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Thread: The WW 1 Bomber And The House of Winsor
20/07/2014 15:12:40

How tedious. I'm off to the shed to do some aero modelling.

Thread: 4 stroke to 2 stroke
27/05/2014 20:05:37

Justin, re. The RCV. I now have five of them and am very impressed with them all. No dead sticks and superb idling. As you say there are more powerful engines. I would recommend you try Weston's Prosynth fuel, this is 100 per cent synthetic and suits the engines very well. I presently fly a Dennis Bryant design Henschel 126 weighing over 13 pounds using an RCV 90CD without any problems. Of course I'm talking about a scale flight pattern, not throwing it all over the sky! As Martin has mentioned the early examples varied in performance but the present range seems to be well worth considering.

Thread: Scale Models flying with Scale Propeller?
28/04/2014 10:30:38

Frank, I also cannot understand why the RCV SP engines are not more popular. I have a number of these and find them very good. The oldest one, a 90 SP, has now done well over 12 hours of running with a fifteen and a half inch four bladed prop and pulls a ten and a half pound model around very nicely. The cooling question is easily solved by using a simple balsa sheet scoop inside the cowl to deflect air through the cooling fins.

Thread: Z Epoxy Finishing Resin
11/12/2013 16:19:15

John, I use Klass Kote two part fuel proofer sprayed on. This is the only product I've found which is proof against hot exhaust emissions. Make sure you use a good face mask if you try it.

11/10/2013 09:39:55

Hi, - I have used Coverall a few times, I just attach it to the airframe using dope. This also makes trimming a lot easier as long as you cut along a doped surface. You can also simply use white PVA glue, but this is a bit messy.


Thread: RCM&E Autumn Special - All electrics!
28/09/2013 17:33:32

BEB. Blowing raspberries. Hopefully from the mouth!

28/09/2013 11:07:09

Sarge, I made the comment because while the models are suitable for both electric and i/c, it's nearly always that electric is featured in a review. Rarely i/c. To someone like me, who is more interested in i/c, the article would have been more of interest if a glow engine had been featured. This would have enabled me to see the installation of the engine, the tank position etc. In fact my comment was not aimed specifically at reviews at all, but at the general content of the Special magazine, which to me had a disappointingly low input of i/c interest.


28/09/2013 09:16:48

Thanks for the reply Sarge. I can assure you that I've always been well aware that the models under question are suitable for both electric or i/c. I'm puzzled that you should think that I wasn't. Can I suggest that you go back to the beginning of this thread and carefully read all the messages, - I think you'll find that this was an opinion expressed by other people, but not by me.

28/09/2013 08:01:22

Thanks for all your interesting comments. To those people I seem to have annoyed by expressing an honest opinion I can only apologise. I now understand what Concorde Speedbird means when he says that he is too frightened to say anything critical against electric flight. In future I shall desist in making any comment directed at this side of the hobby, - Happy flying.

27/09/2013 12:56:23

You're completely missing the point. I don't care what the power source is in a review either. I'm pointing out that there is an obvious bias towards electric power in the magazines, and that i/c power is being sidelined. Anyhow, I've made my point and shall now end my part in the discussion. Happy flying.

27/09/2013 12:12:48

Ok, let me put it using your format.

1. Multi rotor mania - electric 8 pages.

2. Inverza 280 - electric 2 pages.

3.Canned Heat - electric 4 pages

4. FMS P51-B Mustang -electric 4 pages

5. TN P51-B Mustang - electric model shown and reviewed,- why not i/c. 8 pages

6.Powering Up -electric 5 pages

7. Scout - electric foamie 3 pages

8. Feeding Back - 2 electric models shown, no i/c 2 pages

9. P51-D Mustang - yet again an electric model featured, no i/c.

No reasonable person can deny that there is a noticable bias towards electric powered models. I notice that Graham himself admits to flying only electric models nowadays.

27/09/2013 08:54:12

Electric power may be the way forward for some, but not for me or many other modellers. (For the record I do in fact have both i/c and electric powered models). The one thing I did not want to happen was to spark off yet another debate about the advantages of using electrics against i/c! There's no doubt that i/c power is now sadly under-represented in various modelling magazines, some more than others. There is of course a publication devoted entirely to electric flight, perhaps it's time to balance things up by having a one featuring i/c only modelling.

26/09/2013 23:16:18

Just got the Autumn RCM&E Special. Why not just call it the Electric Powered Flight Special? Apart from the Wot4 Xtreme there's virtually nothing of interest to the large number of us who use i/c engines.

Thread: Loose Nylon Wings Bolts
19/06/2013 19:28:42

Hi. You must have too much vibration in the model. I know you say that you have reduced vibration as much as possible, presumably you have balanced the prop, and spinner if present. You don't say if the power is I/c or electric. Have you made sure the engine bolts are really tight, also the engine mount is firmly attached?

Thread: Weston uk
25/04/2013 17:11:42

Hi Greybeard, - I suppose there is some merit in your argument. However I tend to make a choice based on the recommendations of others, hence my choice of Weston's fuel. I can only re-iterate that after many years of use my engines (2 stroke and 4 stroke) show no signs of wear and perform as advertised. Incidently there are other well known fuels selling for less than Weston's prices and I don't hear any complaints about them.

Thread: Suitable gyro for rudder stabilization on take off
23/04/2013 13:47:27

Hi, I use the GWS PG-03 which does the job nicely. I've also tried the HL800 but beware, some of them do not have the extra lead for switching on/off.

Thread: Scale wing sections
22/04/2013 16:48:05

Hi Simon. Some years ago WW1 designer Dave Hurrell joined my flying club and we were all impressed with the flight characteristics of his models. They all had certain design features,- scale wing sections, zero side thrust and zero down thrust. He argues that rudder trim can take care of the absence of side thrust and providing that CG and wing and tail plane incidences are correct down thrust is not needed. I took his advice and my last few models have used these features with much success. I have never found any problems using scale sections and indeed most models fly slower and have more benign stall compared with the Clark Y etc.

Thread: Weston uk
22/04/2013 13:37:58

Mark,- take no notice of the doom-merchants. I've used Weston's fuel for years and all my engines are in A1 condition. And most of them run in tightly cowled scale aircraft.

Thread: Cooling an RCV 91 in Seagull edge 540 (68")
28/03/2013 12:06:00

Shaunie, the ratio of 3 to 1 has always worked for me, - if I were you I would only have an open intake directly in front of the engine, block the rest off, and calculate it from there.

Thread: Diesels and aerobatics
28/03/2013 11:56:28

Plummet, you should not have a problem using a diesel, after all, diesels were used for many years for control-line stunt and combat. Also from personal experience (I flew a small PAW 09 R/C powered model for a time) I never found aerobatics to be a problem for the engine, just for me!

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