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Thread: I know that this is a long shot but...
01/05/2019 06:13:45

Having inspected my Laser 62 I see that it has "62" stamped into the mounting lugs. I thought of filing the number off and entering the competition with an over-sized engine.devil

By last night, having reached the stage where the fuselage, wing and tailplane had been built, I put them all together to admire my handywork as you do! I then went outside to bring in the washing. Having come back into the workshop I looked at the model again and thought, "That starboard wing looks a lot closer to the table than the port wing." I cleared the table of debris and found that after sixty years experience of building model aircraft, I'd built one wing with 2cms (just over 3/4" more dihedral than the other! Divine retribution?

Only two things comfort me:

1. The competition is not till September.

2. My camera battery is flat and refuses to take a charge so I cannot show you the evidence!

Now where's that carving knife. angryangryangry

PS. I'd thought of running a PAW Shaun but I'm a fourstroke man at heart.

30/04/2019 14:53:22

I've got a Laser 62. Mmmm...devil

30/04/2019 12:38:25

As many of you know I will be entering la Coupe Des Barons, (The Barons' Cup,) in September. **LINK** For this year's event the size of eligible four-stroke engines has been increased from a 40 to a 52. I have already re-engined the model I used last year, Boris, with a Magnum 52.

baron ready for the coupe (2).jpgI am in the process of building a second Baron in case I plant Boris just before the event! blush

I plan to finish it in inter-war RAF colours and although I have an OS 52FS ready to install, I thought that as an Englishman flying a model in RAF colours it would be "ubercool," as young people say, if it could be powered by an English engine.

I'm not interested in running a two-stroke and I realise that the Laser 45 and Laser 50 are rather rare but if anyone has one in running condition which they are prepared to part with, I'd be interested.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
29/04/2019 07:20:57

SUA? Sports Utility Aircraft?

Interestingly enough, here in France each model has a seperate number, and I thought that the weight limit was 800 grammes but old age, seventy-one, plays tricks with the memory! smiley All of my models are well over 800 grammes anyway.

I assume that if you sell a model to another person you have to remove the number and he has to register it again.

Picture of my foamy electric trainer's number below.



Edited By David Davis on 29/04/2019 07:22:04

Thread: U/C fixing
26/04/2019 11:46:53
Posted by Mike T on 26/04/2019 10:14:20:
Posted by Allan Bennett on 25/04/2019 20:50:55:

A friend of mine at the flying club used that solution, but the trouble is the nylon bolts keep breaking almost every landing. He wants to use larger diameter nylon bolts, but the captive nuts are inaccessible so he can't change them until the bottom plate comes off again.

An old friend had a Wot4 with the u/c bolted this way. A less than perfect landing was accompanied by a sharp 'click' followed by many expletives.

Proper nylon bolts will snap near the head as Don says and I'm convinced that coloured ones are worse due to being adulterated by the pigment, so I always use the 'natural' (off-white) type.

You could try using the bolts made by SLEC, which seem more flexible. I'm pretty sure these are polythene or polypropylene.

That's been my experience too Mike T! I use black bolts for wing bolts and white bolts for the landing gear. smiley

Thread: Hi, I'm Robin
22/04/2019 09:23:47

Welcome Robin from a fellow builder! Though I have an electric model and appreciate its usability, I'm an i/c man through and through, fourstrokes for preference!

Thread: Please answer the following two questions if you can.
14/04/2019 07:37:04
Posted by Paul Marsh on 13/04/2019 16:24:39:

" I have around 580 models, think there are 4 that need repairing or finishing off..."

I think that Paul was using hyperbole, a deliberate exaggeration to express effect, e.g, "I could eat a horse between two mattresses!"

If he does have "around 580 models," I for one, would be interested in finding out what they all were and where he stores them!

13/04/2019 13:58:14
Posted by Don Fry on 13/04/2019 11:37:52:

I'd have a good look at the 3 extensive damaged ones. Do you really want them? Is the only reason they still exist because you can repair them, but can't actually be bothered. If you broke them up, they would cease to bother your Khama, and your mind can return to important stuff.

End of day, blessed with the ability to build, why value the wrecks.

Ah, there's a certain amount of emotional baggage attached to the wrecks.

  1. The oldest wreck is a Chris Olsen Uproar a model which I've admired for more than fifty years. The port wing snapped off in a crash. I have to decide whether I build another wing or try to repair the existing one.trying it out.jpg
  2. The second one is a WOT 4 XL which I enjoyed flying but I stalled it on landing and snapped the fuselage in half. My landings have improved since that incident! I have repaired it and fitted it with a Laser 150 V twin. The fuselage needs covering and the film on the tailplane is in a pretty sorry state so you know where this is going don't you? If I've got to cover those two components why not the wing as well and have a WOT4 XL in a unique colour scheme? That would look grand!
  3. Finally there's my long suffering Junior 60. I converted it to electric power over the winter and crashed it in the following way. I was flying my SLEC Fun Fly when the engine cut as the model was climbing. I shoved in down elevator but there was no response and the model crashed to its doom. Completely beyond economical repair. Feeling that it was necessary to get back on the horse I flew the Junior 60. It went into a spiral dive over a wood which I was using to get some lift. The cognoscenti diagnosed transmitter problems so off it went to the menders and it has been alright since. This model was my first successful radio controlled model though it's a bit like Trigger's broom! I'd like to repair it and give it to my trainee pilot, "The Man With Two Left Hands," once I've finally taught him how to fly. Please don't tell anyone thatI've crashed a Junior 60. blush.

Dwayne Dibley, if an off-cut is shorter than 4 inches or 10 cms it goes into a plastic bag below my bench. When the bag is full I use its contents to light the wood burner!

Thread: STOL Mk2
13/04/2019 09:00:54

First one who gets to my place gets the fuselage, unless I've already started to build the wing!

This is about as likely as the British Parliament agreeing a Brexit Deal before the end of October! laugh

Thread: Please answer the following two questions if you can.
13/04/2019 08:56:22

I have just made an inventory of my "squadron."

I have:

3 models requiring extensive repair.
1 model in the process of being built.
2 models that require a little fettling.
2 models which are built and unflown but require finishing off.

Given all of the above, I have two questions for you.

1. Why oh why, as letter-writers to the BBC used to say, why oh why have I started building the Big Guff?

2. Am I alone in this practice?

Thread: Hi I'm Laura
13/04/2019 05:22:41

Hello Laura and welcome to the forum,

Sorry to hear that you lost your father when you were so young.

Was he into electric models, models fitted with internal combustion engines or did he dabble in both? If you're already an experienced pilot I expect that you'll be joining a local club.

It's a shame that you don't live close to me in the middle of France. Lady members are not charged club fees in my club in order to encourage female participation.

lady member are admitted free 2.jpg

Thread: Magnum 52 FS Speeds Up When The Exhaust Pressure Pipe Is Disconnected.
09/04/2019 09:55:54

Carperfect, an FF7 is the hottest plug in the Model Technics Firepower range. I have used them with great success in both four-stroke and two-stroke engines for several years. I see that they now make a specialised four-stroke plug. I will be back in the UK next week and may well invest in a few.

Graham, my previous posts about La Coupe Des Barons may have caused some confusion so I hope the following clears it up.

  1. La Coupe Des Barons is an annual event organised by Vol Libre, a club between Chamberey and Grenoble in the south-east of France, for the classic three channel Baron trainer. Last year it was held on Saturday 2nd June. Models have to conform to certain specifications which are summarised here. **LINK**
  2. The competition takes the form of four flying rounds, preceded by a static concours d'elegance in which all of the models are lined up in their "flying groups" on the runway. Pilots fly in groups of up to ten models at the same time so the likelihood of a collision is high as is the attrition rate generally. The flying rounds consist of: "caisse bagguettes," in which you have to knock over 1 metre high balsa wood sticks stuck into the ground; a pylon race between two pylons; "renard" in which a trainer slowly flys a paper streamer behind it in gentle lefthand circuits and you have to try to cut it with your propeller and "limbo" where you have to fly through and sort of goalpost, four metres high and ten metres wide. This is not quite so easy as it sounds as the goalpost is some distance away from the pilots and is not square-on to them. Go here to see a video of last year's event. **LINK**
  3. Last year the maximum sized four-stroke engine allowed in the competition was a 40. Even a Saito 40 would have been uncompetitive against the two-stroke engine of choice, the OS 35AX, so I powered my entry with an electric motor. However, I ran out of electricity with one minute to go in the pylon race while doing well and in the renard, a circlip failed on the rear of the electric motor and I was forced to land and out of the competition. As a result I finished fifty-third out of sixty eight starters but had a great day out, with a four-course French lunch between rounds two and three!
  4. After the event I wrote to the organisers asking them to consider an increase in the size of eligible four-strokes for this year's competition. Maybe other fourstroke enthusiasts made the same request but in any case the maximum size of four-strokes has been increased to that of a 52 for this year's competition which will be held on 7th September. Consequently I will be running a 52 four-stroke in my entry this year. I have re-engined "Boris," my Baron finished in spoof WW1 Russian markings with the Magnum 52 and I test-flew it last Sunday. It flew well enough but it is a bit heavy. I've had to put lead in in the tail to get the cg correct. Picture below.
  5. I have nearly finished building a second lighter Baron with the nose shortened by 2.5 cms which will be powered by an OS52. I plan to put the servos in the rear. I had planned on fitting metal geared micro servos but my experience with Boris leads me to the view I may require the weight of larger servos for it to balance properly. I intend to finish it in RAF inter-war colours and to name it "Percy!" You are not allowed to take a spare model to the event but if I have two Barons, I will have a spare in case I plant one in a practice flight shortly before 7th September!
  6. When I entered last year's event I was the only Englishman in my club, the only representative of my club in the competition and the only English competitor. Everybody else was French (or Corsican!) apart from a German pilot who was married to a French girl who had a property near by and a lad from Switzerland. My trailblazing activity has shamed six of my colleagues into entering this year's competition. At least four new Barons are being built and one or two old ones are being dusted off. I will write a comprehensive preview and summary of the event at the appropriate time.
  7. I have offered to donate a prize, "Le Prix Quatre Temps," (The Four-Stroke Prize,) to the pilot who accumulates most points in the competition while flying a Baron fitted with a four-stroke engine. It will consist of a box of balsa and some glue! In the unlikely event that your humble servant is the most successful four-stroke pilot I will give the prize to the second man!
  8. On 19th May my club is organising a fly-in to which neighbouring clubs have been invited. We will be holding a Mini Coupe competition for our Barons.

I hope that this clears up any misunderstandings.

baron ready for the coupe (2).jpg

07/04/2019 08:07:38

Thank you for all of your advice gentlemen. It's amazing how frequently a change of glow plug will improve an engine's performance, either that or a change of fuel.

I remember watching a clubmate spending most of a Sunday morning trying to get his engine to run without success. I offered him some of my fresher fuel and his engine ran perfectly!

I hope to fly it in the Baron this afternoon weather permitting.

Thread: Sad to see this
06/04/2019 12:52:30

A big thank you from Boris, my Baron trainer, seen here competing against a fourteen year-old girl in last year's Coupe Des Barons! Without your skill he would never have finished eighteenth out of sixty eight entrants in the static round!

And from me too Tim!

All the best for the future.

boris in flight.jpg

Thread: Disposing of modelling goods?
06/04/2019 05:40:05

A few years ago, a friend, who was the secretary of another club, informed me that one of its members had died and left his widow with over 400 model related items and that's grouping all of the plans, propellers, fuel tanks etc together. Apparently both the deceased and his widow had well-paid jobs and they had no children so he was able to indulge his passion for the hobby to the full. Among the items for disposal for example, were an in-line OS four cylinder fourstroke and a matching ARTF De Havilland Puss Moth. I was not in that league but after two of his friends had spent a long time compiling a list of everything which was for sale, I bought a complete Roy Scott 1/6 scale BE2e for £90.

That was probably five years ago and in an email recently from another friend, those same two blokes had visited the flying field with a list of items still for sale. They had obviously over-priced them. An auction is the best option.

Many of us are hoarders. As one old aeromodeller said to me, "It goes with the territory." As an example, I do not consider myself to be an engine collector but I own thirty-nine of them ranging from a Mills 75 to a Laser 155. Only six of them are currently fitted into serviceable models. I turned seventy-one last month and I have started to get rid of those engines which I think will never power one of my models again, mostly the two strokes. I recently disposed of a Merco 35, a 25cc Super Tigre and a K&B 65 for three botlles of Beaujolais Villages which is probably more than I would get for them on eBay!

As Don Fry has said, "... our precious toys have a small and numerically shrinking base who need this stuff." The Grim Reaper is starting to thin out the ranks of those amongst us whose first model was probably a Keil Kraft Achilles and we are not being replaced by younger generations in the same numbers, hence there are great bargains to be had owing to diminishing demand, but your estate will get Sweet Fanny Adams for your stuff when it's your turn to go to that Great Flying Field in the Sky. cheeky

Thread: The Big Guff.
05/04/2019 06:00:38

Thank you Dwain.

My work is not that neat, some of the diagonals on the port side do not match up precisely with those of the starboard side! However, the fuselage sides will be covered with 1/16" balsa sheet from the nose to the trailing edge of the wings, grain vertical, and then the entire fuselage is covered in 1/32" sheet with the grain running horizontally on the fuselage sides.

Thread: Magnum 52 FS Speeds Up When The Exhaust Pressure Pipe Is Disconnected.
04/04/2019 11:45:28

No the nipple is not blocked Chris because I used exactly the same exhaust on the OS 48 and that ran perfectly.

However, I took the time to adjust the valve clearences on the Magnum yesterday and put it onto the test stand this morning. I removed the spinner completely so that was no longer an issue, then I tried to start the engine. The glow plug failed almost immediately so I fitted a new FF7 and it started and ran very well ticking over as well!

I suspect that the problem all along was probably a duff plug. I may still use the OS 48 in my reserve model but if I want to fit the Magnum it's a straight swap.

The prop is a 12x6 Master airscrew.

Thread: What's your do everything model, or do you have one of everything?
04/04/2019 07:19:00

Mine used to be a WOT 4 Foam-E and a SLEC Fun Fly but I've crashed both during the last two years! blush

Thread: The Big Guff.
04/04/2019 07:14:25

Port side nears completion. I had decided to stop for tea before taking on the diagonals!

port fuselage side (1).jpg

port fuselage side (2).jpg

02/04/2019 16:39:39

I've made a start on the Big Guff! Three months behind schedule but I've been distracted!

I found that the fuselage was longer than both my table and the plasterboard I have been using as a building board but nil desperandum, I've done time on the building sites so knew how to lengthen the board. Just for the record, the fuselage is 1 metre 54 centimetres long and my table is only 1 metre and 47 centimetres long. ( About 60 and 58 inches respectively.)

The pictures were taken just before I stopped for tea, hence the diagonals haven't been finished off.

lenthening plasterboard.jpg

big guff fuselage (1).jpg

big guff fuselage (3).jpg

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