks guys, hope its me this time lol
Thread: Show us your workshop!
10/07/2008 13:21:00

Hi Guys

 Really intresting to look at so many diffrent 'styles' of workshop, some are stunning some are, well, very busy looking!  I'm new to this hobby, but have managed to 'negotiate' the use of the study with her who must be obeyed under the strict condition its kept tidy lol! Oh well, its better to work in that way I guess  I will try and post a few pics once I have worked out how to down size them.........

Thread: The July Grand Prize Draw
30/06/2008 21:48:00

I'm in!

 Another great prize, thanks guys

Thread: Fuels Paradise
23/06/2008 14:30:00

Sound advice!

A good quality brand such as M.T. isnt likely to sell you a poor perfoming fuel! But just to throw another spanner in the works hahahaha! What amount of nitro % does anyone prefer and why? More power is always good and so is better throttling, but what about reliability? are thier diffrences between 2 & 4 strokes as far as the best amount of nitro to use? I'm using a 5% mix at the moment, but have been thinking about a 10 or even15% mix.

 Any thoughts?


Thread: Werewolf free plan
23/06/2008 13:39:00

Hi Dave

 I've just started this model a few days ago and would love to see a few build pics too! Its my first build of any sort (plan or kit) and have only 'assembled' artf's up till now! I'm still at the cutting out stage and have decided to finish as many componets first before I start building. All the formers are now complete and checked and I'm well into the wing ribs. Its quite enjoyable and very satisfying, tho I'm still learning alot about building and plan reading!


Thread: Fuels Paradise
23/06/2008 13:11:00

Hi Malcolm

 The total oil content is 18% so your about right. I have to say I think your right to follow O.S. recomendations, after all, it IS thier engine and they really should know best! All in all, I have to say myself that either oil type should be fine, its probably more important to stress that good mechanical sympathy (I.E. propper running in, allowing an engine to warm up a little before before putting it under load, correct mixture and good cooling and cleaning) are way more important to the life span / perfomance and reliability of an engine than the exact type of oil / fuel you use!

23/06/2008 11:57:00


 As a relative 'newbie' to the hobby I was a little confused about fuel selection myself, so I spent a little time looking into the subject and avoided the masses of conflicting 'advice'. I made a list of the qualitys I was looking for in the fuel from price and availabilty to engine manafacturers recomendations. I looked into both castor and synthetic based lubes and as an engineer have some knowledge of oils, finding plus points for both!

I decided in the end to go for Model Technics 'Formula Irvine' fuel. Its synthetic based oil component contains 20% castor imparting some of the qualitys of castor into a lube with all the advantages of a fully synthetic. It meets all my needs, its recomended by both O.S. and Irvine, runs very cleanly, engines start very well and throttle nicely with plenty of power even on a 5% nitro mix. I  use it on my Irvine 53 and my big Super Custom 1.20 four stroke. Both engines have been stripped and checked after some hours of running, finding no nasty 'gum' or tarnish and very nicely bedded in surfaces. There is none of usual 'toffee tarnish' on the exterior either!

Well thats my humble contribution, for what its worth, but at the end of the day its a personal thing and I reckon may well be an argument that will run forever!

 Hope it helps


Thread: The June Grand Prize Draw
03/06/2008 21:42:00

wow! Great prize!

 I'm in lol

 Many thanks

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