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Thread: Beware using PayPal with HobbyKing (and maybe others)
11/12/2019 00:08:09

As they guys say, the transaction is in $ to HK and you are then given a rough idea in £ based on HK's current exchange rate. Your credit card company will charge you for a foreign exchange transaction and that will vary with the exchange rate at the time they execute the payment. You can't win unless you have a $ account.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
09/12/2019 11:04:55

Bill, all the relevant exemption certificates are in your BMFA News pack for December. E4956 is not in the BMFA supplied pack as it does not specifically cover the same ground as the 3 Exemptions (E4972, 4973 and 4974) in the BMFA News pack. The only one not there is the 400 ft exemption and you do not have to carry that with you - but I do, just in case.

Thread: Colour scheme advice needed
08/12/2019 23:48:36

Some nice options here including the one Jon has posted.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
08/12/2019 23:40:27

Nigel, remember that the best is the enemy of the good! I did the test just to see what it was like and scored 19/20 and I have a B and am an Examiner. The one I got wrong was just because I was over thinking the issue. Just aim to pass and if you don't you can take it again. If you pass, there is no need to take it again because you didn't get them all right. Hope that helps. You would probably have passed by now if you hadn't been hung up on getting full marks. No one will know anyway! wink

Thread: BMFA News Dec 2019
08/12/2019 15:50:44

Don, I read that as our political leaders not BMFA leaders. I might be wrong though.

08/12/2019 12:05:52
Posted by kc on 08/12/2019 11:32:54:

The paid staff are paid to look after our interests but failed to stop the Government ( the " low tax" government!) from taxing aeromodelling! They failed. Why praise them?

Instead of resisting the 9 pound tax they collect it for the Government!

Edited By kc on 08/12/2019 11:34:56

Bile like this reflects badly on the writer. Get a life and leave off criticising the BMFA all the time. If you are no longer a member of the BMFA why pour ill informed comments onto them?

Thread: Thumbs Up For Probuild UK
08/12/2019 01:16:27

Good to hear Adrian especially as they are now the DFA/JR UK distributors.

Thread: BMFA News Dec 2019
08/12/2019 01:11:04

3 cheers from me too! Not only does the mag cover the ground, but the inserts will be helpful to those who have not had the time, or interest, to keep up with the evolving saga of DMARES.

I'd also like to say that the rest of the content was also extremely interesting and In my view, quite rightly different from the content of commercial mags.

Well done to the BMFA News Editor as well.

Thread: BMFA Renewal Certificate
07/12/2019 00:42:49

Got any friends with a printer?

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
01/12/2019 00:15:37

Blue skies and sunshine if a bit cold today. 2 of us with F3A machines were trying to get the new FAI P21 schedule mastered. It would be true to say that we both need more practice - me more than him!

A tad cold but we both had padded overalls and I had 2 Zippo hand warmers! What's not to like?

Thread: Dec 2019 Issue
21/11/2019 23:50:23

Just had my Dec 2019 RCM&E delivered today. A cut above the average in content and particularly delighted to see a bi-monthly article on F3A aerobatics by one of the leading UK pilots, Keith Jackson.

Keep it up Mr Crozier!

Thread: spoilers and all moving tailplane
20/11/2019 23:45:55
Posted by Keith Evans 3 on 20/11/2019 19:07:48:

For a winter project I'm trying out some thing different , for me that is .

I'm looking to design and build a moderately aerobatic I.C. model with STOL capabilities utilising spoilers for roll control and an all moving tail plane in a Tee configuration .

The wing will have full span flaps and possibly fixed leading edge slats

I fear you are setting yourself a very difficult, if not impossible,task as the conjunction of a moderately aerobatic model with the design features you intend to use will mean that there will be huge compromises to the achievement of "moderately aerobatic". Fixed slats will result in a very asymmetric capability between upright and inverted flight. You will be hard put to find any moderately aerobatic aircraft with the features you describe. However, I'm sure that you will have great fun in producing a STOL model that will be aerobatic but it will be a camel compared with a race horse in the aerobatic stakes. Just saying!

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
20/11/2019 02:25:09

There were 4 already at our field at 09.30 this morning (frost on the grass and 3 C) which expanded rapidly to a total of 10! It was a very low wind sunny day so I guess that was an attraction. I got in 4 flights instead of the 6 planned as I was chatting so much! Great day for all who came out to play!

Thread: Spektrum DX9 Crow Programming Query
18/11/2019 16:04:32

As you say Pete C, it's what works for you. I was curious as to the reason for operating in that way.

Steve H - well, that would probably confuse me but, then again, I only fly power.

Talking full size, I think that pre WW2 some European countries had their throttle working in the sense of throttle forward = idle and throttle aft = full power. Post WW2 everyone reverted to throttle forward = full power as it was too dangerous to have 2 systems in use. But, that's full size and we can do what we want.

17/11/2019 23:35:13

Pete C, I'm a little surprised that you want to set your crow braking the opposite way round from both full size gliding practice and throttle direction for model aircraft. I see that you have now achieved it but why have it the wrong way round?

Thread: Centre of Gravity Machine
14/11/2019 13:12:57

I wouldn't bother buying CG machines. I just stick some masking tape on the wings, measure and mark the CG position (sometimes with a bit of string taped spanwise) and then balance using my fingers on top of the string marker. Once the CG is in the desired position, the next CG check is carried out in the air which is the only place to do accurate CG checking. There is no such thing as a single CG position - there is a range. Further forward gives you greater stability while further aft reduces stability. If you reach the neutral point then the aircraft has no ability to right itself but it is not unstable. Hope that helps. I do this on my 2 mtr aerobats that weigh 5 Kg.

Save yourself the cost of a CG machine and go this route.

Thread: Hobby King Again Rrrrrrrrrr
14/11/2019 12:57:25

Another satisfied customer for Hobby King. They are also pretty good when I've received a duff LiPo and re-sent another to replace it in fairly short order. Mind you, the website is a bit tricky to navigate to get to the right page, but once there it's been plain sailing for me. Of course, you are left with a duff LiPo to dispose of as you cannot post it back and HK don't expect it back either.

Buying from the US also poses problems for those suppliers who insist on using a freight handling agent. I learned the hard way when I bought a pair of 5 blade props for my EFlite Sea Fury - they cost £35 to buy but by the time the freight handller had taken their fee it cost me £80! So, I stick to those companies who understand US law for posting to overseas customers and are happy to sign the relevant declaration forms. But that's a different story!

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
10/11/2019 23:16:55

Only got to my field at 2.30 when I was pretty much a dead calm. Had an A test to take which was successful and then checked that I had set my motor alignment to zero deg on my 2 mtr contra aerobat. That went up dead straight so job done. Just sad I couldn't get away for the whole day!

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
10/11/2019 19:02:21
Posted by Wilco Wingco on 10/11/2019 18:56:01:

According to the CAA online test. You have to take the test to get your numbers. Are you saying that if you are a member of BMFA and add the £9 to your subscription they, BMFA, will do the necessary, supply your details to the CAA , and the CAA will send you the numbers to allow you to fly???.sarcastic 2.

When will we get a difinetive statement from BMFA in simple language that all of us can understand, after all that why we join isn't it?. Being a bear of little brain help.

Wilco, you may not be aware that there is a News page on the BMFA website to which you can subscribe - click here - and get the information as it emerges from the discussions the BMFA is having with the CAA. There are several News posts concerning this topic on the page to which I have pointed you. If you have included your email in your membership details you will also get emailed directly by the BMFA. Hope that helps.

Thread: The "drooling" stage?
09/11/2019 00:12:31
Posted by Martin Harris on 08/11/2019 13:16:04:

I'm the opposite - my problem is trying to wait long enough for the fuel proofer to cure.

Edited By Martin Harris on 08/11/2019 13:18:25

+1  although in my case as the majority of my aircraft are now electric I don't have to wait for the fuel proofer to dry on the leccy birds.  Just make sure that all the bits work in the right way before I get to the flying field.

Edited By Peter Jenkins on 09/11/2019 00:14:14

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