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Thread: Pick a Plane 2011 - chat and FW-190 build
26/07/2011 20:28:00
sorry chaps ,
just keeping thread alive but as lionel richie would say "Hello..Is It T We,re Looking For"
T as in TN!
 Got to admit it does look lush erfolg,would also be nice to see an EDF ME262 That size
as well.Any pics of the one day to be published in RCM+E Vulcan as well Tone?

Edited By Steve Adams on 26/07/2011 20:37:41

24/07/2011 23:23:16
Any chance of a flying vid Tone?
If it flys as good as it looks will be another cracker for the portfolio!!

Edited By Steve Adams on 24/07/2011 23:23:52

Thread: Total insanity.
22/07/2011 13:25:24
Thats Madness Gone Wrong!
I Have 2 Classics in their box brand new untouced with receipts still(although 15 years old!) They are an MDS 38 Q Pro,and an Irvine 25 MK3 TBR ABC and if i could get that for the pair of them id sell tommorow!! Surely they would be worth the money more? when you consider the Irvine was Made In England,unlike modern ones now made in china.
Thread: Lindsay's flying boat/sea plane
20/07/2011 21:57:42
Imagine doing a Saunders Roe Princess as a mag free plan,gonna have to go over 6 issues at least i reccon!! Would be a real builders model,based on waiting for the complete plan! LOL.

Edited By Steve Adams on 20/07/2011 22:02:15

Thread: Spot the plane 3
20/07/2011 21:32:27
71 + 72
Thread: Clean Sweep!
05/05/2011 19:55:19
Kinda reminds me of Terry Eatos Freebird,featured in RCM+E in the early 90s.Got some hints of John Rutters designs in There as well! Looking forward to this one,its nice to break the mold,once in a while,showing your wild side now Tim.A hearty Congratulations to you sir!
Thread: Siebel Si 201 build with lots of pics
29/03/2011 00:50:44
Ton one last question before bed,for me!
Are you going to be doing any/all of your designs in mabe RCM+E plan form,over the comming months or Years.....however long it takes,like Tony Nijhuis does with his designs,but offers the kit as well,or is their to much on to early to tell? What i ment was the RBC range of goodies,How about a Dassault Rafale nice and streamlined compared to eurofighter typhoon,probably a bit ruff and ready,like us brits in combat,so typhoon suits us! nice simple model by the way,should fly well congrats Steve.

Edited By Steve Adams on 29/03/2011 00:58:54

28/03/2011 22:31:24
Sorry for hijacking the thread,but Ton,When is Your next plan for RCM+E? Hope its an EDF Design,ive got to have me a Yak 23!....But Alas Cannot afford a kit.By The Way both you and tims designs and builds are both refreshing and awe inspiring from the forty "box with wings" that can be seen to often at local clubs,Keep Up The Good Work Guys!
Nuff Said......Ill go now.
Thread: Twin Comanche
21/03/2011 16:43:33
All I Can Say Is NICE,And What A Craftsmen You Are Wolfie!
Thread: the first tiger cub microlight
10/03/2011 13:12:58
That Would Make A Great Model,Wouldnt It? Wonder If Peter Miller Would Do Something
Like That.Would Make A Great Plan,Or perhaps Ones Been Done Already?
Thread: Tip of the day!!
25/02/2011 04:28:40
Other Classics Incude-
Dont Try To Run Before You Can Walk!
Its No Good Having Champagne Tastes,On A Lemonade Pocket.
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011 - chat and FW-190 build
15/02/2011 18:44:02
Im With You BEB On That One!
A Multi Purpose Airliner With Caracter,Thats Commercially Viable,Will Be A Real Treat
For Every one Who Enjoys The Build Side Of Things.......................Cant Wait For The
Vulcan Either! We Are Really Privilaged To Have designers Like TN,PM,LT,TH etc........
Really Kicks The ARTF Boys into Touch!
Regards To All
11/02/2011 19:18:58
I,ll Second That Will F And Erfolg!
Would Be Great If The 190 is done as a 72 incher Like Latest Spit,But I Feel It Would Most Likely Be A 46-62 inch,as Tony And David explaind That For Free Plan Purposes
The 72 Was Just Not That Practical. A Good Size Though None The Less....I Would Settle With A 62,Whats 10 Between Friends? NO RUDE COMMENTS PLEASE!
Appologys for not being able to have another re count before David And Tony Computer
had to be De Fraged by a Mate
01/02/2011 16:55:15
Are you doing the Vulcan Plan Tone? Or is it by one of our other in house designers, will
have another count,but cant make any promisis on acuracy,that is best left to the true proffesionals like yourself,and our other talented designers...........................oooohhhh
how i envy you guys ..sigh!
26/01/2011 19:35:30
just to let you guys know,
there has been no fresh votes for a couple of days by the look of it,I think Tonys doing
a count in about 3 or 4 days time,has the FW190 Got it in the bag,or will the DH Dragon
Rapide make a late dash for it?.........Its tense,but exciting stuff! Whatever the winner,it
will be a worthy one,good luck to all the front runners i cant wait.
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
24/01/2011 21:20:39
Hi Guys,
Vote Counts So Far Are-
FW 190(All Variants) 30 votes!!
Mosquito 28 Votes
DH Rapide 25 Votes
Fairy Swordfish 20 Votes
Avro Vulcan 17 Votes
ME109 16 Votes
P38 Lightning 13 Votes
DH Dove 11 Votes
Zero 9 Votes
ME110 9 Votes
So we have a new winner at the mo with the FW 190.....This is fantastic news! However it
can all change with the click of a mouse! Still Rooting for the DH Rapide myself,guess
i like to chase the dragon! The FW 190 Is No Less A Worthy Winner Though It has to be
Thread: EDF40mm twin TSR2
17/01/2011 14:59:58
Hi Andy,
That is great to hear,I like you and many really dont understand why the govenment
axed such an advanced aircraft.It would have more than paid for it self with orders from all over the world,a bit like the SR53.I would compare it with Frank Lampards goal
in the world cup just gone,dis allowed but clearly a winner,so sad,but hey thats pollotics for you!
                                                  Best Regards
17/01/2011 12:04:11
Hi Andy,
Comming along nicely,my grandad made parts for this and others including
concorde over at Vickers/B.A.C in weybridge surrey,we ended up buying ex vietnam
F4 Phantoms off the americans because "THEY WERE CHEAPER" The tite wads!!!
Lovely Subject,Any chance of a plan for this and your others,for good old RCM+E?
PS Should be a little pocket rocket i reckon!!!
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
08/01/2011 17:21:18
Hi All,
May I First Apologise To BEB,And Other Moderaters-sorry about that.Votes are as follows
FW190(All Variants) 27 Votes
Mosquito-27 Votes
DH Rapide-21 Votes
Fairy Swordfish-17 Votes
Avro Vulcan-16 Votes
ME 109-14 Votes
P38 Lightning-11 Votes
DH Dove/Devon-10 Votes
Zero - 9 Votes
ME 110 - 8 Votes
Plenty of Scope Then For The FW190 Or DH Rapide,Am Personally Behind The Rapide
Think About It Guys-Military,Civil,Airliner,Twin,Bipe,Challenging.............It REALLY Has it ALL!
                                                       Kind Regards To All
05/01/2011 19:51:39
FW 190 - 21 Votes
.................................And you Guessed It The DH Mosquito Romps Home At Mo With...........
                                                            A Stonking  25 VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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