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Thread: A Money Spending contest?
07/04/2011 07:35:13
In my years, 66 of them, I've seen most, if not all of what you describe Steve, but, with respect, I think the last few posts have wandered off topic. It's about whether modelling is a money spending contest. Other people have put it in a nutshell, it doesn't matter how much you spend, or don't, it's about going down to the club, (if you're lucky enough to have one) and spending time with other model engineers. I've spent quite a lot of money over the last few years on my hobby, but have now come the full circle, and discovered that I didn't need too! I've also met a lot of people on the internet who I like to consider as friends, they've never asked, or been interested in how much I've spent.
My 10c, it's not a contest, never has been, it's about like minded people following a hobby the best way they can.
Thread: Building TN Halifax
06/04/2011 05:24:51
Lovely work Mario, hope the maiden goes as well as the build.
Thread: selcol cells
01/04/2011 13:21:38
Nice try David, would have been so nice, the end to our, and the worlds storage capacity problems.
To the others, If you Google 'Selcol Cells' you will find that only model flying carried the story in the english speaking world. Plus, 25.2volts for a single cell, that's huge electrical difference for 2 substances, the Chemists among us should be able to work out what the other substance in the cell would have to be.
Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
25/03/2011 14:10:43
Terence, the SeeBee was never a wonderful plane and battled to ROG with 4 up when hot and high. (I lost 4 good friends that way) I don't think anyone would notice if you thickened the profile a bit and added a bit ti the span and chord. It's only going to help.
15/03/2011 06:19:11
Great news Terrence, hope you stay on the 'up and up'.
Thread: Tachometer
13/03/2011 17:25:59
Try pointing it at a flourescent light, it should show 3000rpm, or 1500 if it's a dividing tacho.
Thread: Hawker Cygnet
13/03/2011 17:18:02
I know you're joking Tim, but isn't it funny how everything thing you do, somebody raises the bar!
13/03/2011 12:05:37
Jaw drops onto the keyboard! Awesome!
Thread: Multiplex Fun Cub
11/03/2011 12:51:01
Still not done! Women, how is it that they can pick exactly the right time to cause maximum disappointment! Plane, batteries, TX, spare props, Hard hat, Bin bag, all in the truck. Then, 'Oh Tony, you're not going to do that now are you? I just need you to do X,Y &Z, you know you said you would! Maiden cancelled, again!
10/03/2011 06:21:48
Bad luck Stephen! Tony, I found I had to relieve the upper inside of the motor opening to stop it from rubbing at the recommended downthrust.
07/03/2011 17:36:44
Thanks guys, all good advice. Hope to maiden tomorrow, hope to get footage, but I'm on my own!
07/03/2011 17:20:17
Thanks again Steve, pulled the lens cap off the tacho, the photo cell seems to be 100% square across the base of the light tube. I'm using a grey APC style E prop. One thing though, the measurement was being done at night and my lighting is 12volt DC, I don't know if this will make a difference. I'm going to try again tomorrow outside in daylight.
07/03/2011 07:01:15
Thanks Steve, did try to check RPM but my Turnigy Micro tacho doesn't seem to be working. (It's the first time I've tried to use it though) I was using a never used, freshly charged 4,000mAh 15C 3s lipo, but was concerned that the voltage sagged to 10volts on a very short test.
06/03/2011 17:20:23
When the air is thin things are a little different, I'm at 1,500metres (4,850ft) and was very surprised when my 830Kv Scorpion motor on a 3s lipo only showed 130watts on a 13x4 prop. Mpx quote 23amps with the same prop on 3s lipo. I felt 130watts for a maiden was a bit on the light side. I've just propped up to a 13x6.5 and am now showing 195watts at wide open, much more satisfactory. I an only assume that the thin air, 20% thinner, makes it so much easier for the motor to spin the prop. I'm looking for watts because watts = thrust. (I think)
Thread: Hawker Cygnet
06/03/2011 08:03:34
Hmm, this won't compromise the 'builder of the model' rule will it?
Thread: DH 103
06/03/2011 08:00:45
Glad to hear you're back home AA, lovely work as usual.
Thread: Hawker Cygnet
01/03/2011 04:56:41
Lovely work as usual Tim
28/02/2011 14:20:20
Tim, what about the thick foil dishes that the stores use for putting cakes and pies on?
Thread: Building TN Halifax
27/02/2011 14:05:29
Awesome, Mario
Thread: Avro Vulcan
27/02/2011 14:01:07
Hi Andy, sorry I took so long. In my limited experience, it doesn't take much to disturb airflow, hence the huge difference in thrust discovered by Tim in the with or without intake ring test. A profiled airflow, without turbulence is bound to be better. And, as Tim says, you can always cut 'cheater' holes later.
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