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30/05/2012 11:57:19

I think everyone is currently working hard on this weekends scale weekend.

There has been no announcement from the club as to a new date for the speed trials.

Thread: Giant flippin Cod....... erm I mean shark
30/05/2012 09:44:25

OK, this might be my lack of experience, but it annoyed me.

I decided to treat myself to a new airframe. The description on the box was pretty clear- suits a 250-300W electric set up. No problem. Onto GS website- open up the electric motors- and as far as I can tell it is impossible to see on the listing what power each motor is rated at. If I go into the details of each motor I can work it out, but since they have 273 motors listed then this is tedious and makes comparisons difficult.

In the end I went to BRCs website and ordered from them- look and learn GS!

Thread: Avro Vulcan
11/05/2012 11:27:57

Hi guys,

No flight yet.

A combination of weather and being really busy has put a halt to everything aeromodelling recently- not even started on a couple of exciting projects waiting my attention in the workshop.

As Graham has kindly pointed out, even the painting isn't finished!! I have masks ready for the roundels and numbers, but I will take a sheet off you anyway if that's ok Graham- I need all those little details like the arrows etc. Let me know how much they are and (I guess) a paypal address.

Thread: Falcon aviation
08/05/2012 10:21:15

I've had minor dealings with them a few times and they have been fine, but I would completely agree that 9 months is unacceptable.

Thread: Alternative to permagrit rotary sanding rod
06/05/2012 22:01:34

I love permagrit................

Thread: Transmitter Stand for my 10C....
06/05/2012 13:41:57

Same tranny, same problem.

Thanks- same solution.

Thread: Avicraft......disappointed
02/05/2012 21:49:06

What ever happns don't let it go past the deadline for Paypal (which is 45 days, not 4 weeks). Seriously- just don't. If the seller tells you their mum has topped themselves in distress at the dog being diagnosed with cancer, still start a dispute before 45 days- you can easily cancel it if they get the goods to you.

Before the 45 days it's up to you really. I might give them another phone call and a week, but that would be my personal view- if they had annoyed me then maybe I wouldn't be so patient.

Thread: The Quest, no not the Holy Grail, been done
02/05/2012 13:33:13

Mick Reeves also sells some super tiny bolts etc for such things. Going from memory they arent really structural.

One of the really interesting bits about this sort of detailing is the answer often comes completely from left field. I was in our prep room earlier and noticed a whiteboard projector bulb. It looked similar to the original spec- albeit too big. I then started wondering if smaller projectors have smaller bulbs...........

02/05/2012 08:31:51

I undersand that Danny- I am slowly drifting that way myself- it is the word "all" that is important though. I doubt even the most pedatic of scale judges will see most of the little extra bits you put in to make it a specific plane etc, simply because the detailed knowledge a builder gets during their reading will be more than that of any judge. The only exception being someone else that has built a (very) similar model.

But be honest Danny- even for competition, you don't put those features on for the judges- they are on because you know they should be there, and it's you that wants them on your model!! That's certainly how it is for me anyway, and it really annoys me if I can't have them- even when I know no one else will ever see them.

01/05/2012 20:33:17

Just as an aside, I built the landing light into the wrong wing of my stuka before I realised. Despite blogging the build no one else ever noticed.

I also had the pleasure of seeing one of the best scale stukas in the country- a 110" Zirolli plan build. I was chatting withthe builder and asked about a (to my mind) pretty big concession he had made to practicallity as opposed to scale. I won't share what it was, but he commented that I was the only person in 10 years to have noticed!!

I love these little details on a model- but it is only the builder that ever actually sees them all!

01/05/2012 12:16:15

I did something similar on the stuka with a 12V LED and a reflector cone I scavenged from somewhere or other. A guy at our club is building a big Mitchell, and he used a halogen bulb for his light- Alan Cantwell may have a photo.

Thread: It's such a shame
01/05/2012 08:15:20

Martin- you are absolutely correct, I had mixed the 2 up.

The warbird replicas LA7 was quite a bit higher up my build list then, since warbird replicas kits are more to the sort of size that are practical for normal people to build. The Willis warbirds kits are much more unlikely to happen. I don't want to build hurricanes or spitfires- every one has them. I agree 100% with Paul about kit prices.

Thread: What to stick acetate sheet with?
30/04/2012 15:39:17

Phil at fighter aces stocks zap a dap a goo, but I would err towards canopy glue as well. Zap a dap etc is an excellent general purpose glue though.

Thread: LMA show at Rougham
30/04/2012 15:18:04

Bit for for me, but it's a pity. I really like the LMA events- they are amongst the friendliest, most approachable helpful people in the hobby.

Many of the builds are utter pointless insanity- and brilliant for it. Then there are things like dawn patrol which boggles the mind at the level of commitment and effort that must have been required to get an idea like that off the ground (pun intended).

Thread: Exhaust plugs
30/04/2012 12:08:15

What was wrong with the original solution of a bit of scrap rag?

Thread: It's such a shame
30/04/2012 11:41:03

The Willis Warbirds LA7 was sort of on my build list- if should ever start building that big. Has the Typhoon gone as well?

Pity- only ever heard good things about them.

Did he mean Spitfires/Hurricanes are all that are kept in stock and the LA7 is available as a run of 1, or it has completely gone?

Out of interest how many kits did he sell- if he didn't tell you in confidence. I ask because I am interested- he produces a premium product which will only ever appeal to a small number of people with the cash, ability, space, time etc to build something 100"+ to a high standard. Talking with Nigel at flightline graphics (and I imagine their customer base probably overlaps a lot) he tells me he is overloaded with work (and has waiting times to match!) and says that those people at the "top end" of building (my phrase) are still as active as ever.

Thread: What fuel?
29/04/2012 21:32:20

Model technics duraglow is fine for 4 strokes, and a bit cheaper than the Bekra. I do think they also use something designated as 4 stroke fuel. I used a gallon of it once and it was also fine.

Give dynaglow a miss though- not enough oil.

Thread: No More Mystery - it's a BipaBlast 2
29/04/2012 19:42:30

Progress update:

Well there hasn't been any for a couple of reasons.

1) I have given up smoking, and my workshop is somewhere I used to potter around in and have a fag. Because of this I have been keeping away from the garage altogether.

2) I have to be honest- I have lost a lot of motivation for it. I have the plans for a ME 163 that is burning a hole in my build list, and I am about to get a seaplane delivered to me that should be interesting. I am really tempted to put it to one side, but I don't know if I would ever pick it back up again.

Thread: Empire of the Clouds
27/04/2012 08:25:29

I was bought this by an inspired friend as a present whilst researching/building the Vulcan.

I am not of an age that remembers this period- much of it taking place before I was born, but it was a very interesting read- for many reasons. Would I pay full price for it? No, but it is available from amazon/ebay for a bargain and is well worth it.

Thread: balsa and lite ply
26/04/2012 11:55:11

SLEC & Blackburn for me.

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