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Thread: Search Facility
16/01/2010 14:24:32
Why has the thread body option been disabled?
Thread: Anyone here good at computers?
16/01/2010 14:21:49
I agree CS (cable select) causes problems in some cases, especially when 2 devices are set as CS on the same cable.
It shouldn't matter which device is on which part of the cable as long as one is set to master and the other to slave. Ensure that the red side of the cable is on pin-1.
Pin-1 is usually marked on the device and is usually next to the power socket.
Timbo is right about what he was "taught" but is a throw back from old XT ribbon cable configurations where the slave and master were set by a twist/crossover in the cable.
This shouldn't be the case today unless your ribbon cable is very old.
Thread: APM AirPower RC Pro -
14/01/2010 14:59:04
The EDF unit arrived in yesterdays post - Woohoo! at last!
Thanks again to everyone who helped out. Hopefully the running tests will all go fine, it looks like they have replaced the motor and not the whole unit.
I'm now signing off to send an email to Lander as they were interested to find out how this all ended.

Thread: Anyone here good at computers?
13/01/2010 00:20:19
It shouldn't matter where the drives are plugged in on the cable (unless marked on the cable) as long as the jumper settings are correct on the drives.
Make sure that the red side of the ribbon cable is plugged into pin-1 (usually the red side plugs in nearest to the power socket).
The link from /Dev was a good example of setting jumpers.

Edited By Allan Bowker on 13/01/2010 00:21:27

11/01/2010 19:11:51
I agree with what Ian W suggested, it's time to start unplugging things to make your PC configuration a bit simpler.
Primary Cable - HDD - Set to Master
Secondary Cable - DVD Drive - Set to Master
Unplug the ribbon cable from the CD drive.
See what the BIOS now says, should have changed and you may have better luck with this config.
I would happily meet up with you but you are in Kent and I'm in the West Midlands.

11/01/2010 00:37:35
Is there one hard disk drive and one CD Drive?
How many ribbon cables are plugged into your motherboard?
One ribbon cable on the primary and one ribbon cable on the secondary or just one ribbon cable on the primary?
The HDD should be set as the master on the primary cable and the CD drive can be set as the slave on the primary cable. Alternatively the CD can be set as the master on the secondary cable.
10/01/2010 22:21:24
OK Birdy, the BIOS is recognising the HDD and XP will install on any HDD, formatted or not, with or without a partition.
Primary Master drive:             Hard Drive : Auto
Primary slave drive:     Unknown Device : Auto
Secondry Master drive: CD-Rom device : Auto
Secondry slave drive:      CD-rom device: Auto

This looks like the HDD is your primary master and your CD-ROM device is your primary slave device. Is there an option to change "Unknown Device" to "CD-ROM Device" or is this automatically populated text?
Partition and formatting  options will appear in XP setup as they are needed.
It seems that you have the boot device options correct in the BIOS (CD first then HDD)
Next step is to try and get the PC to boot from the CD.
I presume you have 1 CD / DVD ROM drive on your PC? If not, have you tried the boot CD in the other drive? Does the CD-ROM device light flash when booting up? This is a sign that it is hunting for a boot sector on a disk.

With the Windows XP CD inserted in the drive, switch on your PC, does a text message on the screen say "Press any key to boot from CD-ROM" appear? (only for a few seconds and is easy to miss).
Sometimes monitors are in "power save mode" until late into their boot process and text that is being output by the PC is not visible on the screen until the monitor comes out of the power save mode. Monitors usually have a yellow light when in power save mode and green when fully on. One way to see if you are missing the "press any key" message on the XP setup CD is to repeatedly tap the space bar (say once every 2 seconds) to try and get to the setup screen.
Have you a friend with another PC that can check that the disks can be booted from?
Although unlikely, I have come across 'odd' CD drives that are not fully ATAPI compliant and therefore cannot be booted from, even though the BIOS has the option.
I told you this would be a long thread, lots to think about and answer in this posting, but we are getting closer.
10/01/2010 15:40:13
The message "Primary Drive 1 not found" means that the hard disk is not being seen my the BIOS.

Are the hard disks setup in the BIOS as AUTODETECT ?
10/01/2010 14:51:24
This could be a very, very long thread....
Blue Screens are usually caused by hardware failure or bad driver software, very hard to detect the cause. A total re-install is probably best.
It should be possible to plug your old HDD into your computer as a secondary drive later on when things are running normally again, this should allow you to access your old files.
With the Windows XP CD inserted in the drive, switch on your PC, does a text message on the screen say "Press any key to boot from CD-ROM" appear? (only for a few seconds and is easy to miss).
If not then do this...
First of all you need to see if your CD-ROM drive is selected a a boot option. This is normally found when the computer boots up (something like "Press x Key for Boot Options") or you need to select it as an option in the BIOS (again, something like "Press x Key to enter BIOS or SETUP).
In the menu you should have something like "BOOT DEVICES" as an option.
Just ensure that CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM / Optical Drive / Removable media) is selected.
This is hard to give you any specific instructions at this stage as most computers have different versions of BIOS / SETUP menus. It really is something a techie needs to see.
This should get you started with booting the PC from a CD-ROM.

Edited By Allan Bowker on 10/01/2010 15:01:14

Thread: Igloo For Sale
08/01/2010 17:01:58
I think you will find that it is an 'ig' that you have there as I can't see anything in the photo's or description about a 'loo'
Thread: Why are obstacles magnetic
08/01/2010 16:53:50
The magnetism is always explained by 'Sod's Law'.
Thread: APM AirPower RC Pro -
08/01/2010 15:16:56
Hello Scott, A massive THANKS for that.
I would also like to take this opportunity to shout out a 'BIG THANKS' to a few other people who have helped me out here too, I won't name any of you though (OK, apart from Scott).
You are all a very influential bunch, I'm lucky to be in contact with you all. Without your help I wonder if I would be were I am now (read on...)
I have received a few emails from Tim & Lucy @ Lander, they have been very helpful with prompt replies. I would recommend Lander for their service to anyone, should be a great partnership with Overlander.
In all it has taken five individuals to contact AirPower RC Pro and low and behold, I have received an email from them.
Hi Allan,
Thanks for your e-mail.
As we have just had our parcel released by the custom not long ago. And we have been busy to solve all the back orders and replacement.
After checking with our technical section, there your unit is ready to send back to you, therefore, you should have it back by early next week, as the bad weather most of the post service has been delayed.
Best Regards,
So this should be an end to the matter early next week?
I sure hope so.
08/01/2010 09:11:50
I received an email from Tim @ Lander
He tells me that he is not sure what is going on with AirPower RC Pro, Lander have not received my unit for replacement and that Overlander will now be their UK distributor as of Jan 2010.
I'm now unsure what is going to happen, looks like my duff EDF unit is stuck at Airpower and I may never get it back for the replacement.
I hope nobody has any orders pending with AirPower RC Pro, you could be waiting some time, have they gone out of business? 
07/01/2010 10:24:06
Thanks Scott
I've just sent an email to them
Hopefully Tim would be able to help me out somehow.
Not all hobby companies are as good as BRC !

Edited By Timbo - Administrator on 07/01/2010 11:03:43

Thread: Hi from Berlin (GER)
06/01/2010 15:23:18
Welcome to the forum Stefan.

Thread: APM AirPower RC Pro -
06/01/2010 15:08:54
I sent a 90mm Lander EDF unit back to this supplier for a warranty replacement, but they have had it since 2nd November 2009 (posted on 29/10/2009).
To date I have not received anything back and it is now holding up my build, which is very frustrating. Surely 2 months is long enough!
It was sent recorded delivery and I spoke to someone on their mobile phone number who confirmed they had received it and would send out a replacement quickly.
AirPower RC Pro -
54 Henty Road
West Sussex

BN14 7HF

The only contact number I have for them is a mobile number which always goes to answer phone. I have also tried sending text messages but do not get any reply back from them either and no luck on email either.
I thought this company was reputable as they advertise in RCME most months, I think the owner is well known (Tommy Chen?) and Grant Wright at recommends them too.
I'm starting to think my only option is to go beating on the door, albeit a long journey and the expense of travelling from the West Midlands.
Can anyone offer any advice, experiences or help?


Edited By Allan Bowker on 06/01/2010 15:19:07

Thread: The Mode Survey - what do you fly?
06/01/2010 14:31:51
1) Mode 2
2) West Midlands
2) West Midlands
3) Instructor taught - (Where are you Ian Maher?)
Thread: video camera
04/01/2010 21:58:17
Thanks, a real bargain!
I won't have to strap my phone to my plane anymore
Thread: Flight timer
04/01/2010 21:53:39
I'm lucky to have a timer built into my transmitter.
Thread: Modes 1 or 2
04/01/2010 21:41:35
I started out on Mode-1 20 years ago but was then flying both modes a 5 years ago when I added helicopters to the collection.
For the past 2 years everything I now fly has been configured in Mode-2 (my recommendation).
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