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Thread: FLOUREONŽ Lipos
15/04/2019 13:38:59
Posted by Nigel R on 15/04/2019 11:13:53:

Dave, with all due respect, 20% of your stock going pear shaped after 6 flights does not speak volumes for value or quality.

Edited By Nigel R on 15/04/2019 11:16:57

Nigel, I only paid £12.00 for each pair of batteries, including P&P. They were on FleaBay at a not to be missed price. £48 for 8 batteries seems quite reasonable to me. Floureon 3S 2200s are still available on Ebay at £22.99 including P&P.

15/04/2019 11:05:02

I have got 3 and 4 cell. 2 years ago I bought 10, 3 cell 2200's. 2 went puffy after about 6 cycles and the rest are still going strong. I think they are great value for the price but will not last long if you leave the throttle fully open for too long. And you get a free battery strap as well. Easter looks great weather wise down here in the South East. Happy Flying.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
06/01/2019 10:36:08
Posted by cymaz on 06/01/2019 09:10:52:

I will make a donation, I will send it via PayPal if they choose.

thumbs up

01/01/2019 15:22:02

Respect. RIP

Thread: BMFA subs increase.
11/09/2018 18:19:05
"The fees have gone up, tough, everything has, fuel, food, insurance. This is called Inflation. 12% is less than real inflation at the moment."
What planet are you on? 12% is not anywhere near the inflation rate.
£2.00 increase is a fair rise and I would not expect that to be a problem within our club.

Thread: New site appearance
14/07/2013 16:50:04
Posted by pete taylor on 14/07/2013 16:38:48:
Posted by Mowerman on 14/07/2013 11:37:13:

Time for a new poll - New site layout -Like or Dislike.

yes +1

thumbs down -2 If this is progress, count me out

Thread: SAS Fusion 46 is dead
11/06/2013 12:08:52

Hi all - I have a Wildthing 46 that after a hard life now needs a refurb. Anyone know a good supplier of 4mm Correx as I would like to give her a new fin and ailerons. Thanks

Thread: Surrey Radio Control Club
07/06/2013 08:07:11

You would be most welcome.face 1 Lets hope the wind is kind to us question

05/06/2013 23:42:30

BBQ this weekend on Sunday 9th. smile d Who's going? Weather / Wind looks naff for Sunday crying 2

04/06/2013 07:59:29
Posted by yellowred on 31/05/2013 15:28:27:

Hi All, We are a small club, mainly flying fixed wing, i.c and electric, with a nice flying site Near Crawley/ Horsham. Beginners are welcome too, we are a friendly bunch of guys and if the weather is good we can fly 5days a week. Check out the club site

Edited By yellowred on 31/05/2013 15:29:34

BBQ this weekend on Sunday 9th. smile d Who's going ?

02/06/2013 08:38:31
Posted by yellowred on 31/05/2013 15:28:27:

Hi All, We are a small club, mainly flying fixed wing, i.c and electric, with a nice flying site Near Crawley/ Horsham. Beginners are welcome too, we are a friendly bunch of guys and if the weather is good we can fly 5days a week. Check out the club site

Edited By yellowred on 31/05/2013 15:29:34

Thread: Computer help required
27/03/2013 16:24:56

If you are brave, it is possible to go into the registry files and find all reference to the unwanted software and delete it. BE WARNED though. Make a backup of your registry first, just in case something goes wrong. Good luck.

Thread: Computer help Internet explorer stopped working
25/03/2013 16:05:35

That same tip also works in IE. If you search for shortcuts for IE or Firefox there are a pletherer of sites with tips and hints to help you in every day computerising. Have Fun ALL - Dave G

24/03/2013 15:08:01
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 24/03/2013 14:33:34:

Anti virus software? Update? Just stopped working? ..Get asked to sort out friend's (PC) problems once or twice a month? Sorry, but I just don't know what you are talking about. I got a Mac!!

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 24/03/2013 14:34:24

I meant different friends, not the same friend. What or who is Mac anyway dont know

24/03/2013 00:27:13

There are lots of reasons why IE would stop working. Sometimes problems ocure when you have installed an update. You might have got a virus from an email. The 2 easiest things to try is to check your anti virus software is up to date and then use system restore to install from an earlier date. If you don't know how to do this then seek advise from a pal who lives near you and could pop round to help. I have been tinkering with PC's since the 80's and I get asked to sort out friends problems at least once or twice a month. Good luck and I hope you manage to sort the problem.

Thread: Build Log for Krick Grunau Baby IIb (1/4 scale)
18/03/2013 13:21:17

Hi Ray

Fancy meeting herewink

Various pictures of Grunau Baby at this site


Dave G

Thread: Pull Pull Rudder Cable
25/02/2013 23:13:52

For the crimps I use the brass grommets from old servos. They allow you to thread the cable back through to create a loop, flatten real easy and with an extra gentle squash using the cutting part of pliers, does the trick. If you flatten gently first, you can even tighten the cable to get the tension correct.

Thread: What type of aircraft do you fly the most?
20/02/2013 19:56:55

Depends on the weather. If windy say up to about 20mph, then I am quite happy flying my Wot 4 foamie or MX2. Nice sunny day then I fly Blaze glider in between my Carbon Yak54 and for a bit of speed and fun then it’s my Stryker. BBQ day, then out comes my Junior 60 with IC 25 in her. Great fun is to take my Wildthing up the slope for some 25 to 45 mph thrills. I have still to fly an early 80's Pattern ship and an Aggressor 240 with Moki 210 up front. I have found that I am getting very lazy, as IC motors are a lot of trouble setting up and all the additional items required. I find electric is clean and easy to transport about. I nearly forgot, I also have a Blade 400 3d helicopter, waiting my attention. In reality almost anything will do, that my pocket can afford. Lately with the weather being so, how can I politely put it, inclement, I have bought a small quadcopter and play with that in doors.>>

Thread: Red Baron Models
19/02/2013 20:18:25

Very sad.

My condolences to his family.

R.I.P. Dave

Thread: Should we be licenced
10/02/2013 22:56:14

I agree with a lot of the points already raised. Why stir up a hornets nest? The Government would be delighted to take more money from you, if you so wish. The flyer who does not have insurance, is not going to be bothered about where or who he upsets. If you count the number of serious accidents occurring in our hobby, it is a very small, unfortunate, but extremely low number, per numbers of people in it.

>Let us all keep enjoying our great hobby as it is.>

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