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Thread: Got bored :)
23/11/2012 19:12:30

That"ll probably explain why you never went back Lol,

I used to fly up there in the 90s as a teenager i had an old telemaster 66 rather under powered on its old merco 29 and macgregor radio that was a good ten years older than me with button cells!

Im just getting back into hobby after a break,hoping to teach my kids as well as watching your build thread with interest.

Keep up the good work

Kind Regards


23/11/2012 18:41:24

Hi Tony,

all three of them designs of yours have great potential,either as mag plans or kits.The EDF reminds me of a Heinkel design from the fortys! Your profile states that you are from Surrey,which part and have you ever flown up chobham common etc?....Sorry to asksmiley


Thread: Dawn Flyer
05/11/2012 18:30:20


a really great model Lindsay i hope u get it published like u have already with some of your others!!

Speaking of other designs of yours,would u know when the Grumman Goose/Duck may be coming?

Keep up the good work

cheers Stevesmiley

Thread: Tim's Next Project
21/10/2012 22:41:13


How about an Avro Commodore,or a Miles M39? saw them on wikipedia...just trying to think out of the box for you nowsmiley though im no good at uploading pics so you may have to check them out!wink 2

Regards Steve

10/09/2012 21:09:41

Hi Tim,

Sorry for being to wild with the Fairy Rotodyne,by any ones standard it would be a great acheivement to even make a safe and successfull model of this one flying as i have now seen!!......i guess i just thought that being unusual + british it had perfect recipe for youembarrassed

however maybe something like the Kit Fox hi wing mono plane could be a good practicle subject?...its a home build as the name suggests + would compliment your speed twin.

How about a DH Chipmonk,or a Beaver to worthwhile aircraft that should be popular as well!!

Anyway regardless of what is chosen im sure it will be fantastic,+ i,ll buy the mag or plan because the chosen aircraft Tim chooses will have bags of character even if its not the prettiest plane in the proven with the Siebe l!!

Kind Regards to all Stevesmiley

04/09/2012 21:50:39

Hi Tim,

dont know whether it would be to complicated or not,but i would love to see a plan of the Fairy Rotodyne!....having said that if that is to o.t.t how about a nice classic british jet fighter of maybe a Gloster Javelin or Blackburn Buccaneer?...whatever the chosen aircraft will be im sure it would have bags of character being designed by Tim....the piston provost sounds good to Christian!....SA Twin Pioneer could be woth a look as wellsmiley

Thread: Debutante
21/04/2012 00:24:13

Thats really nice lindsay,

it reminds me very much of ken shepperds Spartan Chief Executive in Radio Modeller in the mid 90s

based on that peter miller is exactly right,you could easily pass it off as scale! It would suit fixed spats/pants or retracts i reckon! Is there any news with the plan on the Grumman Goose/Duck yet david or lindsay? i think it was built before Debutantethinkingsmiley

kind regards all Steve

Thread: Blackburn B2 - a 30's bipe with a whole lot of shiny bits!
09/10/2011 14:43:33
HI Tim,
Another interesting subject you have there,looks a little like a Stampe bipe.As regards to when you do cover how about nylon stockings,covered in dope? Read it in a mag AMI Along time ago,gives a nice light and durable finish!
Regards Steve.
Thread: Pics from your free RCME plan build
26/09/2011 19:59:51
Wow Mowerman and Jim,
you have been very busy with the mag freebees.Theres No doubt about it RCM+E Plans are the best in the world,and long may they continue!! They are an integrel part of the mag,and and make it what it is.Thanks to Ton for a Cracking thread,Looking forward to that Corby,and maybe some EDFs in the future?
Best Regards,and keep em coming all Steve
Thread: Peter Twiss
03/09/2011 18:05:48
It is Always sad to hear when any accomplised pioneer passes,whether it be modellers,Like David Boddington,or Full size Engineers Etc These people were real pioneers without them the world of aviation would have been and is much the poorer without May they rest in peace.It is also a shame that we probably wont ever see people like this again either,at least for full size anyway as gov doesnt want to invest in science or engineering,all they seem to do is give our hard earned cash to others that dont often need it,or use it for war etc,then waste countless more fighting in afghanistan,and Libya.
Charity Begins At Home,Not X,000s of miles away!!
Thread: A Fairey Rotodyne Story Revisited
06/08/2011 16:33:44
Sorry Peter,
What I was Meaning by "In House Designers" Was regular contributers like yourself TN,LT,TH Etc....Now i stand corrected!!
Humbled Steve.
05/08/2011 15:50:09
Hi Rich,
Your model flys really well! It would be fantastic if one of the in house prolific designers that we have here,to make a nice scale Rotodyne,and sent the plan in to RCM+E ......question is who would be up for the challenge? As all of the designers are all good at what they do,thats what i like to see something that breaks the mould,inovative,and british absolutly fantastic!!
Regards Steve.
Thread: Opinions wanted on new design
03/08/2011 15:45:35
will you post a vid of it on here when it does fly......successfully of coarse it will i have no doubts!! Love to look at the vids on here,its as good as getting the mag plan each month. Cheers Steve.
Thread: Agritug
03/08/2011 15:35:17
Hi Tony,
As regards to the wheels,Mabe some Spats/Pants would look good?
....Just a thought anyway!!
Thread: Opinions wanted on new design
03/08/2011 15:30:10
Have a word with Graham or David on it when the time comes! Very clean lines could be quite fast me thinks,I take it you have your own laser cutter then? Congrats on your new design anyway,tis nice to see something home grown and different!
Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
29/07/2011 21:24:18
Danny the attention to detail on your spit is simply awe inspiring! Bet you spent more hours on the finish than building it? Its that good it would make a good museum piece along side of the full size,if it still exists that is.I would be to scared myself to fly it,even though thats where iit belongs!
Thread: Clean Sweep!
28/07/2011 12:40:17
Hi Perttime,
What i ment was a speciffic plane that was designed for racing on the reno circiut,not a souped up or modified warplane,as much as some do look good most notable the Dago Red Mustang,i think that ww2 planes are to precios to tamper with in anyway for that,but then thats just my opinion of course! But a specific racer for reno races designed in britain,now that would be something,and clean sweep just so could be scale! Hope someone in the US does make a real one of it,would be nice if they did especially if it won!! Just hope if it was to happen Tim would get some credit as he deserves. I think this plan will be extremly popular,just like the scale Rivets published a while back in RCM+E!

Edited By Steve Adams on 28/07/2011 12:43:36

27/07/2011 16:22:47
It really could be a reno racer,that Tim,
absolutly stunning! Would not surprise me if someone in the US gets the plan for this,and make a full size.Just hope you get royaltys from it,if it went in to production as you deserve! Imagine that a reno racer designed in the UK!..Unheard of isn,t it?
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011 - chat and FW-190 build
26/07/2011 20:28:00
sorry chaps ,
just keeping thread alive but as lionel richie would say "Hello..Is It T We,re Looking For"
T as in TN!
 Got to admit it does look lush erfolg,would also be nice to see an EDF ME262 That size
as well.Any pics of the one day to be published in RCM+E Vulcan as well Tone?

Edited By Steve Adams on 26/07/2011 20:37:41

24/07/2011 23:23:16
Any chance of a flying vid Tone?
If it flys as good as it looks will be another cracker for the portfolio!!

Edited By Steve Adams on 24/07/2011 23:23:52

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