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Thread: Six Nations 2019
16/03/2019 19:57:44
Posted by Braddock, VC on 10/03/2019 20:29:45:
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 10/03/2019 18:21:48:

One mustn't forget that Scotland have a great track record of upsetting England - you only have to look at last year. Never write Scotland off when playing against England I say.

Not at HQ they don't.

Clearly, Eddie's half time team talk wasn't a patch on Gregor's! England were lucky to draw given that Farrel couldn't do anything right in the 2nd half and Russell could do no wrong!

Ireland never turned up and Italy were cruelly undone by minor errors. They deserved to beat the French. Congratulations to Wales for a top notch performance. England should take a leaf out of their book!

16/03/2019 00:24:55

I can't see the Irish accepting a second defect. Mind you, the Welsh are unbeaten for 12 (is it?) games so will be up for it and will have home advantage.

Thread: How to reduce voltage?
16/03/2019 00:17:26

If I were you Gary, I'd keep the PSU and change the charger. As has already been mentioned, lead acid batteries when fully charged put out around 14 v. So if you connected your charger to a fully charged 12 v lead acid battery it wouldn't work either. So, change the charger to one that will cope with a supply that goes up to 15 volts.

Thread: Saved from the bin
12/03/2019 18:21:41

Cracking job Ron. I shall know where to come the next time I have a pile of bits!

Thread: Cover or Overlap
11/03/2019 12:06:36
Posted by Peter Miller on 11/03/2019 08:30:56:

On the initial question. I cover all in white and then the trim over it.

I saw the woodpecker in a magazine many years ago. From what I saw you use itto makethe little perforations in the wood and any film that will be underneath the next layer. I don't see that you could do that using the tool on the adhesive side of the film

Hi Peter, my reasoning for using it on the adhesive side of the film is that any trapped air needs to exit through the top layer of film rather than try and exit through the underlying wood sheeting. I cannot really see much point in using the woodpecker on sheet wood even though that's what they say in the instructions. The other point is that it is easier to iron down a dimple with a hole in it rather than rely on shrinkage pulling the dimple in the film tight but maybe still leaving a small hole.

I might be wrong but perforating from the adhesive side has worked very well for me and leaves no marks on the finished covering. Perhaps both are equally good but the one time I used the woodpecker on the glossy side of the film I was left with very slight, but noticeable, marks on the top surface. Maybe it's just the way I used it but it never happened when I perforated from the adhesive side.

10/03/2019 23:48:08

Thanks for the update on the Woodpecker. I'll stick with borrowing my friends if I need to stick film on film. I also use Oratrim and that is best applied wet with a mild detergent solution to stop the film catching. You can slide it around till it's in the right place and then use something like a credit card to squeegee out the water and that sticks it down for good.

Thread: If you only had one engine to use, which one would it be.
10/03/2019 23:10:36

Ah, yes. I'd forgotten my Mills 75 which I still have. Bought it in 1965!

Thread: Cover or Overlap
10/03/2019 23:03:26

You really ought to get a heat gun. They are fairly cheap and ver useful. Other uses are on shrinking heat shrink - I probably use it more for that than tightening covering or, as here, for sticking down film quickly over a large area without causing bubbling.

Thread: Sterling Schweizer 1-34
10/03/2019 18:38:45

Pete, what's the plastic sheet you use to cover the plan with?

Thread: If you only had one engine to use, which one would it be.
10/03/2019 18:26:05

Irvine 53 Mk 2. Powerful, easy to start and goes on for ever! Wish they were still making them but I guess it took too much business away from the OS55.

Second choice would be DLE 35RA. My second petrol engine and with a JMB can quieter than many 60 size glows. Easy to start, economical and powerful.

Thread: Six Nations 2019
10/03/2019 18:21:48

One mustn't forget that Scotland have a great track record of upsetting England - you only have to look at last year. Never write Scotland off when playing against England I say.

Thread: Cover or Overlap
10/03/2019 18:20:19

I used overlap when covering my Gangster 75. I cut the film to shape using plates and oval platters (!). Worked OK most of the time provided I didn't linger with the heat source and cause too much shrinking.

Gangster 86.jpg

A friend lent me a Top Flite Woodpecker which he swears by but which I didn't use except for the small amount of film on film that I used. You need to use the tool on the glue side of the film and give it a good going over. As you press it down the air escapes through the pin pricks and then iron flat. I used an iron to tack the edges of the film and then a heat gun and a film glove (got it in the US but JP does something similar) and that worked out fine.

Thread: Taranis X9 and JR
04/03/2019 01:03:30
Posted by Peter Christy on 03/03/2019 08:32:56:

I heard on the grapevine (ie: I can't vouch for accuracy!) that when JR switched to those horrible "robot" style transmitters,



Tut tut, Peter. Only a bit of a styling change, which I quite like actually. Plus they are easier to keep clean!

Thread: JR resurrection?
03/03/2019 23:54:32

You can learn more about the situation here and here. I note that MacGregor Industries, while advertising the XG11 Tx and other JR products do not seem to allow you to buy them at the moment.

I do hope that the new outfit RC Depot and their new arm, Dee Force Aviation (DFA) get the brand going again. The T44 seems to be the renamed XG11 - a great Tx but one which needs it's firmware update service back up and running.

Thread: Loaded Dice 3 - most aft CG position
03/03/2019 12:29:58

Thanks Don, I'm aware of that but just wondered what the range that LD3 pilots have used. I was after actual figures as I'm well aware of the issue of variation from airframe to airframe and pilot preference. What I'm really after is what the neutral point range is.

03/03/2019 11:32:49

Question for all you Loaded Dice 3 pilots out there. What is the aft most CG you think is safe?

Thread: Six Nations 2019
23/02/2019 15:27:28

Why are the Scots able to raise their game to stratospheric levels when they play England and not France?

Thread: Infinity 90 Build
22/02/2019 20:07:09

Wot, no picture!

Thread: Which Set Should I buy
22/02/2019 11:19:06

Stearman, it matters not what brand or type of 2,4 GHz Rx you are using. They all have the same radio transmission features. Any 2.4 GHz Rx fitted with 2 aerials will require them to be spaced at 90 deg (orthogonal) to each other. All I can say is that the diagram to which I've pointed you, and to which Ron has commented on above, works for ANY 2.4 GHz Rx with 2 aerials.

Some sets with the secondary Rx also had 2 aerials and the same applies to them.

The analogy with 35 MHz is that you don't leave the aerial coiled up next to the RX regardless of which make or type of Rx it is.

Hope that helps.

Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
22/02/2019 00:10:20

Gangster 75 from an unstarted kit, Super Tigre 90 and Hanno pipe. Not quite got the pipe on song but initial flights have proved that it is a great club aerobat.

Gangster 84.jpg

Gangster 86.jpg

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