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Thread: Eneloop Batteries
15/10/2009 20:51:43
I've got one of these Eneloop 2000mAh packs in my Pulse XT 60 and it is performing very well, powering 4 large servo's and a Spektrum AR7000 RX. Easily lasts all day.
Thread: Hanger 9 - Pulse XT 60 - Electric Conversion Help
28/09/2009 23:47:27
Thanks Tom, maybe next year then?
You did get a good picture of me setting up around 10am.

Looks like i'm bending over my Hanger9 Funtana X100, the Pulse XT 60 is patiently waiting behind me, inverted, for it's wings to be fitted

Thread: UBEC Problem
24/09/2009 14:26:01
New UBEC arrived from BRC Hobbies early August and I've flown the Funtana X100 a number of times since then and all is very well.
Flying like it's on rails - WooHoo!
Thread: Maxpoly Batteries
24/09/2009 14:20:50
I would recommend Maxpoly Batteries for their fast service, quality of goods and price.

I have made 2 seperate purchases for their Maxpoly 6S 4200mAh 22C - 40C Li-Po and have been very happy with the transaction from start to finish.
The batteries are performing very well in my Hanger9 Pulse XT 60
Thanks Maxpoly!
Thread: Giant cod (excellent)
24/09/2009 14:15:39
A vote of confidence from me too. GiantCod have always delivered withing 24-48 hours of me placing an order, customer service is perfect, price is good too.
Their Loong-Max Li-Po's perform very well and have had a favourable test published in this months BMFA mag (Issue 96. Oct 2009)
I wish they would offer more on their site though. Not enough planes or larger selection of 5S & 6S cells.
Thread: October 2009 Issue feedback
24/09/2009 13:47:48
Thanks for putting the 'post-in' competition entry on a page that most people wouldn't mind cutting out of their mag.
I know some moans have been aimed at the editor in the past, but this months was spot on.
Why are we still having 'postal only' competitions? Surely we could all have online comps now with a 'postal' backup option?
Thanks again!
Thread: Hanger 9 - Pulse XT 60 - Electric Conversion Help
24/09/2009 13:14:18
I thought I would post an update for anybody that was interested.
The Hanger 9 Pulse XT 60 has been flown quite a bit this year and I must report that it is a pleasure to fly.
The stock plane kit, E-Flite 60 electric motor and Maxpoly 6S 4200mAh battery is a wonderful setup. I've even purchased a second battery from Maxpoly.
The plane will go unlimted vertical on demand, landings are a dream and 15minute flights are the average (although I'm sure I could push 20mins if I took it a bit easier on the throttle). Rough weather is also no bother as well as dead calm conditions thanks to her her slippery design and slight dihedral on the wings for a little stability.
Flown her in one public show this year (Greenacres MAC 2009 All Electric Event) which drew a few questions from impressed spectators during the day. Video will be posted to YouTube soon, just search for FrostbiteUK
Taking her out again tomorrow, can't wait.
Thread: UBEC Problem
03/08/2009 11:35:04
I did try probing the output wires closer to the unit so as to eliminate that splitter thingy but that seemed dead also.
Thanks Timbo

Edited By Allan Bowker on 03/08/2009 11:40:06

02/08/2009 14:03:31
No, I didn't get this from BRC, it came with the plane.
I know how helpfull those guys at BRC are.
I've replaced an item from there before with no quibbles. 
I will order a new one from BRC and have fun disecting this one

02/08/2009 13:41:57
OK so it was back to basic for bench testing.......I took it out of the plane and wired it back up as it was. This time however I was using a spare AR500 receiver.
(click on photos for larger version)

Double check to ensure the polarity is correct, positive centre, negative on the right.
Putting the meter on the output plugs.........drat, no voltage on either plugs.
Checked for switch position and reversed polarity too. Nothing, dead.

Receiver works OK on a direct supply, me thinks I need a new UBEC.

So if you think it's dead too Timbo, I think I will start taking the switch off,
hard wiring and doing further post mortem testing.
At least BRC sell them for £12.99, so should be an easy and fairly pain free replacement.

Edited By Allan Bowker on 02/08/2009 13:45:26

02/08/2009 13:22:02
Agreed Timbo the photo does make it look like the red wire is in the top which made me take another look, however it is in the middle pin with the black wire at the bottom, so was wired correctly, just a bad angle on the photograph.
I did think about the switch but have had it in both positions for all tests.
Good point Barry but all seems to be OK, I've more than tripple checked everything.
Just checked for voltage at the output of the UBEC and it seems to be dead.
Photo's coming up in a few mins.

Edited By Allan Bowker on 02/08/2009 13:24:45

Edited By Allan Bowker on 02/08/2009 13:25:23

02/08/2009 12:14:04
Hi Timbo, thanks for your input on this.
Yes, the UBEC lights are all lit up and seem to be funtioning normally as per the manual.
I haven't checked for voltage at the RX plugs, good idea.
The plugs are definately in the RX correctly, I've even tried reversing the polarity at the RX end just to negate any perculiarities.
I'm using a seperate battery at the moment as this is how it was configured, upon further inspection the input voltage is 6v-12.6v and the batteries that run the huge motor are 2 Zippy Rhino 5S beasties, so to much voltage for the UBEC.
As you have noticed there are 2 servo connectors from the UBEC, I have tried these in the Bat/Bind socket and both in the AUX.
Everything seems to be wired up corretly as if I remove the UBEC connectors and plug in a Ni-Mh battery directly into the RX Bat/Bind socket, all works perfectly.
Am I right in thinking Spektrum wiring is:
Red = positive
Brown = negative
Orange = signal.

Which wires do you think I have connected wrong? Which port?
I thought that the orange wire should be nearest the top of the receiver as pictured.
having fun as ever!


02/08/2009 00:31:31
I've bought a second hand Hanger 9 Funtana X100 and wow! what a lovely model, can't wait to fly it (come on weather!).
It came with a big Turnigy motor (.120 equivelent) ESC & Turnigy 8A UBEC
I've fitted my new AR7000 receiver into the airframe and started to wire it all up, only to come unstuck as I'm not getting any power to my receiver.
Considering this is the first time I've used a UBEC, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or maybe this UBEC unit has a fault.
HELP! (all links open in a new window)
The AR7000 passes a power test by plugging a regular Ni-Mh battery directly into it. I've been taxi'ing the plane around my drive for 20mins today
Thread: Scott's [BRC] Hawker Typhoon Mk1b
02/08/2009 00:14:18
Nice work Scott, great to meet up with you at Weston this year.
Always nice to put a face to a name.
Thread: Anyone know of any good Spektrum rx deals (AR500 / AR6200)?
02/08/2009 00:09:34
I tend to find that Spektrum receivers hold their price well compared to RRP, even second hand ones are only around £10 cheaper.
Average prices I've found:
AR7000 - £63
AR6200 - £50
AR500   - £37
Thread: Britflight Hustle
08/07/2009 13:14:26
Nice work Foggy
Thread: ESC Amp ratings
08/07/2009 13:04:30
I leave about 80% headroom based on advice from many sources (including this forum).
Thread: Hanger 9 - Pulse XT 60 - Electric Conversion Help
07/07/2009 23:22:20
Battery ordered from Maxpoly, I can only afford 1 at the moment.
Extra long prop adapter ordered from Robotbirds as the one supplied with the E-Flite 60 wasn't long enough to be safe with the spinner behind the large APC prop.
Money spent so far on this plane:          Just over   £550   (gulp)
Thread: Folding Prop Sizing
07/07/2009 22:35:52
I don't know Tim
07/07/2009 13:40:26
I think thrust is the order of the day Timbo because it's for a powered glider.
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