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Thread: Why I try not to use brass tubing!
24/12/2014 21:38:52

Slec tanks are really good, however they have one problem. If you get a bit of gunge in them, you cannot flush it out.

24/12/2014 16:53:57

Interesting. Where do you buy the plastic tubing?

Happy Xmas.

Thread: Paint again
06/12/2014 09:21:29
Posted by Tony Box on 01/12/2014 17:24:59:

Over the years of trying all the fuel proofers, I have found that the best cost effective and totally fuel proof 2 pack stuff is "Rustins Plastic Floor Coating" obtainable from good hardware stores or on line. It is a 2 part mix with a hardener.

It comes in 1ltr cans with separate hardener mixed at 16 to 1 ratio. I have used it on all models to give a completely fuel proof hard finish to Glow , Petrol, or diesel , if you use that. It is compatible with all the paints I have ever used and dry's quickly. A 1ltr can will cost you about 20 quid, but it will last you for years, as you only mix enough for one job. It is available in high gloss or satin. Thin it slightly with Celulose thinners for best coverage, before adding the hardener.

Try it you won't be disappointed.

Tony...Fixedwing flyer..

Hi Tony. I've never considered the use of Rustins for modelling use, but it sounds good. Is it completely proof against hot exhaust residue? I like to feature scale exhausts if I can, - as I wrote earlier I find Klass Kote works but it's a pain to use with all the safety precautions. Does Rustins look OK if brushed on?


Thread: The Great Escape
03/12/2014 09:45:50

Engine Doctor, Lawrence Montaigne was indeed in the film but played one of the prisoners called Haynes.

Thread: I.c. or electric/silent - what do you mainly fly?
24/11/2014 16:16:40

I tried electric power but found it boring. No challenge, no tinkering. Love all i/c engines, including the mess!

Thread: Glue advise
09/11/2014 17:37:33

Percy, where do you get your information from regarding MDF and asbestos? Can I refer anyone who has worries to the Health and Safety Executive site. The main concern with MDF Is the presence of formaldehyde, although the levels are below the EU safety levels. A mask should be used when sanding any wood or glue product, but to compare MDF with asbestos is scaremongering, it's just not true.

Thread: Drilling in confined spaces.
19/10/2014 15:45:49

If I'm really stuck I simply burn a hole through using heated piano wire. The scorch marks are easily sanded off, especially on lite ply.

Thread: RCV engines
16/10/2014 20:31:29

Hi Steve. Yes, I have a fellow club member who had a very similar experience. His engine was one of the first produced and sounded like a bag of hammers. I have one of the re-engineered engines and it's a completely different experience. It runs much quieter (and cooler) and feels silky smooth when turned over by hand. I use 10% Prosynth 2000 fuel, although I find 10% Duraglow is good too.

16/10/2014 19:33:52

Why don't we see more RCV engines in general use? I have six examples, three of the CD type, and three of the SP type. They are all excellent, easy to start and just don't quit in the air. Fellow club members come up to me and express surprise that I have such success with them - they apparently have heard negative reports from another source. It's true that early examples from about eight years ago had problems, and also true that the SP series needs specific cooling ducts, but I find the present range really is very good. My recent purchase is the 130CD which I use to power a Seagull giant PT-19. Let me hasten to add that I also operate Laser and Saito engines both of which are superb. It's just that the RCV engines don't seem to be as popular, and from my experience they should be.

Thread: Paint again
13/09/2014 08:55:26

I've tried just about everything over the years, both brushed and sprayed, including Solarlac. The only product I find is completely proof against all fuels, especially hot exhaust emissions, is Klass Kote two part paints sprayed on. Make sure you use a really good mask though!

Thread: Which Engine Would You Buy?
22/07/2014 17:30:14

I would second an RCV. I have several examples and would recommend them for the idle and reliability. I've yet to have one quit in the air.

Thread: The WW 1 Bomber And The House of Winsor
20/07/2014 15:12:40

How tedious. I'm off to the shed to do some aero modelling.

Thread: 4 stroke to 2 stroke
27/05/2014 20:05:37

Justin, re. The RCV. I now have five of them and am very impressed with them all. No dead sticks and superb idling. As you say there are more powerful engines. I would recommend you try Weston's Prosynth fuel, this is 100 per cent synthetic and suits the engines very well. I presently fly a Dennis Bryant design Henschel 126 weighing over 13 pounds using an RCV 90CD without any problems. Of course I'm talking about a scale flight pattern, not throwing it all over the sky! As Martin has mentioned the early examples varied in performance but the present range seems to be well worth considering.

Thread: Scale Models flying with Scale Propeller?
28/04/2014 10:30:38

Frank, I also cannot understand why the RCV SP engines are not more popular. I have a number of these and find them very good. The oldest one, a 90 SP, has now done well over 12 hours of running with a fifteen and a half inch four bladed prop and pulls a ten and a half pound model around very nicely. The cooling question is easily solved by using a simple balsa sheet scoop inside the cowl to deflect air through the cooling fins.

Thread: Z Epoxy Finishing Resin
11/12/2013 16:19:15

John, I use Klass Kote two part fuel proofer sprayed on. This is the only product I've found which is proof against hot exhaust emissions. Make sure you use a good face mask if you try it.

11/10/2013 09:39:55

Hi, - I have used Coverall a few times, I just attach it to the airframe using dope. This also makes trimming a lot easier as long as you cut along a doped surface. You can also simply use white PVA glue, but this is a bit messy.


Thread: RCM&E Autumn Special - All electrics!
28/09/2013 17:33:32

BEB. Blowing raspberries. Hopefully from the mouth!

28/09/2013 11:07:09

Sarge, I made the comment because while the models are suitable for both electric and i/c, it's nearly always that electric is featured in a review. Rarely i/c. To someone like me, who is more interested in i/c, the article would have been more of interest if a glow engine had been featured. This would have enabled me to see the installation of the engine, the tank position etc. In fact my comment was not aimed specifically at reviews at all, but at the general content of the Special magazine, which to me had a disappointingly low input of i/c interest.


28/09/2013 09:16:48

Thanks for the reply Sarge. I can assure you that I've always been well aware that the models under question are suitable for both electric or i/c. I'm puzzled that you should think that I wasn't. Can I suggest that you go back to the beginning of this thread and carefully read all the messages, - I think you'll find that this was an opinion expressed by other people, but not by me.

28/09/2013 08:01:22

Thanks for all your interesting comments. To those people I seem to have annoyed by expressing an honest opinion I can only apologise. I now understand what Concorde Speedbird means when he says that he is too frightened to say anything critical against electric flight. In future I shall desist in making any comment directed at this side of the hobby, - Happy flying.

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