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Thread: New SC46 - Running issue
25/05/2019 11:14:10

Try a different make of fuel. A mate of mine has a brand new OS55. More trouble than any engine he or I have ever had Tried different bottles of fuel that he and I had (all 10% same make). All of the fuel used ran my very old and very reliable sc46 no problem at all. No dead sticks etc. After doing battle for weeks he borrowed a tankful of something else and problem solved. Engine now behaving every flight like an OS should. So scoring a tankful of something else you never know

Thread: Another thread closed
21/05/2019 13:53:45

This is an open forum visible to the world. It is not just a bunch of mates slinging mud round a pub table. It is run by a business and any unsavoury comment cannot help but but reflect on that organisation. In my mind it is then acceptable for the organisation to moderate as they see fit. Remember if you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen and maybe even start your own forum if the rules of this one do not suit .

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 09:19:49

Totally agree with Ken. I also don’t believe the RCME would be so irresponsible to create such a meaningless and poll

Thread: CAA registration consulation
29/04/2019 14:22:02

Is it really a big deal? Surely it’s not the £16 So are there any advantages to us? There are a lot of modellers around with a holier than thou attitude towards others who fly a different type of toy

aeroane than we do. So we are responsible flyers are we. So how many of us ,apart from up to date examiners or those who have just done so could pass an A test if sprung on them right this minute. I couldn’t and I would suggest that goes for 90 percent of BFMA members. By registering our hobby could be much better recognised and we prove we have at least read the regulations

29/04/2019 11:49:05

Spot on John

29/04/2019 11:29:08

213 aeromodellers bothered to respond to the December '16 DfT consultation which had a big section on registration

i am glad this one was not as long or complex.

28/04/2019 16:08:03

Not sure if the club secretary’s want any more work so that the members can just rock up and fly when they want and the only effort other individuals need to make is to suggest what others should do for them. It’s mot a BMFA thing and not a club thing

28/04/2019 11:00:45

Ok I can concur with most of the responses here. Like others I cannot for the life of me believe that there is any scientific way of coming up with the 170,000, what will they do if it fall to say 100000? Up the figure to £28.00?

170000 does not seem a great number to maintain on a database, so why so expensive. Also they have compared to fishing licenses and firearm licenses, why? Anglers actually benefit from the work of the EA a gun license actually costs a lot to issue, checks, visit from the plod etc. We will see no benefit and will see nothing done for the cost.

Now to play devils advocate and look on our own side. I as a long standing fixed wing modeller are frankly embarrassed by the them and us attitude , "idiots" "should be banned " etc. Come on guys yes sure we see this change as possibly that hammer that drives the nail into the coffin of our hobby and like you I guess I am as angry as many of you. But times change, I am willing to believe we are pretty much static in numbers, many other activities and sports have a 25% turn over, for reasons discussed on this very forum we do seem to be in the decline. Just look at the age profile shown on a surey on this forum.Yes this legislation will cause numbers to drop even more and faster. There have been those who opposed the BMFA including multi rotor aircraft flyers in their membership. We need the numbers, no they wont water things down too quickly, lets face it in spite of the majority flying RC for half a centurry the BFMA is still a free flight organisation.

So multi rotor flying is popular and I daresay the majority who try it do so in a harmless way and either stick or move on, but a lot of people who do so have fun. So who are we, the minority to condem the majority.

Having put the cat amongst the pigeons I leave you with this thought, tongue in cheek. What is more irresponsible. Flying a 2kg model that if control is lost sill set itself down gracefully. OR 3+kg of model that is totally out of control if the pilot or radio link fails,Failsafe? I dont think so. Agree or disagree but give it 5 seconds thought!

28/04/2019 08:50:28

Yes agree with the comments re police priorities etc but we know the law is an ass. With no disrespect to the police and I have a great respect for most who carry out the task but they will always be a temptation to maintain targets which may mean taking the opportunity of an easy prosecution. Add to that by the time a voracious lawyer or the daily mail have finished safely flying your tiny foamy around turns into recklessly endangering the lives of hundreds of people It’s the world we live in

Thread: Where's all the stock?
25/04/2019 14:40:45

As already suggested. The easystar is a great little model may fit your requirements and loads of fun to fly

Thread: PMC Tucano 56"
24/04/2019 21:32:59

Anjay. I got a new canopy for mine from Vortex Vacforms. They are on the web

Thread: Engine choice for a Veron Super Robot
22/04/2019 22:06:59

Back in the day I flew a super robot on an enya 40. It was a good match. Your Irvine probably has more poke than the old enya so I suspect will be perfect

Thread: Radio, servo malfunction
20/04/2019 14:24:54

I don’t know if it is true but I have heard there are clones of tower pro servos about. I have had problems with one. In use for a couple of years no issues. Then one flying session no elevator on pre flight checks. Ele servo was so hot lower case was melted. Not sure if it was real or clone

Thread: Acrowot with laser 80
11/04/2019 10:49:39
Posted by Paul james 8 on 10/04/2019 22:47:15:
Posted by Tim Flyer on 10/04/2019 18:19:25:

By the way Paul I had to add10g of lead on the tail. If I did the build again with the 70 , I would have put the throttle servo next to the rudder servo as per instructions. I did also replace the heavy wooden elevator pushrod with a light weight carbon one . That may have also affected it a bit.

Edited By Tim Flyer on 10/04/2019 18:20:52

That is a bit of a surprise as my old one, with a Saito 82 up front has a big slab of lead on the firewall. Balances perfectly and flys well for an old un. I've got a Kyosho spitfire to sort out first then maybe on to the new Acrowot.

Interesting that I have an asp70fs up front and also have a sizeable chunk of lead at the front. The RCME review also spoke of a few ounces of lead. So have they changed them in any way.

Thread: Skyleader Courier FrSky conversion problem.
11/04/2019 10:01:50

Pulse width 1-2 ms same as most others

Thread: Lost radio contact
11/04/2019 09:53:35

I cringe when I see people fiddling with their aerial orientation every time they fly. There are all sorts of old wives tales re aerial orientation but it ain’t that simple all sorts of other factors come into play, and believe it or not the model moves in three dimensions all the time. If you are a compulsive twig twiddles at least but a new one every year. As for repair how about a bit of black heatshrink it would look a whole lot more confidence inspiring than sticky tape

Thread: Skyleader Courier FrSky conversion problem.
11/04/2019 09:48:02

Surely the simple way to reversal theory is to calibrate the esc in the normal way but move the stick in the ppposite way to the instructions. Ie for full throttle use low throttle. If this works then you will need to reverse the throttle either on the pot or as suggested on the three pin plug as suggested

Thread: Help with printing on home printer
10/04/2019 18:56:59

I share your pain. A couple of years ago I wasted copious amounts of paper trying out the tile option. Once I thought I had mastered it it went wappy after about a dozen sheets it suddenly started to print large must have wasted a couple of hundred sheets before I gave up

Thread: Lost radio contact
09/04/2019 07:08:20

Although the thought of loose cells terrifies  me and I would never use them I must admit that I know a lot of people who use this radio with them and over many years don’t appear to have had a moments problem with them so seems a good system

Edited By gangster on 09/04/2019 07:08:53

Thread: Square Rx 4.8v batts.
04/04/2019 11:55:52

Getting further and further back now. Cue the accumulator post. I suppose calling them deac was the same as calling all vacuum cleaners hoovers. Those button cells were good I used a bit of kit at work it was left on constant charge for 40 years and the battery pack was still good. Having said that 500 mA cells could last for ever I recently charged up a piece of kit with a 4.8v 500mA flat pack dated 1978. It was perfectly useable still

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