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Thread: new to flying
22/07/2018 10:28:18

Hi Chris!

Wecome to the forum. I've no wish to deflate your enthusiam but I agree with all of the advice which has been profferred above. I'm not an especially competent pilot myself but I am a recognised club-level instructor by the national bodies of two different countries.

My experience leads me to the view that you start off with a high-wing trainer, initially on a buddy box with an instructor and when you can take off, fly circuits at a more or less constant altitude, fly horizontal eights and land the model you should consider moving on to a high-wing sports model like a WOT 4 and use that to learn basic aerobatics. After that a low wing sports model like an Acrowot to get used to flying something a little less stable and then fly your Spifire.

Mr Wheeler, who lived in the last house in the street in which I grew up, flew a Hurricane during the Second World War. He started on the Tiger Moth before moving onto the Miles Magister. Then he was sent to Canada and the USA where he flew the Stearman and the AT6 Harvard before they would let him loose on a fighter. After the Hurricane he flew both the Tempest and the Typhoon.

You get my drift.

P.S. If you're more than about 45 years old you may be better off starting with a three channel model such as the Parkzone Radian or any vintage model before going on to an aileron trainer.

Thread: If the ground had been two metres higher, the landing would have been perfect
21/07/2018 05:19:41

Even with the Enya fitted, which is lighter than either of the Lasers, the model flew with considerable up trim. However, I'd fitted the battery beneath the fuel tank so I'll remove it and refit it well to the rear. I hope I haven't epoxied the thing in!

I have ordered a 12oz tank from Radio Active.

20/07/2018 15:44:32

Would it be simpler to mount the V Twin inverted?

Edited By David Davis on 20/07/2018 15:54:04

Thread: Geoffrey Wellum
20/07/2018 12:49:37
Posted by Adrian Smith 1 on 20/07/2018 12:23:06:. As one of the surviving ATA lady pilots says the Spitfire "was a lady in the air, but a bitch on the ground!"...

Not as bad as the Messerschmitt though!

Thread: If the ground had been two metres higher, the landing would have been perfect
20/07/2018 12:41:48


I was once asked on some forum which was my favourite model. I chose my WOT4 XL powered by an Enya 120 four-stroke, the cooking engine not the R type.

4  maiden.jpg

While flying it was enjoyable I made a complete holicks of the landing one day and the model dropped straight down from a height of six feet or more onto its wheels breaking the fuselage in half. I put the two halves into the cellar and forgot about them until last week when I was burning undergrowth from my orchard. I picked up the XL intending to chuck it onto the bonfire but before I did that, I visited Steve Webb's website to see how expensive a replacement was.

At over £183 a pop I decided to have a go at repairing it! I pushed the front onto the back as well as I could. I had aligned it as well as possible but there were some bits of wood missing so I fitted into a SLEC fuselage jig and pinned it in place with cyano. It's a shame that I hadn't taken a picture of the two fuselage halves but you'll be able to see the repairs later.

Brief Autobiographical Tangent.

The man who first got me interested in aeromodelling was my Uncle Geoff, my mother's sister's husband, who was a draughtsman and who built superb models during the Golden Age, mainly free flight gliders like the SATU and Jinx. This would have been 1959 or 1960 when I would have been 11 or 12 and he would have been in his early 30s. Within two years he had died of cancer but before he died he gave me all of his models including an incomplete double sized Vic Smeed "Tomboy" which he had drawn up himself. Spool on thirty years or more and I built the model and installed a radio.

double sized tomboy.jpg

However, the fifty year-old wood in the fuselage was very weak so I built another fuselage using cyano throughout. I was very much a beginner at the time and my transmitter didn't have a buddy box facility. Somehow I got it into a spiral dive which hit the ground with great force and all I was left with was a Vintage Yellow Solartex bag of balsawood sticks! Every glue joint had failed. Since then I have only used cyano very sparingly when building models preferring aliphatic on most joints.

The Revival!

Given my previous experience with cyano I was surprised at just how strong and rigid the repaired fuselage was once I'd removed it from the jig. I decided to reinforce the joints with glass fibre mat and resin. Some of it is wing joining tape, some of it is finishing cloth and using glass and resin is not my strongest suit as the photographs below will attest to, however, the repairs have now been reinforced. Having sanded away some excess glue the original servo tray was fitted last night.

I still need to scarf in a few pieces of wood and add a little filler before recovering the fuselage. I also need to repair the elevator pushrod but the repairs are going ahead steadily and I may even fit a glider tow release.

wot 4 xl (1).jpg

wot 4 xl (2).jpg

wot 4 xl (3).jpg

wot 4 xl (4).jpg

Laser Dilemma.

For some time I have been telling my French clubmates about Laser Engines but I haven't had one in a model for years. I thought I'd take the opportunity to replace the Enya with either an old Laser 150 V twin I picked up for strong money at an auction in Exeter a long time ago, or with a brand new single cylinder 155 which I've never run.

My head says fit the 155 as that's just a straight swap. My heart says fit the V twin but there are problems. I cannot fit the stock fuel tank high enough in the model to ensure a good fuel flow to the carburetters. I can squeeze two six ounce SLEC red tanks, one for each cylinder, next to each other in the fuselage but I cannot get them further forward than the F1 former and that may upset the centre of gravity. The other alternative would be to cut away the balsa wood block on top of the fuselage, between the F1 former and the firewall and fit the two tanks from the top but that would involve a certain amount of grief.

I have asked Jonathan Harper at Laser's for advice and he says that an uncowled V twin in a WOT 4XL looks like something out of Mad Max.

I quite fancy a Mad Max WOT 4 XL!

Any advice will be gretfully received.

Edited By David Davis on 20/07/2018 12:46:30

Thread: Geoffrey Wellum
20/07/2018 11:19:01

Thank you Geoffrey Wellum and all who served in the Battle of Britain.

In March my model flying club in the middle of France put on a static display in a local village hall. I was pointed out as an Englishman by one of the locals and a man came up to me and told me that he had built a model Spitfire in honour of those who had given the Nazis their first set-back. He went on to say, "Without you, we would all be speaking German today."

They have not been forgotten even in the middle of France.

Thread: How many do you have in stock?
20/07/2018 05:12:43

I forgot to add the models which are in flying condition to the original post.

  1. Flair Junior 60. Restored and electrified last year.
  2. SLEC Fun Fly. OS 40 FP.
  3. Seagull Boomerang ARTF trainer fitted with a Meteor 60 engine!
  4. Another ARTF trainer called a "Primary 40. Irvine 40.
  5. Baron Models "Baron 1914." SC 32.
  6. Roy Scott BE2e. OS 70FL.
  7. Senior Telemaster. Thunder Tiger 91FS.

I have just been given a large electric powered foamie B17 Flying Fortress by a clubmate because the instructions are in English! The model is equipped with flaps, a retractable undercarriage and a bomb bay! The wiring is an electrician's nightmare but it all seems to be there and it only seems to require me to swap two Deans plugs for XT60s to match my LiPos.

Watch this space.

Edited By David Davis on 20/07/2018 05:13:27

Thread: Recomended Engine Sizes For Ben Buckle Kits
19/07/2018 14:32:16

I used OS 48 and 52 four-strokes in my Radio Queen before I sold it. From what I can remember I had to fly it round on less than 1/3 throttle. One day the club's chairman turned up with a newly built Radio Queen fitted with an Enya 40 four-stroke which was probably the least powerful four-stroke 40 ever produced. It flew it beautifully.

A Radio Queen was the first model to cross the English Channel powered by a 3.5cc diesel. Mind you I'd caution against using an engine that small for general purpose flying.

Which kit were you thinking of buying Dai and which engine do you intend to use?

radio queen and t240, forton, 2007..jpg

Thread: Re-covering a WOT 4 XL fuselage with Profilm/Oracover.
18/07/2018 07:56:02

I've run out of Balsaloc lads but might try the watered down PVA trick.

18/07/2018 06:35:47

It would have been a perfect landing if the ground had been four feet higher than it actually was! In the event the XL stalled and thumped onto the tarmac runway. The fuselage snapped in two!

I have stripped away all of the fuselage covering and glued the fuselage back together. I intend to strengthen the joints with fibre glass tape. However, when the model was in serviceable condition and simply required a few cosmetic patches I found that the patches would not adhere properly to the plywood of the fuselage and soon became detached.

What was I doing wrong and what should I do to ensure a better adherence between the plywood and the Profilm?

Thread: Holding Your Nose
15/07/2018 10:00:02
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 13/07/2018 16:59:51:
Posted by David Davis on 13/07/2018 16:57:34:
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 12/07/2018 16:21:03:

Its a pointless test that dates back to the early days. With modern engines that have considerably better fuel draw and/or are pressurised its really redundant....

What about us cheapskates who use old engines to power our models, e.g, the Meteor 60 I have in the Boomerang trainer? wink

As pointed out on the other thread, they should stop burning their money on a stash of kits and buy some new engines

I bought three from you last year. Just haven't found the time to build any of the kits for them! cheeky

Thread: Your favourite 3 songs
14/07/2018 06:41:16
  1. Standchen ... from Franz Schubert's Schwanengesang. D957.
  2. Nancy Spain ... Christie Moor.
  3. My Old School ... Steely Dan.


  1. Entry of the Queen of Sheba ... from Handel's Solomon. HWV 67.
  2. When Annie Took Me Home ... Tom Paxton.
  3. Sympathy For The Devil ... The Rolling Stones.

Thread: Holding Your Nose
13/07/2018 16:57:34
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 12/07/2018 16:21:03:

Its a pointless test that dates back to the early days. With modern engines that have considerably better fuel draw and/or are pressurised its really redundant....

What about us cheapskates who use old engines to power our models, e.g, the Meteor 60 I have in the Boomerang trainer? wink

Thread: How many do you have in stock?
13/07/2018 13:34:17
Posted by McG 6969 on 13/07/2018 11:58:34:

@ David > regarding the Stampe Monitor, I suppose that is the French Farman version?

May I ask you where your kit comes from? I would like to build an SR.7 myself.

Thanks in advance



The Stampe Monitor was a Skyways Model short kit. It is no longer in production.I haven't even opened the box!

It appears that Mason's Models have reintroduced some of the Skyways short kits but not the Stampe. **LINK**

13/07/2018 12:11:42

Tom, I haven't had a SWMBO for twenty years!

Bob, the Flying Flea is not really a kit. There is a story behind it. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

My best friend was a lad called Michael Harker. We used to sit next to each other at school and we played together in a number of bands. He was the lead guitarist, I was the front man. Sometimes I'd strum a rhythm guitar if we couldn't find anybody better. In 1997 he was diagnosed with leukaemia. It took him five years to die of the disease and at some stage between 1997 and 2002 he expressed an interest in building a model aircraft. He'd already got a private pilot's licence so he was interested in aviation. I suggested that he build a trainer but they were insufficiently interesting to him so he started to build Bob Wright's Abbot Baynes Flying Flea. He was a handy lad, better than me at most things. He had cut out all of the parts and gave them to me when he realised that he wasn't going to be around to finish it. Since he died they have remained in a box on my shelving.

You're right Bob. I've got two building boards, I ought to make it a priority. At 70 I don't know how much time I've got left.

13/07/2018 10:01:19
Posted by SR 71 on 13/07/2018 08:17:24:

The OP seems to have money to burn...

Yes I do! wink

13/07/2018 06:45:47

On 19th May 2017 I had the following unstarted kits, incomplete airframes and projects, and I am about to order another vintage kit!

Model Aeroplane Kits

Fokker DVII
Stampe Monitor
Flying Flea
Supra Fly
ARTF Acrowot

Incomplete Airframes, Repairs and “Projects.”

DB Sport and Scale Auster
KK Outlaw
North American AT6 (two off.)
Mick Reeves 1/3 scale Sopwith Camel
DSM Aerostar
Majestic Major
Double Sized Tomboy
Roy Scott BE2e

Since then I have built the Baron, a French trainer from the 1970s with which I competed in La Coupe Des Barons in June of this year: **LINK** I also built an aileron wing for it.

I managed to crash my ARTF WOT 4 XL by stalling it on landing and breaking the fuselage in half. If the ground had been a metre or a metre and a half higher the landing would have been perfect! I was going to throw it away because after all it was "only" an ARTF, but I discovered that the new cost of this model is £183 or €207, $241 US or 16488 INR, so I'm going to have a go at repairing it in a jig!

My normal size WOT 4 also needs a little attention, the engine mount has come loose so that will take up a few hours.

I turned 70 in March.

Including the new kit I will have 19 kits or projects to keep me busy. I participated in an on line survey a few weeks ago which predicted that I was going to die at the age of 84. That means that I have to complete 1.4 models per year to get rid of them!

How many "projects" do you have?

Happy Landings

PS. I have been doing a fair bit of instructing recently, so over the last year I have also assembled two four-channel ARTF trainers , (it's always good to have a spare when teaching novices!) and I renovated my old Junior 60 as a basic trainer and converted it to fly on electric power.

PPS. The Mick Reeves 1/3 scale Camel was given to me by my club's president who did not have the time to finish it. The Camel's previous owner, was a professional violinist who had once played with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. He was a superb builder who had never quite learned how to fly a radio controlled model aircraft before running out of time by dying first! The basic fuselage stands like a piece of modern art in the corner of my study. It would not have been my first choice but I suppose I'm honour-bound to finish it.

Thread: Hawker Hurricane MK1
13/07/2018 05:30:36
Posted by James Thomas 2 on 25/06/2018 09:11:11:

What Nationality is the one with blue Spinner? Never seen that fin flash before...

South East Asia Command. I believe that they removed the red from the standard roundel so that aircraft could not be mistaken for a Japanese aircraft which were marked with a red disc.

Thread: Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??
12/07/2018 19:12:30

Woodvale Rally.

I was there as a schoolboy spectator in the early Sixties. The finale of the day was watching three "full house" aerobatic models fly together. At least one of them was a Chris Olsen Uproar, maybe even the Chris Olsen Uproar. Three unsilenced 10cc two strokes. You don't forget that sound!

Edited By David Davis on 12/07/2018 19:13:06

Thread: Fed Up!
12/07/2018 09:22:07
Posted by Andy Meade on 12/07/2018 09:03:15:

I'm not sure population size is a good measure of quality. The USA didn't even make the group stage, for example.

.. and you can only field eleven players at the same time!

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