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Thread: Supermarine S6B
20/03/2012 15:14:00

This is the reason I will not let myself start building until the previous one is finished.

20/03/2012 15:02:58

That was kind of point I was making- it will be a good weekend, even if you won't be setting any records yourself.

Thread: No More Mystery - it's a BipaBlast 2
20/03/2012 14:34:45

I do keep checking when there is a response to the thread.............and the (non-existant) prize is still up for grabs!

20/03/2012 14:32:24

Just as an aside, I am a member at BMMFC.

It would be great to see some visitors at the field even if they are not taking part- I don't have anything that will compete, but will spend the weekend there just for the banter and BBQ. We have a great flying site- the more the merrier.

Thread: A fair price?
20/03/2012 08:37:17

To me neither Ernie or Plummet have it quite right.

Club members should expect to pay for the materials, but the labour should be free. Having said that, if someone did a job for me like that I would add the price of a pint onto the parts.

Thread: No More Mystery - it's a BipaBlast 2
20/03/2012 08:34:41

Still no correct answers- lets see if a gaffer taped assembled model helps tonight!

19/03/2012 21:18:42

A quick update- although progress is pretty rapid.

Both wings are done. Probably can't be seen on the photos, but braces are buried into the foam and capped.

Bottom wing.

and top wing:

I have added some trailing edge and a bit of ply facing to the bottom wing.

Just out of interest I have a servo issue. How do you mount them into a foam wing? I guess the servo itself just goes into a box cut into the wing, but whats the best way to deal with the wiring running the length of the wing to the middle? Do I cut a thin slot and force the wires into the thin slot. A thicker, deeper slot which is capped?

Finally no one has guessed yet- even though there is a hint.........

I will be at a (sort of) assembly stage maybe tomorrow- so maybe that will tweak a few memory cells.

I am keen to get it finished though- I picked up a set of Dennis Bryant Me 163 Komet plans at the weekend which are making my mouth water!!

Thread: Warped liteply ribs!
17/03/2012 21:23:27

Buy a sheet of 2mm liteply. Draw round the rib. Cut it out. Sand it off till you can't see the line.

Not a lot of skill needed to be honest.

Thread: P-47 Topflite Kit build
17/03/2012 21:20:49

re. the colour scheme- can I point you in the direction of Nigel at flightline graphics.

His paint masks are second to none, and custom done for you. They are also surprisingly affordable. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Thread: How many planes have you got?
17/03/2012 13:58:08

another similar feature of your posts laugh

Thread: Vulcan
15/03/2012 08:33:39

Yup- landing is my worry too!

3 pointers seem to be called for! Having said that Graham seems to manage OK. I might buy a shorter nose oleo though, and give it the beans for take off.

Drop me a message when you are back in the UK- maybe we can fly a sortie!

Thread: CAP JU-87 side thrust
15/03/2012 08:28:28

You don't!

You start with a couple of washers behind the engine mount, then add/remove depending on the way the plane responds. Personally I would just stick 1 to start with and add more if needed until it flys right.

edit- that's 1 per mounting hole on the side you are bringing forwards- the left in your case (if I have my lefts and rights correct at this time!)

Edited By andy watson on 15/03/2012 08:29:46

Thread: A most daring raid
15/03/2012 08:26:06

Alan- I could have saved you 50p! I read the book whilst researching the Vulcan for my build.

Whilst describing the Vulcans as crumbling is probably overstating it, they were being run down with a view to ending their commision. The main issue was the air to air refueling, which had been basically decided to be redundant. This means that when it was suddenly needed there were no trained crews, but also much of the required bits of the plane had been removed, and considerable scaveging was required to make them operational.

Christian- I have to disagree with you. The raid was a great success for a number of reasons.

Firstly as you said- it showed the Argentinians that we were prepared and capable of striking directly at the Falklands (and therefore Argentina itself). However it was also a tactical success in that the Argentinians changed their decision to base their fast jets on the Falklands as a result of the raid. Partly because the repairs made to the runway were not deemed strong enough to take the stresses of the jets taking off and landing, and partly because the jets would have been "in harms way". This decision ultimately gave Britain air superiority in the conflict.

Thread: CAP JU-87 side thrust
14/03/2012 21:31:05

I would have thought- but might be wrong here, that if downthrust has been built in then any required side thrust will also have been built in?

Thread: Vulcan
14/03/2012 21:27:08

Hey Wayne,

I have had the pleasure of seeing your photos before! Graham sent them to me last week or so for a look, since I am building one as well. I have gone for the 100% size version with 4*70mm fans.

Mine is about ready for attempt #2 at a maiden, but I have a feeling something isn't right with the undercarriage geometry. Either the nose wheel is set too shallow in the fus, or the oleo is too long, or the rear ones are too short! Graham says he designed it to be nose high to get an angle of attack for take off, but I feel I am almost scraping my behind on the ground like a dog with worms!!

Depending on the weather it might be this week!

Thread: Hows your water works then?
13/03/2012 22:17:10

I heard on the radio that no new resevoirs have been dug since the 1970s. Not sure if that was nationally or in the SE, but stupid either way. No surprise there are shortages when the population has risen, but the reserves stay the same.

Thread: CAUTION idiot at work
13/03/2012 14:42:31

My boss would object to me not working whilst I wasn't in the mood.

Although I am at work at the moment and not doing much I suppose!

Thread: YT Seafury - new in box
13/03/2012 14:00:55

I'm hoping it's sold if he will take paypal!

Thread: Testing testing
13/03/2012 12:55:57

I'm spartacus

Thread: Selling on E Bay
13/03/2012 10:08:44


I am curious as to why you went to ebay to sell these rather than first trying BMFA classifieds or the classifieds on here. Both are free, and you could have set an asking price of what you wanted- and so had some extra security. Obviously if they didn't sell then ebay becomes a sensible alternative.

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