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Thread: Modelling your RCM&E Cap
18/07/2016 23:16:34

Agreed Shaunie,

I think The prestigious RCM+E cap and maybe the equally wonderful RCM+E tee shirt would make wonderful subscriber gifts particularly in the summer if no other time!

Kind Regards

Steve smile dyes

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
18/07/2016 09:56:15

An Amazing Machine Rich,

Congratulations you must be pleased with this one. It does look better than the Revolver 1 in that it looks very smooth and scalish. I think you have two winners on your hands with the one and two,can't wait to see the design/s

Published,Kindest Regards

Steve smiley

Thread: 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special- Free Plan Modellers Choice
08/07/2016 16:32:57

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know when we'll get to see some pics of this lovely Zero crafted by the master of warbirds and jets?

Must be half built now I would think,oh and that lovely Harrier....Absolutely awesome! I wonder what colours been chosen also.

Kind Regards

Steve laugh

Edited By Steve Adams on 08/07/2016 16:34:15

24/05/2016 22:21:39

Hi Tony,

Is there any update and pictures you have of the wonderful Mitsubishi Zero that you have yet Sir? BTW how's the experimenting going with that gorgeously fine Harrier going....Are you winning? Such a brave and noble project!

Kindest Regards

Steve laugh

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
10/05/2016 17:34:05

Hi Richard,

Is the original Revolver still coming to RCM+E pages? Or is it going to be a revised smaller version,if this is the case could you make the plan for bigger and smaller versions? Bigger models do tend to fly better and seen easier however smaller models are easier to store,cheaper and get more in car take up less room! So they both have advantages and disadvantages. This one's been in the pipeline for ages....Oh well it'll be worth the wait as all your models are mate a breath of fresh air!


Steve laugh

Thread: Piper Pawnee
22/02/2016 23:46:42

Would be nice to see that in RCM@E Rich,

Would make a good indoor flyer to....If it were to be submitted is it worth giving your fantastic Uncanny design another go for resubmission as that was/is a great design from someone who is world renowned for producing auto gyros and being great at them to! BTW does anyone know when Riches Revolver is due?


Steve laugh

Thread: 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special- Free Plan Modellers Choice
19/02/2016 16:13:44

The Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero were the ones that was used in the Pearl Harbour attacks, so that may be the model with most significance to go for,having said that any of the A6M series would be good to do. Great sensible choice to make btw,should be popular!


Steve laughyes

15/02/2016 18:56:41


Must of missed that sorry,old age is a catch up....well I am 38 today! He he. Oh wow Tony is that a Harrier I spy, how's it going? That will be extremely popular like many of your others absolutely awesome!

Steve yeslaugh

15/02/2016 18:33:57

The Mitsubishi Zero is getting some more mentions now,very commercially viable I must say! A great plane, also you have the J2M(Raidon) Kawasaki KI61 ( Hien - Swallow ) Ki36 Ki100 (Tony) all good choices the same as a lot of others that have been mentioned on this thread. I think Tonys aiming for a compromise between cheap and simple builds with reasonably big commercial viability, and that's no easy task with so many good subjects out there!

Does anyone know when the choice will be announced?....The suspense is killing me!


Steve laugh

Thread: Mossie
14/02/2016 21:29:38

That's blooming Gorgeous Martin!

Looks like it has working navigation lights as well. I really wish I had your talent and patients to produce something this spectacular, it really is a work of art! So how many hours of time from start to finish have you put into this labour of love?


Steve laugh

Thread: 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special- Free Plan Modellers Choice
14/02/2016 21:18:48

That Fiesler Storch (Stork) on this month's cover looks nice as well. Would complement the TN Lysander as it was also a STOL observation plane,but OMG that cabin glazing wouldn't be easy in itself! surprise


12/02/2016 17:52:57

It would be interesting to see 3 view drawings of the Piston Provost and Jet Provost T1 laid over each other to see exactly how different they both are. Wonder when the decision will be made on which subject is chosen? If a bipe is chosen, I don't think TN has much to fear as he did a dogfight double SE5A and Fokker DV something or other years ago and although all balsa sheet I believe they performed well! May I say to Tony good luck with chosen plane,I'm sure it'll be one of your best yet!


Steve laugh

Edited By Steve Adams on 12/02/2016 17:54:14

11/02/2016 22:53:44


Yes I agree on both levels the Piston Provost is a lot different to the Jet Provost, I guess I was basing my assumptions on the Supermarine Spiteful / Attacker where Prop/Jet share at least the same wing! How anyone can think of the Piston Provost as anything other than a trainer is beyond me! I'm going to go with Percy as I believe it would make a great first low wing scale model,easy to build, no retracts and not a bad looker / different

All in all a nice plane and Not A Warbird!!

PS I'm hoping if it does get picked that TNs version will outshine the black horse one in all aspects, as I'm sure it will!

66/70 ins like his harvard at6 Got to be a fourstroke in this plodder though!


Steve laugh

Edited By Steve Adams on 11/02/2016 22:55:48

11/02/2016 22:02:21

I see on Tonys to do list there is a Jet Provost,

So I'm thinking that a Piston Provost would make a good complement to this also is there a lot of design difference between the Piston and Jet Provost?....Apart from the obvious! If by chance there isn't providing the PP does get chosen would it be difficult to make it into a 2 in 1 plan that allows you to build both the Piston and or Jet Provost from the same plan with mods needed either way? If that could be done then the commercial viability would double effectively at a guess, though I could be wrong of course!


Steve wink

Thread: Hornby at risk?
11/02/2016 21:12:02

Even when I was growing up in the 80s Hornby train sets particularly the 125,Mallard,Flying Scotsman were very much in vogue I had the 125. The best/Rarest. Train set to have was the A.P.T(Advanced Passenger Train) Hornby never made many owing to the short service life due to technical issues with the real one. I do hope that things can be turned around as just the same as Rolls Royce in the 70s getting bailed out by British Government its to important to lose,I also said that about MG/Rover in 2005 but the Internet and change of ways and attitude has changed and sadly it'll be an uphill struggle to pull things back up even if that's at all possible! I wish them good luck and hope they can stick around for many years to come. Every remember the boy getting the signal box for his dad's model railway from the yellow pages advert?


Steve smiley

Thread: 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special- Free Plan Modellers Choice
11/02/2016 17:09:11

Hi Guy's,

The Piston Provost would do it for me if chosen by all/Tony. No rigging or fiddling simpler build than the bipes,could handle a breeze better,not often modelled....Yep definitely a everyday clubmans scale model, and dare I say would make a good first low wing scale model! Whatever wins though Piston Provost or Hawker Hind / Hart / Fury etc will be awesome coming from TN....I look forward to the autumn special!

Kind Regards

Steve yeslaugh

09/02/2016 20:47:13

If the 2016 special is based on mentions and votes the Piston Provost Has it in the bag so far!

However as already mentioned maybe The great TN himself may possibly have a mindset on something already. Wouldn't be a bad thing either as this time around there seems to not be an overwhelming vote(scenario) winner which is strange as the TN pick a plane in the past years did. Maybe it's not strange though perhaps this time round most have been more imaginative with their entry's this time and that's great to see,better than the same old hum drum!

Kind Regards

Steve smiley

09/02/2016 00:10:53

I definitely believe the autumn 2016 free plan will end up being a slight deviation from the normal warbirds/EDF jets etc. I'm sure the model chosen will be well thought out both in build,scale detail as well as being a popular choice as far as how much it's liked by the wider audience, which will naturally go hand in hand with commercial viability. Will be interesting to see what choice is finally settled on either by TN himself or the wider community /both!

I love Tonys to do list as well with the Concorde, Vickers Valiant, H.P Victor,H.S Harrier etc....Just hope I can find a way to get rich quick so I can retire early to build and fly em!

The Piston Provost is a great plane,and TN could do it fantastic justice if he did model it,and yes I'd be rushing out to buy an extra copy of the mag. However the only doubt with The P.P is the commercial viability as previously mentioned......It's a really shame we can't have a twin or EDF this time round,but then that would open more cans of worms! Oh well what will be will be. Now if a sporty bipe like a Pitts Special or the P2 Prometheus were in the mentions for bipes that would get me drooling over a double winger defo mmmm yummy.......

We eagerly await TNs ultimate decision


Steve laugh

Edited By Steve Adams on 09/02/2016 00:33:18

02/02/2016 23:12:37

Hi Erf,

Your right about the bias towards British aircraft, however We did make some good planes! In fairness maybe the pick a plane for each year if one was done could be conducted on us forum's, nz,aus etc so a separate country each year gets its own choice published in RCM@E ie USA modellers choose Douglas Skyraider for the 2017 special, NZ modellers choose P-750 XSTOL(Pacific Aerospace ) 2018 special, AUS modellers choose a DE Havilland DHA-3 MK 3A Drover 2019 special etc although this may never happen this would be the most unbiased way I think. I myself can be bias towards siding with British Aircraft (love your list Tony btw!) but I do like other aircraft as well from other countries. Some Multi National planes are good for problem solving in the model aspect I would think ie EE Canberra/Martin B57,HS Harrier /MD AV8,F35 Lightning 2(JSF) etc. I definitely believe that the 2016 autumn special will be the most different and hotly contested/debated magazine yet, and if that's how sales can be defined these days it'll be a sellout!

Thread: New year caption competition!
01/02/2016 18:38:30

Coming to a show room near you......

The Kawasaki FPV MPV!(Multiple Plane Vehicle )laughcheeky

Edited By Steve Adams on 01/02/2016 18:41:31

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