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Thread: June 2020 RCM&E
23/05/2020 21:02:32

All sorted now yes

Refresh the edition by archiving (removing it from your device) it and downloading it again all will be well, yeeharr! smile d

22/05/2020 22:08:49
Posted by Roger Auker 1 on 20/05/2020 13:33:12:

I was sent the notification last Friday that the digital mag was available on the app. Went to download it and there is a copy of the front page of Model Engineer but has the details of the contents of the RCM&E mag alongside.

Have contacted the help desk at RCM&E to sort it out as it downloaded the Model Engineer instead !!

Hoping for a speedy resolution. Stay safe everyone

Same happened to me Roger. I have reported it to the helpdesk at Pocketmags. They are not the same apparently. I'm guessing Pocketmags is the distributor and RCM&E has a publisher, MyTimeMedia?

The nice lady that replied says she has reported it to the publisher and will get back to me when she has some news.

In the meantime I loaded the magazine into the Pocketmags app this evening and it worked OK. Both apps are available from the PlayStore.

In case you didn't know (I didn't for years previously) the two apps are not from the same people. The RCM&E app only loads our magazine but the Pocketmags app can load all the E-magazines. Beware if you buy a subscription through Pocketmags like I did recently it doesn't give you access to the subscriber part of this site. They sorted it for me to cancel the first one I bought and replace it with a MyTimeMedia subscription which meant I got access back. Which was a shame as Pocketmags had emailed me with a special offer discounted price which I obviously lost when I changed.

To make it worse I cannot find a way to archive and so reload the current edition of the magazine like you can do with previous editions so even if they have fixed it I cannot reload the current edition.

Thread: Article on building a LiPo warmer box
07/02/2020 15:30:39

FYI I found the article, it is in the March 2018 issue of RCM&E.

Thanks for all the ideas here though. I reckon I'll pinch the ideas I like the best from all of them. laugh

I've got no excuses now have I?

07/02/2020 10:56:41

I remember reading a recent-ish article on building a LiPo warmer box from an aluminium case as used for transmitters, a pet bed warmer mat and an old LiPo. I'm sure it was in RCM&E, possibly a Special. While I look through my old magazines, search the Internet and search does anyone recall it and know which issue it was in please? Now where is that RCM&E index? Oh wait.....

Thread: Easy Built Models Ryan ST
12/12/2019 14:51:09
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 12/12/2019 14:26:40:

No, sorry I don't. I bought mine at Cosford last year (probably from the same bloke) but he wasn't there this year or I'd have bought a few more blocks, too. I have 20 which is usually enough but another 10 would be useful.


Thanks for the speedy reply yes

12/12/2019 12:58:18


Hi Geoff, slightly off-topic but related in a way.

Do you have any info or contact details about the supplier of your magnetic building board?

I bought one with similar fittings a year or two back at Wings and Wheels and have lost the leaflet that came with it. The Guy doesn't appear to have a website, not that I can find anyway, and I would like some more fittings.

Thread: Ageing lipos!
19/09/2019 20:08:43

Posted by Nick Farrow on 19/09/2019 16:54:53:


Just as an aside, would you expect new packs to balance? I have had some 1800mah (nanotech) from hobbyking that wont balance, Do they accept them as returns in this case?

A lot of my LiPos don't balance, they just sit there balancing on my budget charger until it times out at 120 mins. I would be more likely to blame your charger if its not a decent (£££ ) one. The way the budget ones balance is really naff - they just bung a resistor across the cells with high voltage while charging, this really isn't ideal. Trust me I was an electronics engineer for many years...

Edited By BikerDon on 19/09/2019 20:09:33

Edited By BikerDon on 19/09/2019 20:10:01

18/09/2019 16:34:42

When they start to deteriorate,I use my old 3S/4S LiPos for things that used to be driven by 12V lead acid batteries. Such as the compressor for my air retracts, electric starter, i/c control panel, field charger etc

Edited By BikerDon on 18/09/2019 16:36:17

Thread: Malcolm Corbin Easy Street
30/07/2019 15:03:30
Posted by BikerDon on 30/07/2019 14:36:20:
Posted by Stuphedd on 12/07/2019 22:32:52:

If its any help I use a 1700kv Mystery motor 2836, with a 40 amp ESC with 2000 lipos , with SD200 servos

The motors were from ebay for £11 complete with the esc (each) and still going strong !! a long time ago

What size prop?

Sorted now, you mentioned the 8x4 prop in the other thread, just found it nerd

30/07/2019 14:36:20
Posted by Stuphedd on 12/07/2019 22:32:52:

If its any help I use a 1700kv Mystery motor 2836, with a 40 amp ESC with 2000 lipos , with SD200 servos

The motors were from ebay for £11 complete with the esc (each) and still going strong !! a long time ago

What size prop?

13/07/2019 21:25:42
Posted by Stuphedd on 13/07/2019 21:11:44:

If any photos of my installation may help?? just ask !


I'm asking 😁

13/07/2019 20:14:33
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 13/07/2019 13:10:27:

Don, no pictures as it was a fair while ago. IIRC I used a generic 3536 sort of can with a 40A esc and a 2200 3S pack slotted under the wing. Same sort of setup as you'd find in a Wot 4 foamy.

Likewise Bob, thanks, very useful starting point for my power train design 👍🏻

13/07/2019 20:12:56
Posted by Stuphedd on 12/07/2019 22:32:52:

If its any help I use a 1700kv Mystery motor 2836, with a 40 amp ESC with 2000 lipos , with SD200 servos

The motors were from ebay for £11 complete with the esc (each) and still going strong !! a long time ago

I actually have 3 Easy Streets smiley and a Crossfire !

All fast and smooth .

My mate put a Hyperion motor in his and it was faster than mine !

Thanks Stu(?), very useful starting point for my power train design 👍🏻

Edited By BikerDon on 13/07/2019 20:15:16

12/07/2019 22:03:08
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 12/07/2019 10:54:53:

I had the ARTF mk1 version with a brushless/3S lipo setup and it was (in my opinion) a nicer machine than the current Mk2 ARTF offering.


I have just acquired a Mk1 airframe and am looking to spec a LiPo/brushless setup.

What motor/ESC/LiPo do you use?

Got any pictures?

Edited By BikerDon on 12/07/2019 22:03:44

11/07/2019 23:52:21
Posted by FlyinBrian on 01/03/2019 22:09:29:

I have an ARTF Easy street sitting in my shed, I doubt I will ever get round to building it.

FlyinBrian - do you still have it?

I'm looking for one, been doing so for ages

Thread: STOL Mk2 Help Required Please
06/03/2017 21:53:00

Being NewBuilderFlyer's 'friend' who will be doing the maiden I feel it appropriate to add my 2p-worth.... embarrassed

I agree with brokenenglish cheeky

Looking at the plan and pictures of other STOL Mk 1 & 2 builds surely* the WHEEL should be postioned about mid-way between the CoG and the wing LE. The rake of the u/c struts is very misleading and irrelevant IMHO and it's the position of the axle that counts as the aircraft will rotate about that axle while on the ground.

* and stop calling me Shirley...

I have plenty of air time with both LE slats, flaps and flying slowly as I have the Durafly Fiesler Storch which is notoriously difficult to fly. I was the only flyer in our club that was able to tame the Storch and get many flights out of her angel 2

Time will tell fellahs, we'll keep you posted wink

Thread: Mystery ship
07/09/2016 21:31:59

Does anyone have any idea what this model might be please?

2016-09-07 16.43.24.jpg

2016-09-07 16.43.38.jpg

Thread: Skyangel 50mm mini EDFs
18/09/2015 22:14:36
Posted by Rosco on 18/09/2015 21:52:46:
I have had several of the Skyangel/Hobbyking 50mm jets and all have been great little models.

I have had the F16, F18 and F35 (in that order) and have friends that fly the T45.

The F16 was a rocket on 3s. I did have a fan issue and upgraded to a CS 11blade fan with the stock motor and it was even better. I did the same to the F18 and F35.

Due to their small size, some can fit a 4s within the fuselage with very little modification and some cannot.

Try e-bay for them and as you know Hobbyking also has some. I also got one from local hobby store.

My F18 is still flying and is one of my favourites. I can post some vids later.


Yes to the videos please Rosco... yes

18/09/2015 21:11:44

Jack, if you read the article, the Guy recommends uprating them with the £15 EDF/ESC from rc-castle (11 blade, balanced motor/fan, 4S capable) together with a 4S LiPo which then transforms them into something 'interesting'.

EDF unit

P.S. I don't want a funfighter I want an EDF wink

18/09/2015 17:57:46

Can anyone help me in tracking down some these please?

Reading the September RCM&E my appetite was well and truly whetted by the article "Small but mighty". All the talk of the Skyangel 50mm EDF range sounded so tempting that I was all ready to put mouse to order form to get one whizzing it's its way to me ASAP. So I started to hunt down some of the kit Nigel Hawes mentions in the article to no avail so far..

Skyangel 50mm EDF jets - the only recognisd UK supplier was Amazon and all the models are 'Currently unavailable'. BRC Hobbies only have the 35mm models. He mentions to check out - no Skyangel models under their 50mm range, they do have the XRP fans though. HobbyKing has a few 50mm EDF jets but none look like Skyangel.

This so frustrating!!

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