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Thread: Jet Packs
17/10/2019 23:24:19

Much enjoyed! Now when is he going to fly the channel without refuelling.


Thread: Tony Nijhuis Harvard - Build Log
04/10/2019 08:39:51

Impressive work. Very nice.

Thread: Airbus A400 - Anyone else built one
10/09/2019 22:15:02


I used the setup as recommended by 4max. See posting above. Two 5min flights on one battery charge.


Check out my build album.


10/09/2019 21:42:38


It flies beautifully. Can be flown slowly and does not show signs of stalling. Flairs nicely and lands fine, even if the undercart is up, don't ask how I know. Check out the video .


I have also seen videos of people flying it too fast, but no idea why they would want to. It's a great model. Go ahead and build one. You will not be disappointed.


Thread: Tony Nijhuis Harvard - Build Log
21/08/2019 19:59:31


Very impressed with the build, well done. I'm most intrigued by your excellent painted roundels. Would you care to explain the process involved?


Thread: Graupner MZ 12 Pro TX/Falcon 12 receiver
22/03/2019 13:14:58


Your comment on programming data in Tx or Rx, which confused me also, reminded me of the AS3X which I installed in a model. To install the AS3X the instructions are that the Tx is left as default and the programming goes on in the Rx via a PC or smart phone. The reason was if the gyro is part of the Rx then externally (i.e. Tx) programmed data will not work properly, or confuses it. The programming of the Rx was not convenient as I had to use a PC on the flight line to adjust settings. The app did not work on an Android phone.

I have used successfully an external gyro which connects between Rx and servo. With this setup the normal Tx programming applies.

The Graupner method of programming Rx using the Tx via the telemetry system is far better than the Spektrum approach. Spektrum have introduce a new bluetooth device to allow Rx programming but I've not used it. I still have to use a channel to switch gyro functions so the 6ch Rx is effectively a 5ch Rx. Graupner get round this problem by having the 6ch Rx able to use use more channels for control purposes. So the Falcon 12 is still a useable 6ch control surfaces Rx.

Graupner is growing on me. Cheers, Nik.

21/03/2019 20:30:11


Been playing again today with the gyro settings. Finally cracked it! Worked out how to drive the gyro so that you can fly and adjust the gyro sensitivity at same time. Able to adjust each axis individually. Need to use the rotary control, which I wanted to use for flaps, but assume that after deciding what sensitivity to use then can revert back to flaps. Switching the gyro states took a bit longer but using the 3 position switch can get gyro modes 0,1 and 2.

If you want a detailed description of how to, then let me know.

Still miffed that the Tx does not have more switches or rotary knobs though. Cheers. Nik.

21/03/2019 12:41:46


I too recently bought the same kit and have found it "difficult" to understand. I have made progress but it has been slow. I agree with you as to the available information and the translations. First off I would recommend, if not already done, you update to latest Tx S/W. Mine was not. Version 1v039 is latest.

I have nearly managed to setup the gyro - one of the reasons I bought it - but still working on it. Worked out how to setup the 3 axis but not yet how to set a switch to control whether it's on or not.

I agree about confusion as to where the data is, as in Tx or Rx, not yet worked out the benefit yet.

I would really like to have a document that explained why I would want to use some of the functions. I'm a Dx8 user and that was easy to follow.

Not sure about the number switches available or how they are intended to be used. i.e. why have a 3 position switch with one position momentary?

Maybe we can work it out together. Cheers.

Thread: MZ-12 Pro S/W updating
16/03/2019 11:00:08


Success at last! I have to admit it was all my own fault. When switching on the Tx I spent too long switching off the RF that I missed setting the Tx to PC Coms setting. I know - I can't believe it either. I did buy the said cables but not worked out how to use them for the Rx updating etc yet. It does look complicated and I've only found german language youtubes.

One of the reasons I got confused is that the Graupner engineers were mentioning inspecting the Device Manager. This did not show in my list any drivers that they had in their list and also the Ports(COM & LTP) driver is not in my list. I never thought I needed it as the laptop does not have a serial or parallel port. Now all is working my list in Device Manager has not been modified at all. When I got the Tx set correctly the software then started to look for the driver in a typical USB fashion, found it eventually then started working, but the Device Manager list did not change.

So result. Tx now has latest S/W. The last bit I got to work was the voice messages. Again they make it confusing. It appears that there are no voice messages to use until you repeatedly press the voice select many times. Presumably the voice files are in a list where the first ones in the list are blank. Not the best way to write the S/W, or at least it should be mentioned in the instructions.

I bought this set as it was 12 channels, but it does not to have as many switches, or type of as in 2 and 3 position, as I would like. It would seem the extra channels are for driving extra servos at the Rx end, as in dual servos per control surface.

Now I'm off to try and work out how to work the gyro in the Falcon12 Rx!

Thanks for the help, Cheers.

07/03/2019 18:04:11

If it is the cable I'll be miffed. I would expect the cable supplied with the Tx to be the "correct" cable. Will let you know the result when the cables arrive.


07/03/2019 15:31:15


Have ordered cables from so we will see what happens when they arrive. I had already got 7168.S but could not work out what to do with it.

Will let you know when cables arrive.


07/03/2019 12:09:41


I have again attempted to install grStudio from scratch. I have loaded both drivers and both indicated successful installation and ready to use. When I try to run the following in grStudio I get error an message saying USB not working. The USB ports do actually work but not for grStudio.

Upgrade->Transmitter->Firmware Upgrade->Product Info Read

I have looked into Device Manager on my machine (Win7) and there is no driver like STMicroelectronics or Silicon Labs.

Is the cable supplied with the Tx/Rx combi supposed to work as an update cable?

I can only assume the device driver is missing, but why?


06/03/2019 20:50:26


I have got the manual. The Window 10 machine was borrowed. My machine is Windows 7. The USB lead is the one supplied with the Tx/Rx combi.

06/03/2019 18:45:26

Recent purchase of Graupner MZ-12 Pro Tx and Falcon 12 Rx. So far I have been unable to connect the Tx to a PC to use the Graupner grStudio program. I have used a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 PC but no joy. Graupner have been helpful but not able to tell me what if anything I'm doing wrong. My question is has anybody successfully connected a MZ-12 Pro to a PC?

Here's hoping somebody has.


Thread: Futaba T6K V2 And Graupner mz-12
23/01/2019 18:05:46

Tom, Did you go for the MZ-12 Pro? I did and so far not too impressed. I tried to update MZ-12 pro S/W and have not yet been successful. Unable to get my Window7 PC to connect to it. Also the voice files are not loaded by default so I'm unable to use them either. So far have not been any use.
I was sold on the idea of the Falcon12 Rx with built in gyros but I've not yet worked out how to do that either. The PC connection is all important.
Anybody worked out how to get it all to work?

Thread: Stabilisation
20/08/2018 20:09:56

No. The unit that went duff on me was the HobbyKing RX3S OrangeRX 3-axis V2 unit. The aileron stabilisation failed. I got my plane down safely because I switched the unit off by Tx and regained control.

20/08/2018 18:43:03

I went for the separate gyro route having run out of channels on the AS3X. First tried the HobbyKing unit but that failed on me on the first flight. Second went for the Multiplex Multigyro G3 unit. More expensive and you have to work through the poor german/english translation but it does work. Had no problems flying and landings are lovely. The Rx I'm using is the Spektrum AR8000 in a Nijhuis A400. I did have the advantage of space in the fuse though. Definitely recommend the Multiple unit.

Thread: Airbus A400 - Anyone else built one
22/06/2018 12:20:49

A little late in posting but this model really needs to be better known. It flies superbly using the motors/battery combo as proposed by 4max, although I did use a quad ESC as it was more convenient and cheaper. The Tony Nijhuis site states a motor setup of 4x500W which is way OTT. I measured mine at around 800W total.

Check out my build in the Album section - A400 Altas. Here is a link to a para drop video I did.

I cannot praise this model highly enough - it is different and allows you to add a bit of your own input to the build. All a can say is "well done Tony".




Edited By Nik Harrison on 22/06/2018 12:25:05

Thread: Fowler Flaps
29/05/2018 20:44:44

Just a thought, but could you not use the internals of some electric retracts to get the screw thread. It would have motor and electronics all available.

Thread: wiring for twin mustang with two batteries
14/03/2018 10:57:31


I had problem very like yours with a set up I had using a quad ESC on my A400. It would not work if all four throttle signals were joined up. It would work on any 2 but not four. Lack of current drive was the problem. Solved by building a unity gain amp which then ensured correct drive. Details were discussed in forum

Design & Build FW 200 Condor / Syndicato if you want further details.



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