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Thread: The Electric Flight Database
30/12/2010 19:35:20
Brilliant Idea , and a great litle spread sheet too.
already got two models on there that I have in my posession , and I intend to Electrify them , so this will be great advice to follow.
Just one very minor niggle , and maybe this is down to me being thik ..but it would be great if it included the exact thread details so they can be found easily and read to gain experience from one who has boldly gone where no man has gone before , oops sorry . became all Captain Kirk then ...
Once again a great idea ..
Thread: Ben Buckle - Mini Super
14/10/2010 22:02:09
Motor and controller arrived , a Very fast delivery , I was well impressed ..
Tim , I am also impressed with the battery you have highlighted , seems a very good price too , may well end up going for 1 or 2 of those , will probably also buy the various connectors etc that I will need so I can get things connected up and tested ..
I must say being a newby to electric , the motors seem awfully small to do the job askede of them , but the poweer ratings all add up , so mighty things can come in small packages ......
10/10/2010 17:53:02
Well I Finally ordered the Motor and esc for my Mini Super ..
Had a good look around but decided to go for the deal sugested by Tim ...
No point on being given advice if you going to ignore it ...
Just need to sort out the Li-po now ,
Again any recomendations gratefully received ...... 

Edited By Trevor Meakin on 10/10/2010 17:53:22

Edited By Trevor Meakin on 10/10/2010 17:54:21

08/10/2010 00:46:19
Good topic about about the wing bands ,
I must admit I had not considered fiting wing bolts ..and on reflection think I will stick to bands ,.specially as I just bought a big bag full from the Rufforth LMA show last month or so ....
Can't wait to get my motor and esc sorted out though , really want to get this bird ready for flying before Christmas if possible ....
16/09/2010 23:24:36
Thanks Steve ,
Things are beginning to make more sense by the minute ..
I am off on Holiday for two weeks this weekend but can't wait to get back so I can start and purchase a few goodies to give this Mini some power ..
I have a pretty good idea of what I need , and with the advice give soo far don't think I will deviate too far from the already proven sugestions ..
I intend to run it on the standard wings to start with ., but as the plans that come with the BB kit are good enough to scratch build I will make another set with ailerons , don't think I will complicate things with flapos just yet , but  I will knock the diahdrel down a tadge ..
but first things first ,, get her airborne looking just like the old vintage she is ....
Thanks a bunch guys ....
I will resume posts after my hols and give evryone an update as to the progress ..
16/09/2010 20:42:19
Well folks , once again I am indebted to the amount of information that I get from this forum .
The Motor/ESC setup as on the Link from Jimbo , does seem to be the way to go , I must say my first thouhts were ' is it a bit overkill , but having read other postee's comments then I think it is the one ..
Thanks for the tips about Cooling , being a Lecky Newby ,I must admit I had not thought about providing coolong to ESC ..
I have also been doing a bit of reading up on Motors and the terminolgy .
The Kv is the one that took my interest , Like many other novices , I thought it was a ref to Voltage , but sense told me that Kilo coukd possibly not be right ..the Little ' v ' does go un-noticed at first glance ...
I now know its ascociated with RPM , not wanting to go into too much detail , as this will clearly go way over my head , but the question I pose is .... Ready Folks .
On a Model such as the Mini Super , a basic trainer/sunday fun plane , what is better , a motor with a slower rpm or a faster rpm ..??
I have seen same wattage motors but with differant Kv  , does the slower one have more torque , and thus will throw a larger prop around ???
Sorry for all these questions , but if Electric is the way forward , and I certainly have 90% convinced myself this is the way my Mini will go , the nI want to learn as much as I can so I have a good understanding of whats actually going on ....
Once Again , over to you wonderful people out there ......
Next thing is I am going to see how I post photo's on here ..
13/09/2010 18:53:51
Irs been an absolute age since I made an input to this thread , In Honesty other things took over the past several Months , and I only managed to get the actual Wings finished , I opted for , build as plan  ,woith view to building a second pair at a later date .
With the wings finishe it is now onto the Fusalage , and this is fairly well under way , I must start to take photos ..
One thing that has now come to light , whish has thrown me in an all new direction ..
During my Non Mini Super period , I did knock up a quick Multuiplex Fox , and did an Electric Conversion to it ( My First experience at Electyric ) She flys like a dream , and is great to have in the back of that car whenever I am on my travels ..
Thing is,  I have now met a group of Hobbyists who are just undergoing a new club , with the proviso its Electric Only ..
This has set me thinking , The Fus is not tha tadvanced to do an Electric Conversion ,  I am being infromed that with todays available motors and power pack that it would be easy peasy ..thats o.k. coming from a seasoned Lecky fan ..
Has anyone undergone , or know anyone else that has undergone a Mini Super Electric Conversion ?? if So would love to hear from you ....
p..s Gave up on Ben Buckle replying , so opted for the easy option , just buy whats missing and get on with it ..
Thread: Super sixty
13/09/2010 17:50:48
mmmm  I am very interested in seeing this through ,  I have a Ben Buckle Mini Super , Wings all done ,  main fusalage taking shape nicely  .
I was intending to I.C. it but just found a new , very local and handy club that fly Electric only .
This set me thinking about converting my Mini Super , but as I am fairly new to Electric I would need help in choosing the right Motor , Controler , Battery pack etc ..
Steve , You mention 250 Wats of power , I have an idea what it means ..just not sure what you do to achieve it ..
p.s. I have done a Multiplex Fox conversion which flys fantastic , I did my own thing with how things are fitted out but copied other fox cenversions with regards motor and things .. I am so impressed with it that it has give nme more food for thought regarding Electric v I.C.
Thread: Charger for a 300 mAh Lipo
23/04/2010 21:21:40
Thanks Bruce / Timbo ,
I had actually seen the one your link takes me to , but being the novice was unsure if this was on the right tracks .
It certainly is within budget , so I think , thanks to you chaps I am pretty much sorted .
I hear what you are saying Timbo , and who knows ..I will keep you informed .
I will also keep you posted as to the outcome of my Glider conversion ..
Thanks guys ....
23/04/2010 16:18:54
Hi All ,
I am New to Lecky Flight , and in need of Help and Advice.
I Fancy a go at Converting a Fox Glider to Electric RC , There are plenty of info on the old Tinterweb and it features a lot on youtube.
I have sorted out most the the things I require , Motor ,Esc , Servo's , these are all recomenmdations from previous convertions .
The battery recommended is a 2 cell 300 mAh which is small and light enough for the Job .
The problem I have is the actual Charger for such a Battery . Being an Electric Novice the Terminology alone is enough to blow my mind .
I have read up somewhat and understand the balanced cell principle , but I don't  seem to be able to source a charger that will do 300 mAh , they all seem to be much higher .
Can anyone please reccomend a charger , either mains or 12V input that will suffice .
Please bear in mind that I may not advance onto larger Electtric models , ( unless the bug really bites ) so do not want one tha twill go up 2Amps , or whatever the big boys use . I am also on a bit of a budget .
I have not bought the battery yet as I did not want to invest in it unless I know I can charge it . 
Your help and advice , as always , will be greatfully received .
Thanks in advance
Thread: Dihedral/Ailerons
08/12/2009 10:36:07
Not sure if this is any help , or even if the link will work ,
If it does It does show a photo of the Luto mMInor  ,and it appears to have No dihedral at all .
Hope you have success ..
Thread: Ben Buckle - Mini Super
03/11/2009 15:32:26
Well Folks , ,
I am back of my Hols and guess what ....
NO Email from Ben Buckle , ah well , at least we know what to expect now ..
Thanks for the youtube link Capt ,
It looks good in the air , but think he needs to look at his engine , took a while to start . 
Eric , let me know how you go with your BB kit ....
Thread: My Lysander Build Log!
14/10/2009 19:15:09
Looking good .....
Roll On Santa , looks like we all have things on our List ..
Mine is another  TX ,. as mine is actually a Helli set o.k. for fixed wing , but could really do with one that has all the fixed wing extras /...........
Thread: Ben Buckle - Mini Super
14/10/2009 19:09:57
Hi Jim ,
Thanks for the advice , I will certainly give the alternative wing a shot ...
I am away for two weeks after tomorrow , so building is on hold ,
Who knows , when i get back I may have mail waiting for me from Ben Buckle Models ..
Won't be holding my breath ...
Thread: My Lysander Build Log!
12/10/2009 20:54:58
Peter ,
I managed to get a large Ceiling tile from work , ( the suspnded type ceilings you see in shops and offices and the like , It was spares I found not one I took from the actual ceiling )  This one measures about 4ft x 2ft x well over 1/2 inch thick , not sure what they are made from but they make a great building board when siloconed onto my building bench ...
The Model is looking great , can't wait to see more photos of your progress ..
Thread: Ben Buckle - Mini Super
12/10/2009 20:35:07
Hi Stephen ,
I wish you well , keep me infromed as to how you get on ,but I suspect you had better start building bridges with your model shop ..
One thing  I did not mention above is the Keilkraft model had a great instruction manual , where as the BB version is nothing more than a couple of double sided A4 sheets , fortunalty it is a straight froward build ., how is the Red Zephyr's instructions ? ..
Jim ,
Your Mini Super , looks just that ' Super ' 
I too have an OS 15 which I intend to use , but was unsure if it would be poweful enough , you have put that thought to bed . I did toy with the idea of fitting ailerons , but decided against it. Your second wing has got me thinking , One good thing about the Plan is that it is good enougth to build from scratch with ,, I never concidered flaps though , bet she almost come to a stand still when used ..any tips on how you did it will be gratefully received .
I have stuck to the trike config , but must say your tail drag does look good ..
I hope BB comes good , because I think they are onto a real winner with such models , but need to start listening to their customers , and responding appropriatley .
Thanks for the response folks .
12/10/2009 17:27:22
Hi All ,
Has Anyone built one of the Vintage Models offerd by Ben Buckle ??
I opted for the Mini super , as I built the Super 60 from the Keilkraft kit when I was a mere lad of 17 ,  I am now 51 .. I always liked the look of the trike undecarriage on the mini super . and thought it would be a great model to get me back into the fixed wing arena .
I must say I am having great fun building this ,  its not finished yet , ( should have done a photo diary ..)  the Pre Cut items are a dream and the wing ribs take the spars perfectly , However I do have one small gripe , and this is where I wonder if anyone else has experienced this , or am I the unlucky one ??
The amount of stock balsa leaves much to be desired , so far I have had to buy 6 Lengths of 3/16 x 3/16 spars and 1 length of 3/16 x 1/2 inch . I  know this is not a bank breaker as the extra balsa cost me under £3.00 but it was inconveniant to break off and get the stuff .
To make matters .I worse I E-Mailed Ben Buckle Models , just in case it was manufacturer error , and dissapointingly I have had No Response , not even an Acknowledgement .
 I am still enjoying my blast from the past , and would not put anyone off from buying one of the vintage range , but make note to check the stock ..
I will keep everyone posted as things progress ..both with the build , and if ever Ben Buckle get in touch ..
Cheers  All
Thread: Mode 1 or 2?
14/09/2009 13:27:29
This is a very interesting debate , and one I did not even consider until below happened.
I am Just getting back into the Hobby again and not flown for xxYrs , ( not telling you folks how old I am ) I brushed off my old heli ( Mode 2 ) not flown it yet , doing full strip down first just to ensure al lis good . Until then I have now decided to give Fixed wing a go again ..Having got shut of my T180 years ago, Which I flew Mode 2 , a new model is required , I am still looking around at the moment . Not looking for aerobatics , just a steady  few circuits around the field , my main interest is scale .
I decided to give my Old Model club a look up on the tinterweb thingy ,as I knew that by now Heli's was a seperate club.
I wanted to see where the flying field had moved to plus how much it was going to cost me to join ..Reading Infromation on their Web Site  , I was astonished to read they Fly Mode 1 Only ...( not Mostly - but ONLY !! ) amazing as this is the old club  I learned to fly many years back in Mode 2 ..but more importantly does this mean I have to learn to fly Mode 1  else I cannot Join ???
Not asked them yet , but wondered if anyone else had come across this sort of ruling ..
Thread: Junkers JU87 Stuka
14/09/2009 13:05:30
Just goes to show  ...
The Collective , is Far better than Google ..I have searched for ages on it  looking for Kit Or Plan for this bird , and brought up very little in what I was looking for .
But here . .well what can I say , not only have I been put told about a Plan with availible accessories , But a Kit Too ,and exactly the size I was after , And traditional Build ..
Dilema now is , do I go for the Kit , even though I have ordered the Plan ? ( Sorry Richard - saw your post too late ) ...
11/09/2009 13:52:20
Thanks Guys ,,
Timbo , the Ziroli looks fantastic, but perhaps just a little too big for me to tackle.
Andy , the plan you hilighted looks like it could just be the one , and yes it was a A/B I was after ..
I have also come across a Xplan 2 sheet ,stuka priced at £18.00 but cannot find any details of the spec . does anyone know of this plan ?
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