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Thread: Penny washer
12/03/2012 15:08:19

It's a dent on the backplate. There is no significant deformation, except a small area of metal pushed back. I don't think it will affect balance significantly- I could have simply filed it off, but I think that would throw it out of balance more.

12/03/2012 11:54:18

I have finally given up on the Saito 1:20 in the stuka. There is something in the mounting that it doesn't seem to like- I'm not sure what as 2 people have had it running perfectly on the bench. Anyway, I have acquired a beautiful OS 1:20 as a replacement.

It's pretty much a straight swap- although a few mods were needed, but I do have a problem. The spinner backplate is very slightly warped- looks like it has taken a knock somewhere in its life. Not enough to be a problem, but the OS seems slightly further back than the Saito, and it just catches on the front former. 20 seconds of running will wear it away, but I would prefer not to do that. I could also buy a new spinner- but I prefer not to do that too!

I have added a penny washer (a big one) between the knurled prop driver and the knurled backplate of the aluminium spinner. This shims the backplate out enough to be well clear of the F1 former.

Will this grip without slipping (it seems fine atm), or do I need a softer material such as rubber for the washer? I didn't use rubber as I was worried about high temperatures melting/burning the rubber.

Thread: Age ...memory ...problems ...
10/03/2012 00:08:33

Where are you, and what size batteries?

Maybe someone is close by and could drop a couple down for you?

Thread: A New plea from the mods
09/03/2012 22:17:21


I import all my images from photobucket. When I post a series of photos they seem to be added horizontally rather than vertically unless there is text inbetween.

I read the tutorial and think I am doing everything right.

Any ideas?

Thread: Pyramid Models
08/03/2012 12:30:27


Seriously this is outrageous behaviour by Pyramid. I would hope RCM&E will support one of THEIR customers here by keeping the thread live, rather than capitulating at the earliest opportunity and locking/deleting it.

Whose "side" is RCM&E on here? The modellers or the trade. I watch with interest.

07/03/2012 22:20:41

I have no sympathy with Pyramid here- despite the error clearly being Andys. I had a look, and to be fair the "Futaba pack" is clearly within the printed decals section.


We are talking about a £24 item here. Maybe Pyramid suffer from a high level of returns (I can't see why- I used their vinyl decals and they were spot on), but their actions here will result in a customer with a greivance- or more importantly one that will not buy from them again. How much profit can there be in a set of graphics? Probably quite high (relatively) as you are not really paying for raw materials but time and the high fixed costs of the cutter/printer. But the time in this case would be fairly small on the basis of the artwork being on file already. No issue with this, but a relative high profit item can also be replaced at little relative cost. I doubt Pyramid will be more than £5 out of profit by replacing the items. I believe they have a legal requirement to replace them on the basis of the distance selling relationships, but even if this were not the case they should replace them on the basis of good will. This would have changed the OP to a glowing recommendation that might well draw in extra business, rather than putting potential customers off.

Let me make a contrast- and it is the reason I will never use Pyramid models again.

For the Stuka I needed custom artwork. This was a complicated (to me) set of paint masks for spraying and waterslide decals. I phoned Nigel at flightline graphics and we (he) spent ages getting things exactly right over the phone. He then sent me a set of proofs for my approval and I OK'ed the order. When everything turned up it was all perfect- except for the unit badge. I thought it was coming as paint masks for spraying in 3 colours (so 6 masks), but Nigel had thought I would want it as a simpler to apply waterslide. I gave him a call to thank him, or he spoke to me about something- I can't remember which- but I happened to mention that I was surprised it was a waterslide when I expected a set of masks. Not a complaint- an observation. Nigel promptly offered to redo the badge as a set of 6 masks (remember this was custom artwork)- and I promptly refused saying the waterslides would be fine. Nigel insisted, and soon afterwards a set of 6 masks turned up free of charge. And they were brilliant.

I will never go anywhere else for my masks/decals.

And neither will anyone else reading this thread.

Thread: Aerokote Fuel Proofer problem
07/03/2012 08:51:25

No help for you now, but Phil at fighter aces sells fuel proof paint for scale models, and I am sure he would send them to Dubai.

05/03/2012 20:35:46

The difference now to "back then" is I can quickly and easily compare the prices of all model shops in the country. Before I was stuck with whatever the LMS chose to stock and whatever price they chose to stick on it.

Thread: Northern Model Exhibition 2nd March
05/03/2012 20:25:30

Actually I did look for a 3 bladed master airscrew- I figured it would be a better scale static prop, but I don't have one.

I will keep an eye out for something betterthan the Graupner one though.

The gunner is a scale representation of Gunther "squinty" Grossbottom.

Rocker covers show it's a proper model!!

I was disappointed to be told we were not aloud to fire up the siren as it sounded too much like the fire alarms!

04/03/2012 20:01:04

Well, I have just returned from collecting my models.  Thanks to everyone for the kind comments both here and at the show.

Firstly I think Kevin B must have been at a different show to the one I went to- I thought it was excellent. Having said that, the idea of the boat pond is an excellent one. The thing that must be remembered is as aeromodellers we are a fringe of the "model engineering" community. The trains and steam engines were far and away the main attraction for most people. The trade stands tended to reflect this.

I do know we signed up several new members, and there were other expressions of interest. From this point of view it was well worth the time and effort involved. I don't know the financials involved for traders- were they offered space free like the exhibitors as part of the "attraction" or were they expected to pay? I would think there would have been sufficient interest to justify one of the local model shops (and there are some of the big ones nearby) having a stand- they could well have sold a good number of "trainer packages" and similar. Whether it would have been worth bringing out a full set of stock like a specific aeroplane show is more questionable. I guess the difference for me is I enjoyed the show for wandering round- but for those guys it is a job, so wages/petrol and the like becomes significant. Companies like 5 star (who sell excellent adhesives) are able to tap into the wider modelling community far more easily than some of our favourite specialist retailers.

I enjoyed it- although the £8 entrance fee was a bit steep for me (if I had paid it) if I were only interested in the planes.

ps cheers Rob for posting a picture that managed to cut out both of my planes!! laugh

Edited By andy watson on 04/03/2012 20:02:40

Thread: No More Mystery - it's a BipaBlast 2
03/03/2012 23:45:04

The polystyrene turtle decking is on.

It's official- I hate working with foam. I'm sure the wings will be fine- but the fuselage was a bloody pain in the bottom. Getting the top decking to match up with the lower built up fuselage is almost impossible- at least to get it within a mm or so. I did the rear first- which was tapered. I took ages clamping and bending the walls of the fus to exactly match the foam sides. All minor adjustments, but I didn't want a big ridge down the side. I learned from this for the front and glued some rails for the hollow polystyrene front decking. This was much faster, but still didn't feel as neat as a nicely built up set of formers and proper sheeting.

03/03/2012 21:06:17

Still no correct answers!

About the last thing I know about it is apartantly they fly like a bag of spanners!! Not heard a good thing about them!! laugh

03/03/2012 17:14:55

No it's not!

03/03/2012 16:18:48

Well I sort of promised myself I would make sure I got regular updates posted. Seems like I lied to myself! One reason is there isn't much to say- I am glueing assorted formers and bracings into the fuselage.

Progress is steady- I don't think this will be another year long build!

I'm not sure about the software change about adding pictures. It always seem to bolt them side by side- unless there is some random text between them.

The guesses so far have been good- but no one has got it right yet. A little more info. I think there were 2 sizes produced- this one at over 70" is the larger of the 2.

Bracing and Formers.....oh, and struts for the upper wing- well done to the people that spotted it was a biplane so early.

I did wonder if I could get away with trying to sell the idea of a double undercarriage!

I am really just blurbing here to put text between the photos. I have got a little further than shown on the photos- the foam turtle decking on the rear is glued in place.

So there is another clue there- foam decking and wings.

Which leads me to a problem- how to cover it? I can't use sanding sealer without melting the foam- so my usual poly C is out. I could use a film, but one thing I wanted to try was some more airbrushing- maybe trying a few effects beyond the basic block colours I have used on the Stuka and DVII. Maybe I should use it as a practise piece for glassing? Does foam safe epoxy exist?

Thread: Northern Model Exhibition 2nd March
02/03/2012 10:19:49

I had a good nosey round yesterday after dropping off the Stuka and DVII on the BMMFC stand- and it is well worth a visit if you are a "builder", though perhaps less if you look on assembling an ARTF as an inconvenience before you get to fly it!! Having said that there is an indoor flying area- so maybe not!

Lots of boats/steam stuff etc but a few of those huge tool stands that sell all manner of widgets where you don't know what half the stuff is for. I could feel my wallet twitching- I'm a sucker for tools of any kind. Don't go expecting to be picking up cheap airframes/radio gear, but as some examples of what people can produce in their sheds it's well worth a look.

Now- should my next project be a yacht?

02/03/2012 08:35:15

Rob- take a packed lunch- the prices at the food/drink concession in the hall made my eyes water!

Thread: SDS Hobby -
01/03/2012 12:24:53

I think this is just the price you have to sometimes accept when dealing with companies across the globe. No, it shouldn't have happened, but when it does- well what can you do? It is your responsibility to weigh the risks against the reward. If this is a once in a blue moon occurance, well fair enough. If it is a regular occurance then it becomes harder to justify.

BUT.......look at the maths here:

Plane #1 cost £250- a saving £300

Plane #2 cost £300.

Even if it was in pieces of wood the size of matchsticks you are actually no worse off than if you had bought the plane at the full price of £550.

If the hassle is to omuch then the obvious answer is buy from the UK, with full consumer protection, but pay the premium for doing so.

Edited By andy watson on 01/03/2012 12:25:56

Thread: Flair scout SE5A
28/02/2012 12:15:38

Pretty much any bog standard full size servos will be fine. Basic Futaba 3003s or similar.

Don't waste your money on anything fancier- they are just not needed for a smallish plane that will tootle around the sky at low speeds doing geriatric aerobatics at best.

Thread: Any astromoners out there please?
25/02/2012 18:14:27

If you have an android phone you can get a free app called google sky map.

Just point your phone at it and you will get a labelled map of everything in the sky

Thread: No More Mystery - it's a BipaBlast 2
24/02/2012 14:08:29

re. the thread width.

It is showing fine on mine, with the pictures vertically one under the other. There was a period shortly ater posting where they ran horizontally- giving the the issue others seem to be suffering from.

Hope this helps

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