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Thread: retracts for a tony Nijheus hurricane
01/01/2014 08:57:20

I have the new version of the Eflite 60-120 retracts in my Sea Fury. They can now take a 10mm diameter oleo as well as the 5mm leg, and the trunion is wider as a result. The mounting dimensions are now wider between the rails so may suit better. The oleos for their P-47 may be suitable to cut down if needs be? The wire where it leaves the circuit board is a poor design and needs something to support the wire after it comes out IMO. See my photos for a pic or two.

Thread: 3 blade Laser 80
28/12/2013 21:31:28
Hi Tony I think when going to a 3 bladed prop you keep the same pitch but drop one inch in diameter. I'm sure someone will correct me if wrong!
Thread: Possible scammer?
12/12/2013 13:42:00
If he is in the UK why would he need your address to calculate the cost? He said to me he is in Clapton North London. I would also be careful of ringing. Try putting his email address in google the first result was not a very good sign!
11/12/2013 21:11:40
Hmmm sounds a bit iffy
11/12/2013 20:10:08
Was it recently? I have had a similar situation before and read of such issues too. He might be genuine, but be careful! You could ask for a phone number to discuss for instance. I will wait for a response...
11/12/2013 17:59:53

Hi chaps, I had an email from someone re a wanted ad I placed a while ago.

The grammar is poor, and the email address popped up on a scammer site?

The name is John Greid.

On the basis of virtually no one seemed to have bought the Freewing/Ripmax Eurofighter, I am guessing this is dodgy!! I have asked for more details, location and pics and do not expect a proper reply.

Anyone heard of this 'person'?

Thread: first heli
10/12/2013 20:06:20
Thanks Mark
Thread: Ripmax Spitfire Recovering
07/12/2013 17:01:09
Depending on what film you are using, you will need to prepare the film first.
Thread: Cooling holes
04/12/2013 13:28:24
My setup with Irvine 53 is the same by the sounds of it. Only flown in the cold weather so ok so far. Summer might be different. Might be worth enlarging the bottom opening at some point.
Thread: Retracts for Sea Fury
02/12/2013 12:21:51
I have the newer version of the Eflite 120 retracts in my Seagull Sea Fury. They come with a 5mm leg, and can also take a 10mm strut in the trunion itself. They are a bit wider as a result. Seem good quality although the cable restraint is not good imo. Not had chance to fly them yet either!
Thread: Electric Motor Mounting/SLEC Electric Fun Fly
25/11/2013 21:22:32
I would say nuts bolts and washers are fine if you can get to them to tighten them up. A drop of medium threadlock would be good too.
Thread: Giant Shark are Back
21/11/2013 14:32:39
In that case I will give them a ring!
Thread: December 2013 issue
12/11/2013 19:59:07
No problems Graham. The columnist is going to recommend a good starter heli, which is what I was waiting for. Didnt realise its bi-monthly but it will give me some sim practice time!
12/11/2013 13:05:38

I was hoping to see the new helicopter column enlighten me as to the good starter heli. This would have helped me pick an Xmas pressie, but may be too late by the next issue sad

Thread: Giant Shark are Back
10/11/2013 12:24:27
Are you likely to be getting any more of the 28mm HET edf motors back in eg 2W-20? They seem to have disappeared.
Thread: laquer protection for decals
10/11/2013 12:20:48
Spectrum gloss fuel proofer is available in a spray. Make sure you test it on a sample first though! You also might have to key the paint first for good adhesion.
Thread: Getting rid of the shine on h9 spit.
09/11/2013 17:02:51
I bought some ultra fine 0000 gauge wire wool to try and dull the shine on my Seagull Sea Fury. It is made to polish wood amongst other things, and I have read it should take the shine off without harsh scouring marks. I have not got round to trying it properly yet but gentle use in straight lines should work well.
Thread: Thrust tubes ?
05/11/2013 13:12:05

I have recently finished converting my Graupner F-15 to a 69mm minifan and 4s setup. The thrust tubes have a splitter just behind the fan which divides the air into two. If I remember rightly the outlets are 40mm diameter. The ideal diameter of the thrust tube/tubes depends the the size of the fan, and if you are looking to maximize the thrust or the air exit speed. It is normally a compromise between trying to get more thrust for better vertical, or more top speed.

I am guessing you are using the kit 64mm fan and a 3s lipo? I flew a slightly different version on 3s and an alloy 64mm fan, and it was disappointing. Even on 4s it was not what I was hoping for. That model was jinxed and eventually scrapped. My new version has approx 1:1 thrust ratio, and a much better top speed. The F-15 is known for being a draggy airframe, and the intakes are quite a bit bigger than required so it will never be that fast. The mods I have made were quite involved, as the battery now goes in through the cockpit and was moved back as much as I could to get a better cg. I also removed some of the tailplane incidence to try and reduce its tendancy to climb at full power, and moved the cg back approx 10mm from the manual. I am very pleased with how it goes now

Thread: first heli
02/11/2013 16:19:32
I have Blade 120 which I have used to start learning to hover, and Phoenix. I have always flown and driven cars with my thumbs on the end of the sticks. It seems to me that most heli fliers use thumbs and fingers and a tray or strap. Is that a better way to learn, or am I ok sticking with what I know?
Thread: Airframe suggestions please
01/11/2013 13:38:35
Hi chaps. I am looking for an airframe for a couple of spare 4s 3000 packs once used in a Habu. Looking for something prop driven, aerobatic that can handle some winter weather. Have plenty of electric experience btw. Thanks for looking

Edited By stuey on 01/11/2013 13:39:15

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