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Thread: Got bitten today :-(
08/03/2019 17:07:55

In about half a century of diesel and glow engines I have managed to draw very little blood. The main causes being grazed knuckles just in the way of the prop arc, sliced finger tips when the engine lockes and the fingers run down the blade and rapped knuckles when a 4 stroke back fires, I usually use a chicken finger rather than a stick.

Anyway either age is dulling my paranoid respect for the blade or something else and I have had 2 incidents in the last year which could have been potentially nasty. Possible due to fatigue . The first concerned a usually totally reliable SC46, I have had it for 3 years and never a dead stick, it did cost me £18 though so I would expect perfection. I cocked up the settings trying to get it to run on duff fuel and spent ages trying for perfection, anyway this length of concentration resulted in me getting three finger tips end on in the prop tip arc. Copious blood all over the back of my car, first aid box, model etc etc. Fortunately minor damage that finally dried up. I was shaking but nothing that plenty bandage and a coulple of glasses of red wine for the shock could not cure when I got home.

Fiddling with that engine too long had suddenly overcome my concentration, could have been nasty as I was alone.

The second incident resulted in more damage to my pride than anything esle and a small scratch and bruise which I quicly covered up by pulling down my sleeve before anyone saw what I had done. In thid case I spent 2.5 hrs trying to get a totally knackered 90FS to attempt to pull the skin off a rice pudding. Anyway I left the model too far back in the restraint and it came for me, the way I was crouched I could not jump back so I fought the model off with the starter, causing the tip to fly off the prop and try to inbed in my arm, no big deal in this case but a lesson learnt. The 90 was sold for spares and replaced with a 2s

By the way if you want a chicken stick put a little bit more t han chickhen stick into the ebay search, else you will find thousands of dog treats

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
08/03/2019 16:39:11
Posted by ken anderson. on 08/03/2019 09:50:03:

the skyways hawk was a wonderful model/flyer...… bring them back ASAP..

ken dept.


I think you can still get them. A number of the old Unique/Skyways kits plan packs have been ressurected by Masons Models. Their web site showed the Hawk 70 a few days ago but I cannot access the web site at the moment

Check it out or ring Steve Mason at Masons Models who is based in Spalding, you could get lucky

08/03/2019 16:34:52

Bob re Trueline executive and other Trueline kits, there was a great thread on them a year or so back

08/03/2019 16:33:38

Ah some wonderful nostalgia here.

I was pleased to see the ad for the Olympic Sportsman, I had one early in my RC life, fine looking model and flew well.

Did someone resurect them for a time, (Bowmans?) a few years ago I visited Anglia Model centre on the day they moved and they had a list of kits for sale, on that list was the Olympic Sportsman. I was well disapointed when they told me the last one had gone, and apart from a couple of Bowman kits that I bought the rest of the stuff was ridiculously expensive CAP kits.

Someone on this thread mentioned the poor quality hardware on Eastern ARTF kits, well when we remove the rose tinted nostalgia specs we can recall that most of the hardware in those kits of yesteryear had pretty rubbish hardware in them. Some totally unsuited and would not fit

Anyway great thread, must make many ancient modellers very happy guys to see those old ads.

Thread: How much for a kit?
05/03/2019 15:24:12

But I believe the Skyways have always been available. Check out Masons models

Thread: Taranis X9 and JR
03/03/2019 18:45:03

Thanks for that John. I had not heard of the last radio but had heard of their servos. So I suppose my original question should have referred to kst and JR

03/03/2019 11:12:17

Was almost tempted to buy one while they are still available but really I have no reason as I am happy with my existing set up

03/03/2019 10:51:45

Yes I have always thought that the Taranis looks like a real transmitter the likes of which you can no longer buy elsewhere but it wasn’t until last night that I realised they were identical

03/03/2019 09:26:28

That makes sense Peter. Yea those robot things are scary.

03/03/2019 06:42:41

I fly my glow models with a JR PCM9X transmitter with DJT module and V8FR 11 receivers on D mode. I had the TX out on the desk yesterday and at the same time following an earlier thread I was, out of interest, looking up the taranis transmitter.

I had always thought there was a vague resemblance but I realised, from the pictures that they appear identical in all the features of case shape switch position etc, with the exception of the roller input of the JR being replaced by buttons on the FRsky.

So Chinese copy? or was there more connection betweeen the companies as there was with Spektrum

Edited By gangster on 03/03/2019 06:43:28

Thread: Identification required
01/03/2019 14:17:39

There was also an OS with a gold head in the 70s. Not sure about the prop driver though

Thread: LBT
01/03/2019 10:23:16

Not sure if it makes a scrap of difference to us and neither enhances or deteriorates things for us. There was a school of thought that it could cause a delay if a signal was detected. Now look up how many times these things shiftbfrequency in a second and tell me who has reaction times or servos fast enough to be bothered. If so whatever you do don’t blink when you are flying you will miss several frequency shifts

01/03/2019 08:58:17

Not sure if there is any reluctance towards lbt. It’s the spec of the kit we buy and we use it and it works. I don’t believe for one minute when the lbt business was conceived RC was even considered it was just part and parcel of the whole 2.4 thing. As far as Ofcom are concerned I don’t suppose they have the resource or need to be too concerned about was is a very minor user of the spectrum. Much bigger fish to fry.

01/03/2019 08:35:45

Not sure if lbt is an issue at all as far as we,the end user is concerned. The reputable supplier supplies whatever the regulations demand and we buy it and use it. Nothing we use for flying has been made obsolete by change of regulations A few scare mongers get hung up about such things but let’s face it our radio is a consumer item to control a toy aeroplane. Also the DFT module will bind in at least 2 of the frsky modes.

28/02/2019 18:13:45

There have been a lot of confusing posts here. Let’s simplify this. I assume you want to use a good faithful old Futana TX on 2.4. To be honest an older TX with an frisky module will probably result in a far better system than you can buy today. So surely the simple answer would be to ring T9 get a dft module and ask th which receiver will work with it and buy a few of them. Shouldn’t worry about let. T9 will only have current spec stuff. The rules changed 4 years ago and anyway did not affect what we use just what the manufacturers supply. I use a sky module in an old JR with v8fr receivers I am am sure those modules support 2 of the modes but T9 will know

Edited By gangster on 28/02/2019 18:14:50

Thread: Suggestions for replacing dead Wots Wot
26/02/2019 17:29:57

Steve. I too have a Spanish rescue dog from save our Spaniels (formally cocker rescue Spain). One of their rescue Breton Spaniels suddenly gave birth to a couple of pups just before it was due to travel here. Mum and surviving pup finally arrived here and had very long legs and it was agreed Dad was a Podenco looking at the pictures it grew into a magnificent dog. Yes it’s awful how the hunters abandon those dogs if too old or bad hunters

Thread: Death of a Fun-Fly.
25/02/2019 13:36:42

David. Sorry I missed your 10.55 post this can happen when you get lots of input. But this is scary did the broken wire cause the crash or the crash break the wire. More investigation methinks. Maybe a new switch.

further to the delta peak issue I was re reminded of an annoying feature of so called intelligent chargers. They will not charge a dead flat battery Just got my Futaba 8j to go flying and guess what switched on and battery flat. Swapped battery and went to charge the dead one with the makers delta peak wall wart. Had to put a tiny charge in from elsewhere before the charger realised it was connected. A common phenomena and I probably have 20 ways of putting a tiny charge in. But what a situation a flat battery on a bit of kit and unable to start a charge. Mayby if I had left it but I doubt it. Anyway good luck David and hope you get sorted ok

25/02/2019 12:25:16

I have just reread your first post. Completely flat? If you really mean that it’s not a result of charging issues. If the model was flying and then lost control there would still be something in the battery. To give 0 requires a physical break or a cell suddenly going open circuit which is unlikely. Also was it the cause of the crash or was the battery destroyed in the crash?

25/02/2019 09:26:11

Sorry to hear about the write off. Never nice. Battery’s are funny things. Personally I would trust a 60mA charge more than I would a delta peak charger that could false peak when one cell may have no capacity Having said that as someone said it’s nic to see what is actually going in. Technically a post-mortem is purely academic if you are totally happy that it’s not the switch harness or the charger. Ie was it charging for the full time.

Thread: Paxolin
14/02/2019 10:31:09

ah I can smell that Paxolin being cut as I read this post. More memories

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