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Thread: Seagull Challenger - First kit Build - First IC
23/06/2020 16:20:57

RCME did a review of the kit a few years ago. It would be worth getting hold of it.

23/06/2020 16:13:43

Hi Gary. Good choice lovely model. Yes that kit is an enigma but good nonetheless. Flys well too. Mine is electric about 650 watts. I would not want any more power. The manual was written as if about Four pages are missing the start and end is almost too detailed but they forgot about the fuselage. Never mind there is a series of videos on you tube which are excellent. To be honest I would have needed to have built three models to make those vids. I did make a cock up and forgot a sheet inside( cannot rememver might have been the fus floor. Bit of surgery sorted that Anyway watch the vids it’s a Lovely model

Thread: Canopy/Hatch magnets
09/06/2020 04:40:40

Duplicate post erased. Is there anyway of completely deleting the post?

Edited By gangster on 09/06/2020 04:42:33

09/06/2020 04:40:03

I use magnets recovered from an old motor. These can however be “over strong “. I usually sink them into balsa so that they are glued on five surfaced. On a ply hatch I put a strip of 3mm balsa. Interesting comment earlier about not letting the surfaces touch I will try that. I need a crowbar to remover the hatch on my Zulu

Thread: Radio cases
09/06/2020 04:31:56

So I suppose I am the only one on here with a pink anodised aluminium case with a mirror in the lid. My DX8 has resided in there for 7 years. It was donated to me by my daughter. It originally contained hair brushes and other similar tools. It is very well made with reinforced corners and a good catch. Surprisingly I have received little ribbing about it My other two transmitters reside in proper tx cases bought second hand at the nats years ago.

Thread: Why sudden dramatic voltage drop in 700mAh 4.8v NiMh pack?
31/05/2020 08:57:30
Posted by Steve J on 31/05/2020 08:45:54:
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 31/05/2020 08:03:30:

Remember for years the standard battery for all models was a 600 mah Nicd and we used to happily fly for hours on one of those.

I always take such claims with a pinch of salt.

no that is quite true With standard 40 and 60 size models Four servos my mate and Would often buy a gallon of fuel between us on a Friday and by Saturday teatime little was left and we had literally flown all day on a standard 500 nicad What we need to remember is that you cannot get a quart into a pint pot and the capacity figures quoted are dubious, not lies, but clever mathematics that don’t reflect what we do down the field The second thing is there is no such thing as a smart charger they can be pretty dumb in fact and detect false peaks There is no substitute for a long slow charge that allows all cells to come up to peak capacity

Thread: Motor thrust alignment Junior 60
30/05/2020 21:43:36

That is a lot of motor for a junior 60. You may need after calibrating the esc at 0 and 100% need to limit the throttle end stop to about 40%

Thread: Radio
23/05/2020 11:37:35
Posted by Steve J on 23/05/2020 10:58:46:
Posted by Nigel R on 22/05/2020 12:12:39:

Lets not turn this thread into another brand bashing!

One of the unwritten rules of this forum is that topics asking about radios have to include both Spekkie bashing posts and posts saying how great OpenTx is.

Certainly seems that way. In over 40 years of rc I have always chosen my radio by looks, feel and probably even smell. Does it have the feature I want and how easy is it to use. Thats about 8 different makes, Which was best? None of them I have never lost a model due to radio failure. My advise to the OP is to get that DJT or xJT module while you can they are cheap enough, you will struggle to find a radio of the quality of the PCM9 these days without spending a hell of a lot of money

Graupner yea I had that as well , it was really a JR , not all were by any means, I bought it on ebay as part of a job lot of stuff, it had an FRSky hack module 2.4 conversion

It was very good, I flew it for a while, liked it, and could even get round the menu which was in German. I sold it on because in these days of having to have everything perfect and no excuses to invalidate insurance it was a grey import from Hungary and modded to 2.4 on top

Thread: ungluing
11/05/2020 09:23:29

Prompted by KC. How about a junior hacksaw blade with the ends chopped off

Thread: Overlander. Which genius
11/05/2020 07:25:42

Certainly to have male connectors on the battery or even the esc output must be a big no no . The only exception might be if you used 4mm connectors on the battery in that case it would be advisable to have one of each to prevent reversal. Like a couple of others I consider it a bonus if I don’t have to change connectors. If you don’t wish to do this you will need to carefully choose your motor esc and battery to be compatible

Thread: ungluing
10/05/2020 17:29:23

With patience you might shift it by worryingly it slowly with a scalpel blade if you can get at the far side. Also consider heating the scalpel blade to a good temperature but be careful of the fumes

Thread: Seagull Challenger Sport LW C of G
28/04/2020 10:37:27

Russ If you are about to build the kit version Just a few points that you may or not know. There are a very comprehensive set of videos on you tube. I take my hat off to the guy who made them as I am sure I would have needed to have built 3 of them to make that video. It does help to make up lack of info in the otherwise comprehensive build manual with respect to the fuselage construction. This omission was noted by the reviewer in RCME. Must have gone like made with an OS55 in

27/04/2020 11:29:42

I built the challenger from the Seagull kit but in a leccy set up. The balance was perfect. I am not certain how much that would vary from the ic If I remember correctly the ic set up does not use the cowl and the electric version would have the heavy battery further forward and a lighter motor. Lovely model though and a dream to fly.

Some models seem to vary one to another. I have an artf acrowot with an FS70 which needed lots of lead up front, the RCME review model did as well l My friend has one with an os55 and that needed none. I also think there was a be bare on here about that one too so hopefully the challenger being a popular model you should get plenty answers across the different set ups

Edited By gangster on 27/04/2020 11:30:59

Thread: Grass Cutting
24/04/2020 16:45:26

Jason There are a few in all walks of life

24/04/2020 15:29:13

Whilst on the face of it the importance of flying a toy aeroplane and hitting a ball down a hole are about the same and really do not even count for anything in the current crisis. The difference however in terms of economic importance could not be further apart

so many livelihoods, jobs Nd businesses are in peril at the moment. A golf club is a business, members on average probably pay 10 or 20 times as we do for a year’s subscription Golf clubs employ a lot of people Admin,waiters green staff etc etc and there is the pro also trying to make a living . That is a lot of families food and mortgage at stake. Those jobs need to be there after the crisis. They need to be there now as well, people are allowed to work if they can.

Sure some of our fields will take a year to get back if they are good but,unless you are a prima Donna modeller, most models will fly from a strip that has grown a foot long and had a couple of cuts with a rotary mower. A golf club green cut to 4mm cannot be got back without a lot of work and that could be a long time out of action

So what’s more important guys playing with toy aeroplanes or food on families tables and roofs over their heads

if this is all we have to whine about we are indeed very lucky.

Thread: Anyone still using a balsa stripper?
17/04/2020 11:35:45

I have used a slec one since the 1980s. Wonderful tool. Finally a few years ago it warped in the hot sun by a window. I replaced it but still use the original track

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
07/04/2020 10:48:46

I made the descision to get my MOT 2 months early. Yes it cost me about £700 plus a service to correct the worn track control arms plus the new set of tyres that I had just bought to get it safe on a car the I will probably change in the new year but that beats it getting worse in the next 6 months and killing someone. I really would not like a 6 month extension on my mot A year is long enough Having said that the car had a service at the same time and that picked up the issue prior to them mot ing it.

Thread: Returning to the hobby
06/04/2020 08:30:40

In over 40 years of rc flying I have never had any brand loyalty. I have bought my radios based on the looks, feel and functionality of the TX. In that time I have had Scratch built, kit built , Skyleader, Sanwa, Hitec, Jr and Spektrum.

Which was the best? None was better than the other. On each occaission when I went to buy a set of radio I preferred a different make. I have crashed hundreds of times but Never due to any radio related issues with the exceptions of battery and switch related issues. The last time I bought radio I Could not make my mind up between Futaba and Spektrum so bought both. Futaba T8j and Spektrum DX8. I must admit I preferred the Spekky in many ways the Futaba looked and felt cheap and tacky. But 7 years down the line both sets of radio have performed impeccably

Thread: Light Relief
05/04/2020 15:10:46

And don’t forget You Tube streams all those great comedy’s that would nut be pc these days but were harmless fun. Benny Hill, Ain’t Half hot mum, Alf Garnet , Mind your language. Monty Python etc etc They are all there

Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
30/03/2020 12:03:25

No must not start anything new. I have got a Flair SE5 that has been on the go since 2015 about ready for coveringA lighting pattern ship project that has been on the go for 3 years a Zulu that is 90% done but is driving me crazy cos I cannot get the front screen right. A very old and tired Mick Reeves spit 63 that needs a refurb. An old faithful hack that could do with some tic. (Very little paint left on the fus and I have recently acquired an old fus and wings for an artf chipmunk that needs repair and tail feathers making. Spending time in garden at the moment though.

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