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Thread: Dual ailerons on T8J with 6 channel receiver
07/12/2014 17:18:21

No-one got any thought on this one

Thread: Parkside (Lidl) solder gun
06/12/2014 12:07:49

I don't know that gun but it looks like the Weller ones might fit. Or you can do what I do if stuck and use a loop of heavy copper wire as taught to me by an old telly engineer in the 60s. Even twisting two or three together

btw shame about the 7 or is it an 8!

Thread: Acro Wot yellow covering
05/12/2014 17:00:17

A very hot iron and toilet paper can draw oil out of the wood quite well Iron the wood through a couple of layers and watch the paper go greasy then move to a clean bit.Keep going the the paper remains oil free. Good plan then to coat with one of the preparations made for film covering

Thread: Dual ailerons on T8J with 6 channel receiver
05/12/2014 12:11:49

Am I overlooking something here I am trying to set up a model with two aileron servos I am using an Futaba 8J with an r2006 6 channel receiver

My first attenpt was to use the aileron differential menu but it seems that the second aileron is " hard wired to channel 7 and this seems non negotiable, strange as just about everything else can be set up to users choice.

The only way I have made it work is using the flapperon menu with flaps set to 0% but that does not allow differential

Is it me?

Edited By gangster on 05/12/2014 12:12:43

Thread: First dabble with electric power
03/12/2014 09:40:08

Yep all agreed an ammeter is essential although if you were going down the PNP or BNF route and steadfastly stuck to the manufactures prop and battery size you might get away without

As for the start up cost I would question that there is much difference

a good watt meter can be bought from ebay trader for about£12. You can pay 3 times as much but get little more for your money

Again chargers need cost little more than a glow panel indeed I use one of the park zone chargers as a field charger and again these can be really cheap. They come with every BNF model so there are loads available on ebay or from club mates I use a more sophisticated charger at home but these vary in price I have two one cost about£60 and the other less than half that. The software and display are identical just one has the mains supply inside the other as a wall wart as our cousins across the water call them

Smaller lipos probably cost around the price of glow fuel so you build your stock up as you would buy fuel

Clearly for both disciplines. You can pay as much or as little as you want but my guess is there is not much difference in start up cost

Thread: identification
03/12/2014 07:21:48

Are you thinking of the moonshine Percy. Although like you I don't think this is one

Thread: First dabble with electric power
02/12/2014 21:50:09

patMc. Yes that is a recipe for disaster Certainly wouldn't dream of pushing the power train beyond the limit in that way.

02/12/2014 20:16:10


Surely that depends on the order you do things

If the transmitter is first set to 100% and the ESC calibrated with max and min throttle settings with that throttle "movement."

If the esc is then down powered and the max throttle limited to a lower value than 100% the esc will never know that the stick hasn,t been moved to full. Just like a servo.

Done the other way round as you say the esc would readjust to max

Its not the puresr way of doing things but it has worked for about 18 months on my Junior 60

I suspect it would work for most ESCs I have only tried it on one of BRCs Pro escs and also did it to a cheap chinese ESC on a friends Diamond 2500 when it was grossly overpowered on a 4S pack ( proper solution of course fit a 3S but it proved my point to him.

I agree it is not the purest method and I suppose the esc could become uncalibrated which would give too much welly

The point I suppose I was trying to make is that you cannot simply do the watts/pound sum without due consideration of prop battery and max current the motor is designed for. and that all is not lost if you go too high with power and cannot rescue with prop and cells.

02/12/2014 13:13:31

Den. As you see from the above answers there is a lot more to take into consideration than simply watts per pound. At an early stage you need to be considering prop and battery size you wish to use. The max power quoted for a motor may not be suitable. Don't be frightened to put a much larger motor than the watts/pound calculation gives and restrict the power with prop battery and throttle setting

an example. My Dawn flyer is if I remember correctly looks for 270 watts. In my cupboard I found 2 motors both of about 1100kv. One 330 watts the other 440 watts. Looking closely if I tried to prop the 330 watt motor to deliver 270 watts with a3s battery it would exceed the max current for that motor potentially burning it out. The 440 watt motor with 3s and a 10x7 prop is perfect.

Also remember that ESCs are there to reduce the power to the motor so if overpowered just program your throttle throw down a bit

my Junior 60 a model not much different to yours flys perfectly on 250 watts but I have a motor and esc in it capable of delivering about 650 watts on a 13x8 prop with a 4s battery

using a 3s battery 12x6 prop aand throttle throw set to 50percent it is just right

you have also been advised to speak to some suppliers. I can add BRC hobbies to the mix. They are very helpful if you tell them the model and it's weight. Above all as already advised get yourself a watt meter you cannot do anything without one

Thread: keil kraft super 60 with ben buckle wings ?
01/12/2014 14:56:03

AS David said a couple of posts ago Yes wing to convert a three channel to a four is availabe from Colin Buckle It is also available from Sussex Models

This page clearly shows the difference in dihedral between the three function and the 4

The aileron wing features strip ailerons and the dihedral is shown on the plan as half an inch under each wing tip

Oh and it flies a dream in both the high and low wing format.

Ought to really they have had about half a century to get it right.

Thread: Show Off Your WOTs!
01/12/2014 10:54:12

Sparks. Is the Leccy wot. (Watt) built from the standard Chris Foss kit?

anyone electrified the Acro wot. I see there are official mods for the wot4 and one other but not the Acro

Thread: ASP 61FS C-Clip removal
01/12/2014 10:31:30

Sparks. Is that Leccy Wot (watt) built from the standard wot 4 kit also anyone electrified an Acro wot?

Thread: keil kraft super 60 with ben buckle wings ?
28/11/2014 08:09:24
, but lets face it the plane was never designed as a stunter but without ailerons it would be little use in an 'A-test.

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 27/11/2014 19:39:23

This surprised me a little, surely the A test is designed to be flown with a trainer and does not require a stunter. As such something like a 3 channel Super 60 or a Junior 60 would be fine. I think however I would like the examiner accept a little height variation. A still day would be nice too.

When I passed my own "A" many years ago it was blowing a howling gale with rain I did use a gangster 63 for it and yes no way would a trainer have managed that.

27/11/2014 11:08:04

Hi Steve. I can see no reason why it should not be suitable but it's a long time since I have seen a KK super 60.

I assume you are aware that the Ben Buckle wing is available as a kit to upgrade the three channel to four. If you were thinking of buying that kit I Am sure a call to Colin Buckle will confirm suitability

The BB wing is flat bottomed the chord is 11 inches so I can see no reason at all that it would not be suitable if that will fit on your fuselage

I would suggest that you use two servos. For the aileron.

Let me know if there are any other measurements you need. The four channel Super 60 is a dream to fly a friend is delighted with the high wing one built from the BB kit and mine is the low wing model built from the BB plan lovely model exactly the same wing for both 


regards. Gordon


Edited By gangster on 27/11/2014 11:11:08

Thread: Ripmax Product Safety Recall issued 3rd April 2014
26/11/2014 15:16:08

This is definitely not limited to Futaba 14SG sets but are also being sold as stand alone items. Having just read the recall I realise that this is just another failure in the chain of whoa of my purchase of a Futaba T6J

Having a couple of mid range sets of 35MHz gear I decided that an entry level would do as a first step into 2.4GHz and the T6J seemed "ok" I enquired if a rechargeable option was available rather than loose cells which I really would never use.

Yes and I was sold a pack and this charger. Got it home and realised that the pack was a standard rx pack and totally unsuitable. Rang the shop and was sent another one. Did it fit? NO I was told to carve lumps out of the case.

Reluctantly did after being told that was a Ripmax approved modification. Seems on reflection that there is a proper upgrade available but not in this country. I suspect if it had been available the price would be such that I would have gone straight to a T8j or DX8 straight away. I did not realise I was not getting the proper Futaba kit in the first place.

Just to rub it in the supplied battery lost a cell within a few months, but was swiftly replaced by the supplier

Now I find the charger which is the genuine Futaba item is not safe.

Oh well nice transmitter for an entry level model but no better than the equivalent item from any other manufacturer Rant over Happy landings guys and galssmiley

Thread: Freeview Box Wanted
19/11/2014 22:52:15

Simply use your existing Sky box without subscription If you leave your card in you will get all the freesat channels Pretty sure Sky would willingly sell you a Freesat card but I dont think it will give you any more channels You do need a card of some sort in but your old cancelled sky card will do

Thread: ripmax bullet .... any good?
15/11/2014 17:10:54

Deleted duplicate

Edited By gangster on 15/11/2014 17:11:46

15/11/2014 17:10:50

Oh yet more nostalgia. I had one of the earlier ones back in the 80s. What a lovely model mine was quite heavy with a glass fibre fuselage and foam wings. I bought the fus at Sandown being sold as over weight It flew beautifully very stable and precise I had an OS45fsr abc in it that engine was a perfect match and I don't think I would have wanted a larger motor in it. I believe the ARTF is slightly larger but probably lighter. Lovely looking model and lovely to fly

Thread: buying a canopy in the UK
14/11/2014 12:47:05

14/11/2014 12:45:30

Andy. I found Vortex Vac forms very helpful earlier in the summer. Interestingly enough there is a very similar thread on this very forum from 2012 the outcome of that post was that their phone number is available from a BMFA ad presumably the news magazine and once found they were helpful cannot easily copy the link to that post on this device. But if you google vortex vac forms this forum link will come up straight away. Failing that use the forum search

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