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Thread: mode 1 -2 buddy box
24/12/2014 12:30:35

I must admit that I was surprised at the outcome of the polls I had assumed that there were far more mode 2 than mode 1 and would have believed that 10:1 might have been the ratio. Most of the radios seen for sale both new and on ebay second hand seem to be mode2. Must as you say John be a regional thing

Now since the debate has been been raised, not seen it on these pages for a few weeks I cannot resist being devils advocate

so how many of those telling us that mode2 is so great and the only way to fly have ever tried mode 1? At least I have flown mode 2 on other peoples models from time to time over the years. devil

24/12/2014 11:57:41

267 forum posts
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The "best mode" is usually whatever the model shop has a surplus of when they want to sell you your first transmitter!!!

Well actually you can take advantage of that which ever mode you use. I have never bought a mode1 tx in my life. And converted them to mode 1

Almost all are convertible in both software and hardware in a few minutes Futaba claim on some that the mechanical change is a service centre job (T6 and t8 ) when in fact they have made it so simple to do far easier than other makes.

In decades of playing with RC radios the only ones that I have not been able to convert properly are the JR 3810 with digital trims. Every other Jr I have seen has had the facility and it's in the manual for the user to do

24/12/2014 11:49:29

Ah the oldest debate in the world. And I am only one of two mode 1 flyers in our club and it never did me any harm either

yes many years ago on the 70s when my mate and I were up to all sorts of different things with our models we did in fact try buddy box on mixed mode with no problem at all. My mate got hold of a Skyleader buddy box lead with some kit he bought so we just had to muck about with it.

He flew mode 2 and I flew mode 1 and it worked fine both ways round we both flew Skyleader clubman

of course the latest kit is a lot more sophisticated but I still see no reason why it should not work it's just that the set up will be a little more complex than just plugging in the lead and trimming the model on both transmitters which it was then

Thread: 2.4 aerial length
23/12/2014 18:40:32

My advice is unless you are going for very short range ie indoor. Don't even think about it. The aerial length will be very critical for correct operation. It varies from make to make for a number of reasons including the matching circuits in the receiver, how the coax is terminated and indeed the characteristic of the coax.

Yes it possible to damage a receiver by having a wrongly matched aerial.

The damage occurs when the model goes out of range and crashes not only the receiver can suffer but the model, other people property etc.

Those Turnigy receivers are so cheap that it really isn't worth risking a bodged repair far cheaper to replace the receiver.

Thread: DX6i Battery Options
21/12/2014 13:17:06

David. The charger will not be that hard to get hold of. The DX6uses a fairly standard size of plug easily obtained from Maplins etc. the big difference is that both Spektrum and Jr insist on connecting that plug the wromg way round ie with negative to the pin. Be careful using a bench psu but any old rc charger will do properly connected. When I had a DX6 I used the new Futaba charger with the two Rx type plugs and made a suitable connector. I still use that for my jr made graupner

Thread: FASST software update
15/12/2014 18:39:02

As Simon says the LBT should not concern us both tx and Rx will be happily reunited within 50 ms if the slot is in use hardly a serious latency much quicker than you me or the slop in most servos will ever notice

Thread: Is FASST really worth it?
15/12/2014 11:42:29

Cannot say that I have any desire to try 459 MHz when there are a good number of well tried tested and reliable 2.4 systems from well respected manufacturers I was thinking about this on the golf course this morning.

Back to my earlier post why do we need to know the acronyms for the modulation modes why do my transmitters have to have dsmx and s fhss written on them Surely as a consumer it would be simpler for the manufacturer to tell me to use for example a Futaba "H" type receiver or a Spektrum blue stripe receiver

i feel it is like car makers. Putting the techno babble letters on the back of their cars. They can then try to make us believe their system is better than others

Back to Faast as in the question. Is it worth it. I don't know all the others seem to work ok or.......

could it be a Futaba marketing ploy. The urban myth that goes round is that the chipset is expensive and they have had to develop a cheaper system for the lower end of the market. Maybe or is it a case that the chipset is just a few pounds more but by fitting it in some sets they can convince us it's worth a couple of hundred or two more for the higher price sets. They will then have the other sets selling on price and reputation who knows?

15/12/2014 08:53:02

We must not fall into the trap of thinking that if all those 36 channels were in use that would be it (all the pegs taken to use the old talk) Fasst would support many times that number of models in the air. I believe DSMX uses 23 channels and Spektrum claim they have used 100 systems simultaneously without loss of link

15/12/2014 05:52:47

Will Yes it will probably still be working in Faast mode

However I am not convinced that faast has in reality for what we use it for any specific realiabity benefit over other modes. Assuming it has though you may be compromising that benefit by using other makes of receiver with the Futaba transmitter

14/12/2014 20:53:10

Ah Gonzo totally agree with everything you say about the older gear in the past I have kept my transmitters for about 15 years. I have however tended to sell the older ones as I have replaced them. I have never had any brand loyalty and still do not believe any one make is better than any other. My old Skyleader was replaced in the late eighties with Hitec prism x which was in my opinion better quality than the gear it appeared to clone I never had a moments trouble with it and the only reason I sold it was due to getting 2.4 gear. My 1979 Sanwa was replaced in the mid 90s with Jr 378 again It was a case of that looked and felt right and I still love it although I have not flown the glow models it controls in two years . I have Futaba Spectrum and an FR Sky modified Graupner/JR all on 2.4 but I cannot say how they will last or what the future will bring I do however know that with receivers being as cheap as they are these days I anticipate probably not pulling them out of one model and putting them into another so can anticipate wanting to buy more over the next decade. Hence the point of the post. I do however still have one of my earlier transmitters, probably the most flexible and sophisticated transmitters of its time. The R C M&E 8 channel FM with all the bell and whistle boards. Still working fully charged with good battery's charged up and regularly used into the late 90s . Only thing stopping me using it at the moment is the sticks are quite worn and the centring is not great.

Thread: Does this seem fishy??
14/12/2014 17:03:37

You will also have the upper hand if there is any dispute or the sellers hits you with unjustified negative feedback

Thread: Postage Restrictions for Batteries
14/12/2014 17:01:01

I hope I haven't hijacked a serious thread here.

mods do as you see fit guys

Thread: Does this seem fishy??
14/12/2014 16:56:38

Another thought. Discuss it with ebay. If you want to speak to them on the phone they log the call request and ring you back instantly they are so friendly and helpful.

14/12/2014 16:54:02

May or May not be As flyeruk said the feedback will tell you a lot. However I bought a large and bulky item from a new ebayer I had to travel from Lincolnshire to Bristol to get it and assumed that I would pay on collection. There was a bit of delay at the start as it seemed the lady was hung up about not being able to send an invoice through ebay Something to do with her new paypal account. In actual fact she was so genuine that I was able to collect the item before the invoice or payment happened. I offered her husband payment in cash and his reply was that his wife was doing it her way and he was keeping out of it. So if the ebayer has lots of good feedback that's good news but if they have no feedback you are none the wiser. Doesn't mean they are dodgy though Hope it goes well for you

Thread: Is FASST really worth it?
14/12/2014 15:40:01

It is future compatibility of receivers that concerns me. As a user we should neither need to know or care whether our kit uses FAAST, FHSS ,DSMX, ACCST or P F M (if you don't know about PFM don't ask!) All work as well and do what we want them to do. As already stated even if etsi rules change grandfather rights will allow us to use what we have got. What however happens 5 years down the line when we want a new receiver? My concern is that there will be issues of "semi comparability " where one of the protocols is tweaked, is supposedly backward comparable yet not quite causing unexplained failures We have already read on these pages where specs appear to have been tightened making 3rd party receivers potentially incompatible with newer TXs and wasn't there an issue where when the DX8 first came out it could potentially have difficulties working to some early dsm2 receivers.

Radio kit of all makes is so reliable for little cost but I do fear protocol tweaks could give problems further down the line. Maybe I should just lay in large stocks of s fhss and dsmx receivers to cover my requirements for the life of my transmitters

Thread: Postage Restrictions for Batteries
14/12/2014 15:08:22

This comes just after I put a tongue in cheek post on Facebook complaining about Post Office counter staff asking what was in parcels rather than whether any prohibited goods were inside. Many of the items I Post would not mean anything at all to them eg I sent a professional microwave n type dummy load last week. Well she did ask and got an honest answer.

i now feel like answering in future in a loud clear voice something that could cause interest like sex toys. Any other ideas as to what I could reply that would cause interest?

Thread: Dual ailerons on T8J with 6 channel receiver
08/12/2014 09:26:35

Thanks for that Martin I did have a look in parameters before but could see nothing there for second aileron channel There is an aux channel menu elsewhere but that just assigns switches.

07/12/2014 20:26:56

Just finished setting a couple of models using the flapperon menu which seems to work fine Seems like you have done the same thing John using the ail diff menu how did you get the left aileron to work on channel 6?

07/12/2014 19:05:14

Thanks Guys much appreciated As you say Reno racer it is in the manual and I had the ailerons set up fine when using the T6j but trying to use the 8J it seems to want to use channel 7 for the other servo

Having looked at your listing reno racer I think I can see where I have gone wrong I used the same % for both left and right on both ailerons a pretty dumb mistake really to be honest I suppose I did not expect that menu to give me differential The other difference between our set ups is that I have set the FLPs to 0% I suppose I could experiment with flapperons as well

Just to clarify John, when you say you got the ail diff menu to work do you mean on channels one and 6 or 1 and 7 It worked for me fine with an 8 ch rx (1&7)

Thanks for your help guys, I will go and try it on the model now

Cheers Gordon

07/12/2014 17:42:39

Hi John Thanks for that much appreciated. At the moment I am using channel 6 but using the flapperon menu. Will be interested in your findings regards Gordon

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