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Thread: The Cafe
02/01/2011 03:58:36
Drink working, tiredness setting in...trip down memory lane.....working in the lab, but every lunchtime was a burger.& a not a sticky bun...except on bank holidays.
This was always  blasting out of the juke box..............
02/01/2011 03:29:31 got it right...I just poured myself a glass of new year and the panic has set in
 How the hell do you teach a six year old to fly?.... (references please).....It'll be like a scene out of Kindergarden Cop.....................sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm leaving her to Timbo
02/01/2011 03:11:54
I'll leave you with one damn good one before I take my grandaughter on the vision quest up the to the Timbo sticky bun mountain......Elaine Page & Susan you've got to rate this.

02/01/2011 03:01:27 got it wrong....I'm not a troubled soul, I couldn't be happier.  ....I've just decided that there are a few important things in life that I grand kids!!.........when that little six year old angel jumps on your broken back and screems  "GRANDAD!!!!!" can chuck all the laws of fizzicks out the window..........she's got to be Ormed!!
02/01/2011 02:48:27
Posted by Stephen Grigg on 02/01/2011 02:11:41:
But it has been said you are a very fair person Phil
 I'm not that fair because life isn't fair........I'm furious!!!!!
 When we hit the 5000 post mark I thought of doing the corny record  "Congratulations" by Sir Cliff Richard.....I thought better of it.
Because I've got a knackered back I've been sleeping on the floor ......I've just gone into the living room, set my bed up on the floor, and got greeted by ............"Congratulations."...on the telly.............there is no justice. 
Seriously guys,......I might be a bit absent for a while.....I'll still be checking in but I've decided it's time to devote time to the grand young six year old girl neads to learn how to combat Timbo........she's heard a lot about him & wants to see him........another 1 year old wants to beat up grandad & smash his glasses.......Mnnnnn!
End of the dsay....hard work!!!!
I'll see you soon all.
02/01/2011 02:05:03
We can do some corny music here......sometimes it's do you rate Elaine page?
I wouldn't kick her out of the bathroom

02/01/2011 01:44:17
Posted by Pete B on 02/01/2011 01:17:43:
Now Kate Bush I do like, Phil - and I've a few albums to prove it. Here's something a bit different to be going on with........

I would like to use my normal language to describe that but I'd better not.

02/01/2011 01:00:04
Different subject....I remember watching Top of the Pops and my dad saying "Get a proper Job".......Don't get me wrong, I loved him dearly & he told me all about his exploits during WWii.....Why couldn't you like Kate Bush Dad?
02/01/2011 00:49:35
Nice one Dave....and I was the guilty party..........
02/01/2011 00:38:12
Posted by Big Bandit on 02/01/2011 00:15:22:

 Phil, Couldn't you do something similar, from your qualifications,
Ah offence meant but you do not now my qualifications......this is part of the fun to me.........I have said in earlier posts and in my profile that my interests are Fizzix Chemiwotsits & Natural Sciences......(That's how earthquakes & evolution happen)
I've never stated my qualifications............who is to be judge as to how good a person is?
I will simply say that I have a PhD how to get into trouble.
02/01/2011 00:14:38
Posted by Stephen Grigg on 01/01/2011 23:57:10:
Very nice gentle lullaby to send me to sleep on Terence

 Oi wakey wakey.......where's the damn lullaby?

01/01/2011 23:41:49
01/01/2011 23:38:27
Posted by Big Bandit on 01/01/2011 23:31:32:
Phil absolutely,
Is this a bit similar to my earlier posts about finding a job? are "semi" retired....that means you haven't quite given up yet......good on you mate. ....or coming from somewhere near to Liverpool, should I say..........."Good on yer mate"?
01/01/2011 23:04:55
Posted by Big Bandit on 01/01/2011 22:53:13:
I worked as a lab rat in a construction physics lab for more than 15 years, and I've spent a lot of time with my future father in law, who's head of physics at Sheffield.
Thank god he wasn't at Brighton...I'd be dead by now. 
Seriously, do you get the idea that just because you know the insides of an atom that some peeps look on you as some sort of a toff?......It's just a job!!!.....doesn't it get you frustrated?
01/01/2011 22:45:42
Posted by Big Bandit on 01/01/2011 22:07:34:
Phil's your man when it comes to wire cutting, but mine's a carpenters bow saw with nichrome wire instead of the saw blade. I use bungy rubber for the tension instead of string. Two lengths of center piece for cutting different lengths of foam. I use a decent car battery for power, with a 15 ohm rheostat to vary the current. When I can dig it out of the garage I'll post a pici.

Edited By Big Bandit on 01/01/2011 22:08:15

 Don't blow my trumpet when it comes to electronics BB........I'm just your common or gardener nuclear physist...physicsit....physicics.....Oh sod it where's spell check?
01/01/2011 22:39:14
Posted by r6dan on 01/01/2011 22:16:20:
That would be great if you had pics,A wing full o ribs is a right pain to make so if I could make foam wings it will save sooooo much time!
I'll sort something Dan....maybe another thread.... did you look at the thread about Timbo's wings?.........They withstood another arrival.
01/01/2011 22:35:58
Posted by Pete B on 01/01/2011 22:14:38:
Re your reply about crime on the Myron thread,
I won't post your whole comment Pete.......suffice to say spot on mate.
01/01/2011 20:39:23
The power plant can be a simple battery.......a cutter is just a hot wire driven by a battery / generator / lipo / nuclear fission reactor.........or fermented buns as a by product of Timbo.
Tell me what power supply you have & I'll tell you what you can do.
01/01/2011 20:29:30
Posted by r6dan on 01/01/2011 20:12:35:
Yes its Dan 
Do you have the infos about how to put a cutter together? 
 Yes Dan, I have all the info you want.....done lots of them & have the scientific basis to back it all up...........apart from the fact that it works...........what would you like to know?
Thread: BMFA Subs for 2011
01/01/2011 20:08:26
I got my reminder card a few weeks back....I haven't paid it......doh!....I'm grounded.
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