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Thread: Depth placement
14/01/2019 23:55:01
Posted by Attilio Rausse on 14/01/2019 21:42:58:

No expert but can gps be used?

No, but practice with the same model helps a great deal.

Thread: Infinity 90 Build
14/01/2019 23:50:11

While you are waiting for your CF, I thought you might like to see how my DLE35RA fitted into my Majestic. The Majestic is a 2000/01 design by Christophe Paysant Le Roux (8 times world aerobatic champion). The design is dated but I bought this to get through a full Aerobatic C schedule rather than fly 2 electric flights. The engine installation is just like the one you are facing here.

2019-01-12 17.33.11.jpg

I had to fit the throttle and choke push rods and fit the fuel pipe before fitting the engine in place. You need 3 hands for this job! The other problem was tightening the mounting bolts but the provision of cooling holes and slots allows an Allen key with a ball driver (must be a good quality one or the ball will slip in the socket head) and then using a tube over the end of the Allen key to tighten up the bolt.

2019-01-12 17.34.24.jpg

You can just see the top bolt in this photo. The bottom bolt is accessed through the hole at the front of the cowl.

2019-01-12 17.34.41.jpg

2019-01-12 17.35.06.jpg

It is a right PITA!

14/01/2019 18:32:48
I'd wait for the carbon fibre. It's both stronger and lighter than fibreglass. Epoxy resin is also much heavier and more viscous than specialist carbon resin. Properly applied it's much better than fibre glass and lighter. One thing you must always remember on a specialist aerobatic aeroplane is to keep weight down. Vertical performance will be undermined as weight rises.
14/01/2019 09:21:46
Bruce is right. I tried 30 min epoxy and it is: too heavy; is too viscous and drags the CF fibres out of place; does not adequately penetrate the CF mat. The Easy Composite resin is far superior in all respects. I was very impressed with the results.
13/01/2019 23:33:40

Looking good Cymaz.

Although it's too late to affect your choice of pushrod, I find that using turnbuckle type connectors is a great way to make small adjustments to the surface without having to use either sub-trim or unbolt the clevis to make the adjustment. It is also provides as much fine tuning as you'd like. See picture below. These are made by Secraft and available from MacGregors. The horns are Dubro large control horns and the packing under the horn is actually a piece of triangular TE stock! Ideal for sorting out the bolt travel through a shaped aileron.


Thread: Motorcycles and model flying
13/01/2019 17:08:25

In my school days, I had to take all my models to the flying field on the back of my bicycle. It was a Moulton (the one with suspension and small wheels) with carriers at the rear and at the front. I could get up to 3 control line models onto the back with my box of fuel and control lines on the front. Eventually, I built a dolly to launch my combat wing on my own - I had a hook and pin set up to restrain the dolly once the engine was started. Once in the centre with the handle in my hand, a quick heave on the string attached to the pin and I was in business! I would think that with some of the wing bags available today, you ought to be able to have the wings on your back and the fuselage restrained on the back seat. If you had panniers, you could use them to hold the Tx and batteries. But then, I'm not a motor cycle rider so what do I know?

Thread: Infinity 90 Build
09/01/2019 23:48:49

Following! Remember, wheels need to be light for aerobatic aircraft which is why the provide these light weight ones.

Thread: club drone ban
08/01/2019 01:05:57
Posted by oldgit on 07/01/2019 22:38:11:

just wondering if it would be a good idea to ban drones from our club to avoid unwanted interest from the authorities in light of the recent announcements

In a word NO.

Firstly, as already pointed out, model aircraft are classed as drones so you probably mean quad copters. However, fixed wing aircraft with cameras fitted are also classed separately from non-camera equipped aircraft. Sticking a Go Pro on your bog standard club aircraft puts it in the same league as a quad copter with camera. This is separate from FPV equipped aircraft.

The BMFA has a special interest group covering FPV racing and its stance is to encourage Clubs to welcome "drone" fliers. Clubs that have done this have found, as pointed out above, that their membership rises and that some "drone" pilots then become interested in the other aspects of RC flight.

As regards getting new "drone" pilots up to A Cert, all Club Examiners are allowed to administer any A test. They will need to read and understand what the test is about and find out about issues that are peculiar to quad copters. This is no different for a FW Examiner carrying out a Heli A test. If as an Examiner you are not prepared to do that then you are not fulfilling all your role.

Thread: Do You fly Drones? An opportunity to explain why
06/01/2019 00:25:11
Posted by supertigrefan on 05/01/2019 23:30:34:

This thread was doomed from the start and probably has the shelf life of a tub of non refrigerated prawns.

First mistake was to tell everyone which paper you've been buying for the last 4 decades, second was trying to justify it.

what difference will it make? it'll only reach the readership of that paper.

Edited By supertigrefan on 05/01/2019 23:32:44

Always best to play the ball and not the man. The OP alerted us to a review being conducted by a national newspaper on drones and invites comments and views by current operators and, as far as I can see, does not seek to justify his purchase of that publication. Other posts do present a partisan view of 2 papers but the approach being adopted by the Guardian seems to be a sensible way of gathering information about a topic the newspaper knows little about. I've not filled it in as I don't fly a quad copter. If you don't wish to fill it in that's fine but slagging off different newspapers as opposed to what turns up on completely unregulated areas that comprises today's social media seems an odd way to proceed.

Thread: Corsair TopFlite Gold Edition kit build blog
03/01/2019 23:32:19

I've just tried some aliphatic glue and that's what I now use unless I want absolute speed. It grips pretty quickly unlike PVA, sands easily and doesn't give off noxious (to me) odours like Cyano. Worth a try.

Thread: Trying again......
01/01/2019 01:05:45

Welcome Andy and better luck second time round.

First thing though is to join a Club to get help in getting going. It is almost always the case that flight time is measured in seconds if you try and teach yourself to fly although with some modern computer wizardry this is now just about possible. However, you will miss out on all the education that being with experienced modellers will rub off onto you as a by product of joining a Club.

The answer is yes you can post pictures on this forum and there is a section which tells you how to do so.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
01/01/2019 01:01:56

Bit of a shock to hear this sad news. I didn't know he was suffering a terminal illness but he never let that show in all his interactions on the Forum. I did notice his comments had tailed off recently and now I know why.

My condolences to his family but my thanks for his input to this forum which has been considerably more than the rest of us can muster.

Thread: Corsair TopFlite Gold Edition kit build blog
28/12/2018 23:44:21

Watching. I have a TF Mustang to build!

Thread: IC Engine Control
24/12/2018 22:35:46

Rich too - that would only work if you had set the Failsafe to do that. For an IC, I would recommend setting the Failsafe to engine to idle as if you get control back at least the engine is still running. For electric I set the engine to stop as it can be restarted if the signal returns. I think that's a better route to avoiding the loss of an IC model if you are unlucky enough to go into Failsafe and then regain signal.

Thread: BMFA portal
24/12/2018 22:31:58


I thought the whole point was to reduce the burden on both the BMFA Centre staff and the Club Membership Sec by getting Club members to print their own BMFA Insurance and Membership Certificate? If a member doesn't have access to IT then I guess you have to do that but otherwise why make work for yourselves?

I've just gone on line and printed out my own 2019 Membership Card and it was very easy to do.

Just a thought!

Thread: Model shops / web sites having sales over Christmas
24/12/2018 22:24:19

Sorry, but I would have thought this is the last thing the hard pressed model shop world needs right now! Just my view.

Thread: Small DLG flying on Hampstead Heath?
23/12/2018 16:21:33


I thought that the Terminal Control Area had a lower height limit but the Terminal Control Zone goes down to ground level. However, which ever designation one uses, the City Corporation views the whole of Hampstead Heath, probably quite rightly, as a congested area. That is conclusive - as they say. So, to the OP, no you cannot fly a DLG on Hampstead Heath.

23/12/2018 15:19:33

I rather think this might be a case of Hampstead Heath being withing the London Terminal Control Zone (at least, I'm guessing it might be) whose lower boundary is ground level. Therefore, since there is no uncontrolled airspace above ground level at the Heath, it would seem that you would need to seek permission from the relevant ATC authority to operate any sort of drone. In this case, the controlling authority is probably the London Air Traffic Control Centre. At least, that's my understanding of the situation. For something like a free flight DLG I would have thought that LATCC would probably say yes but they might take a different view of a RC DLG on the grounds that you can soar the "slope" and gain significant height. Obviously, this would only be possible with a southerly wind but the Heath is quite high above central London. I guess it will depend on who is the duty controller/authority at the time as these things can be interpreted differently by different people unless there is a laid down procedure for such a request. The same probably applies to Richmond Park but as that is under the approach path, pretty much, when flying west, that might probably by a No. Ask though.

Thread: BMFA mag's going a bit over the top?
09/12/2018 19:11:17
Posted by Martin Harris on 09/12/2018 14:23:03:
Posted by kc on 08/12/2018 16:57:48:

If anyone wants a way to ensure nobody reads the rule book it's best to send out amendment after amendment so that nobody actually has a complete copy of the actual rules.

Why didn't we get a new copy of the rulebook that is clear yet concise and focussed on the important matters only.

Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first and so far only amendment to the 2017 handbook? I do agree that there is important info but perhaps the amendment booklet actually highlights these changes better than simply identifying changes in a complete re-issue? I shall file my copy with my handbook.

I haven't actually checked but I think its a safe assumption that the amendments are incorporated in the online version of the 2018 handbook.

I have checked and the amendments are all incorporated in the current on-line Handbook that Martin has linked to above. If you want to, you can always download and print this in booklet format. It does take a lot of paper though!

Thread: flight manoeuvre descriptions
09/12/2018 00:59:41

Nigel - according to the AA Route Planner, it's only 122 miles from Heathrow Airport to Buckminster Lodge and they quote 2 hr 22 min for the journey. Hardly a million miles! If you want something closer then you may be lucky if you can find a club with an experienced aerobatic pilot who has the time to help you.

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