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Thread: The Biplane Thread
11/11/2015 00:09:37

Hi Paul Blakeborough

What is that lovely bipe of yours? I seem to remember having a plan of your Fiat CR 32 bipe somewhere,was published in Radio Modeller in the middle 90s as a pull out plan around 54 ins. Must dig it out someday do you still have it?

Defo with KC and others get it in print mate,not many plans recently published for scale cabin biplanes your Fiat had good scale detail as I remember

Kind Regards Steve smileyyes

Thread: Mossie
08/11/2015 00:00:05

Hi Tony and Martin,

How much would you think that the Mossie bare airframe could be built for from mag plan, and equipping with motors batterys and retracts from alternative sources if shopping on a budget and how would it compare to the list above? Sorry to ask the questions about this and I know things will vary according to where people shop and price fluctuations etc,the Mossie like spit,lanc and hurricane are the sort of planes that almost all modellers want to aspire to but can often be put off buy costs. I like that Tony says that any of his models can be within most peoples budgets and of course he's right, we wouldnt have the yearly mag special otherwise and for that we are all greatful for Tonys hard work. Steve

Thread: Grumman Goose
31/10/2015 00:53:20

As a last ditch effort at keeping this thread and hope alive

If our wonderfully good hard working and esteemed editer has the plans for this Gorgeous Grumman Goose locked in his cupboard to bring them out and dust them off for printing purposes and publish them asap,as clearly the equally wonderful designer went to great effort producing this beauty and anything less than publication would be a crime against humanity!


Here's hoping in the everything crossed deptsmile p

Thread: 2015 Autumn Special
22/10/2015 18:35:10

I love the special as always David,

However I have to say seen as you've done a feature on water planes how about a water plane special for the next one with Lindsay Todds 2 Grumman Goose models the 60 ins as the free plan and the 76 ins as a feature plan with all info about getting started with water planes history of them and plenty of nice pictures to boot war birds and jets will always go down a treat and the specials to date prove that. I will one days get round to building a TN design but at the moment in building Robin Fowlers Curtis P36 Hawk featured in RCM@E some nearly 20 years ago now theres a very good chance it will be lighter than his prototype since we now have brushless motors and lipo technology .

Anyway congrats on another great special sir and may there be many more


Thread: Well That Didn't Take Long........
02/10/2015 21:17:52

Hi Guys,

Me and my partner both have diesel Cars and very happy with them my partner has a 2008 Kia Carens /Rhondo crdi which is beleive has a merc derived engine in and I have a 52 plate Vauxhall astra 1.7dti estate Isuzu engine mine chucks out a bit of black smoke under acceleration but I still only pay £130 a year road tax which isnt to bad for a 13yo car. If VW are in the wrong then they do need to pay for their mistake simple,but then it's a wake up call to any car manufacture to clean up their act and produce cleaner Cars. The Germans produce the best diesel Cars in the world's still i

Think,the same as the japanese produce the best petrol Cars....The Koreans well they are certainly getting there for sure. In an ideal World wel would all drive hybrids and Electric Cars or bubble Cars running on Radox now that would please government and fuel company's alike wouldnt it......Not


Edited By Steve Adams on 02/10/2015 21:18:37

Thread: Bambino free plan (Oct 2015 RCM&E)
25/09/2015 22:46:10

Good Evening David,

I know the Bambino is a simple design,but for the People who may want to build it that don't use the website and only buy the mag would it not be worth reprinting it to correct scale in RCM@E at some point in the near Future?

Only a thought,nice little design btw

Steve wink

Edited By Steve Adams on 25/09/2015 22:47:40

Thread: Ruhig Tigre Build Blog
15/09/2015 21:42:27

Looks great so far Stevo!

Keep up the good work. The Chorus Gull was re printed as a free plan in RCM@E a few years ago early 2000s I think originally a Brian Peckham model from the 80s I think Alex Whittaker revived it I think.

Is there any chance the ed may consider a re print of the Ruhig Tigre plan in RCM@E?

Steve smiley

Thread: Depron,Foam Balsa and Plywood
01/09/2015 20:51:47

Good Evening Guys,

I wanted to start this thread by asking you what materials you prefer to build with and why? I would also like to ask that in recent years there has been a surge in the use of depron particularly in Free Plan models ie C Carr And foamy Dave designs, now whilst I don't discredit this at all,I prefer traditional materials myself have any of you seen a free plan of a design but been put off because it's depron only,and have any of you had success or failure by making a plan model that was meant to be depron out of balsa and ply instead? I have heard of many successful models from plans made out of depron instead of traditional materials they were meant for, but not the other way around.


Thread: Caption this!
08/08/2015 00:50:47

You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off !!

Or maybe You guy's are really mugging me off with all your prop wash! cheeky

Thread: New Tony Nijhuis BAe Hawk EDF
26/07/2015 22:41:59


Would there be any chance of you possibly designing a Concorde one day in the future? We recently lost my mum quite suddenly and tragically on the 2nd of last month and at such a low age of just 56 years old. The Concorde has a special place in our hearts as a family and my mum also as my mums dad my grandad made parts for this plane among others at Vickers /BAC in Weybridge Surrey. Although I haven't built from any of your plans yet I have looked over a few and have found them to be quite straightforward and accurate to build from. I know it won't be just yet, but when you do have time eventually it would be great if it were the same size as the 49ins Vulcan.

Many Thanks


22/06/2015 23:59:32

Blackburn Buccaneer....and or a Hawker Siddley Harrier showing all mks VSTOL is just a dream for models,but oh how we can look forward to the future!


Thread: Cyril Carr's space shuttle.......
20/06/2015 19:26:21

I know that this is an old thread but....

Surely a plan for this would go down a treat in the magazine as it's an iconic aircraft, different and the fact that RCM@E has a huge following in the US and dare I say Russia as well would certainly be worth a punt as they were the two countries that operated it,so sales of mag should be high. Worth a thought?

Steve smiley

Thread: New Tony Nijhuis BAe Hawk EDF
19/05/2015 20:19:35

Absolutely Stunning Tony,

Will the plan be in mag before the mossie? Your persistence with these model jets seems to always pay off in the end this seems like the Vulcan were it not for the failure you wouldn't have had success. You truly are a master

Keep up the good work

Kind Regards

Steve yesteeth 2

03/05/2015 22:20:44

That Hawk looks gorgeous Tony can't wait for the flying report and plan in RCM@E any idea about which month it will be in? I really wish I had your talent to produce such incredibly well flying desirable aircraft!

Kind Regards


Thread: Mini Flying Machine
08/03/2015 21:52:19

I remember seeing a design similar to this around 1994 on the front cover of now defunct Radio Modeller.

Had a guy holding it next to Gray and Shane Harding (Small Model Association ) fame and. It was called Mean Machine I think. I have a feeling that there may have been a few versions of this,good looking plane plan would be good.

Steve smiley

Thread: New Tony Nijhuis BAe Hawk EDF
01/03/2015 18:42:56

That's a shame Tony,

But being a perfectionist with your plans that's how it has to be! I wonder what will be going in the spring special then....any ideas David? Mind you I don't mind surprises!


Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
22/02/2015 15:27:56

Hi Luckiest Pants,

Please could you tell me where you got those wheels from and the price as they look great and very scale

Kind Regards


Thread: New Tony Nijhuis BAe Hawk EDF
17/02/2015 22:43:13

Your becoming a dab hand at this edf malarky Mr N!

When this little beauty is done,will you do anymore edfs sir? If so I would love to see a Harrier, Meteor NF 11,or a ME 262 I really love jets as you can tell, particularly the classic ones are the best thumbs up

Steve smiley

Thread: RCM&E Springfield Bulldog
10/02/2015 21:14:23

Great video Erfolg,

Certainly seems a docile flyer in comparison to the Westland Lysander yet the look and proportions seem similar!

Obviously the Springfield Bulldog was designed before the Lysander, maybe Westland used the bulldog as the design basis?


Thread: no wonder the model shop is a dying breed
31/01/2015 00:00:05

It would be great,

If Hobby King or Horizon Hobby could maybe open stores /model centres in major towns or city's in the country and offer the same prices in store as well as online. This would be just like a set up like Sports Direct have, obviously lms would suffer,but you could offer owner better prospects working for the bigger company probably a better wage than he would make by running his store,no overheads for him to pay,plus be safe in the knowledge you have bought his expertise to be able to propel your business forward.....surely that's the right way to go isn't it?

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