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Thread: Phoenix Quisling
22/02/2019 23:30:03

I had a Quisling, great flying little plane, funny looking thing quite aerobatic needed a good blow to work well. If memory serves I think the ailerons are correx, I would change those for balsa. The concept was a 2 channel plane with no need for a computer tx.. I used to have it in the boot of my car for quick flights on my way home from work if the wind was right.. I remember putting from 100 feet into granite and I broke a servo arm. Cut the top off replaced the arm and was flying in 10mins..!


Thread: Can you identify this slope soarer?
25/10/2017 01:11:40

Ridge racer SC, is the fuz glass..??

Thread: Law - am I breaking bylaws?
12/05/2015 21:47:36



I fly model gliders on the moor... These are from certain sites according to conditions... As a rule of thumb any rc model is not allowed, however a "blind eye" seems to be given to gliders... So no "motor" driven aircraft. I fly my electric gliders from the slope, just don't use the power... Most of the sites are a fair hike from the car park so are quite a distance from the public...

For more info contact these guys..

Stan Yeo is a good start as well, he runs Phoenix Model Products, he is a gent..




Edited By Kris1 on 12/05/2015 22:12:43

Thread: PMP New Glider - The Pzazz
19/04/2012 13:44:28

Its great to see Stan back to kit manufactoring.

I had a number of his kits, Turbo Esprit, wing bat, summer breeze and stilleto. I must say, the stilleto was my favorite, must have been the most verstile glider I have ever own that is not moduled...



Thread: Luna 2
02/05/2010 23:52:40
Well my Luna 2 will be ready to go.  Just as soon as I have sorted out the surface.  I can't get them to centre properly, all I hear is a hole bunch of servos hunting a buzzing.  I did think it was the servos, but new 5 x HS 85MGs can't be faulty.  Any ideas on how to release the surfaces so they don't drag.

Edited By Kris1 on 02/05/2010 23:53:04

Thread: Building the Balsacraft Hurricane
28/02/2009 21:56:05
I have built the BC Spit, and have the BC Hurricane kit to build.  I recon that it will take 600 sized retracts, the wing should be thick enough.
Thread: TN Hurricane
27/11/2008 14:38:00

What size sprung oleos do I need?  as they look to be true to scale.



Thread: A123 cells actually at end of life!!!
21/11/2008 12:29:00

Yeah I have similar problems with some of my Lipo packs.  They are not takes as much charge and seem to warm more after a flight which I must conclude the IR is increasing.  I have seen forums suggesting not to discharge past 70%, but I have no idea if this will hapr the Lipo.  They are getting cheaper now, so far more desposable.

Let us know how you get on tomorrow



21/11/2008 12:22:00

Just found a film on youtube for a guy with an S14 on 6SP1 for about 100A  Looks good.  About 1/2 the power of my absolute on Lipos.



21/11/2008 11:41:00
I have the Astro 109 charger at the moment and am very happy with it.  I understand that if I connect a 6S or a 4S pack of A123s it recognised them at 5 and 3S lipo accordingly and will charge a the lipo rate.  The charged voltages for the 5 and 3s liop are then correct for 4 and 6S LiFe.  So I am sure I can use what I have.  Astro also do a firmware update to change the charger for a LiFe charger.  The main issue is if I go for 2P LiFe configuration the output power will compromise the charge time, which for me is the main reason for using an A123 cell.CheersKris  
21/11/2008 10:51:00

Thanks Tom, my Mum and Dad are in the US.  But the exchange rate makes the cost more in USA.  Will have to see if Father Chritmas is good to me this year.



Thread: Hotliners are great!
21/11/2008 10:33:00

back to the first few posts Hotliners are fun.  I fly 3D but also love the sound a hotliner makes prop chopping the air and the whistle on the glide by..  I am current ly runing a Bandit2 with 4S and 800W and a Absolute, neu power 1509/1.5D/6.7:1 on 16 x 17 CC125 with 5S 3850 and 210A for about 3KW!!!  I would guess aceleration for glide to about 200mph is about 3 seconds.The Absolute flight pattern is very similar to this vid of an S14 below, but the glide is not quite as fast.  I have a Blizzard and found it to be very disappointing, it now a pure glider for the slope.



Thread: A123 cells actually at end of life!!!
21/11/2008 10:18:00

Tom it looks a good charger.  Can I get it from the UK? or have to oder from the USA?



05/11/2008 12:17:00

No not at the moment,  I have got some thunderpower 5S 3850 V2’s for the absolute, which will work well and supply the amps in the 200 mark.  I think at the moment with the cost of Lipos I will stick with this technology.  However may change the pack on my bandit to a 6s1p when the lipos give up. Cheers Kris

This is an intresting link.  It is being talked about by the greater good!!!!

16/10/2008 21:22:00

No I am in devon, but thanks for the offer

The absolute will get to cloud level in 3 seconds so motor run is about 2 or 3 second bursts, i recon on 160mph climb out.  The setup is a neu power 1509 1.5d on a 5.7:1 and a 16 x 17 rfm prop CC125..  A flight of 15mins is based around 30 to 40 seconds of total motor run!  I know the voltage drops with the FP 5S 3700 to about 10 or 11V under that load.  Extreme for any cell. I have heard of the TP V2 cells hold thier voltage and are very good, a 5S 5000, should fit.  at 50C that is 250A so within spec.

Going off the subject, but 55A of a 6S A123 should be OK for the Bandit



16/10/2008 20:45:00

I think I will invest in a 6s pack.  Try it in the Katana 30 or Bandit first. With my Kontroniks setup in the Bandit motorcalc recons on a 95mph pitch speed and climb at 18m/s  I will see how it works. The 5s 3700 I have for the Angel are OK they will last some time yet.  The 4S 2500, are on the way out so the airframes will be a good platform to try the a123s. 

One of the main things for me with the a123 is the fast charge time.  So I recon I would run two chargers for the 2P packs. 

I have an FVK absolute neu power brushless.  It draws 215A off of 5S 3700 lipo.  Problem is the lipos don't last too long.  I recon the a123 could be a good option.

Just need to wait for payday 



15/10/2008 22:40:00

You are still going to need a charger that can supply 400W at 36V to get your fast charge of 4C  Don't know if that is possible. Or spit two 6S packs and charge them on thier own at 4C on diffrent chargers

The sea fury looks great.  I remember I had a balsa craft sea fury with a colbot brushed motor on 8 sub C nicads.  Long time ago it flew very well.

I am thinking of building the Nijhus harricane.  Will have to be new year as I rebuilding the house at the moment.



15/10/2008 22:12:00

I guess we are talking an extra 10oz over the 4S 2500!!!! The Katana does have 566sq in of wing area do the loading would go up by about about 1 or 2 oz per foot.  The bandit is a hotliner and will go like stink with a higher wing loading in any case.  So not to worried.  But I guess I can then try it in the angel 50.  I think the way to go would be a higher S count of say 8 or 10 S say and stick with 1P, just draw less amps to get the duration.  problem is the motor I have in the angel 50 has too higher Kv so will need to be changed.

Also the FP packs I noted are getting very hot.


15/10/2008 21:21:00

Sounds fair to me.

Ok I will try a 6S1P and see how I get on.  I could be flying one and charging another with a quick swap.  I did change the chip in the 109 for a v2 one which has a better lipo program.  It will certainly will charge the 2300 cell quickly.

I also have an FVK Bandit, and sebart Katana  30s Both run on 4S 2500 lipo and very well.  I think these could be better suited to the A123 cells to start with.  If I can put say 6S1P in and draw 50 to 55A the duration should be good and I will have the power.  I have noticed that the four battery packs I use in thse planes FP 4S 2500, are now noticably down on power, they dropoff about half way though the flight.  I was getting 12 mins of agressive aerobatics from the Kat with prop hanging etc, now I land at 9mins and the LVC has cut in.  I charge them and they take about 1.8 to 2A.  Not so good infact only about 20 or 30 cycles from each pack disapointed..  I think the A123 are the way to for these planes.



15/10/2008 19:29:00


What charger are you using?  Where can I get one and at what cost.

 I was thinking of fitting my Sebart Angel 50 with A123s.  I currently run FP 5S 3700 using a Hacker A50 12S.  I am using an Astro 109 charger,  I read some where that if I connect A123 to it is will detect as a lipo pack but with a lower cell count.  It will charge 9S lipo at up to 7.5A.  I would like to take benfit of the fast charge of A123, but at 2P configuration then that would be 18A!.  That would be a 400W charging circuit.

The Angel has loads of power and after 8mins I put about 2 to 3A back in.  I would like to use a 6S2P setup, but this will add about 1/2lb!   guess that 6S1P will work but I like to get flights of 8 to 10mins. 

I like the idea of a 6S pack at £60, in 2P then £120 for the pack.  An I would only need one!

What are your thoughts.



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