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Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
08/08/2011 12:28:09
Worth watching though, stranger things have happened! It might just go for under 100
07/08/2011 09:41:02
Hi T, remember with a vacuum you only get 14.7lbs/sq/in tops, you'd have to be careful using pressure, you'll easily blow holes in the poly.
Thread: Multiplex Fun Cub
02/07/2011 11:48:01
Gee Tony, I thought I had problems! I hand launch without flap, I tried 80% but as you've discovered it's not really useable. I reduced to 20% and will see what happens next time out.
17/06/2011 13:14:04
Hi Tony, I'm using the GoG recommended in the blurb, ie 80mm aft of the leading edge. In order to get this I had to cut out the rear end of the equipment bay to achieve this! I was using 85degrees of flap, she pitches very nose up when you apply flap, you have to mix a lot of down trim and stalls immediately you take them off! I've gone back to 50degrees but have yet to test it. I'm using the Mpx setup, it's an 840Kv motor with a 13x4 prop. How Mpx can claim 23amps I'll never know, I battle to get half that! I found that with the CoG 10mm forward (by accident) she drags the tail in turns and needs a lot of rudder. It's too late for me but she does like a lot of aileron differential.
Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
16/06/2011 13:39:03
Terence, After weeks of wrestling with a virus problem I followed Eric Brays' advice and got a free download of Avast! It's magic, it impressed me so much I bought the full version and haven't looked back.
Tim, I also run XP with IDE drives, time was I would have to reformat and reload every 3 or 4 months, then I bought PcTools, that and Avast! does it for me, I havn't reformatted in more than 18 months.
Thread: This cant be right can it?
09/06/2011 14:23:25
Any person who deliberately points a moving object towards another person is theoretically threatening that person. Threatening behaviour is antisocial at least and cannot be condoned. I feel your Club should tighten up its rules, and the person who couldn't/wouldn't wait for the recovery to be complete, needs to be severely censured!

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
03/06/2011 07:00:57
Hi T, I take it it's some form of high lift section, 250W will be more than enough, but check it with a Wattmeter, feel tends to be a tad optomistic! Ask me how I know!
27/05/2011 18:00:05
I once worked with a guy called Ian Colin Coulle.
26/05/2011 11:02:58
Thread: Armstrong Whitworth FK10 Quadruplane.
29/04/2011 11:42:06
Show off! Mind you, it's well worth seeing, got any more to dust off?
Thread: Holding connectors for soldering
27/04/2011 17:57:49
I use wooden clothes pegs glued to a piece of board.
One vertical, one horizontal.
Thread: Hawker Cygnet
24/04/2011 08:26:17
That Alu cladding looks the biz Tim, is it easy to use? Love the Cygnet, with that amount of power you'll be doing F3A with it!
Thread: Testiment to my stupidity.
22/04/2011 11:55:14
As a 'how hard can it be?' person, Steve is exactly right, even down to the Mentor, although the fit and finish is not quite as good as the Funcub.
Thread: A little Easter giveaway.....
21/04/2011 12:54:17
Why not send it a long way away, like to me!
Thread: Spektrum failure?
20/04/2011 11:35:36
I've done tests on Futaba and Corona 2.4gig stuff and found absolutely no difference, whichever way you point the Antenna! No 'doughnut' effect at 2.1kms either. This was with a variety of receivers, including Futaba and Orange, with the RX antennai placed horizontal, 1metre above ground, and parallel to one another, 1cm apart. I will add that there was no engine running, IC or Electric.
Thread: Futaba 2.4 radio issue?
20/04/2011 11:19:26
This is where I read it. Hobbico
20/04/2011 11:15:35
Page 8 of the 6EX manual says categorically, 'wrap the receiver in G foam'. I know that since there has been a modification to this instruction by Futaba. As an aside, Receivers today are so light that it's hard to see how they can be damaged by a sudden stop!
Thread: Building TN Halifax
19/04/2011 08:51:24
The sound of those four engines just makes it all worth while, marvelous!
Thread: Do you have any of these on your flying field?
19/04/2011 08:41:57
That's bad news Steve, what worries me is it didn't even make the news here! Seems like there must be a news blackout on Farm attacks!
Thread: Model Shops (again) The Good and the Bad
15/04/2011 14:07:47
Just had an experience, back in December I ordered a Funcub Power set from Galaxy Models. As is usual I added precise posting and delivery instructions to the order. About a week later I asked for the tracking number, to be told 'Our Post room says Royal Mail doesn't do 'to be signed for''. Excuse me? After careful reading of their confirmation e-mail, I realised that my instructions hadn't been followed, and hell would freeze over before the package arrived. Since I had paid with Paypal I invoked the complaints procedure and in February received my money back. All good, I've got my money back and Galaxy are down one Power set.
At the same time I received my money back, I received an invoice from Galaxy for another power set, yea right, I'm going that route again aren't I? So just ignored it. Imagine my surprise when yesterday I receive from the Post Office a Power set, posted in February! Only took 2 months to get here! Included in the package was a little note admitting that the original package had been incorrectly addressed! Naturally I paid Galaxy for it immediately.
Full marks Galaxy for trying to make things right. I wonder how many people in this Kleptocracy would have made payment!
Zero marks for communication, why just stuff a note in the packing? An e-mail would have been nice!
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