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Thread: Model suggestions?
21/10/2020 08:58:01

+1 for the Telemaster but I'm biased as i used to import the kits! wink

Telemasters were/are available in a range of sizes but my favourite was the Telemaster 40. It is easy to build being mostly straight lines, it has a six foot wingspan and flies very well on a 40 two-stroke or electric equivalent. Plans are downloadable from The Outerzone. **LINK**

This is mine in flight...

Rapsody in Blue!

...and what was left of it after the elastic bands or dowel mounting failed. crying One day I'll build a new fuselage for it.

rip t40 (1).jpg

I have flown several Super 60s, indeed I'm building one now, but the Telemaster 40, being a bigger model is less heavily loaded and flies very slowly and gracefully.

Edited By David Davis on 21/10/2020 08:59:46

Thread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling
12/10/2020 06:19:33

My pet beef is verbal rather than written. KiLOMetres rather than kilometres. We don't talk about cenTIMetres or miLLIMetres.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/10/2020 08:42:42

The fuselage and tail surfaces are from a Precedent/SLEC T240, the wings appear to be from a Majestic Major. Plans should be available for both.

Thread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling
11/10/2020 08:12:32

I have met builders and engineering technicians who would struggle to write a grammatically correct article but who are very competent in their work.

I was told by my English teacher when at school, decades ago, that spelling was only standardised in 1870 when education for children in England and Wales became compulsory. Apparently Shakespeare used to spell his surname in several different ways as the mood took him.


Edited By David Davis on 11/10/2020 08:37:46

Thread: Any comments?
08/10/2020 08:22:03
Posted by kc on 07/10/2020 18:00:30:

If only the the people now on the BBC were as well spoken we might even be happy to pay for a TV licence again!

They all speak like that near Oswestry!

Thread: DB Sport and Scale Skyrider
05/10/2020 13:55:11

I am staying with my partner in Somerset for the next three months or so and I'm considering building a Skyrider, partly to fill in the time and partly because it would make a good second model for her; we are already building a Super 60.

I am away from all of my i/c stuff so if I were to electrify this model which motor, LiPo and ESC would you recommend?

Thread: Older Learner, First Kit Build, Electric - suggestions please
04/10/2020 17:03:09
Posted by Jonathan M on 04/10/2020 14:49:27:
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 02/10/2020 11:26:03:

There's an illustrated build thread on a Chris Foss Uno Wot here. Uno Wot Illustrated Build

I was interested to read that it flies very much like a powered glider and is happy on a .25 or .30 engine.

Interesting further discussion, thanks chaps.

Robin, that is very useful to hear, and puts the Uno Wot into pole position, especially for the learner in question! There's a very good argument that older, less confident guys should start learning to fly on a well-mannered powered glider. So it sounds like the UW would be ideal as a combination of conventional trainer with taildragger U/C and soarer-like characteristics... as well as being the most robust.


Edited By Jonathan M on 04/10/2020 15:12:59

My memory of the Uno Wot was that it did indeed fly like a powered glider not surprisingly really when you consider that Chris Foss has built some of the most memorable slope soarers, but it is a fairly quick powered glider. I think you'll need to keep your elderly trainee on the buddy box for a bit longer Jonathan, before he solos with it.

03/10/2020 07:58:45

My Big Guff, shown in the picture I posted yesterday, featured slotted spars on both the wing and tailplane. With a fully sheeted leading edge they are very stiff structures but I don't do any aerobatics with the model.

wing construction (9).jpg

02/10/2020 07:38:54
Posted by Jonathan M on 02/10/2020 07:19:53:

Interesting feedback, thanks.

Robin - Unfortunately there aren't any examples of the models shortlisted in the club for the guy to have any 'taster' flights. The closest I've got him towards a proper heavy trainer is my IC Boomerang on the buddy-box a few weeks ago, but in a moment of personal inattention coinciding with his own moment of sudden confusion and radical loss of height downwind, I failed to take control back fast enough to prevent a fuselage-shattering accident, which of course set his confidence back somewhat! However I've almost finished putting it all back together with a replacement fuselage, and intend to get him back on it as soon as the weather allows....

I did that! I gave the trainee too much time to correct his mistakes. blush Beloved Enya 50 survived.

enya 50 and boomerang.jpg

Slightly left field suggestion would be a DB Sport and Scale Skyrider, though perhaps that would be more suitable as a third model. Certainly cheap enough.

Edited By David Davis on 02/10/2020 07:58:45

Edited By David Davis on 02/10/2020 08:05:02

02/10/2020 07:13:48

My partner and I are currently building a three channel Super 60 which will be powered by an electric motor. I will post pictures of the installation later. The kit comes with very comprehensive instructions.

The Junior 60 was my first successful r/c model but if I it was the Flair kit based on the stronger 1957 version of the Junior 60. If I were to build another I would buy the Belair Kits Junior 60 parts set. **LINK**

The Unowot was my second r/c model and a fine flyer which I regret selling. Not a traditional build but a very sound aeroplane with a good instruction booklet.

Nothing wrong with a light foamie as a first aircraft for for an elderly beginner and nothing wrong with a three channel model either! wink

maiden flight.jpg

Thread: Ebay sellers...
23/09/2020 16:15:25

Nice patina. It would look good in a wine bar!

Thread: Return of the SMA
22/09/2020 15:42:25
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 22/09/2020 15:11:56:

... Personally I would have a limit of, say 2cc for glow, as this allows engines with more than a token silencer, so they could be flown at normal club fields. Having said that, I would then have competition for all those gorgeous OS10s, SC12s and AP09s on Ebay...


I'd favour 2cc for diesels too. That way we could dig out our old SD Competition Specials!

Thread: Flair Puppeteer Help Please
21/09/2020 15:12:24

I had a similar problem with the cg on a 1/6 scale Roy Scott BE2e. Different aircraft of course, two seater, 80" wingspan. The plan shows the cg on a line with the rear cabane strut. I flew it like that but had to play a tune on the sticks at the same time. **LINK**

The cognoscenti advised me to move the cg up to the middle of the front cockpit. I melted a lot of lead into a sardine tin. BE2e in flight 2nd august 2020.jpg I fitted that under the engine, it's easier to fly now but I've found out that with both the Puppeteer and the BE2, you have to fly them right down onto the ground when landing. They don't glide very well!

Thread: Vintage model ID please
21/09/2020 10:06:42
Posted by BikerDon on 20/09/2020 22:10:39:

My flying buddy Steve bought her today at the Model Air show at Old Warden today, I'm envious obviously wink

Lucky fellow!

Thread: Flair Puppeteer Help Please
20/09/2020 14:00:22

A lot of people struggle with flying the Puppeteer with the CG in the position as indicated on the plan, including me. I believe the c/g is shown at 130mm from the upper wing leading edge. Try it at 110mm.

Thread: Which mounting screws for AXI 2820/12
20/09/2020 11:21:32

I have one of these motors fitted to a double size Tomboy. Several months ago I bought a box of over 1000 socket bolts on eBay. Each bolt is either M2, M3,or M4. I used M3 bolts to secure the motor to the model. Maybe the threads in the motor casing have been damaged.

completed job (1).jpg

Thread: Vertigo
19/09/2020 12:20:21

The plan and wood packs are available from Sarik. **LINK**

Thread: Spektrum Tx and Rx compatability, or binding trouble
19/09/2020 11:10:39

+1 for the Spektrum AR410.

I have one in a vintage Big Guff which took me 14 months to build. If I didn't trust the receiver I would never have installed it. Very easy to bind.

maiden flight.jpg


Edited By David Davis on 19/09/2020 11:13:23

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
17/09/2020 09:42:42

...and this is mine!

uproar 17th sept 2020 (3).jpg

Chris Olsen Uproar. I've not had much success with this model. The first time I crashed it occurred  because I didn't understand computer transmitters. (Futaba FF6 remember them!) and had insufficient down elevator movement to allow me to get the nose down when the engine had cut. I repaired the model, started the engine, took off turned across the wind then with the wind and suddenly I had no control.

Hoping for third time lucky.

Note the immaculate workshop and the paint splashes. wink

Edited By David Davis on 17/09/2020 09:51:08

Thread: Got away with it!
12/09/2020 09:44:02
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 11/09/2020 12:00:36:

After I converted my old Veron Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter to 3S electric power I found that the biggest problem with take-offs was that opening the throttle too quickly caused an instant 90 degree turn to the left, opening too slowly allowed for ground loops to develop. If kept straight it would float off the ground in a few feet, maybe 5 yards on a flat calm day, but the challenge was in keeping it straight long enough for the rudder to become effective. Tailskids are a real pain! At least it flies well enough once it's up, it must do as it reached 40 years old this year cake

Interesting. Did the model exhibit the same characteristics when it was powered by an i/cengine Bob?

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