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Thread: What motor/prop combo
22/04/2013 16:27:32

Cheers Steve,

I think I have looked at those motors before- but was a bit put off by the fact one is described as a Heli motor, the other (in the comments) better for cars..........

Why can't HK put some search parameters into their stock listings!!!

I would like to get below 8" if possible........ I would do it at the expense of some power (must remember to build light.........)

22/04/2013 15:36:37

OK, I am sort of planning my next build- just messing around with ideas more than anything really. It's going to be an electric Me163b Komet- about 50" span from the BT plans. Expected weight is in the 2kg region- maybe up to 2.5. By my reckoning that means I am looking at about 750W of performance.

So far easy enough- especially as I know I want to try use 4S batteries as well. But as we all know the 163 has a tiny (non propulsion) prop on the front, and I can't power this (entirely) by rockets (yes, I have a plan). I think there is a definite loss on the flightlines when you see one of these with a big prop on the front.

So my question is- how do I get 750W from a small prop? 4S or 8S batteries are best. And by small, I mean the smaller the better. I am thinking along pylon racer type lines- very high rpm.

Thread: The Aviation Society Fair at Manchester Airport
04/04/2013 23:53:51

Rob, you can have my 68" Vulcan and try explaining it always seems to look bigger in photos!

Thread: battery capacity and discharge
02/04/2013 20:38:08

Sorry guys- remiss of me not to say thanks earlier!

Turns out the wind stopped me flying. Current plan is to set the timer at 7 minutes and then see what the batteries are like after that. It sounds like they can go lower than I feared.

01/04/2013 00:36:21

I hope someone is up late/early!

I managed to drop my hack into a tree after a deadstick, so decided to replace it with an electric model. This is my first foray into electrics! I am running a 4S system which pulls 55A max. I doubt it will need to be on full throttle very often since I have about 750W for a 2 and a bit kg plane.

Anyway, the batteries are 4S 4000mAh capacity- obviously 16.8V fully charged. By my reckoning if I fly WOT non stop then I will drain 4000mAh in about 4 1/2 minutes. However I also understand that LiPos should not be run to empty.

My questions are:

1) How far should I discharge my packs? I have a watt meter & battery monitor to check cells, but I don't think it tells me capacity- just voltage (not under load).

2) Given I will be using the plane as a hack not prophanging/racing for the full flight, what would be a reasonable time setting to use for my initial flights (presumeably I can check the batteries at the end of the flight and modify the timings based on these results).

Many thanks in advance


Thread: Hitec or Spektrum
29/03/2013 21:54:04

I'm a Futaba user- which has been bomb proof for me.

However, if you have narrowed it down to Spektrum/Hitec then (if it were me) I would go Hitec. They are very much the smaller of the 2 brands in this country (I understand Hitec are much bigger in the states) but I have a problem with spekky gear. To be very fair I will start by saying there are lots of people that use spekky gear without problems, but I am also very aware of what seems to be a regular series of reports about spektrum gear losing signal. There are various reasons given for this, but the truth is no one has really come up with a completely universal explanation.

For this reason I would go Hitec.

Thread: Multi club exhibition
23/03/2013 15:49:18

Not sure if I managed to be confusig in my OP or not.

I was after general feedback from anyone about whether they would attend something like this IF it was near them, rather than just looking for people who actually are nearby. If so, what would you like to see. Either that or there is very little interest- which is fair enough.

I doubt getting the general public attending in any kind of numbers, if at all, is beyond what I am thinking at the moment- as a non commercial event the advertising budget would be approximately £0!! However I could use local clubs such as Oldham (cheers Jon) & Bury as a starting point, along with others via e-mail. So although the actual spread of the emails wouldn't be huge, it should be pretty well targeted at the right people. Given the relatively small number of attendees this would also simplify keeping an eye on everything. Good idea about a boat pond though- I guess RC boat clubs would be reasonably used to doing such things. There was a car/truck lay out at NME too that I would imagine the club set up themselves.

22/03/2013 11:39:24

I have been reading the Northern Modelling Exhibition thread with interest, and it seems to me there is a real sense of shame that it won't be continuing. I didn't want to take that thread OT, so I have started this one. Several of you know I am a teacher, so in principal at least I have access to a couple of sports halls at weekends.

I am wondering if there would be any enthusiasm for an indoor static exhibition with indoor flying that was run by/displayed at by a number of clubs or individuals in the north west. I am not thinking about this in commercial terms. I would imagine I might be able to get the halls at a reasonable rate, so a nominal attendance fee should cover costs. Clubs would be responsible for their own models- so none of the security costs incurred at the NME. I think I could also offer free stands for trade (or again a nominal cost). There would be some outside space available if taxiing etc of bigger stuff was wanted.

I see a number of advantages compared to a club fly in event. Firstly it is weatherproof- so could be held in the depths of winter if we wanted and give people something to do, secondly it would be a chance to meet with other fliers that are reasonably local.

I am asking for ideas that could be incorporated to make it better, but also whether this is something that people would make an effort to attend (it would be just off the M60 in Oldham). Should it be aero only, or widen it out to other disciplines?

Please discuss.

Thread: Northern Model Exhibition 2013
21/03/2013 22:24:20


I can have a chat at the auction if you want, but I can probably sort out the school for a day long indoor/outdoor exhibition of something similar to the NME concept. I would guess that a number of local clubs would be interested and we could easily set up an indoor flying area as well as static displays. I would have to check (school is a PFI build, so run by a private organisation outside school hours) but I doubt the cost would be prohibitive and traders might be willing to give it a shot if they got pitches for free/nominal charge (at least in the early years before we jack the prices right up!!).

Obvious options would be keeping it aero only, or inviting some of the other modelling disciplines along (which I found some very interesting and some left me cold).

15/03/2013 23:43:12

I went to last years LMA show in Bradford with my 3 year old son (I was trying to sell him as a scale pilot!). I remember thinking at the time just how quiet it was-especially compared with the Wigan show. In fact it was more like a club meeting- everyone knew each other and there were virtually no "walk-in guests". Despite that it was fantastic fun. The LMA boys are all as mad as a box of frogs and will talk about their projects for as long as you can stand it, then they will carry on some more! Seriously though, they are so committed to this hobby it is incredible. If you get a chance to go to one, then grab it.

14/03/2013 22:51:45

Thinking back to the event last year, I can't imagine there was much scope for increasing the number of punters- I remember it being very busy. So if a lack of profit was the reason then it must have been due to high costs. I can imagine the rent of the hall was very high, but I also remember seeing a lot of security staff. I also know my models were insured from the moment they left my house until they returned. I guess all this pushed things too far.

14/03/2013 11:38:36


Although described as "lack of support" could it be read as really saying "we didn't make enough money out of it to be worth our time"?

Thread: Near fly away!!!
13/03/2013 22:51:13

Further to above- taken from the AR7000 manual.


Full range up to 7-channel aircraft including:

• All types and sizes of glow, gas and electric powered airplanes

• All types and sizes of no-powered gliders

• All types and sizes of glow, gas and electric powered helicopters

13/03/2013 22:24:15

Braddock, I couldn't disagree more- this is exactly the value of a forum. If it wasn't for somewhere like this you wouldn't be able to discuss it anywhere. I think it's important to remember that plenty of people use Spektrum gear day after day without any problems, but I think there are a number of serious questions that should be answered:>>

1) Horizon hobbies have stated that an AR7000 >is not an ideal receiver for this plane. I would like to ask why not. I cannot see any link between the size of the plane and the requirement for additional satelite receivers. In fact describe an AR7000 as providing a "bulletproof RF link in all conditions". Not sure if this is official copy, but West Wales models offer a DX7, AR7000 + servos with a description of: "The big difference with DSM2 is that it not only flies any size model with absolute precision and complete freedom from interference". Although the wingspan is 80" this is a 40 size plane. Hardly a "big" plane.>

2) Horizon hobbies have said .40 (2st) to .70(4st) engines are about the limit of these receivers- this is a very modest limit of sports fliers. Given the absolute priority of safety in the hobby (or if you prefer to stop customers models falling out of the sky and having to be replaced), can anyone point me to a single piece of literature telling customers not to use the AR7000 in a model over .46/.70 size engine. If this advice has been told to a customer direct from HH (and by inference passing responsibility onto the end user) then it should be easy to find the instructions to this effect. So far I have only found instructions to the contrary (see above).

3) Given HH have said a very modest sized engine will interfere with radio reception, have electric fliers been given any instruction about batteries having a similar effect?

4) If there was no fault found with the RF board then what possible benefit could be had from changing it? Maybe I'm a cynical conspiracy theorist, but if there was a fault then surely that would have to be classed under "their fault" and open up a compensation claim (and probably others). All I'm saying here is why change a perfectly working part? At least my argument has some logic to it, HH's doesn't.

I'm not a spektrum user, except for a DX4 used for BnF planes. I reiterate my earlier point that many sets are in use faultlessly day after day- I have no axe to grind against them. What repeatedly astonishes me is the gushing praise levelled at HH customer service. When I look at the answers given in this case it appears to me they are questionable at best, highlight woeful communication skills in the suitability of their products and illogical. Will HH come onto the forum and answer these questions? I doubt it.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
12/03/2013 11:40:14

Any standard servos will be fine. If you bought the tx as a set with receiver and servos included, then those included would be perfect.

Thread: WWI bird - a couple of questions
12/03/2013 11:28:21

What scale are we talking about here? I would imagine tissue wuld simulate fabric very nicely at smaller scales- especially if the doping/painting is done with a light touch.

On a similar idea- why not glass cloth it (with very light cloth), but then don't do what you would normally do and leave the weave unfilled.

12/03/2013 08:47:20

Hi Tom,

I either didn't read or forgot the bit where you said you were covering in tissue! I would replace the 'tex I suggested with a strip of tissue.

11/03/2013 12:26:32

re. stitching what you describe sounds pretty much spot on.

The "normal" technique for modelling this would be to use strips of solartex as rib tapes (Mick Reeves sells pinked ones, but most people seem to recommend tearing them to be more scale). Then use PVA glue or similar to draw lines across it to represent the stitches. This then gets painted with the tape.

There are plenty of examples around in the various build blogs.

Thread: Near fly away!!!
08/03/2013 15:14:12

Am I right in thinking no really understands why satelite receivers are needed, or what the relationship is to the size of the plane?

The only idea I could come up with might be big planes can be flown further away from the tx than a small one, but beyond that tenuous logic I couldn't think of a single reason.

07/03/2013 14:13:15

I am assuming that in this case there is no significant CF content to the model- this would certainly be the case in most large models compared to small ones. I cannot understand why HH would suggest more satellites for a bigger model- assuming all other things are constant.

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