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Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
28/09/2019 14:30:05

No Foxfan not many others have model match. It is a great facility. On many other makes it possible to fly on the wrong memory. So if you forget to change the TX memory it is possible to try to fly model x on model y memory. Disastrous if the controls are reversed. On Spektrum that cannot happen nothing moves and then you realise why before you try to fly. It is possible however I believe to st up two receivers to one memory of you really want to. It sounds like you have a bargain I have the dx8of probably similar vintage. Looks and feels well made love it

27/09/2019 10:19:18

£30. Grab it

27/09/2019 10:16:05

Fox fan you and I will upset a lot of people here but I agree with your comments about Futaba. I first wanted the new Futaba J in about 1979. Hell of a price but was about to buy one until I found that the receivers were all going back and being swapped for M series. So I bought a Sanea black custom. Perfect smoother sticks better quality’s feel altogether Fast forward to the late 80s. Toddled into LMS and asked for a FF7. Oh no they don’t make that any more try a FF8. To be honest I didn’t like the feel or price.i know what you want said man in shop and handed me a Hitec Prismx. First reaction was Chinese cheap rubbish. Wow what a set far better quality than the Futaba it had cloned. It was soon after that hitec gained respect it has today .I had that radio for 25 years. I later learnt that ff8 aerial mounts could snap. Back into lms mid nineties and fell in love with JR once again cheaper and better quality. Always wanted to buy Futaba but always found a good reason not to. Fast forward to 2013 and bought the 6j. Plasticky but hey it coast less than a couple of servos would back in the day in real terms. Sorry this does not answer your question. I am sure someone knows. Just wanted to share the flack you will get from the Futaba fraternity clearly good stuff with a strong loyal following but I think that is waning a bit now

Edited By gangster on 27/09/2019 10:18:05

27/09/2019 09:48:16

This is the sort of question where you ask 6 modellers and get 7 different answers. Personally if you know the dx7 I would buy it. All of my transmitters are second hand from eBay. In 2013 I retired and decided to do more flying I went straight to electric and also decided on some new radio. I bought a Futaba J6 and a spectrum dx6i. Both great radios but both of them did not appeal to me. So Within a month they both went on eBay and I bought the 8 channel version of both second hand on the same site. 61/2 years later I love them both. I then got glow model withdrawal itches and decided to get a second hand set of JR. The first two I got were ok, I ran the rule carefully over them, decided they were safe but somehow I wanted something better and newer.So they both went back on for auction with honest descriptions and happy in the knowledge they were safe and reliable  I was able to buy a mint condition pcm9x 16 pairs of crystals and 6 spcm receivers for £99. I checked for black wire corrosion replaced the battery and power switch as a matter of course. Lovely set of radio. I have also bought a 2.4 module for it just while they were still available assuming they won’t last forever. So you can get the great mid range Futsbas and Jrs you always wanted and have 2.4 A’s well if you want

Edited By gangster on 27/09/2019 09:51:05

Thread: V8R4-ii Rx not binding
20/09/2019 14:33:08

I cannot remember the details but am pretty sure that rx will bind in two different modes. One of the modes needs the bind plug the other does not. Just check the TX and RX are in the same mode.

Thread: Junior 60 Equipment Advice
19/09/2019 17:37:19

You are not forced to go to a quicker model. It’s not compulsory. If you want to stick to vintage then why not. What are your plans for the battery box? On mine I built it into the nose and poke the battery in from the front. Velcro keeps it in and a prop blade parts the Velcro to get it out. It’s a pain in the rudder if you need to take the wings off to change the battery

Thread: Are all chargers unreliable?
19/09/2019 11:16:34

My pirate copy B6 has given good service for 6 years. The only issue I had was melting the input plug when trying to charge at 5A. A quick bit of maths soon confirms why. I just hard wired it. I also have a core and a multiplex charger that I bought second hand both have given good service for years. Guess you just had bad luck

Thread: Club Mower.
19/09/2019 11:11:14

The same guy that wanted some new protective clothing. For some reason he was at odds with the boss and the awkward boss would not get him any. After a lot of badgering the boss sent him a pox doctors white coat which was no use to him. My mate got a bottle of red ink and made it look like it had been worn by a disastrous surgeon. He wire it to a team meeting but unfortunately our meeting had been moved to the board room and not the conference room. So wearing this coat he stumbled into a serious meeting of a lot of very senior managers. Sorry to the op if we have hijacked the post but I guess it can be brought back in line easily. I will try to find the picture of me using an Allen scythe with my coat trailing behind me

19/09/2019 11:01:07

Good man Don. You will survive whatever the world brings

19/09/2019 07:46:11
Posted by Don Fry on 18/09/2019 15:46:04:
Posted by gangster on 18/09/2019 13:01:35:

Ah the dear old Allen autocythe brings back great memories

Memories of an erotic nature? Tell more, we won't contact the Sun.

Interesting Don ! Still trying to puzzle that out, I am wondering if your mind works like that of a chap I used to work with. One example was when we were issues with some very large and useless soldering irons for heavy wiring . They were rubbish didn’t get very hot, the bits fell out, the handles melted and the bits disintegrated. My mate after struggling then suddenly declared to the boss. “ These things are like my sex life”. A strange comment even from him We were brave enough to ask why “ cos it looks like it ought to be better than it is.

Thread: Flair pulsar Biplane?
18/09/2019 20:45:11

I was given a pulsar with slight damage to the fus. I recall it flew well on an OS45 FSR. Sadly it met a sad demise after I lent it to a friend and he measured the cog on the wrong wing. What a waste

Thread: Club Mower.
18/09/2019 13:01:35

Ah the dear old Allen autocythe brings back great memories

Thread: Junior 60 Equipment Advice
17/09/2019 18:29:36

We I would suggest that you start by taking the advice given earlier and take the advice from 4max. That will get you started. You will get the feel for things electric as you go along and get a feel for what works. Next get a power meter that measures current. The most important parameter to concern you is current (amps) eg let’s assume you need 300 watts. A given motor may claim to give that power however trying to run that on a 3s battery will not deliver that power without exceeding the max current rating of the motor so you need to go 4s. The next concern is the esc if you calculate max current is say 30 amps go for the next size up. They are not generously rated. Putting a bigger one in won’t do any harm. Finally as well as adjusting power by prop selection there is the good old throttle stick. Now there will be some pedantic purists who will argue with this but there is nothing wrong with calibrating your esc at 100 % throw and then adjusting your throw to say 50%. Gives you a hell of a lot of flexibility. My own Junior 60 has an emax 2820 07 which with 3s and the prop I have will give over 400 watts totally or for that model but the throttle end stop is at 40%. So electric can be suck it and see as in glow but with a whole lot more flexibility. By the way great choice of model

Thread: Indoor model anybody?
14/09/2019 10:35:18

Helicopters need not be hard to fly at all these days and have stretched into the toy domain. Even the old idea that contra rotating blades are easier than main and tail rotator jobs. The mini twister scale and sport are as easy to fly as each other. Both of those are very fragile. The Lidl Jamara is robust though but only mode 2. If you really want to check out an absolutely simple and robust heli that indicates how far technology has gone look at the little Tykes job. Unbelievable

13/09/2019 08:44:14

Probably not much help at the moment but from time to time Lidl sell Jamara helicopters. They are under £20 robust and fly well. So easy to fly that I swap from flying my normal indoor heles on mode 1 to the mode 2 jamara and back in the same session. So much more robust than others too

Thread: Recommended First Balsa Kit
12/09/2019 05:10:16

Both the Gangster lite and the Seagull challenger have been mentioned here I have built both and they are excellent models It pains me to admit it though but the Seagull is imho a better kit. Time has taken its toll on the gangster lite and both the fus and wing has warped. A few have mentioned the Super 60 but what about the low wing Super 60 traditional built and whilst it’s no acrowot it is probably way less boring than a high wing version. Not sure it’s available in kit form but it’s all 1/4 square balsa. The wing is available as a kit though it’s available from Ben buckle as a conversion for the high wing as to four channel. So best of both worlds kit and plan build

Thread: Micron PL7d
18/08/2019 09:06:56

Just had a swift google but cannot see a reference to SLM. There are however various SLM connectors on eBay. I believe Micron went into Futaba connectors later on. My PL7d project is still not complete but just waiting batteries

18/08/2019 08:56:44

I am not totally sure exactly which plugs but have a rough idea. I believe they are made by SLM. They are or at least were a couple of years ago. I did have some of the servo plugs but cannot check for a day or so you are welcome to them

Thread: Single servo ailerons
16/08/2019 14:29:51

RC Plane Flyer Sorry you are having issues setting up this plane, some are just like that...but I believe you still need to stick to the basics.. The Acrowot dates back to the time when people were flying basic four channel radios and it has always has had a reputation for doing that All computers, bells and whistles and fancy words will not solve the issue if it basically isnt right Nothing wrong with a single servo, we have used them for years, put something half decent like a Futaba 3001 or hitec equivalent in and it will be reliable.. With a good basic set up get it flying perfectly then you can gild the lily if you wish by playing with your tx settings If it wont fly a base set up eg like a good old Futaba M series then it will never fly with the most expensive TX in the world.

Thread: Micron PL7d
10/08/2019 22:15:47

Sounds like it is almost working but cannot balance up. Try reversing the motor connections if you can reverse it with the pot it is working the motor just cannot get it to that point. Maybe going the wrong way

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