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Thread: Identification required
01/03/2019 14:17:39

There was also an OS with a gold head in the 70s. Not sure about the prop driver though

Thread: LBT
01/03/2019 10:23:16

Not sure if it makes a scrap of difference to us and neither enhances or deteriorates things for us. There was a school of thought that it could cause a delay if a signal was detected. Now look up how many times these things shiftbfrequency in a second and tell me who has reaction times or servos fast enough to be bothered. If so whatever you do don’t blink when you are flying you will miss several frequency shifts

01/03/2019 08:58:17

Not sure if there is any reluctance towards lbt. It’s the spec of the kit we buy and we use it and it works. I don’t believe for one minute when the lbt business was conceived RC was even considered it was just part and parcel of the whole 2.4 thing. As far as Ofcom are concerned I don’t suppose they have the resource or need to be too concerned about was is a very minor user of the spectrum. Much bigger fish to fry.

01/03/2019 08:35:45

Not sure if lbt is an issue at all as far as we,the end user is concerned. The reputable supplier supplies whatever the regulations demand and we buy it and use it. Nothing we use for flying has been made obsolete by change of regulations A few scare mongers get hung up about such things but let’s face it our radio is a consumer item to control a toy aeroplane. Also the DFT module will bind in at least 2 of the frsky modes.

28/02/2019 18:13:45

There have been a lot of confusing posts here. Let’s simplify this. I assume you want to use a good faithful old Futana TX on 2.4. To be honest an older TX with an frisky module will probably result in a far better system than you can buy today. So surely the simple answer would be to ring T9 get a dft module and ask th which receiver will work with it and buy a few of them. Shouldn’t worry about let. T9 will only have current spec stuff. The rules changed 4 years ago and anyway did not affect what we use just what the manufacturers supply. I use a sky module in an old JR with v8fr receivers I am am sure those modules support 2 of the modes but T9 will know

Edited By gangster on 28/02/2019 18:14:50

Thread: Suggestions for replacing dead Wots Wot
26/02/2019 17:29:57

Steve. I too have a Spanish rescue dog from save our Spaniels (formally cocker rescue Spain). One of their rescue Breton Spaniels suddenly gave birth to a couple of pups just before it was due to travel here. Mum and surviving pup finally arrived here and had very long legs and it was agreed Dad was a Podenco looking at the pictures it grew into a magnificent dog. Yes it’s awful how the hunters abandon those dogs if too old or bad hunters

Thread: Death of a Fun-Fly.
25/02/2019 13:36:42

David. Sorry I missed your 10.55 post this can happen when you get lots of input. But this is scary did the broken wire cause the crash or the crash break the wire. More investigation methinks. Maybe a new switch.

further to the delta peak issue I was re reminded of an annoying feature of so called intelligent chargers. They will not charge a dead flat battery Just got my Futaba 8j to go flying and guess what switched on and battery flat. Swapped battery and went to charge the dead one with the makers delta peak wall wart. Had to put a tiny charge in from elsewhere before the charger realised it was connected. A common phenomena and I probably have 20 ways of putting a tiny charge in. But what a situation a flat battery on a bit of kit and unable to start a charge. Mayby if I had left it but I doubt it. Anyway good luck David and hope you get sorted ok

25/02/2019 12:25:16

I have just reread your first post. Completely flat? If you really mean that it’s not a result of charging issues. If the model was flying and then lost control there would still be something in the battery. To give 0 requires a physical break or a cell suddenly going open circuit which is unlikely. Also was it the cause of the crash or was the battery destroyed in the crash?

25/02/2019 09:26:11

Sorry to hear about the write off. Never nice. Battery’s are funny things. Personally I would trust a 60mA charge more than I would a delta peak charger that could false peak when one cell may have no capacity Having said that as someone said it’s nic to see what is actually going in. Technically a post-mortem is purely academic if you are totally happy that it’s not the switch harness or the charger. Ie was it charging for the full time.

Thread: Paxolin
14/02/2019 10:31:09

ah I can smell that Paxolin being cut as I read this post. More memories

Thread: Which was the best decade for the hobby?
13/02/2019 10:47:41

Cubab8. I can assure you that replacing the parafin with white spirit is easily as messy and smelly

12/02/2019 20:06:16

Sonny you ask if the diesels are more reliable than Glow or petrol. I don’t think any type is more or less reliable. Although some of the old diesels were so variable some barely ran at all In recent decades all engines have been good. I think It’s more a case of suitability for RC use. Please someone correct me if I am wrong but I wonder if vibration and poor throttling cause the diesel to not be the engine of choice for RC. Now can someone correct me if I am wrong but didnt Irvine produce a 40 sized diesel? Or has the old memory misfired

Thread: Converting old kit to save buying new
12/02/2019 17:06:57

Nothing has changed in the last few decades with regards suitability of the Radio gear with regards the normal sport model. 20 year old gear would be just as suitable as it was. Modellers are still flying their favourite old radios from the last couple of decades. In many cases the build quality was better in the past The big question is how well had it survived storage and as already mentioned was the battery left in black lead corrosion can also effect pcbs and switches. As already stated yes some can be converted to 2.4 using FRSky modules which are real cheap to buy as are the receivers but are very good indeed. I guess the question on everybody’s mind is what TX is it I use old gear on my glow models but o have recently converted it to 2.4 for two reasons one is it’s easier to carry a running ic plane to the strip ( this is not an invitation to wake up the self appointed safety police) secondly I don’t believe the frisky modules will be available for ever and I might regret missing the opportunity I intend to keep that old TX for the foreseeable future it’s way better than anything available in that market position made today

Thread: Whatever Happened To....
10/02/2019 17:11:05

Thanks for that fascinating and informative post Dave I always wondered what happened to all those great designs after Trueline packed up but of course I realise that was after your time with them. Nothing wrong with those tapered wings on the Custom Executive. It was the model that really got me flying. Having trashed my Senior executive I went onto a veron super robot after several repairs it was getting heavier and heavier and I was using more epoxy than fuel Something had to be done I bought a Custom executive took myself to the clubs second flying site where few people ever went and flew that thing every night for a week After which I returned to the main field feeling like a competent flyer

Thread: How to set flaps on a Futaba 10J Transmitter
10/02/2019 11:28:32

I have always thought that Futaba deserved a good slapping for the battery’s on the 6j and 8j but it sounds like the 10 is not much better. When I bought a 6 j together with what I was told was the genuine rechargeable pack from a reputable dealer I was told that to fit it I had Tom ululate the battery box lid. Shortly afterwards I sold it and bought an 8j and discovered the battery pack was no more than a TX pack with no other options. This was in total contrast the the Spektrum DX8 which had the optional lipo with the ability to charge it and only needing charging every leap year. As has possibly been already suggested check that the alarm is in fact set to 4 cells Unfortunately the manual of the 6 and 8 is so vague on this point mixing up dry cells with the lower voltage rechargeable. Having said that my 8j runs for ages on a standard rx pack

Thread: What would be a good Watt Meter to buy?
09/02/2019 14:52:23

Yes thats the one I have got I am sure it came with a separate balance board, that is certainly how I use it Great meter does everything I want

09/02/2019 11:15:48

The watt meter I use is a three button eBay cheaply which has given good and fairly accurate service for 6 year. Bearing in mind it cannot last for ever I have been looking round for a replacement. It’s a real Swiss Army knife measuring battery and individual cell voltage. This is perfect current for set up and voltage down the field to tell me % left and cell performance. Many of those advertised at present do not appear to have a balance board to look at the cells. In answer to the OP I would recommend one that does all those things

Thread: Which was the best decade for the hobby?
07/02/2019 11:02:26

Wow Sonny what a great subject for debate so many variables there, I guess looking at a recent survey many of us are of a certain age and can remember the last 5 or 6 decades, however probably with dewy eyed nostalgia.

Weather, nah it was no better or worse its just that many of us would fly in any weather, age has brought wisdom or softness,

Radio reliability? Well by the late 70s most radios were pretty reliable the rubbish fell by the wayside. Until the beginning of the 80s we only had 6 channels to share, and although the newer radios had better selectivity you could still only really 6 as there might be someone with you who could not cope with the intermediate channels. The big bogey man was CB but to be honest I really dont believe CB interference could cause poor installations , duff or flat batterys, black lead corrossion or the linkage coming off.. We are still blaming interference today.

The 80s saw FM, more selective receivers and 20 channels to use, the kit was probably as reliable as anything today, in fact the 80s and 90s probably gave us the best radio we have had, now even the premium makes are tacky comp[red to them. But we must, having said that think of cost, a servo cost a working man nearly a weeks net pay, I smile when I hear someone describe a super duper digital servo as expensive, er no its not. Its way less in real terms than say a Futaba 16 or Skyleader SRC1 was. Same with the radio. we conside a £1000 radio ad expensive, yet a set of Futaba M series was well over £200 when the cover price of the RCME was 45p

An OS or HP 40 was well over £40 and until the fiasco of 2008 we could still buy a good 40 for the same price, still only doubled yet RPI has gone up many times more.

In the 80s there was fabulous range of kits to go at , albeit of crap quality, I recal being shown the first Pilot kit and comparing it with the stuff we bought roughly hacked out of unsuitable wood but every town had a well stocked LMS.

As someone also said there are far more rule regulations now and flying sites harder to find.

So its been a good hobby one way or another for the last half century.

Great question I look forward to the varied answers. What do I miss? building my own radio from Micron Kits or RCME articles.

Thread: WOT 4 Servo Query
03/02/2019 06:24:31

Like the man said. What Don said. You will not go far wrong with a standard 45 g servo. Something like Futaba 148 3001 3003 or equiv Hitec hs 422 Hs311 etc. £10 will get you a suitable servi

Edited By gangster on 03/02/2019 06:37:19

Thread: Catastrophe!
28/01/2019 08:52:16

not totally convinced that the esc is guilty beyond doubt. You do appear to have been pushing what in all honesty is really a cheap Chinese esc to and beyond the limit. I would play safe and use an 80 amp esc. The max current could be less in the air than on the bench but I would use that as a safety zone rather than relying on that. Cooling is also a factor. Personally I might keep that esc for say a 25 size model

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