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Thread: Back to breaking......hopefully xD
18/08/2011 12:41:39
Hi guys . i'm back to flying after a break (moving out of home to glasgow) my previous experiance was flying my 46 wildthing :D and chris foss glider (which was broken so many times and reapired to within an inch of its life). Since i now live in glasgow and there is a lack of high cliffs i wanted to get into flying IC powered models and my simple question is where to start? any ideas and helpful suggestions. I have no idea where the clubs are in glasgow so if anyoen knows it would be handy . I would like to build my own trainer i've got a fair bit of experiance doing that. Thanks for your help :D.
P.S like what you've done with the site its been a while since i was last on it and i'm glad to see the site progressing and devolping in the users interest :D

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Thread: I miss my Wildthing :'(
01/01/2011 20:34:51
Cheers thanks :D, i don't sail anything quite that big haha i sail a 14 foot laser dinghy which is fast and fun , well we added the engine in to the middle phase after we had flown it as a glider for a year it reacted very well being converted to ic also there was never an issue with the engine cutting out because of its glider pedigree

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01/01/2011 20:34:49
Cheers thanks :D, i don't sail anything quite that big haha i sail a 14 foot laser dinghy which is fast and fun
27/12/2010 23:08:28
So long to get around to rebuilding my wildthing or checking the prices?, well ive been flying and building an ic chris foss middle phase glider which was modified with a thunder tigre 40 in the front and ive been flying an electric trainer....and fixing it haha....also i do alot of sailing which takes up quite abit of my time in the summer but ive got to the stage where i honestly sat down and i miss my wildthing (enter fond memorys here) so with my christmas money i figured it wasn't too late to rebuild :D :D, do you fly a wildthing yourself?

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27/12/2010 15:29:45
On that note this is the prices: 
Reinforced crossweave tape ( 50 mtr x 50 mm ) .............. £  5.00
Coloured vinyl tape ( 66 mtr x 50 mm ) .......................... £  3.00
                 ( choice of black, red, orange or yellow )
Ready to cover fuselages ....WILDTHING ....................... £11.00       
thats what i need if i was just to redo the fuse and use the wings i have :-D 
and for a complete kit its £54.95 so it may be cheaper just ot get the bits i need

Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
27/12/2010 10:43:38
1.Boulton Paul Defiant havilland DH.95 Flamingo
3. supermarine Walrus
some planes that u definatly don't see everyday 

Thread: I miss my Wildthing :'(
27/12/2010 10:32:22
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all :D :D :D :D :D
I have a question, i crashed my wildthing 46 almost 2 years ago....(the radio gear then being used for other things, and sailing takeing up the majority of my time which explains why its been so long).....anyway the fuse was smashed apart so that was binned but i kept the wings and they have been sitting in my shed for two years and ive always wanted to get her flying again (ive been flying IC on and off but no offence to any IC pilots i do prefer gliders ^_^ ) and now i have the money i would like to. Now my main question is do i just buy a new fuse or should i buy i a whole new plane?. I don't know beacuse of UV degrading the wings beacuse they have just been sitting on a shelf no special treatment.
Many Thanks Chris

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Thread: Middle Phase transformed in to a ic powered monster
06/03/2010 14:05:33
In all fairness its such an easy plane to fly, ive never ever flown a powered plane before and it had been 10/11 months since ive flown my glider, i was thrown in at the deep end by flying a heavly modified IC powered former glider and it was very easy to control and fly so if you ask me more people should do something like this beacuse it lets you build your own ideas and create something very personaly yours also its cost effective  comared to buying a new plane
02/03/2010 18:17:44
IT FLYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry i haven't posted in a while ive been so busy, ive flown the middle phase mark two today it flys really well i have problems with perspective beacuse of the colours (which are goign to be changed red for left green for right e.c.t) and she keeps pulling to the left we don't know if its the engine or the wing (we used to have a strip on the right or left wing for trim purposes). on the second flight it took a nose dive into resonably soft earth the engine is covered in mud but looks ok theres abit of damage on fuss which can be easly repaired and the prop and spinner are finished there to broken to reuse, last point is that i was running her on minimum throttle all the time beacuse the engine was so power full we took a fair few pics so i will post them when i can  
04/11/2009 19:31:10
.....i started the engine today its was great also by some miricle its properly balanced without and need to any weight in the front
03/11/2009 09:52:18
hehe  almost finished i will take some pictures as soon as poss, iam fitting the engine today all the electric's are in place ive also made a new tailplane outta thin ply it might b a tad heavy but i have a back up plan should that be the case (Evil laugh)
Thread: The Cafe
27/10/2009 17:09:56
iam glad your alright, it is funny lol sorta thing i would do. Speaking of which i wonder if my lipos alright
06/10/2009 07:49:42
u posted at..............5.30!        in the morning!!!           

........O wait i get it, now your from australia now it makes sense
Thread: Chris Foss Middle Phase build.
28/09/2009 21:10:15
well today i made a new tailplane out of 4mm ply instead of blasa beacuse the balsa tailplane wasnt adiquate, any idea on how good this will be?
26/09/2009 10:46:59
u should see it now with a .40 in the nose FEEL THE POWER! lol
25/09/2009 21:43:45
haha i thought i would share a pic with u of our middle phase lol

not much modified haha
10/09/2009 07:56:44
I will be interested as to how this goes, me and my build buddy :P built a primary phase but we got bored so we hacked the nose of a replaced it with a engine :P:D we havn't finished yet beacuse of exams and holidays and stuff. It will be nice to see someone elses go at modifing a middel phase :P
Thread: Hamilcar X
04/06/2009 07:45:31

Thats a real shame  and it was looking so good as well.

Thread: The Cafe
26/05/2009 21:53:13
ok how do i put this....emm...errr........that music u put on is not my style of music that i listen to.
26/05/2009 21:42:29
that music is RUBBISH mate can we have more of the stuff that u put on before its was nice and gave me a lift
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