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Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
05/01/2011 19:47:01
Good Evening All,
The Count On The Votes So Far Are.
ME 110 - 8 Votes
MIT Zero - 8 Votes
DH Dove/Devon - 9 Votes
P38 Lightning - 10 Votes
ME 109 - 14 Votes
Avro Vulcan - 16 Votes
Fairy Swordfish -17 Votes
DH Dragon/Rapide -21 Votes
04/01/2011 15:46:28
Hi All,
Will Get Right on to It Tone,will give the front runners as they emerge,as accurrately as i can. Cheers.
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011 - chat and FW-190 build
01/01/2011 21:19:34
Hi All,
If by some miricle there was a comercial aircraft chosen,it probably would be a good
choice if it forfilled all 3 rolls ie civil/military/comercial like say the DH Dragon,DH Dove/Devon,DC3/C47,Or the VC10(would love to see one in British Caladonian Colours!
All of these have forfilled the 3 rolls with success in fairly good measure.The VC10 Still does,as far as i know.As far as the voting goes hopfully most of us will be suprised in a pleasent way!................................Time will tell,good luck to all regardless of out come
01/01/2011 04:08:04
Hi Papa,
Happy New Year to one and all when it reaches you guys,did you see our display on telly in London? Got to be our best yet! I think your idea although suggested before is great, at
least Tony probably get more satisfaction out of something he would like,more than these heated debates! Still we are a democracy i spose,and evryone is entitled to his/her opinion.
                                                    Kind Regards
01/01/2011 03:38:38
I understand your veiws Erfolg and Barry,
But i do also beleive it is time to break the usual WW2 Trend,not that there is anything
wrong with them,coz there isnt! Is breaking the mould to hard for some people to
bear,or is it just out of their comfort zone? Remember guys does it really have to be military - WW1/2 to be iconic........I think not!  What i was mearly doing was agreeing with
Kiwi G With the decade thing example say 1950 to 1960 and get only the 3 choices
(like we,re allocated now) With a differance ie............................................................................
1) Military
2) Commercial
3) Civil
From the time period above(example) that way we would all get a vote in all of the above
3 allowing for a bit more choice other than war birds etc,after all Erfolg not every one wants fighters,there maybe novices out there that may want just 1 big easy build/fly trainer for their 1st model,please let us not get hot headed about this,it is only voteing for what we would like to see,some one some where is gonna be disapointed no matter what the choice!
                                                Happy New Year Guys
31/12/2010 20:59:43
Hi All,
I did do a rough count,and put it in the other thread,but you are all right the Mosquito is
winning.I do think that Kiwi G is right though,we should only have certain decades to
chose from.That way we could have something thats different thats still commercially
viable like i,ve already seen ie Boeing 737 airliner,you cant say that our American
readers wouldn,t like it,its American and they are very patriotic just like us Brits,or how
about Concorde loved and mised the world over.I think Airliners would be a nice way to
go,maybe one day!
                                                   Regards Steve Adams
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
31/12/2010 18:05:52
Hi Dan,
The Me 109 did get 13 votes forgot to include that,my bad! So you never know.
31/12/2010 17:27:28
Hi Guys,
I have had a rough count of the votes,its taken me ages! Here Go,s...............................
DH Mosquito - 22 votes
FW 190 Butcher Bird - 21 votes
DH Rapide - 19 votes
Fairey Swordfish - 15 votes
Avro Vulcan - 13 votes
Both The P38 Lightning and DH Dove/Devon Tie on 9 votes a piece! The Westland Wirlwind is on 4 votes from what i can see,sorry Barry! Please note all these are only rough counts,though as much as the mossie is lovely,surely 2 was enough from TN?
Anyway good luck one and all,those extra votes can tip the scales!
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011 - chat and FW-190 build
29/12/2010 20:11:55
Hi David,
Any Idea when the winner will be announced,or is it to early to tell?
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
22/11/2010 20:30:01
1 ] Avro Vulcan,loved Graham Dorshells 1 in a rival mag!
2] Handley Page Victor,So revolutionary for its time.
3] Either Concorde,VC10,TSR 2,My Grandad used to make parts for these in Weybridge,Surrey many years ago.Dont mind if pusher prop or EDF,Coz we all know its the scale detail that really counts,and who else is that best left with than TN.
                                                    S ADAMS
Thread: R/C Roamer vintage model
03/03/2009 19:42:27
Hi Peter,nice looking little model. Hows the testing going,and what did the original fly like?
Looking through my magazine back issues,i noticed that you did an enlarged version of
your Yuppy Love bi plane -circa Radio Modeller 1992! called Toot Sweet. Have you any
intention of doing a scale up of the American Dragon bi plane from about the same era?
You dont tend to see to many bi planes published in magazines,like you used to,its a
shame because the A D was very nice looking,rather like a bi plane version of the
Bellenca Skyrocket as i recall.Anyway enough of me rattleing on have enjoyed all of your
                             plans over the years,and look forward to many more
                                                          Steven S Adams
Thread: Fairey Battle scratch build
02/02/2009 21:41:49
Hi Adrian,
Love the pics of your fairy battle,and gloster javelin.The battle does look like it has retracts,what span is it? Also do you or would you intend on doing a plan for both these models,if there was enough interest?.....Would love to see the plan/s in RCM&E!
Thread: Pick a plane 2009
25/01/2009 19:41:20
Hi All, The three options i would like to chose are as follows 1] Gloster Javelin,2]Blackburn Buccaneer,3]either a Gloster Meteor NF 11-like the long nosed meteor!,or something a lot newer,but still rarely modeled a Lockheed F35 all EDF/Pusher Prop.Did try to post a few days ago cannot see my posting on here! Steve Adams.
Thread: Pick -a- 'plane discussions
22/01/2009 13:25:57
       Hi All these are my three for the pick a plane comp
       1] Gloster Javelin [EDF]
       2] Blackburn Buccaneer[EDF]
       3] Hawker Sea Fury[WW2]
       May i say  that regardless of what wins it,ll be a cracking model,coming from the
       board of the ever proliffic Mr Nijhuis.Good luck to one and all voting for a model &
       I,LL still buy the magazine!! Steve Adams.
Thread: Fantrainer
20/08/2008 19:08:00


       Hi Ken,                                                                                                                                                         

       I have looked through my magazine archives,and can confirm there is a Fantrainer model

       done as a free plan in the October 1998 Electric Flight International magazine( now called

        Q&EFI) It should still be available as a back issue,as Traplet publications hold most issues

        the model is around 36ins for a speed 400 motor,if you cant get this issue,i beleive they

        have the plan at about £5 add p+p hope this helps you,model is coming along very

                                                 nicely by the way stephen!

Thread: The Typhoon plan error
01/08/2008 19:31:00

 HI David, its steve adams again,i am so sorry about this i like many others bought a copy[2 in my case]

 1 for my collection!!..of RCM&E with the typhoon free plan in it,i did not realise there was a time limit to

  replacing this plan If possible,i will willingly post old 1 back

  to you[to prove im not pulling a fast 1! And will pay for postage of new 1,once again iam really sorry

  about this,hopefully you,ll be leanient with me!!

Thankyou very much.

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