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Thread: Pink and Purple Super Sixty
10/04/2020 08:18:13
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 09/04/2020 21:56:05:

David, could you not cover the model with Oratex white or cream and then spray it pink and purple with rattle cans. Might be quicker than polyester lining material which presumably is doped on?

It's an idea Piers. I wonder how much weight would be added.

Just at the moment I'm swinging back to using film. Practicality and speed of construction trumping airframe strength and tradition.

Thread: Poly -C
10/04/2020 08:13:43

Just a brief word to the wise, Fly Boy. If you cover the airframe in doculam or mylar and then dope the tissue over the top, the finished job will be much more puncture proof than tissue alone.

Just a thought.

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
09/04/2020 10:56:33
Posted by fly boy3 on 03/04/2020 16:07:20:

Not sure about myself yet, but it's a fact wildlife will benefit. No shooting. fishing and hunting. I do hope that some European countries have stopped the killing of millions of song birds in miles long mist nets. Sorry if slightly off topic. Cheers

I had a visitor earlier this morning.


deer april 2020 (1).jpg

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
09/04/2020 10:21:50

Two years ago I stalled my WOT 4 XL on landing and broke its back. I was going to throw it away until saw how much a replacement would cost. I repaired it and fitted my old Laser 150 V twin to it. There are some advantages to this lock down aren't there! smiley

There's still some work to be done but what size propeller would you recommend with this combination Jon?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
08/04/2020 17:30:11
Posted by fly boy3 on 08/04/2020 17:22:27:

Hi John, love this type of model, must be an age thing. Has it got a name ? Cheers

It's a Quaker Flash isn't it?

Thread: Pink and Purple Super Sixty
08/04/2020 10:41:40

OK you win!

I spent over thirty years shining a seat with my trousers for Her Majesty. As a result I have a pension which does enable me to pay £60 for a kit of parts. It's just that I was brought up to be careful with money and old habits die hard. cheeky

Secondly I cannot bring myself to cover a Super 60 in film though I think I saw a few finished in this way in 1971! So I'm looking at polyester dress lining over doculam and using water-based Eze Dope, three "firsts" for me.

I've had two Super 60s in the past. I built the red one and bought the red and yellow one which was a genuine Penn Models Super 60. Penn Models used to supply them ready built and covered. Every one I've ever seen was four channel with a Cub Yellow fuselage and red wings. I crashed both of them on consecutive weekends through flying across the disc of the sun on landing approach. I've learned to turn before the sun since! I got an extra set of set of wings when I bought the Penn Models Super 60. The red one could be flown three-channel.

super 60 squadron 2.jpg

super 60 merco 35 up.jpg

As for wings falling off, this is what happened to a Telemaster 40 I had. I was trying to sell it at the time, demonstrating its docile flying characteristics but they don't fly very well without the wings do they?

rip t40 (1).jpg

Finally for those who are interested, this is the lady concerned with Your Humble Servant and "Bertie," my entry in last year's Coupe Des Barons.

trish me and bertie.jpg

07/04/2020 17:39:36

Nylon is a bit time consuming and they don't make Solartex or Oratex in pink or purple. I intend to power it by a Twister electric motor. That's pink too.

07/04/2020 17:21:36

I'll probably just cut a couple of plywood templates as Kevin has sugested and make up a set of ribs. £60 was a bit more than I was thinking of spending on the project and I've got plenty of balsa.

As for the pink and purple finish, does anyone make a transluscent film in those colours?

07/04/2020 15:31:55

Thank you gentlemen.

07/04/2020 15:24:45

My partner, already very proficient on the simulator wants us to build a Super Sixty so that she can learn to fly on it. She insists that it must be finished in pink and purple! Well at least we'll be able to see it!

To make the job easier I thought I'd order a ribset from a firm which advertises on eBay. The firm makes quite a range of ribsets for lots of traditional models but can I find it?

No I can't!

I'm sure that one of more tech savvy gentlemen will be able to find it for me.

Thanks in anticipation.

Thread: Light Relief
07/04/2020 11:06:42

If you are tired of living under house arrest, here's something to amuse you. I have been known to perform at open mike nights. Several local musos have been putting videos of themselves on a well-known social media site, presumably using their Smartphones. I'm such a Luddite that my mobile phone is the dumbest of the dumb phones, it won't even work as a camera, so I can't participate and while I'm (in)famous for singing serious and sad songs, John Gregory, a retired English firefighter, sings the most witty songs imaginable. For some reason most of these postings make the musicians look as if they're left handed when they're not!


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
05/04/2020 11:56:05

Thanks Jon.

05/04/2020 09:10:03

I am building a Big Guff, an eight foot wingspan vintage model and one of the first model aeroplanes to be designed specifically for radio control. It will be powered by a Laser 70. Picture below of its fuselage and tailplane at a static exhibition which we held last month before the lockdown.

big guff fuselage at exhibition.jpg

A Canadian called Charlie Chomos has built one powered by an early OS 60 FS, the type with the exposed valve gear. These were not very powerful engines but Charlie's turns a 16x4 propeller.

charlies big guff 2.jpg

The maximum size prop recommended for a Laser 70 is a 14x4 or 14x5.

Is a 16x4 too big for it?

PS. My Big Guff will not look anything like as good as Charlies!

Thread: Converting C/L model to RC
04/04/2020 14:38:25

The Nobler is also available as an r/c conversion.


04/04/2020 12:22:03

There's a model called the Coy Lady which I've always admired. CL 727 in the old Aeromodeller listings. Stretch the fuselage a bit and it would make a good electric flight conversion with that slim fuselage. it's available as a download on The Outerzone. **LINK**

Thread: Peter Russell's Models. Anybody know what happened to them?
04/04/2020 11:50:03

I thought that the Big Guff may have survived and ended up in the collection of some vintage enthusiast. I know that some of Chris Olsen's models still exist so I was just wondering whether any of Peter's were still around. They were contemporaries after all.

Edited By David Davis on 04/04/2020 12:00:28

04/04/2020 11:12:15
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 04/04/2020 10:43:53:

It's possible they were subject to the usual attrition models are prone to. There might be some corner of an English field wherein lie the ashes. Or they may have been binned as the years took their toll.

I suspect it's 30 or more years since many of these were built, how many models survive that long? BTW you missed STOLs off the list!laugh

Good point Bob. I must be getting old, it only seems like yesterday since I took that picture and yes I did miss out the STOL and Striker is spelt with an i and not a y! wink

I picked up a fuselage and tailplane of a STOL from the Boot Hill Corner of the Shropshire Model Flying Club years ago. Never got round to building the wing and gave it to a Scotsman I'd encountered on these pages while he was on holiday in France last year.

04/04/2020 10:17:06

It was Peter Russell's enthusiasm for Walt Good's Big Guff in his book "Vintage Model Aeroplanes," which inspired me to order a short kit from Laser Design Services in the USA. The Big Guff was one of the first model aeroplanes specifically designed for radio control. I saw his model fly at Old Warden in the Nineties.

peter russells big guff..jpg

I was working on my Big Guff last night when an idle thought crossed my mind, "What has happened to Peter Russell's models?" Unless they were thrown away, someone must own them.

Peter also designed the 362 and 363 deltas, the Stryker aerobatic model and some early small electric powered models. He was also a regular contributor to RCM&E for several years.

It's just a thought.

Thread: When to Maiden your first new build?
03/04/2020 09:57:44

Is it a Boomerang Richard? They are my favourite 40 sized ARTF trainer.


Thread: The Big Guff.
03/04/2020 09:23:53

Well I found enough little nuts and bolts for one wing and managed to get the top wing sheeting onto the starboard wing yesterday. It's amazing how even 1/32" balsa sheet makes the wing so much more rigid. There's identical sheeting to go onto the underside of the wing too.

have i used enough pins (1).jpg

have i used enough pins 2.jpg

Do you think I've used enough pins?

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