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Thread: RES-Eagle Glider RCME March 2018
24/02/2018 23:06:36

Great, look forward to your build pics.



23/02/2018 22:21:39

Forgot to mention the glue Iam using for the complete model HK type insta-cure+

And when Iam trying to be patient Iam using the slower HK type HC-50-1100C and the thinner version.


23/02/2018 20:33:07

Hi Peter,

Sorry that will be my mistake, because on the file I told RBC it should be 4mm, but on the drawings its 6mm.

But to be honest 4mm is a better choice, because you will have to send less and only need to make the chamfer from the rib to the trailing edge.

Here is a detail of how it will finally look like on your model when its sanded into shape.

detail te.jpg

Hope the pic makes it all clear.


20/02/2018 23:02:36


Hoping to make it more clear here a little detail on the reinforcement.

detail 1.jpg

This is how it should look like with a 6mm spar.


Here is the detail on my RES-Eagle which is with the 4mm spar and reinforcement on top.


Yes it looks like the scale of the servo is not correct, because it should be a 9 gr servo. Thanks for mentioning.

Here's a pic to show you, more pics later.




20/02/2018 21:30:33

No the leading edge will stay the same 4mm.

Will come back on the two rods.

For allblush, the file for the 6mm rod is send to RBCkits so ask for the modified version of the RES-Eagle.



20/02/2018 20:39:51

Some more photo

res-eagle (11).jpg

res-eagle (12).jpg

res-eagle (13).jpg

res-eagle (14).jpg

res-eagle (15).jpg

Outer wing panel

res-eagle (16).jpg

res-eagle (17).jpg

res-eagle (19).jpg

Cheers Ton

20/02/2018 20:32:46

Peter, thanks for selecting the RES-Eagle for your next project.

You can modify to 6mm using a file which runs from 4 to 6mm, it works fine and holds the hole in the centre.

Fixing the rods were they meet, is reinforced, with a small piece of rod chamfered and glued on top.

For all who are interested in the RES-Eagle cnc set for RBCkits,

Sorry should have done it earlier but will modify the file for RBC to 6mm, so new sets will hopefully have the modification for the 6mm carbon spar.

When you will use the 4mm spar it won't be a problem but you need to make sure to keep the speed down.

I had the flutter in a dive and one time on the bungee, when I pulled not enough elevator and let the speed to build up to much. But that was on a RES completion bungee, not the red silicon bungee from Hobby King which I use most of the time.



19/02/2018 20:35:29

Don't have a lot of building pics because I went a little to fast building the RES-Eagle.

But still have some so here we go.

res-eagle (1).jpg

res-eagle (2).jpg

res-eagle (3).jpg

res-eagle (4).jpg

res-eagle (5).jpg

res-eagle (6).jpg

res-eagle (7).jpg

res-eagle (8).jpg

res-eagle (9).jpg

res-eagle (10).jpg

Some more pics lateron.



18/02/2018 16:45:03

TP, Iam sure it will do fine on the dunes, on a relax summer evening.

The wings are designed for low wind, so be carefull on a slope.


Thread: Own Design 2m F3A Model
12/02/2018 21:21:22

My compliments on the build you really are a craftsman.



Thread: RES-Eagle Glider RCME March 2018
12/02/2018 21:08:01

Time is going fast and Iam looking forward to the summer evening to fly my RES-Eagle some more.

I will start here a thread about my new glider and will post all the pics I have.

Hope you like it and start your build to be ready for the summer.

Here some pics to start with.

res-eagle (3).jpg

res-eagle and redeagle.jpg

RES-Eagle and the RedEagle which I think you all know, both model are 2mtr wingspan






More pics later.



Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
21/01/2018 19:03:17

Looking good but not sure if the Lipo will need to go that far forward.

Not sure if you know, the cg on the plan is the old position, its better to set the cg at 90mm.


06/01/2018 23:36:52

Hi Jason,

All looking great and a very clean build my compliments.smiley



03/01/2018 16:13:41


That's a great start and looking forward to more pics.


03/11/2017 19:18:14

Enjoy the build and look forward to the pics.



29/10/2017 21:14:36

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your post and great that you selected the RedEagle for some relax flying.

The 10mm washout is for making the model turn better, but its not a big difference, because RedEagle's without the washout will also turn just fine. You don't have to build the washout in the wing you can also make the washout during the covering of the wing.

For clevises on the RedEagle or for models in general, check here **LINK** they all work just fine. For me I use a 90 degrees bend on one end and on the other end a metal clevis with a solder when the controls are neutral. After the maiden hold the rudder and elevator in the flight position, heath the clevis again to soften the solder and set the trim on the transmitter neutral. The model will be in trim for life.

Don't forget to post some pics of your build I can never get enough of build pics of the RedEagle.

And when you have questions just ask.



Thread: P51D plan by Ton Van Munsteren
29/10/2017 20:55:33

Hi Dave,

Iam using sheet hinges and its because, when you hit the ground with the rudder, it can move and won't break.

Its no problem gluing the rudder in place it will be okay in flight.



Thread: Wave
24/10/2017 19:36:02

Hi Toby,

Thats a beauty thanks for posting the pics and thanks for building the Wave it looks great and love the colors.



Thread: Red Eagle 2016 Build
14/10/2017 23:21:36

Motor 2830 1000kv and esc 30A


Thread: David Boddington Raider Combat RCM&E Febr 2017
11/09/2017 21:22:12

Still get request for the files of the Raider which is great.

yes Cheers , Ton

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