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Thread: Researching the ancient Ripmax Futaba M6
08/09/2020 21:57:04

Hi I am surprised that no one had been back to answer your question so I will start the ball rolling

They were a lovely set of radio well built and reliable

They were not digital as we know it today but used a protocol that was common to other makes. So much so that you could use receivers of another make Basically that used a 50 hz clock. The encoder output was 6 pulses 1-2 ms wide the pulse width was controlled by the sticks with nominal 1.5mS centres. A long rest pulse and it started again. So yes as you said they were analogue not digital . I am sure they were never on 35 MHz. Later models were Frequency modulated and I think the FM ones were either available on 35 or were convertible The FM version as far as I remember was in a brushed aluminium case
They were rechargeable as you said and the battery was effectively built in.

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Thread: Electric Junior 60
30/08/2020 06:57:08

Similar questions have been asked on here about electrifying th J60 and have been answered in detail. I have put photos on myself in a few examples. As skipper says a search on this site may we’ll be very helpful

Thread: OS 28H Silencer Stuck On
20/08/2020 12:16:52

Not sure about taking you blowlanp to it but a bit of warmth will possibly help

maybe with your heatshrink gun

Thread: 2K Fuel Proofing
15/08/2020 18:17:01

The only fuel proofreads I have really trusted is the two pack type. Originally tuff coat / furniglass and more recently aerocoat. Had no problem using it over Flair or Humbrol unless applied too soon. The only paint I found it was not a success with was Halfords car touch up. It didn’t wrinkle it it just peaked off like sunburn

Thread: Help please with Thunder Tiger GP42
10/08/2020 11:53:51

Many years ago a mate acquired an old K&B 45. He struggled with head gasket issues so I had a try. After a couple of failed attempts I stood in my workshop eying the errant motor with contempt and chewing on Mr Kipling fruit pies. That was the eureka moment. The cure involved the pie cases. I cannot remember the exact layering but was something like teo layers of foil pie case with perhaps thick paper between them. Perfect cure and the motor was a goodun

Thread: LED wiring
09/08/2020 14:50:37

I have to ask the question ... Why do it like that? It would seem to be a whole load simpler just to connect 4 leds to either the BEC supply or even across the pack. I can see no merit at all in using the individual cells in the pack to supply just a few mA to light the led. I do not mean any criticism at all because it in many respect one of those seems a good idea at the time ideas. The other point is, and I am not disputing it at all because I am not certain but why would it unbalance the pack ? Nice low resistance high current cells And a few mA . As I said not disputing but what am I overlooking please?

Thread: MFA Power Panel
01/08/2020 16:00:05

If it’s the old mFA with the rotary switch is is a simple beast. Nice panel though using dropper resistors. I would expect to see 12 volts on the plug socket without a load. Maybe test with something like a sidelight bulb if you do not wish to risk a plug. They are nice no nonsense panels

Edited By gangster on 01/08/2020 16:01:19

Thread: Carb tuning
23/07/2020 14:49:02

Please let’s not have the old nose up or not debate again. Whilst I have never owned an MDS I agree it is well understood that the earlier carbs had issue.
Interesting comment suggesting that none of the OS carbs are much good. In my experience they have been perfect.

I moved down the SC /ASP route nearly 20 years ago . I went into my LMS to buy an Irvine 61, for some reason Irvine we’re not making any at the time. My choice was between Super Tigre and OS. The proprietor suggested I also looked at an SC. On his recommendation I bought the SC. What a fabulous engine, swung a bigger prop easily started with a couple of flicks and was so reliable. I have been hooked ever since. Everyone I have had has been perfect This included one I bought on ebay a few years ago for £18 flew it dozens of times with noisy bearings until I replaced them and have had hundreds of flights and never a deadstick

i have to agree about the post that suggests that an OS 60 was £500 plus and of course a basic set of Futaba would have been about £2.5k in real terms. I also think that the way things are going we could well go back to paying considerably more for everything

Thread: nicad battery packs
22/07/2020 11:11:35

Yes just pretend they are nicad you really won’t notice much difference and continue to use the slow chargers that came with the radio. However be careful of the exorbitant capacity claims on some now you cannot get a quart in a pint pot. Just pretend that they are the old 500/600 that you had before and you will be fine

Thread: Back after 11 years - need advice
21/07/2020 17:53:01

Electric or IC. You will get strong recommendations for both on here. I suggest that if you join a club you will see what the others are using. You will not go far wrong with either a wot4 or an acrowot. Whether or no you go for the foam or built up is your choice but going by your previous experience you may prefer the built up. I have had a kit built acrowot and now have an artf. Just bear in mind the initiall cost if you decide to go electric. An electric acrowot will require at a guess 700 watts minimum. To get that you will need at a minimum a 60 amp esc and 4s 3300 batteries. Just to add a bit more pain you will need at least 2 batteries and that will only give you 2 flights, unless you field charge and that takes an hour.
I went exclusive to electric for a while but now do both The mistake I made , well not a mistake , but a disadvantage with electric was I started with models needing 3s 3000 built a model that needed 3s2200 and then built a couple that needed 4s 3000 now when you want about 4 of each that is a lot of battery’s with glow it’s the same bottle of fuel Having said that a battery for an acrowot will

cost about the same as 2 gallons of 5%

it’s a big descision so don’t let people on here bully you by saying that their favourite is the only way to go

As for radio There is nothing wrong with 35 MHz it’s not obsolete and is probably no less safe than 2.4 especially now that fewer are using 35 so there will be less danger of someone switching on . Stored properly there should be nothing wrong with the old JR and probably better built than anything you can buy today just make sure the batteries are fine and there is no black lead corrosion

Anoth model to check out is the seagull challenger nice and light if you do decide on electric and a dream flier Welcome back

Thread: field force 6 battery life
21/07/2020 11:14:22

No moving the controls will have no effect on the transmitters power requirements. It does however have a significant effect on the receive battery. You will need to carefully check that now. If you are using the switch on the receive pack I suggest you replace that. Sadly regardless of make they are of poor quality and could cause problems

Thread: Skyleader slider servos, max voltage, ok to use or what replacement?
10/07/2020 13:54:56

They are lovely servos. The rotary output planes were rubbish so I always used mine in

linear mode. As for voltage I would not risk 6 volts, why would you? There is still an old wife’s tail out there that seems to suggest that all Spektrum receivers must be run on 6 volts. Surely this dates back over a decade to one or two DSM2 receivers that took a few seconds to recover from a volt drop caused by overload or poor installation. I have used Spektrum for 7 years and every receiver I have tested does not exhibit this. If you must use 6 volts and would like to use your src1 servos why not get a 5 volt bec or regulator and isolate the red leads from the rx. Ie piggle the red lead out of the plug and common them. As for the dry battery argument I don’t believe Skyleader ever offered a dry batter option in that era. In addition 6 volts from a dry battery will be fine with a Futaba 128 servo but 6 volts from nicad will fry one. This bears out a previous comment

Thread: Junior 60 Cowl
07/07/2020 09:42:45

As promised I have bumped this up for the modeller who was asking about kits. This was built from the BB electric kit however I cannot see for the life of me the difference. I have used a 1/4 ply gas law bulkhead across the engine bearers. Tatty as you see but sound this model is for sale

Thread: Junior 60 Kitset
07/07/2020 09:38:09

I have the BB version. Lovely model. No need to worry if you cannot get the electric version the ic will suit electric as already stated. Have a search on this very forum I posted some pictures of mine a couple of weeks ago I will try to bump it up

Thread: Diesel anybody?
06/07/2020 08:29:25

Oh that smell of diesel must have the same effect on many modellers of a certain age. The chuck and duck at the nationals is made even more special with that aroma.Years ago my friend and I flew control line at work We mixed our own diesel. Funny stuff because yours truly had a brain flip and bought Castrol R instead of M. Stained everything yellow. Ether was no problem and we had a litre of the stuff. One spring nice day we decided to have a fly so mixed some fuel oil no problem ether no problem but we had no paraffin. We did find a five gallon can of white spirit. Yes it worked well but my AM15 was inclined to run in bursts. Makes control line flying very interesting. We stuck however with the white spirit mix with castrol r

Edited By gangster on 06/07/2020 08:30:06

Thread: Aurora 9x
01/07/2020 11:15:43

I can remember the days when Hitec was regarded as cheap Chinese I took a while for us to realise the quality of the stuff was as good or probably better than the mainstream Japanese stuff

Thread: Seagull Challenger - First kit Build - First IC
26/06/2020 10:19:40

Maybe another investment would be a SLEC fuselage jig They are not expensive. Removes any concern of a banana fuselage and keeps everything tight in place while the glue dries

Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
25/06/2020 17:56:38

Surely the whole rule/ constitution/ A certified business is all part and parcel of the whole change we are lamenting in this thread. We would all love to wind the clock back 30 or 40 years.

Sadly we live in a much worse world which revolves round a blame/ compensation culture which is risk averse everything is someone else’s fault On top of this flying sites get harder to find as building encroaches and these houses are occupied by less tolerant people which we as a nation are becoming

organisations like the BMFA and club officer need to cover their backs This results in more and more rules and risk assessment covering risks so slight. Darwin was wrong nobody is stupid someone else must be to blame

This could be the final nail in this and other hobbies. Clubs will cease to exist as the “old farts “ who run them retire and no-one will be prepared to step up to the plate

Thread: Junior 60 Cowl
24/06/2020 15:47:29


24/06/2020 15:36:13


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