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Thread: Acrowot with laser 80
11/04/2019 10:49:39
Posted by Paul james 8 on 10/04/2019 22:47:15:
Posted by Tim Flyer on 10/04/2019 18:19:25:

By the way Paul I had to add10g of lead on the tail. If I did the build again with the 70 , I would have put the throttle servo next to the rudder servo as per instructions. I did also replace the heavy wooden elevator pushrod with a light weight carbon one . That may have also affected it a bit.

Edited By Tim Flyer on 10/04/2019 18:20:52

That is a bit of a surprise as my old one, with a Saito 82 up front has a big slab of lead on the firewall. Balances perfectly and flys well for an old un. I've got a Kyosho spitfire to sort out first then maybe on to the new Acrowot.

Interesting that I have an asp70fs up front and also have a sizeable chunk of lead at the front. The RCME review also spoke of a few ounces of lead. So have they changed them in any way.

Thread: Skyleader Courier FrSky conversion problem.
11/04/2019 10:01:50

Pulse width 1-2 ms same as most others

Thread: Lost radio contact
11/04/2019 09:53:35

I cringe when I see people fiddling with their aerial orientation every time they fly. There are all sorts of old wives tales re aerial orientation but it ain’t that simple all sorts of other factors come into play, and believe it or not the model moves in three dimensions all the time. If you are a compulsive twig twiddles at least but a new one every year. As for repair how about a bit of black heatshrink it would look a whole lot more confidence inspiring than sticky tape

Thread: Skyleader Courier FrSky conversion problem.
11/04/2019 09:48:02

Surely the simple way to reversal theory is to calibrate the esc in the normal way but move the stick in the ppposite way to the instructions. Ie for full throttle use low throttle. If this works then you will need to reverse the throttle either on the pot or as suggested on the three pin plug as suggested

Thread: Help with printing on home printer
10/04/2019 18:56:59

I share your pain. A couple of years ago I wasted copious amounts of paper trying out the tile option. Once I thought I had mastered it it went wappy after about a dozen sheets it suddenly started to print large must have wasted a couple of hundred sheets before I gave up

Thread: Lost radio contact
09/04/2019 07:08:20

Although the thought of loose cells terrifies  me and I would never use them I must admit that I know a lot of people who use this radio with them and over many years don’t appear to have had a moments problem with them so seems a good system

Edited By gangster on 09/04/2019 07:08:53

Thread: Square Rx 4.8v batts.
04/04/2019 11:55:52

Getting further and further back now. Cue the accumulator post. I suppose calling them deac was the same as calling all vacuum cleaners hoovers. Those button cells were good I used a bit of kit at work it was left on constant charge for 40 years and the battery pack was still good. Having said that 500 mA cells could last for ever I recently charged up a piece of kit with a 4.8v 500mA flat pack dated 1978. It was perfectly useable still

04/04/2019 07:23:29

Normal flat shape? I remember when the normal shape was square. Ie Futaba Sanwa and Skyleader. Just saying😄

Thread: Linkage rod to horn connection
27/03/2019 18:49:42
Posted by Gary Murphy 1 on 27/03/2019 18:46:23:
Posted by David P Williams on 27/03/2019 17:34:47:

In my experience the standard rods threaded 2mm at one end are usually only 1.6mm diameter. The thread is rolled not cut which raises it to 2mm, but it is impossible to cut a 2mm thread on the other end.

Spot on David.

Being a truck Martyn`s trick is getting a try.

Also forgot about the threaded adjusters Martin suggests.I have had them in the past BUT find them hard to "normal" solder to the rod.

Yes good point Gents Some are however 2mm and of course threading would only work on the bigger ones.

27/03/2019 16:35:05

Unless I understood the question the answer appeared on the latest RCME use normal 2mm threaded rod and cut to length and cut a thread on the other end to use another Clovis etc

Thread: 6s lipo battery and shipment ?
09/03/2019 15:52:02

Yes the Post Office interrogation. I have never had the courage to answer how I would like to but wouldnt be great to answer in a clear voice with something totally outrageous whilst stood at the head of a long bored queue.

So guys lets have some suggestions, apologies if this is off topic but I think the OPs question has been answered

Edited By gangster on 09/03/2019 15:53:55

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
09/03/2019 15:42:35

Thanks for the reply Percy

Yes of course the DB kits are still around probably in their original form. I never really came across the Sig kits, they didnt really find their way into the model shops in the fens.

As for the Wot 4, now there is a range of kits that I suppose are still in thehands of the original owner. However even disregarding the numerous ARTF versions and concentrating on the kits that is a plane that appears to have gone through changes. How many marks or models of it are there?.

Last year I built a Wot4 from the original plan pack plan but used a built up wing. In all my years of flying I seemed to be one of a few people who have never owned one, lets face it in its hey day there were prettier models. Any way I am not sure how many versions there have been of the kit model but I was given wings rudder and elevator of a kit model and they are nothing like the plan pack ones Different wing section and at least an inch wider chord and the bits at the back are different too. Mine is also vastly different from the many ARTF ones I see at the field. I am refering there to the wooden ones of a similar size.

09/03/2019 14:41:24

bipe.jpgsecond picture shows the Unique models Stampe that I built in the 1970s Engine was probably a Veco 61 and the radio Skyleader Clubman Super 5 27MHz (Could have been AM or FM I had both) flew this for a few years, repainted it and later traded it in for a Bi Fly kit.

First picture was built from a Masons Models Skyways plan pack in about 2011 which as far as I can see is identical to the old unique models oneold stampe.jpg. Nostalgia made me use the same livery. Powered by SC61 and radio JR with FrSky 2.4 module.

So the question is have any of the other kits we are pining over been in continous production for well over 40 years

Edited By gangster on 09/03/2019 14:44:22

09/03/2019 14:16:25
Posted by Capt Kremen on 09/03/2019 13:19:11:

Ah .... the Trueline 'Corsair' .... so simple a layout but a superb kit, lovely clear printed plan, (still have that!), a fantastic sports flyer even on 27 Meg 'Brown', Futaba 'M' & 17M(?) Black & Red servos (different direction - no servo reversing on yer trannie back then!)

Yes the kids of today would not believe you if you told them that these all flew and flew well on basic 4 or 6 channel radio. Lets face it the Skyleader bipe at the start of this thread would have been flow on basic, albeit top of the range Skyleader in a display with several up at once on 27 MHz AM

The other fantastic trueline kit that looked good and flew well was the Trueline tiger, Jet ish look and a refreshing step away from the rest of the herd

09/03/2019 11:11:32

Three More from the past, all great model.

Unique Models later Skyways Stampe, I am flying one almost identical purchased a few years back and done in same ish livery

Flair Pulsar Nice model but sadly bit the dust when lent to a freind and cog set way out

Trueline Corsair

3 planes.jpg

09/03/2019 10:52:44

The above picture is the Olympic Sportsman. Powered by either Enya 40 or Webra Blackhead 40. The little lad at the tail is in his 40s now

09/03/2019 10:48:12

Olympic Sportsman

Edited By gangster on 09/03/2019 10:51:02

Thread: Got bitten today :-(
08/03/2019 17:07:55

In about half a century of diesel and glow engines I have managed to draw very little blood. The main causes being grazed knuckles just in the way of the prop arc, sliced finger tips when the engine lockes and the fingers run down the blade and rapped knuckles when a 4 stroke back fires, I usually use a chicken finger rather than a stick.

Anyway either age is dulling my paranoid respect for the blade or something else and I have had 2 incidents in the last year which could have been potentially nasty. Possible due to fatigue . The first concerned a usually totally reliable SC46, I have had it for 3 years and never a dead stick, it did cost me £18 though so I would expect perfection. I cocked up the settings trying to get it to run on duff fuel and spent ages trying for perfection, anyway this length of concentration resulted in me getting three finger tips end on in the prop tip arc. Copious blood all over the back of my car, first aid box, model etc etc. Fortunately minor damage that finally dried up. I was shaking but nothing that plenty bandage and a coulple of glasses of red wine for the shock could not cure when I got home.

Fiddling with that engine too long had suddenly overcome my concentration, could have been nasty as I was alone.

The second incident resulted in more damage to my pride than anything esle and a small scratch and bruise which I quicly covered up by pulling down my sleeve before anyone saw what I had done. In thid case I spent 2.5 hrs trying to get a totally knackered 90FS to attempt to pull the skin off a rice pudding. Anyway I left the model too far back in the restraint and it came for me, the way I was crouched I could not jump back so I fought the model off with the starter, causing the tip to fly off the prop and try to inbed in my arm, no big deal in this case but a lesson learnt. The 90 was sold for spares and replaced with a 2s

By the way if you want a chicken stick put a little bit more t han chickhen stick into the ebay search, else you will find thousands of dog treats

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
08/03/2019 16:39:11
Posted by ken anderson. on 08/03/2019 09:50:03:

the skyways hawk was a wonderful model/flyer...… bring them back ASAP..

ken dept.


I think you can still get them. A number of the old Unique/Skyways kits plan packs have been ressurected by Masons Models. Their web site showed the Hawk 70 a few days ago but I cannot access the web site at the moment

Check it out or ring Steve Mason at Masons Models who is based in Spalding, you could get lucky

08/03/2019 16:34:52

Bob re Trueline executive and other Trueline kits, there was a great thread on them a year or so back

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