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Thread: Horus 10x or Taranis 9
20/07/2018 11:20:50

Great info

I want to change from my Futuba 8FG and am interested in the X10. I was wondering about ergonomics. Being a thumbs flyer how easy is it to access switches?


Thread: Prangster Problem!
11/07/2018 14:47:04


11/07/2018 14:46:32


11/07/2018 14:20:17

yep - absolutely makes sense now Plummet. I hade that problem with loose dowels on the wing and U/C and on one of the rebuilds / repairs I used some thin ply to support it. so far so good...

My tail plane dowels are still okay - no rattle anyway. I have worn out the underside of the fin though (the tail skid bit ) and the plane became impossible to taxi (or really even take off - it would just immediately veer off to the right due to it being worn / broken / shredded / whatever).

So this repair job actually started with me removing the tail to fit a tail wheel and whilst I was at it I thought I'd have a go at straightening the horiz. stab too.

I'll post another pic of the before and after

11/07/2018 13:30:37


11/07/2018 13:15:02


11/07/2018 12:34:26

Good idea Plummet - but the warping is more a twisting than along the length if that makes sense? Even the elevator has taken on a nice curve...

I've not had any problems with keeping the surfaces at 90 degs. Could you explain that a bit please (or some photos if you have)

I heated it this morning (with a heat gun on low) and sandwiched it between two flat heavy boards. Hopefully that will straighten it a bit.

I was thinking / hoping possibly some bullet tape may help

11/07/2018 11:34:06

Hope this thread isn't dead...

I've had a Prangster for years and every now and then it comes out - it's a good plane. I've replaced all sorts of things over the years - engine mounts, control runs, undercarriage, and have just changed out the radio from 35 to 2.4

gives you an idea of it's vintage...smiley

But one issue which has been gradually getting worse is the correx tail has started to warp. It's got quite bad and is affecting flight now.

Any ideas of how to fix this? Replace is an option but I didn't really want to do that, besides it will only happen again.

Any advice ?


Thread: Fly Baby
29/11/2014 09:40:42

Many thanks Guiseppe - I've got a love affair going with all things Fly Baby at the moment.

I have just restarted (after a 3 year lay-up) building the ¼ scale monoplane one (Eraldo Pomare design - RCM&E 1984) so need to finish that. Wing is 90% complete so hopefully over the next month or two I'll get the rest done.

I've a Boddo Mills twin which may be a little underpowered but I'd like to try it anyway - so I'll definitely add it to the build list

Thanks again

26/11/2014 22:45:03

Hi Guiseppe - I did google it but afraid I couldn't see a link to this. Would you mind posting the link or PM'ing it to me please



Thread: Castor oil - alternative to after run oil?
18/10/2014 10:55:06

Morning gents

Just wanted to say all went well - changed out the bearings with no problem. Although I did graunch the drive collett a bit - my own fault. It came off as a one'r and I tried to press it back as a single unit too. Anyway managed to separate it and clean up the mess with a round file and re-assemble with out further problem.

Engine started easily and after initial spluttering was over (oil etc used in assembly I guess) ran perfectly. Now just to get the weather window and time to go flying again.

So thanks for the help everyone

Cheers Tim

Edited By Tim Morton on 18/10/2014 10:56:01

07/10/2014 16:11:47

Afternoon guys - real life got in the way of fun I'm afraid. Haven't been back on since my last post or had a chance to even look at model a/c.

Looking for some more advice please - it appears that the Model fixings site quotes the bearings but they're a lot more expensive than Simply bearings. Should I just order from them and be sure I have the correct parts or is it simple enough getting the correct ones though Simply Bearings? Specifically that it's got a single shield - easy enough to remove - they do say so but how would I do that?

Thanks Tim

23/09/2014 10:43:17

Cheers Steve - many thanks for the offer. I've looked at the Magnum website and can't see a bearing spec.

I'll check with simply bearings if they have spec's

I'll try and give it a go - but if I get a bit lost I'll definitely take you up on the offer. Thanks very much



23/09/2014 10:14:35

Thanks guys - where best to get bearings?

And any tips on replacing them?



22/09/2014 14:01:46

Thanks Bob

I wonder just how many engines are a bit rusty and we never notice. Based on what Ive seen this morning I'm sure that if i had to remove some of mine from some older planes they would be too. And I've been running them lately with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Ultimately can't be good for them - of course not.

22/09/2014 13:45:48

Probably wasn't clear enough.....

So an IC engine (in my instance mostly 2 stroke ) running 10 or 15% nitro.

What prompted the question is I have been an infrequent flyer the last few years and after some issues with an engine on my Big Stick changed it out for a "spare" Magnum 61 XLS. I haven't started it but sucked a bit of fuel through which came out reddish / brown - when I removed the back cover I saw the bearings were a little rusty. Clearly I hadn't used after run oil....

Way back when I was first flying C/L in the early 70's I don't recall anyone ever using something as exotic as after run oil. But then I believe most fuel was mixed with castor. I ran mostly diesels and made my own fuel - but for the one or two glows I had I never had any issues with them - if they got a bit gummy it was nothing that a bit of fuel wouldn't fix or if really bad a soak in hot water and a thorough clean after.  Certainly I don't recall anyone ever having to change out bearings for corrosion.

Hence my question - a little castor in a 2s is not really going to cause much headache - even if it does get a bit gummed up and will have the added advantage of high temp prevention. A bit of varnish never seemed to cause many problems before - maybe it would now though. Particularly on rings etc.

So hopefully my question is a bit clearer - apologies for any confusion


Edited By Tim Morton on 22/09/2014 13:47:17

Edited By Tim Morton on 22/09/2014 13:49:32

22/09/2014 12:55:57

I was wondering if some of the engine guru's have some thoughts on whether a little castor oil (say 2% or so) would remove the need for after run oil.

Thread: Fly Baby
01/07/2014 21:57:27

I had no idea there was a previous Fly Baby - are the plans available?

Thread: 82" Fly Baby
01/07/2014 17:31:30

Hi Eraldo

I was building one a few years ago if you recall? You were mentoring the build from Canada on the club website.

Good to make contact again. PM me your email so we can get back in contact.

Afraid all work stopped (and flying for that matter...) as I got sidetracked with all sorts of things including a move to Edinburgh for 18 months or so.

I had the plan rasterised and the majority of the parts laser cut. The wing was about ¾ finished and is tucked away until I clear my desk.

Anyway I'm back in Aberdeen now so will hopefully be starting it up again soon. I haven't done any flying for ages so have dusted off a Prangster to get my eye back in...



I got the plans, cowl etc. with no problem

DH 82A

I have a Laser 120 NIB waiting for it...

As a general comment I saw the BalsaUSA is kiting the ⅓ scale one complete with all accessories (U/C, cockpit fittings etc ).


Edited By Tim Morton on 01/07/2014 17:31:56

Thread: Apple Mac
10/06/2013 17:31:03


I bought the 8FG when they came out but have been really busy at work so have hardly had time to fly, last weekend was the first time I flew in 18 months.

So guess I'm playing catch-up with everything now - not least of all my flying skills. Dumb thumbs...!! But everything came home in one piece thankfully.

Hope to be able to continue a few projects soon (1/4 scale Fly Baby being the main one) and get some flying done this summer. if the weather holds...

The latest upgrade for the 8FG was ver 5

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