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Thread: Can't adjust Gyro Gain GA410
03/11/2009 00:09:41
Thanks AL B, what a great name your have ! 
I think I almost have it now.
My DX7 seems to be setup OK, the limit (travel adjust) on the gyro has been set so that the tail servo cannot exceed its physical limits left/right.
I just need to find out what the gain should be set to now, I guess some trial an error is needed to feel it out.

The manual link above seems to have a problem, here it is again for anyone that might need it:
02/11/2009 01:16:03
I think I might have figured it out with some help from the forum newbie videos.
I needed to set my Gear channel to Gyro mode, this then enabled a 'Gyro Gain' menu on my DX7.
Video's can be found here for anyone else who might be interested:
01/11/2009 21:22:01
I have a Phoenictech Flasher 450 helicopter as seen recently in the October 2009 RCM&E
It came with an Assan AVCS GA410 Gyro

I'm using a Spektrum DX7 but cannot find out how to adjust the gain on the gyro.
It seems to be too sensitive at the moment and the tail keeps 'hunting' left/right constantly in normal mode. Tail lock mode seems to be OK bit I don't want to fly it until I'm happy with the gyro setup.

Other gyro's I have seen can have the gain adjusted on the gyro unit itself, however with this unit it seems the only way is via the transmitter. Some online instructions refer to a 'Gyro' menu in the TX, but the DX7 does not have this menu. Other snippets I have read talk about programming the DX7 gear rocker switch to the AUX2 channel. 
Can anyone help? I'm confused! Thanks.
Thread: Flasher 450 Build question?
01/11/2009 21:11:13
I too have a Flasher 450 and it looks the same as Simons above. I would be happy to post any pictures up if you need me too.
Thread: T-Rex 500esp
01/11/2009 21:07:49 are selling a gadget that can slow down servos, designed with retracts in mind.
Thread: FPV heli?
01/11/2009 20:52:06
Yes, was a bit reckless in parts, but has to be the most interesting FPV video I have ever seen.
Thread: FlyFly Aermacchi MB-339
01/11/2009 02:11:53
It's kind of put us off ducted fan's so far.
Unsure if we should sell / fly again or buy a FlyFly Hawk !
Timbo, we was looking for a 30C-40C pack as the one we used was already a 20-30C rated and was hot and soft within 5mins.
The Loong Max are great, they had a good test in last months BMFA newsletter.
I'm just not convinced a 20C pack will be enough.
Thread: BAe Hawk Crash!
01/11/2009 02:06:22
Fair comment Ian but I was left wondering what I had done wrong on your first posting.
Agreed that 'crash' videos are not my kind of entertainment either but thought it worth posting here as it was the only footage of the incident I have seen (as I wasn't there) and may have clarified the incident for others who had already commented before my addition.
I don't wish to offend anyone or rub salt into any wounds of the display team, I was very happy to hear they were back in full force. Good luck to them, I look forward to seeing them again next year.

30/10/2009 21:26:48
There is some footage of the crash on YouTube
Couldn't help but feel sorry for the guys.
Thread: FlyFly Aermacchi MB-339
30/10/2009 21:16:37
Just a quick update on this saga....
Got the EDF unit out of the plane and it has definately ceased up.
Can't say if it is the fan or the motor that is causing the stiffness but I haven't wanted to mess with the unit as it has already been sent away under warranty.
Looking at the prices of 6S 30c 4000mAh batteries.......hard to come by for less than £150 had some good prices but they are all sold out
Here's hoping the unit comes back soon.
Thread: Tim's Fly-Fly BAe Hawk
30/10/2009 16:30:29
My dad wants a larger scale Hawk, he's thinking of using his 92mm Lander EDF unit.
What battery are you using in this Tim and how long are your flight times?

Edited By Allan Bowker on 30/10/2009 16:35:40

30/10/2009 15:42:48
Where did you buy your Hawk from Tim?
Having trouble finding a FlyFly dealer here in the UK
Thread: Anyone know of any good Spektrum rx deals (AR500 / AR6200)?
29/10/2009 18:21:09
Wow, now that is the best price I have ever seen for a new AR500
24/10/2009 22:03:23
That's the cheapest I have ever seen them, they are back in stock too.
Postage costs are very good too from £2.40 for second class post.
I would probably pick  the £3.45 option however (1st class recorded)
Can anyone beat this price?


Edited By Allan Bowker on 24/10/2009 22:07:06

Thread: FlyFly Aermacchi MB-339
19/10/2009 18:02:43
Don't fly on full power for too long? Yeh, I agree, what's the point?
It's nice to throttle back and fly to get the most out of your battery, but what about that critical part of the flight called take off? On the other hand you don't drive your car around at full revs all the while otherwise it would be constantly in the garage getting a new engine. I'm sure you would agree that common sense is obvious here for us all, I think that's a 'get out'  clause made by Lander so they don't get lumbered with idiots.
Yesterday's flight was an evenly mixed flight of high and low throttle to test the planes stall and pickup characteristics (yesterday being my first flight with it). When the EDF ceased up it was on low throttle as I was practicing landing approaches!
(No I don't land on full throttle :D ).
I will probably contact Scott in the future to get his point of view too, he has been very helpful in the past.

Edited By Allan Bowker on 19/10/2009 18:03:30

19/10/2009 17:19:39
Thanks for the heads up on the warranty. I'm told it is still covered. So hopefully it will be replaced by Lander.
The battery seems to have recovered OK, I will have to see how it performs over time, keeping a close eye on it. Hopefully the puffing and serious >3v discharge wouldn't have done too much damage to make it completely useless.
I wonder what caused the EDF to cease up in flight? The battery was within the recommended specification. The EDF unit is still in the plane, I will update you when it is out and I can 100% verify that it has ceased up or not. Hopefully I will do it in the next 48 hours and get some idea on cause.

18/10/2009 18:21:31
My father has bought a FlyFly Aermacchi MB-339 from a swapmeet.
We have checked it all over and made it air worthy and flew it today for 5 minutes and it flys great. Nice and stable, almost like a trainer!
So what's the problem? Well after 5 minutes of flying around the motor gave out a short crunch sound and stopped. Throttle was cut immediately and I made a dead stick landing into the long grass on the out field.
Back at the bench it was quite clear that the Li-Po was hot and puffed out and using a coat hanger wire I can turn the blades on the fan unit (has it ceased up?). Li-Po is now down to 2.8v on most cells so could now be knackered.
If I connect another battery the ESC doesn't make the same beeps it used to (I know the motor makes the beeps) that's why I think it's ceased up (and it smells a bit smokey).
The setup all checks out with what the previous owner recommended but I'm left a bit lost now and seek your advice and experience.
Lander EDF 90mm 1660kv - (LEDF90-1 A16)
SuperSimple 100A ESC
Maxpoly Li-Po 4200mAh 6S 22C
It's left me a bit dis-hearted as I don't want to buy another EDF unit and battery only to make another mistake.
Thread: Greenacres Electric Fun Fly Weekend Aug 22 & 23rd
15/10/2009 21:04:09
I have some pics and video that I'm editing now the flying times are getting more restricted due to weather & daylight. I've already posted July's event but the electrick even is still being edited.
Thread: Greenacres MAC 20th Year funflys
15/10/2009 21:00:10
The other 2 parts to this video can be found here:

Edited By Allan Bowker on 15/10/2009 21:00:33

15/10/2009 20:58:12
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