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Thread: Micron PL7d
10/08/2019 22:15:47

Sounds like it is almost working but cannot balance up. Try reversing the motor connections if you can reverse it with the pot it is working the motor just cannot get it to that point. Maybe going the wrong way

10/08/2019 20:37:59

Wow that’s fantastic that you have 40 year old pl7d kits. Just a thought with your servo. If I recall those bb servo kits were a pain to let in the cases. Just a thought remove the motor or a gear. Turn the pot and see if you get thr

motor to stop or slow. Then move the stick and see if motor slows or stops. Or even speeds up. This will indicate proper operation now get the motor or gears back in

Thread: programmable tx virgin !
03/08/2019 09:19:22

These are always a difficult sort of question. You have however had some good answer. There will always be those who have a particular chip on their shoulder one way or another. There will also be those who will advocate something unnecessarily complex because that is what they do. Programmable radio whilst having gained more and more features has become so much easier to use. Let’s face it they are a consumer item to control a toy aeroplane and not a nerds ego booster. As go seeing the display, that’s not the idea set it up in a location you can see and then watch the model not the tx. Work out what features you really need and confirm that the tx will do it. I made a couple of mistakes and bought transmitters that whilst perfectly adequate just didn’t quite give me the flexibility I needed and ended up putting them on eBay and buying the next model up. As for telemetry. Do you need it ? If you want to go that way maybe a tx that talks. I guess most do now anyway. As for the motor mix. Not quite sure what your specific need is but maybe use one channel y lead two esc but if they have bec cut the red lead to one. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking two with give greater current headroom. They may fight. Obviously if your twin model is big and complex a more professional approach may be required

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Thread: Perry carbs.
16/07/2019 12:06:06

If I remember correctly that big disc is a very sensitive adjustment to get the slow running mixture right Very sensitive As stated several times they are not tolerant of any dirt. I flew a Veco 19 and a 61 and at the time and ran on g max fuel. This seemed to have bits of castor bean in and it involves stripping the carb regularly. Had one on an HB40 Pdp pumper and it was good.

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
05/07/2019 05:17:44

Interesting set of engines in the link there. But can anyone advise me which of those would be the most suitable of them to replace and ASP 46 in a wot  4 or 56” artf

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Thread: Looking for a flat pack high wing leccy trainer that will fit in my car boot
01/07/2019 05:38:01

Multiplex easystar possibly. Fun to fly as well

Thread: Skyleader Clubman Super 35Mhz TX battery wiring
29/06/2019 09:13:07

Stu You must have had a bad experience with your sky leader. I had both the clubman Super 5 AM and the FM both on 27 I later did an illegal 35 conversion using Futaba crystals which I later changed to the official mod once the proper ones became available. Both transmitters were well built and easy matched contemporary Japanese ones ie OS cougar and Futaba M for quality. The src1 servos however were rubbish and let the whole brand down. The TX is so simple and so well made that I’m my opinion is perfect for refurbishment for use as is or with a hack midule for 2.4

29/06/2019 07:48:12

Christopher. I have looked out the diagram and it confirms my suspicion that it does work on 9.6v and the split is for charging.

If you have the original charger life will be simple just a matter of dropping in two 4.8 packs and thenpainstaking checking that area of wiring as well as the switch for black lead corrossion.

If you dont have the charger it may be a case of charging in the more traditional way as a 9.6 system. The transmitter uses a multi contact Noble switch. I cannot remember but I dont believe that the switch is involved in the mix The din charge socket however is.

Personally I might make life simpler for myself to work out what is going on by testing the transmitter on 2 precharged 4.8 packs. This will help identify where on the noble switch the 9.6 supply from the battery comes in and connect your 9.6 supply there. You may still need eventually to do in in two packs anyway to fit the box.

As far as a 2.4 conversion this TX lends itself to it as the RF board and the modulator are separate and a hack module will drop right in.

The biggest issue is the switch and battery wiring as far as aging is concerned , dont be too alarmed about electrolytics drying out there is probably only one in there.

If you PM me Christopher I will email the circuit diagram, it however does not clarify the battery issue. Good luck, I am almost jealous of your project there.

29/06/2019 06:18:08

Edited for stupid smart phone changing the words cos it never heard of deacs and other things.

29/06/2019 06:13:18

Unless I am overlooking an older model that had been converted to 35 and I don’t believe that was the case if it’s the clubman super. It won’t be old enough to have deacs or the TX based charger. The clubmAn super however did have a pretty unique charging system for reasons I mever worked out. It would have had two square 4.8 volt square nicad packs in plastic cases with the Maltese cross holding them tight. Unless you have the original big cream charger you will have an even bigger job working out the charge arrangement. Unless you are a stickler for originality it could be simpler to wire a 9.6 volt pack or two 4.9 square packs in series and charge as a 9.6. I am sure there is no reason not to. I have some diagrams of the clubman super FM and will look them out and PM you. You have got a great radio there and with a little work there is no reason why it cannot be brought up to spec and flown. It will work with almost any receivet

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Thread: Boeing 737 Max 8
23/06/2019 10:34:05

Watched a television program last week about au in cars stopping you doing something daft. Now if the system in a multi million dollar plane can force a fatal error which trained pilots cannot correct what confidence does it give us in a a car costing a few thousand

Thread: New SC46 - Running issue
25/05/2019 11:14:10

Try a different make of fuel. A mate of mine has a brand new OS55. More trouble than any engine he or I have ever had Tried different bottles of fuel that he and I had (all 10% same make). All of the fuel used ran my very old and very reliable sc46 no problem at all. No dead sticks etc. After doing battle for weeks he borrowed a tankful of something else and problem solved. Engine now behaving every flight like an OS should. So scoring a tankful of something else you never know

Thread: Another thread closed
21/05/2019 13:53:45

This is an open forum visible to the world. It is not just a bunch of mates slinging mud round a pub table. It is run by a business and any unsavoury comment cannot help but but reflect on that organisation. In my mind it is then acceptable for the organisation to moderate as they see fit. Remember if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen and maybe even start your own forum if the rules of this one do not suit .

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 09:19:49

Totally agree with Ken. I also don’t believe the RCME would be so irresponsible to create such a meaningless and poll

Thread: CAA registration consulation
29/04/2019 14:22:02

Is it really a big deal? Surely it’s not the £16 So are there any advantages to us? There are a lot of modellers around with a holier than thou attitude towards others who fly a different type of toy

aeroane than we do. So we are responsible flyers are we. So how many of us ,apart from up to date examiners or those who have just done so could pass an A test if sprung on them right this minute. I couldn’t and I would suggest that goes for 90 percent of BFMA members. By registering our hobby could be much better recognised and we prove we have at least read the regulations

29/04/2019 11:49:05

Spot on John

29/04/2019 11:29:08

213 aeromodellers bothered to respond to the December '16 DfT consultation which had a big section on registration

i am glad this one was not as long or complex.

28/04/2019 16:08:03

Not sure if the club secretary’s want any more work so that the members can just rock up and fly when they want and the only effort other individuals need to make is to suggest what others should do for them. It’s mot a BMFA thing and not a club thing

28/04/2019 11:00:45

Ok I can concur with most of the responses here. Like others I cannot for the life of me believe that there is any scientific way of coming up with the 170,000, what will they do if it fall to say 100000? Up the figure to £28.00?

170000 does not seem a great number to maintain on a database, so why so expensive. Also they have compared to fishing licenses and firearm licenses, why? Anglers actually benefit from the work of the EA a gun license actually costs a lot to issue, checks, visit from the plod etc. We will see no benefit and will see nothing done for the cost.

Now to play devils advocate and look on our own side. I as a long standing fixed wing modeller are frankly embarrassed by the them and us attitude , "idiots" "should be banned " etc. Come on guys yes sure we see this change as possibly that hammer that drives the nail into the coffin of our hobby and like you I guess I am as angry as many of you. But times change, I am willing to believe we are pretty much static in numbers, many other activities and sports have a 25% turn over, for reasons discussed on this very forum we do seem to be in the decline. Just look at the age profile shown on a surey on this forum.Yes this legislation will cause numbers to drop even more and faster. There have been those who opposed the BMFA including multi rotor aircraft flyers in their membership. We need the numbers, no they wont water things down too quickly, lets face it in spite of the majority flying RC for half a centurry the BFMA is still a free flight organisation.

So multi rotor flying is popular and I daresay the majority who try it do so in a harmless way and either stick or move on, but a lot of people who do so have fun. So who are we, the minority to condem the majority.

Having put the cat amongst the pigeons I leave you with this thought, tongue in cheek. What is more irresponsible. Flying a 2kg model that if control is lost sill set itself down gracefully. OR 3+kg of model that is totally out of control if the pilot or radio link fails,Failsafe? I dont think so. Agree or disagree but give it 5 seconds thought!

28/04/2019 08:50:28

Yes agree with the comments re police priorities etc but we know the law is an ass. With no disrespect to the police and I have a great respect for most who carry out the task but they will always be a temptation to maintain targets which may mean taking the opportunity of an easy prosecution. Add to that by the time a voracious lawyer or the daily mail have finished safely flying your tiny foamy around turns into recklessly endangering the lives of hundreds of people It’s the world we live in

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