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Thread: Fly Baby
25/03/2009 10:06:53
That SIG kit is nice but more than my mate wanted to pay, I will tell him about it though, thanks Andy.
I have found an ARTF kit made in China by a company called "Blue Arrow".
Unfortunately it seems they do not sell direct to the public, only in bulk and the only supplier of the kit I can find so far is in the USA.
Manufacturers Site:
Just emailed the US distributors to see if they will ship to the UK

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24/03/2009 18:31:04
I'm looking for a kit of the plane "Fly baby". Anyone know where I can get one?
We don't want it to be too big or too small, perhaps a wing span between 50" to 80" or even some clear plans to build from (although kit preferred).
We will power it by IC or electric.
Thread: Enter our caption comp' here and win a prize!
24/03/2009 11:03:35
Sniffer dog helps to capture smuggling pilot
Thread: Motor / Battery Short Flying Time
17/03/2009 21:03:45
I'm having no luck at all on this.
It doesn't matter what settings I put that charger to, I only get 1-3min from the motor on full chat.
I have tried charge rates of 0.5A to 1.0A and DP settings of 3mV-25mV per cell.
Judging by all the other posts/threads regarding Ni-Mh batteries it's obvious that they are not the easiest of batteries to charge properly.
Saving my pennies now to buy that BRC brushless/Li-Po setup.
Oh and Dave Powers (of YouTube Fame tells me the Wild Hawk ESC is 10amp

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Thread: Painting Elapor
17/03/2009 11:46:20
Well thanks for your advice & tips guys. We have decided not to paint (for now at least) as there are plenty of stickers with the Multiplex Mentor.
If it starts getting 'hanger rash' or the odd 'ding' then perhaps a bit of filler and yet another sticker will do the trick.
15/03/2009 13:22:10
Just to confirm, you didn't use a primer then?
15/03/2009 11:57:54
My dad is considering painting a new Elapor based foam model (Multiplex Mentor)
Q: Anyone got experience of painting Eleapor?
Q: Does it crack or flake?
A quick look on tinternet suggests that there is a primer made by Multiplex to prep the Elapor surface first.
Q: What type of paint do you use after the primer?
Thread: Multiplex Mentor
14/03/2009 15:38:18
Got a call on Thursday night that a few Mentors and an even harder to find Spektrum DX6i had been delivered to Penn Models, my local shop. Quite a miracle really as on Wednesday I was told that there will be another 2-3 week wait.
So on Friday evening my father and I piled the boxes high on the counter and parted with a considerable amount of money.
Got the stuff home (it's like Christmas!) and took a good look at all the bits and pieces.
Exciting stuff, can't wait to start the build. Just reading the review again, this blog and the building instructions to 'gen up' on our journey ahead.
Thread: .30 Size Plane Ideas Please
13/03/2009 17:04:40
LOL - Yes Richard, although I already fly a .40 powered WOT4 and I'm looking around for my second WOT4.
For my own personal taste I would want something bigger than a .30 in a WOT4

13/03/2009 16:51:40
I think I like the blue best and the ZEN30 is also an ARTF.
13/03/2009 16:15:07
Wow yes, thanks, the Zen 30 looks great.
I will look up Peter Miller too.
Thread: Motor / Battery Short Flying Time
12/03/2009 20:46:19
That's a nice price, I think I will add that watt meter to my wish list.
Battery record so far:
Battery charged at 1.0A @ 10mV Delta Peak lasted for 2min 30sec on full power.
I will keep trying tweaks to the charge rate and DP to see if I get any improvements.
Obviously I don't fly about on full power all the time so I should at least get 5-8mins flight now time now.
What should I try first? +change to charge rate or +DP?
12/03/2009 19:10:23
LOL - So true - I've not had any problem getting to grips with Li-Po's.
BRC Hobbies have been helpful, Scott sent me a nice email regarding the brushless setup that Ken recommended in the previous post.
Well I was charging at 0.8A so I will try 1.0A charge rate with a 10mV DP.
I will baby sit the battery as advised.
I have my new April RCM&E to keep me quiet whilst I wait for the cooker.
I don't have a Watt's Watt meter to see how much the draw is, any other way of finding out? I guess not.

12/03/2009 15:15:16

Both batteries lasted all of 60 seconds.
I think I'm wasting my time with this 380 motor and unknown ESC.
I have had less trouble with Li-Po's.
[ Breathes.........counts to 10..........thinks ]
OK, I'm going to try these settings
Charge @ 0.5A and DP of 9mV
12/03/2009 12:10:06
OK, I will give these packs a fly and report back and then perhaps try baby sitting a higher DP charge. Thanks for your help.
12/03/2009 12:02:53
Battery number 2 has just finished cooking.
59min 21sec @ 9.5v (charge peak @ 10.4v)
Charger reports that the charge capacity is 790mAh
Things seem happier so far, I will try taking the plane out in a bit, see if this has done the trick. 
Would it be worth trying a slightly higher DP?
12/03/2009 11:40:01
The charger doesn't ask how many cells a pack has.
It only asks for:
Charge rate: (0.8A)
Discharge rate: (1.0A)
Discharge Target Voltage: (7v)
Delta Peak: (8mV / cell)

Charger spec says it can charge 1-14 cells on a Ni-Mh pack
I'm wondering if Dave Ashbys article tested this on other batteries?
It asks all the right questions for Li-Po's though, just a bit limted for other battery types.
12/03/2009 10:40:21
Charger only goes up to 25mV
It does imply however the setting is per cell
Display reads:

NiMH delta-peak-volt = 6mV/cell
We did try 6mV last night but that only charged the battery for 5mins
12/03/2009 10:19:46
OK, thanks guys. 
I just need your views on what I should set the DP value to now.
12/03/2009 00:19:06
Timbo / Ken
Battery stopped charging at 5min 40sec @ 8.5v straight off the cooker and down to 8v within 2 mins.
0.8A charge rate with 6mV DP - battery is barely luke warm, only just over room temp.
I can't set the discharge value to 1v per cell, only as an overall battery voltage.
So should I set the didcharge target voltage to 1v or 7v ??? (7 cell battery)
I'm guessing your going to get me to change the DP value again?
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