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Thread: Hemotec vario
03/12/2020 09:20:18

Still got Hitec in the Elf so not compatible. The first one has gone into this, which also arrived this week: 😆


02/12/2020 16:20:35

Update, for any other Graupner users out there: I've bought a couple of the HEPF varios and tested one today. It plugged in to the telemetry port on my Graupner GR-16 HoTT receiver and appeared on the transmitter control panel straight away without any mucking about.

Vario settings can be accessed and changed from the transmitter and I've found it very sensitive - it responded to the change in air pressure caused by opening and closing the front door! Hopefully I can test it for real next week if the weather improves.

I'll be passing one on to a JETI user later for him to try.

Thread: Album Photos
02/12/2020 13:25:41

I hope the new software does sort this out, it’s very irritating, Photos edited on my PC work ok, anything posted directly from my phone is the wrong orientation, even after editing on phone/iPad.

Thread: Balsa Swells in Winter!
30/11/2020 18:21:41

Humidity makes a huge difference, quite amazing how much wood can swell or shrink.
Not balsa but my modelling shed was T&G planks which in the dry summer shrank so much that they popped apart. They would swell again after rain but by then they’d warped too so would never fit back together again as they expanded, leaving gaps for the rain to run down inside. The roof started leaking too 🤬.

It’s now been replaced by a proper shed erected by a local builder and made of 18mm treated planks, set vertically and with a 50mm wide strip over the joints. This one won’t leak!

Thread: Can I use NiCad trickle chargers on NiMH?
10/11/2020 13:55:57

Having had a recent sort out I’ve discovered I have a couple of multi port chargers which I used to use to charge up my NiCad equipped models as they could then be left on trickle charge until the next flying session.

I’ve been using a modern lipo charger with peak detect to top up batteries while driving to the flying site but I now have a new shed where I can store models in a way that makes them accessible for a permanent charging solution and the question is, can I use these chargers designed for NiCads to charge and maintain NiMH, given the differences in voltage and chemistry?

I have used them to successfully charge NiMH packs recently but not used the long term trickle charge feature so would be interested to hear other users’ experience.


Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
27/10/2020 09:07:34

PilatusHere’s a couple of flying shots from our main easterly slope. Anyone who visited the Isle of Man Soar-in many years ago might remember the Pilatus, owned by the late John Dennis and 20 years later refurbished and flown by Steve Woodley. The Pilatus was also seen at Woodvale during an aerotow demonstration by Manx Model Flyers.


Thread: Glass fibre woven cloth and epoxy resin
23/10/2020 09:09:48

I found this interesting as I haven’t done any glass covering for many years but will do so for my Phase 6 fuselage. Last time I used polyester resin (yes, it was that long ago!) but I’m keen to try a less obnoxious material so I’ve bought some deluxe materials Eze-Kote to make it a bit easier on my lungs, however water based resins seem to have received a lukewarm reception here. Are they as effective in bonding the glass cloth?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
03/10/2020 09:16:54

Made the maiden flight of my new TopmodelCZ Fascination on the slope in very light winds. Wingspan 3.6m, weight 3.2Kg, MVVS 4.6 motor.
Around half throttle used to get away then achieved a 40 minute flight using only 25% battery . Very happy with it.

Fascination pre-flight
Fascination pass
Fascination crow

Edited By Neil James on 03/10/2020 09:20:22

Thread: S2G Pilatus B4 2m kit instructions?
01/10/2020 13:49:17

I’ve almost completed an S2G Pilatus 2m but the instructions that came with it are brief, to say the least! Construction has gone reasonable smoothly but it there’s no information on control throws. The company has gone bust and I’ve found nothing on-line so has anyone on here built one or has access to some more information?

I’ll set up a 3 position rates switch for the first flight to give me plenty of choice of movement but it would be quite nice to have a known starting point.

I’ll start with about 15mm aileron and 10mm elevator with two stages of reduction available and plenty of expo so it shouldn’t be too exciting! I also have 20% aileron differential set up.

Any other suggestions?

S2G label

Thread: Glues
23/09/2020 18:14:16

I’ve just started using it and seems to work ok. It was recommended as the glue to use on my Phoenix Model Products Chipmunk. I’ve bought the large bottle so it had better be good!

Thread: Small self tappers
16/09/2020 09:54:32

I’d like to add my support for Modelfixings too. I’ve used them quite a bit recently and the service is excellent. Great range of goodies - I’ve ended up buying things I didn’t know I needed - and really fast delivery. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Thread: Extension Leads Problem
15/08/2020 09:45:47

I bought a crimping tool and connector set some time ago to make my own leads and after some initial confusion on how to use the crimper (no instructions so thank you Youtube) I now make my own leads. The advantage to that is that I can use different gauge wire for power and signal wires, as there’s minimal current on the signal wire I use 10/0.1 TC wire which I bought some time ago from Radiospares. The power wires get 7/0.2 gauge. You could use 14/0.2 for digital servos but I’ve had no problems even with 1m long leads.
The numbers refer to the number and diameter of the wires inside so are independent of the thickness of the insulation and that’s what you should be looking for when buying wire. There’s a wide choice on eBay.

I’ve used this system on large gliders with 2 servos per wing and tapped the power leads for the inner flap servo by stripping back the insulation part way along so only 4 wires are needed. I can then use a smaller 4 pin deans connector to hook everything up.

You need to be careful with the crimping so buy extra pins and practice then test before use! It’s been one of my best investments in modelling tools though, not just for long leads but for making up combined switch/charging points.

Thread: How much have you spent on modeling in 2020?
07/08/2020 09:33:38

Posted by kevin b on 06/08/2020 19:21:18:

Talking of haircuts. My next door neighbor (don't you just hate American spell-checks)

Don’t cast any spells and you’ll be fine! 🤣

Edited By Neil James on 07/08/2020 09:38:39

Thread: james hammond aeroic firebird 1.5m
29/07/2020 13:33:47

The new James Hammond aeroic firebird 1.5m glider looks a cracker but before I splash out has anyone here seen one/built one/flown one? Looks like getting the gear in could be a tight squeeze so expensive thin servos will be needed.
Looks very pretty though...

Thread: Diacov - any user comments?
29/06/2020 13:54:34

I’m just starting on a 100” Minimoa kit and I’ve been looking around for covering materials as the 10m roll of antique solartex I’ve had in stock for the last 25 years turns out to be the end of a roll with adhesive only on the first metre!

I’ve seen that Sarik hobbies are selling Diacov, mentioned as a good replacement for natural solartex and I wondered if anyone has used it yet and would like to comment. It’s certainly cheaper than Oratex but I’ve never used that either so how do they compare?

Thread: Hemotec vario
20/06/2020 10:05:28

Thanks John, I’ll have a read though all that and see how it all fits together. It’s a long time since I built anything electronic, good job I hung on to my little soldering iron.

19/06/2020 19:15:38

Found this online:

It’s tiny and looks very useful for my HoTT receivers but this is the first I’ve heard of it or the company. Does anyone have any experience or further information on this, or a link to a manual perhaps?

Thread: Leisure or standard car battery for charging lipo's
17/06/2020 09:48:56

I bought a 70Ah leisure battery a couple of years ago but it’s a heavy beast so lugging it into the shed for charging was a pain. It now lives permanently in my van as I’ve recently set up a solar panel and charger controller on a permanent basis. The panel lives on the dashboard and the wire runs to the controller mounted above the battery. So far it seems to work well and even at a low charge rate the intervals between use are long enough to keep it topped up. There’s an adapter to plug the charger into the car 12v socket rather than the solar panel so it can get a higher current top up while driving to the field.

The controller has a couple of USB sockets on it too which is handy for topping up the transmitter or phone.

Blue van

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
21/05/2020 10:26:20

Me! Had a great couple of hours on the slope yesterday and maidened the Blejzyk Hammer F3F.

Almost perfect right from the off, just needed a little more aileron movement for added excitement! Very effective crow brakes.

Hammer in flight

Hammer with crow

Thread: Lockdown Models
04/05/2020 16:23:21
Posted by GrumpyGnome on 04/05/2020 11:36:06:

".... allowed out on the hills....." ?

Yep. Here in the IOM we’ve closed the border so some restrictions have been eased. No groups and still social distancing but we can go out any time, not just once a day.

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