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Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
27/05/2019 23:46:57

Hi Tony,

Your Concorde is absolutely amazing, will you be doing a plan at some point in the future in RCM+E? I do hope you do as I'd love to build one as a tribute to my late mum and grandad as this incredible aircraft has a strong family connection.

Thanks again TN for modelling such a fine plane and doing it justice too, you are a master sir.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
13/04/2019 22:45:55

They look awesome Mr N!

A non vstol Harrier and maybe a A4 Skyhawk, Mirage 2000 or Puccara from The Falklands War could be good subjects also. The list is limited only by ones imagination really. Keep up the good work sir your models are simply awesome.

Kind Regards


Edited By Steve Adams on 13/04/2019 22:47:10

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Hunter & Phantom
24/02/2019 14:52:25

Hi Tony

Those mini jets look awesome! Another good one to consider would be the Panavia Tornado that's sadly retiring this year from active RAF service. The potential for aircraft to be done with these FMS fans is endless F35 JSF, F22 Raptor, F14 Tomcat, F15 Eagle(I know you done a pusher prop one years ago ) Thanks for all your designs over the years.

Kind Regards


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
06/01/2019 11:38:40
Hi Tony I'd love to throw an ME 262 and Gloster Meteor NF 11 for when and if your up to it if possible? Yes I know the above never met in combat but the NF 11 Meteor happens to be my personal favourite mark, and the ME 262 is just lovely also! I'm sure the next TN creation will be gorgeous regardless anyway I hope you get better soon Tony
Best Regards
Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
02/12/2018 12:35:55

Absolutely fantastic Tony,

I look forward to seeing it year's special eh? cheekylaugh

Thread: MAK 15 MP
09/09/2018 11:22:41

That's absolutely amazing Peter,

Very unusual and should be popular.Is it going to be ic powered or electric also what weight do you expect it to be?

What is the wingspan and will this be coming to RCM@E?

Kindest Regards

Steve laugh

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
27/05/2018 20:24:54

Denis Watkins,

I hear you on that but I'm rather impatient and really am climbing the walls to see hopefully the Revolver 2 in RCM+E as have always had a fascination with autogyros! I mean it is an absolute credit to it prolific designer Rich Harris

Kindest Regards All


Edited By Steve Adams on 27/05/2018 20:25:54

Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
20/03/2018 21:17:19
I am so glad to hear that you are doing this Concorde Tony. This aircraft in particular has a strong family connection as I mentioned before, my grandad helped to build this great plane(among others) and has always been a family favourite of ours. If anyone can do Concorde justice in model aircraft form it's you Tony. I look forward to seeing your progress on this fine feat of Anglo French engineering excellence. Kindest Regards Steve

Edited By Steve Adams on 20/03/2018 21:17:59

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
16/12/2017 01:27:32

I cannot wait t​o see the Richard Revolver plan in RCM&E such a great looking it going to be much longer now Richard as suspense is now killing me?!

​Cheers Steve

Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
11/10/2017 22:49:28

Fantastic Roll on the 2018 special!

​I would imagine the same principles could be applied to the Harriers replacement the F35 JSF. The latest Hawk is absolutely brilliant Tony and I thank you immensely for all of your plans that you have done so far...the Harrier though is something else though and if an F35 came into the fray one day that really would be some 'Next Level Sh..owmanship! That Pegasus fan is awesome to Andy Meade also is it functional and been tested in a model yet?

​Kindest Regards


11/10/2017 13:10:01

Hi Tony

is there any chance that you could produce a plan for your Harrier design to fly in conventional layout,but with a few suggestions(based on your personal experiences) for people to have a go at the VSTOL idea themselves? It would be a great shame to confine to the history books a design that you've worked so hard on just because of the complexities you've encountered and overcome with success as its a great design even if most will only achieve conventional flight

​Kindest Regards


Thread: More Re-visited RCM&E Designs
25/02/2017 15:16:16

How about the mini blitz,micro blitz by Dave Ridgeway? Maybe an Elf 20 by David Boddington Radio Queen,Tyro(normal size or major ) super sixty,super scorpion,junior sixty,spooky(gull wing) there loads,and all great choices!


Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
27/12/2016 15:53:21

Hi Tony,

I'm no expert at all! But how about fitting inside the Harrier some small robust helium filled balloons so you can have some just above ground buoyancy then let the propulsion from the swivel fans do the rest? This would hopefully mean that you could use lower powered fans and lighter batteries etc. There is no guarantee of it working,but would be a fun debunking experiment nonetheless!

Looks superb anyway though!

Kindest Regards

Steve laughyes

Thread: RCM&E December 2016 Magazine
17/12/2016 14:35:34

January 2017 RCM+E looks another corker,

But what happened to the Chris Golds massive Fiesler Storch being the free plan? Probably to big at over 100 ins!

Oh well still RCM+E is the number one model aviation publication in my mind!

Cheers Steve smileyyes

Edited By Steve Adams on 17/12/2016 14:36:10

Thread: Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie
24/10/2016 17:25:42

Wow That's Awesome Steve,

Are you going to model it and get plans into RCM&E? Unorthodox designs are brilliant and so different they just capture the imagination,which is what modelling is all about. A great find the Rutan Longeze and Acroeze would also make good modelling subjects AMS OIL and Pushy Galore also. Even if you don't model it thanks for sharing a fascinating subject sir

Kindest Regards

Steve laughyes

26/07/2016 11:13:11

It's Absolutely gorgeous,

Would love to see a plan of one by Tony Nijhuis in the magazine as prefer traditional balsa/ply structure.It is however something I could see Cyril Carr doing after seeing his Avro Arrow. Do you have any details of the wingspan,weight and turbine its powered by Peter?

Many Thanks for showing us all such a wonderfully unique,good looking,rare and undermodled British aircraft.

Kind Regards

Steve laughyes

Thread: Modelling your RCM&E Cap
18/07/2016 23:16:34

Agreed Shaunie,

I think The prestigious RCM+E cap and maybe the equally wonderful RCM+E tee shirt would make wonderful subscriber gifts particularly in the summer if no other time!

Kind Regards

Steve smile dyes

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
18/07/2016 09:56:15

An Amazing Machine Rich,

Congratulations you must be pleased with this one. It does look better than the Revolver 1 in that it looks very smooth and scalish. I think you have two winners on your hands with the one and two,can't wait to see the design/s

Published,Kindest Regards

Steve smiley

Thread: 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special- Free Plan Modellers Choice
08/07/2016 16:32:57

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know when we'll get to see some pics of this lovely Zero crafted by the master of warbirds and jets?

Must be half built now I would think,oh and that lovely Harrier....Absolutely awesome! I wonder what colours been chosen also.

Kind Regards

Steve laugh

Edited By Steve Adams on 08/07/2016 16:34:15

24/05/2016 22:21:39

Hi Tony,

Is there any update and pictures you have of the wonderful Mitsubishi Zero that you have yet Sir? BTW how's the experimenting going with that gorgeously fine Harrier going....Are you winning? Such a brave and noble project!

Kindest Regards

Steve laugh

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