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Thread: Ben Buckle Junior 60 Electric conversion build
17/01/2019 08:17:40

Hello Bob C

The little HP VT 21 will proably fly the Flying Quaker as it has a much lower wing loading than a Junior 60. I use a "Double Hi-Lube" fuel from Southern Modelcraft in southern England in the HP VT 25. **LINK** This has an oil content of 18% half of which is castor oil and half of which is synthetic oil. I have not had any trouble with the engine gumming up with this combination.

However, the last time I tried to fly the Junior 60 with this engine their was insufficient power to permit a take off. The same situation applied the previous time I tried to fly the model so we hand launched it.

Why this was the case I've no idea but I converted the model to electric power.

I plan to fit the HP VT to a Peter Russell STOL but I probably won't live long enough what with other projects getting in the way! wink

I use the Junior 60 as a basic trainer with wobbly, nervous, elderly beginners. I find that even using my biggest batteries the flight times are not long enough and with electric power you have to make sure that you don't flatten the LiPos to such an extent that it is difficult to recharge them again. I have toyed with the idea of converting it back to i/c power as I have subsequently acquired an as new ASP 30 four-stroke which should suit it very well.

One of the "projects" mentioned above is something called a Guidato which is similar to a Junior 60 but with a tricycle undercarriage.I will probably fit the ASP in that. I've never seen a Guidato in the flesh and it will make a refreshing change to all of the more regularly produced vintage models. I may adopt a more conventional wing structure though. **LINK**

As for the wheels they were something I picked up cheap at a show! Not sure whether Trexler wheels are still available but you could try an on-line search. Let me know if you're unsuccessful.

Pictures of my converted Junior 60 below with and without the graphics.j60 in winter.jpg

junior 60 in flight.jpg

Edited By David Davis on 17/01/2019 08:19:15

Thread: Roy Scott's BE2e: a little mathematical problem.
16/01/2019 19:05:50

To do that I would need to know the dimensions of the real engine!

16/01/2019 10:45:32

Thank you KC and WS.

Multiply by ten and divide by six. I believe that the fashionable expression is,"Doooh!"

Actually I'm sending a note to Vacuum Vortex to see whether they can make up some cylinders for me. I can make up the rest of the engine from scrap.

16/01/2019 09:54:38

I have been building a 1/6 scale BE2e for some time. Other projects have got in the way!

I have an accurate drawing of the BE2's engine in the May 2008 copy of "Flying Scale Models" but it is to 1/10 scale. Maths was never my strong suite, a bare pass at O Level, so by how much would I have to increase the size of the drawing to arrive at 1/6scale.

Please show your calculations. wink

Thread: Motorcycles and model flying
14/01/2019 18:40:32
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 14/01/2019 18:33:17:
Posted by Don Fry on 14/01/2019 17:04:53:

Get a Jap bike and don't break down.

It would be easier to tell you what didn't go wrong with my Yamaha 350 (YR5) and the Honda 400F I had suffered from a self destructing fuse box, the 2 Moto Guzzi's were quite reliable, and I understand the modern Triumphs are every bit as good as their Far Eastern brethern

Triumph Sprint RS

14/01/2019 10:16:08

I used to put free flight models into a large carboard box which I attached to my back with two pieces of string. I used to ride the five or six miles to Forton Aerodrome from my home in Shrewsbury on my Raleigh Junior bicycle which my parents had bought me for passing my Eleven Plus exams!

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
12/01/2019 18:12:08

You'll love it Graham.

be2e sunday 9th april 2017 no 1.php.jpg

Thread: Reserve Model engine choice for the Coupe Des Barons Competition.
12/01/2019 07:00:46

If I may crave your indulgence one more time gentlemen I have a question about propellers. I find that I already own three 10 x 8 APC propellers which I've never used. I will use these for the speed events as suggested above. For the baguettes and limbo rounds, where sheer speed is not so important, a 13 x 5 propeller was suggested. I cannot find a propeller of this size with any supplier but a 13 x 4 Wide is available from Steve Webb. So three questions:

  1. I have 13 x 6 and 14 x 4 props in stock. Could I use one of these on a 52 four stroke?
  2. If not can you suggest a supplier of 13 x 5 props?
  3. Given the choice between a Wide prop and an ordinary prop, which would you recommend for this purpose?

Boris has had so many engine changes that the firewall looked like a piece of Swiss Cheese so I filled all of the holes with dowel, all thirteen of them, and epoxied a 1mm pice of ply to the front.Subsequently, the firewall has been fuel proofed with epoxy resin and a Magnum 52 has been installed.

thirteen holes.jpg

Thread: Need a new pilot ?
11/01/2019 09:39:35

Thanks for the link Ron.

11/01/2019 07:14:27

I always used to buy pilots from Pete's Pilots because I thought that they were more realistic-looking than the dolls which are available elsewhere! The chap on the left for example.

I understand that the business no longer trades. Anybody know where I can get something similar?


Edited By David Davis on 11/01/2019 07:21:40

Thread: Laser 180 Petrol
09/01/2019 14:48:11

Jon, are you saying that you are looking for people to buy and test-fly a pre production GA25, which I take to be a 25cc petrol Laser? If so put my name down for one and I'll shove it in the WOT 4 XL.

Thread: Oracover Brushed Aluminium Film
07/01/2019 14:05:44

I used Oracover/Profilm on the Telemasters without a problem.

Rapsody in Blue!

Thread: DSM Smart Move or similar Pattern ship - circa 80s/90s
06/01/2019 16:29:06

Thanks Percy and Cymaz, I'll look into it when I've finished other projects.

Where do I get blue foam from?

06/01/2019 07:55:30

I bought a much neglected Smart Move off eBay a year or two back. It lacks a cowling. Anybody have a spare? Anybody any other ideas?

Thread: Keeping Warm In Winter Weather
05/01/2019 07:53:47

Tee shirt, underpants and thick socks. Thick woollen or padded shirt and lined trousers. Topped off by National Coal Board overalls, Australian Bush Hat and hiking boots.

fun fly apres maiden. (1).jpg

Sometimes I even wear a padded fleece over that lot!

Thread: Reserve Model engine choice for the Coupe Des Barons Competition.
04/01/2019 18:16:44

This is a picture of the 2018 survivors, plus a few odd components. I count 23 intact aircraft but some of those have been repaired during the course of the competition. Since 68 Barons started that's about a 66% attrition rate!

the survivors.jpg

My club are entering a team of seven this year. I'll let you know how we get on, it's a long time till September!

04/01/2019 08:20:33

Wise advice from many quarters.

To summarise the existing situation: I already have one Baron which I have called Boris because he is finished in spoof Russian WW1 colours. I do not usually give my models names or genders but I've made an exception in this case. He was built from a standard Baron kit which is over-engineered in my view with too many wing spars and 6mm plywood forward fuselage. This produces an unnecessarily heavy model so with the Reserve Model I'm going to make something lighter. Boris is currently fitted with an SC 32 two-stroke but I'm thinking about replacing it with a Magnum 52 for this year's competition. That said Boris has had so many different engines installed, even an electric motor, that the firewall looks like a piece of Swiss Cheese!

I will be fitting an OS 52 Surpass to the Reserve Model. I was tempted to fit an HP VT 49 but those engines are extremely heavy and not very powerful. You can get a few extra points if you use a period engine mind!

The tailsurfaces have already been built and covered and the wing construction is well advanced. The Reserve Model's wing is based on a Super 60's three-spar and sheeted leading edge construction but with the Baron's thinner wing section. Full depth dihedral braces will be used.It should be strong enough.

I need to build a new fuselage for it and will probably knock about 20mm off the nose. I shall be using basswood for the longerons and 1/4" balsa for the nose sheeting where the kit uses thick plywood. Pictures of Boris's kit-built wing and fuselage below. Do you think that I should reinforce the nose area with thin plywood doublers on the Reserve Model?

As for constant practice, that's why I'm building two Barons. If I damage one in practice, I still have another one to fly. The Reserve Model will be finished in inter-war RAF colours and it will be called Bertie!

bare fuselage (small).jpg

baron fuselage (1).jpg

baron wing awaits cenre section sheeting. (small).jpg

03/01/2019 14:03:39

To find out how much flight time I will have, I intend to put the engine on the test stand and run it flat out on a 6oz tank while timing the engine run.

Would there be any merit in shortening the nose bearing in mind that the engine is heavier than the 3.5cc two stroke which the model was originally designed for?

Edited By David Davis on 03/01/2019 14:04:01

02/01/2019 19:00:41

First rate advice as usual Erfolg!

02/01/2019 17:01:50

In the group picture which I posted at 10.00 this morning, the winner is standing at the extreme right with the model finished in inter-war American training colours. He used an OS AX 35 with an aftermarket exhaust. Heaven knows what fuel he was using, the rules allow up to 50% nitro, but the model went vertical!

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