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Thread: Near fly away!!!
07/03/2013 12:02:31

At the risk of kicking off a S/F argument...........why does a big plane need satellites any more than a small one? My receivers have no satellites and I have never had this issue.

Thread: Northern Model Exhibition 2013
05/03/2013 14:30:02

Now I didn't make it to the show in the end, but I did attend last year and have read the various views expressed.

I think there is a danger of losing sight of the wood for the trees here. It sounds to me like Lee has it pretty much spot on- there were some areas that could be improved, but generally it was a very good exhibition and everyone presented the hobby in a positive light. We need to remember that model flight is a niche of model engineering, but it appears that "we" have held our end up well.

Well done to everyone involved.

01/03/2013 17:19:16

Not decided if I am going or not.

I should probably have got my ar...... bum in gear and offered a model for display which would have netted me a free ticket. I seem to remember last time was about a tenner for entrance- which I thought was a bit steep. Maybe if I was more interested in the trans and stuff it would appear better value.

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 11:45:35

go on then.........

Thread: Will it be strong enough.
27/02/2013 12:54:19

This is a great example of "creep". Something I am sure we all are guilty of- I know I certainly am.

A plane is designed to be built in a certain way. I'm sure the designer looks at it and decides a couple of areas would benefit from a little beefing up, and adds some reinforcement. Then the builder starts on it and decides a few areas might look a bit weaker than wanted, and adds some more reinforcement. Obviously this all increases the weight.

Then comes the power train. The plane now weighs 2kg instead of 1.5kg. So we want to power 2kg, but we don't want to be short on power. The conversion above of 1.8kg=4 pounds is pretty accurate, but most people would round up here if there was a bit more scope- so my example of a 2kg plane = 4.4 pounds........ well lets call it 5! The power requirements then get the same treatment. Simons (very normal and reasonable) assertion that 4 pounds requires 300-400 Watts actually starts from the very top of the "trainer" category, but potentially moves it into 3D/pattern category at the top end. I would imagine most people would be concentrating on the 400W end rather than the 300W. This means a bigger motor, and a bigger battery- as we have seen in this case the move from 3S-4S........increasing the weight again....... so we end up fudging a little more on the side of "caution" to make sure it's not underpowered, and allow some extra power to account for the extra weight of the things we put in to get the power/weight ratio up in the first place!

And that is how we end up with a 600W trainer from a starting point of 250W! laugh

Just for clarity- none of this is criticism- especially of the specific model in this thread. Just a general observation of a thought process it seems we are all locked into.

Thread: Delivery problems!
26/02/2013 23:00:01

I have had a similar issue to this with one of my early HK orders. The packge got picked up by customs, and ParcelForce- with their usual efficiency- managed to deliver the notification of the fees payable to our next door neighbours. Unfortunately we were in a boundary dispute with the neighbours- so they didn't bother passing on the note.

I vaguely remember HK not really being interested until the 28 day delivery time elapsed, and being stuck without any information about who the UK courier was. In the end I copied the tracking number off the HK order and started pasting it into various courier company tracking systems until I found it with parcel force and was informed it had been sat in UK customs for weeks waiting for me to pay the bill. On the posiive side I kicked up a storm about their incompetence and managed to get the £13 fee waived!

To my mind there is no question that the problem here rests with the courier, not HK- but I do agree with the OP that it isn't always as easy as it might be to identify which warehouse you are shopping from- especially if you don't shop there often.

Thread: Pull Pull Rudder Cable
25/02/2013 22:49:55

Mick Reeves does Kevlar string which is excellent and very light.

Thread: Strip Hinge
21/02/2013 18:08:45

That stuff looks excellent.

If you track some down let us know where from.

21/02/2013 18:06:21

I wouldn't have too many worries since you are not using BH retracts. I had a black horse p40 which had retracts made of butter. Completely ruined the plane and did knock my confidence in a brand which I had bought several of before.

They do seem to be able to put together a lot of airframe for not a lot of money. However I might have a concern about this with this specific model. It's not cheap- I might be concerned that some of their budget choices had made it into an expensive model. Having said that (retracts excepted) the p40 was a very solid plane and I liked it a lot. If it is possible to actually see one before buying I think that might be a good idea.

21/02/2013 18:05:59

I wouldn't have too many worries since you are not using BH retracts. I had a black horse p40 which had retracts made of butter. Completely ruined the plane and did knock my confidence in a brand which I had bought several of before.

They do seem to be able to put together a lot of airframe for not a lot of money. However I might have a concern about this with this specific model. It's not cheap- I might be concerned that some of their budget choices had made it into an expensive model. Having said that (retracts excepted) the p40 was a very solid plane and I liked it a lot. If it is possible to actually see one before buying I think that might be a good idea.

Thread: Indestructible indoor fliers wanted
15/02/2013 15:04:49

Thanks everyone.

I went with the idea of the slow wasps in the end, with planet 2.4 radios from Webbies. 9 of each and a mini vapor for me to play with!

It was a pity flying wings didn't bother answering their phone at any point- I almost went elsewhere. I certainly would have if I thought any of the other shops offerings were as tough.

One thing that was worth praising- all 3 of the "big" shops I spoke to- Leeds, Webbies & SMC all warned me that the indoor fliers were built for lightness and so would not be that tough. Something I was obviously already aware of, but commendable of them all.

12/02/2013 16:55:29

The embers were pretty good, and I will go for them again, but since indoor fliers aren't really my bag I thought some people with more experience would have a better idea of some of the alternative.

12/02/2013 15:20:20

End of the financial year, and we have some money left over, so I put in a cheeky bid for £1000 for radio control planes to fly in the sports hall with the students.

It was accepted, so I now need to buy some planes. The main criteria is they should be tough- the students have smashed up a vapour and half a dozen embers so far, so if anyone knows of anything more robust then that would be good. I will be looking at about the £100 mark, and would really like that to include tx.  Obviously they must be capable of being flown in some form or another with only basic instruction!

Easily available spares would also be a benefit.

Suggestions please!!

Edited By andy watson on 12/02/2013 15:24:47

Thread: Hobbyking orders
12/12/2012 08:47:20

Wingman- I read the link with interest, as I was under the impression my debit card DID offer the same (or as near as it needs to be for me) protection as a credit card- and it DOES. The difference being that my VISA debit card is protected by a voluntary arrangement by VISA (and others) rather that a statutory requirement.

For me that is adequate protection in the unlikely event of something going wrong and I continue to feel secure using a debit card for many online purchases.

Thread: Litho Plate Score
11/12/2012 13:54:49

I did say a small hammer!!!

Danny has it pretty much spot on- although I find a pair of scissors a very useful tool as well. I have used styrene rods, but it can be expnsive if you need tiny amounts of lots of different sizes. To be honest most scratch built detailing is made from the kinds of scrap that is just laying around waiting for inspiration! I have never used chemiwood- although I have heard good things about it- I tend to just use randon off cuts of anything. Once paint goes on it is almost impossible to work out what was underneath.

11/12/2012 12:31:34

Litho plate is brilliant stuff for making all kinds of scale details.

Generally speaking you can make hatches/panels etc by cutting the required shape from litho and simply gluing it to the balsa sheeting before glassing/covering. These could easily be made from card/plastic if litho is scarce.

More involved shapes like air scoops and fairings need a little more work. Firstly the litho needs annealing to make it more pliable. Rub the surface of the litho with soap, then warm it on a cooker ring/blow torch until the soap turns black. This means it has got hot enough and has softened. There are 2 methods I use- one is to make a pine mould and beat the litho to shape over it with a small hammer, the other is to hammer from the inside onto a softish base (a piece of wood works well). It takes a little practice- and a few go in the bin, but I found I got good results pretty quickly.

Small quantities are available on ebay, although I ended up buying a load of the stuff.

The Suka I built was done with litho bits- the blog is on here.

Olly- are you still in accrington? If so I am in Rossendale and can easily let you have a few sheets.

Thread: Where are they?
23/11/2012 13:01:39

Well it's nice to be missed!!

I have done a little lurking recently, but as far as flying goes I don't think I have done any this year- certainly none since March.

There are a few reasons for it really. One being a prospective house move- I wish we were in the middle of it, but the house is on the market and since I don't want the hassle of moving a part built airframe, and I don't know what storage I will have in the next house (although the other half has accepted a workshop as "essential", I would rather wait and see. I am also concious of the fact that my builds have been a bit on the big side- and I think I need to reign in my ambitions! I have also managed to get a couple of builds in my queue that- to be honest- I am not that excited about. Maybe I just need to bin them- the bipablast 2 and a seaplane biplane that I agreed to do for personal reasons, but to be honest looks like I might never get to it.

Other reasons abound as well- work has been very busy- we were visited by OfSTED this year in my department, which was a lot of work and the students seem to need an ever increasing amount of support. I have also started playing poker again, which means my nights are taken up- so it's harder to get out during the day.

Probably the main reason though is young Oliver. He is 3 now, and brilliant. I want to spend as much time with him as possible whilst I am the person he would rather be with than anyone else. Building and flying planes comes a long way behind chasing round the house with nerf guns (I don't know how I got that birthday present past the girlfriend) or making jam tarts or fighting with cushions.

And the flippin Vulcan hasn't flown (or even had the markings painted on).

Thread: Avro Vulcan
19/09/2012 12:00:46

Hi guys.

Not been around- in fact I have pretty much had this year off- a perfect storm of circumstances means I am unable to really do any flying or building.

As Alan said we are hoping to move house, so building becomes very difficult, and I think most people know I fly because I build, rather than the other way round. The weather seems to have been dreadful, and my time has become increasingly limited with work and a young family.

The end result is the Vulcan is sat in the workshop- but has never flown. I haven't even finished painting it beyond the base camo pattern. My current feelings are I need to build a dolly for takeoff, but I need to get my bottom down to the field first.

Thread: getting power to workshop
14/06/2012 13:52:09

Back to the OPs question, I did something very similar about a year ago.

I used 10mm armoured cable, and did all the burying and clipping of the cable since that is straightforwards and meant I didn't pay a skilled electrician for doing a labourers job. The calculations I did (you can find on line calculators around) suggested 6mm would have been sufficient (but no more than that), but I went with 10mm partly for piece of mind, partly in case my demands increase in the future. The workshop itself was already internally wired (it was wired up to the neigbour who use to own both houses) so I then got an electrician in to connect both ends of my laid cable. It went into the RCD box in the house as per the rest of the electrics, and a second consumer unit in the workshop was added.

Cost was about £400 complete (materials and labour) if I remember correctly (which echoes the earlier point about forgetting the price but remembering the quality). Whilst I didn't have the skills to install it myself (beyond the physical labour aspect) I do know someone that could have, but I didn't think it was worth the risk not to get a part P qualified sparkie on the job.

Thread: WOODVALE 2012 cancelled
01/06/2012 09:08:26

BMMFC scale weekend this weekend if anyone fancies it!

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