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Thread: Foam Wing Cutter
24/11/2019 10:48:20

Don’t buy wire from amazon or RS, far too expensive.

Get it fromThe Crazy Wire Company


Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
10/11/2019 14:24:02
Posted by Gary Manuel on 10/11/2019 12:44:24:

Interesting silencer you've got there Bert.

I assume that you drilled the holes in the outer layer. What did you do to the inner layer?

I started by drilling right through the bottom with a 14mm drill bit into the space where the tea would be, I then drilled at random a lot of 6mm holes through the outer case as in the photo. I turned an adapter out of a bit of scrap steel bar which I silver brazed in place. Finally I silver brazed a patch onto the bottom of the outer skin over the 14mm hole

The exhaust gases go into the inner chamber then pass into the space between the inner and outer casings and then out through the random holes. It works very well and it’s cheap!


10/11/2019 11:13:24

SilencerSllencerHeater InstallationI have just got my shed heater up and running, I didn’t want to mess about filling it up so I mounted it on staging with a four gallon diesel reservoir underneath. I have a submerged 24 volt pump in the reservoir so topping up is a breeze. I made a silencer for it using a redundant stainless vacuum flask. This is very effective, when standing near to it the sound is like a small gas torch. A few yards away an there is no noticeable noise.

Thread: Hex Drivers
01/05/2019 15:16:34

If you want good hex keys you need to get some from Wera, a small set will set you back about £20 - £25, but really good tools are never cheap.


Thread: Warped wings
28/02/2019 09:08:41

You can avoid all of that long-drawn out process by pinning the surfaces down after shrinking and doping.

if you do decide to go the twist it out route you will be doing it a lot because the warps will always come back.


26/02/2019 20:46:46

The method I use is to dope both sides of the wing and then pin it down using scraps of 3mm balsa sheet to keep it all clear of the board. You can use scraps of polythene bags to stop the wing from sticking to the packing pieces.

I also do this when water shrinking the tissue, I always use Esaki lite from Balsa Cabin or FF Supplies which I put on damp using dope as the adhesive. I dope the bare framework first.

I hope this helps, it always works for me and many other free flight people.


Thread: Bench top milling machine
15/11/2018 21:51:02

It’s not bad I had one of these with different badge/colour and it was ok. It will not have anything like the power or rigidity of a Bridgeport so you may find that you can’t use the bigger cutters that the Bridgeport can. As for quality, they are Chinese machines built down to a price so you get what you pay for. That said, there are a lot of people who turn out good work on them.


Thread: Laminated wing tips
08/10/2018 21:47:42

If it’s any help I use correx plastic sheet for formers, It’s cheap, especially if you can recycle estate agents signs.


Thread: Acro Wot original balsa kit fuselage sides
22/09/2018 12:12:09

You are the man, Ken! Thank you so much!

Bert (Ken Anderson fan club dept.)

20/09/2018 08:14:46

Ken, PM sent and thank you!

Bert (gratitude and profuse thanks dept)

19/09/2018 21:41:00

As title and description, I wonder if anyone on here has drawn round their Acro Wot fuselage sides before building. I wish I had because I need some now!

Thanks Bert

Thread: When your lifestyle finally catches up with you.
01/07/2018 16:49:06

There are no side effects from allopurinol that I’ve noticed in the many years I have taken it. The problem with ibuprofen is that it affects the kidney function so that kind of medication is not good for regular long term use.


01/07/2018 14:44:39

300mg is the dose we settled on after trying it out at first 100mg and 200mg.

And yes I eat all of those foods, though not every day.

I’m lucky in that respect although I have had both knees replaced.


01/07/2018 11:28:25

The red wine thing is a bit of folk history really. I suffered for years until th doctor put me on Allopurinol which sorts it out completely. I used to get it in my knees, my feet and my back.

The things you should avoid are liver, kidneys, oily fish, peas, in fact any food rich in purines. Or you can do as I do, I take one pill a day and get on with my life.


Thread: Ebay sellers...
30/03/2018 15:42:01

Couldn’t agree more, I have been a member since April 2000 and have had no real problems, this week I picked up two Oliver Tiger MkIV engines in really good condition for £250.


30/03/2018 12:38:27

It looks like a wok in progress!

30/03/2018 12:36:46

I don’t think it’s going to work but if you look up Biefield Brown Effect, it’s quite interesting


Thread: Excerpt from Aero modeller 1971
16/02/2018 18:50:41
Posted by Fun Flyer on 16/02/2018 18:33:03:

I think it carried the name from Model Aircraft and was called "Topical Twists" in AM too. I suppose its generally known who Pylonius actually was?

His name was Len Ranson, he was a committee member of the Hornchurch Model club when I was a junior member in the fifties. He was into rubber powered free flight stuff, sometimes tailless and had some of his plans published.


Thread: Why no home made glows?
16/01/2018 21:14:00

Sharma diesels are very good, I have a 1.5 and a 2.5. The prices are good too.

To get back to to topic, Mr Whittaker did his Firefly R/C glow engine as a diy project not so long ago, quite successful too, I believe.


Thread: Superglue Removal From Canopy
26/12/2017 19:50:28

You could paint it black, or silver?


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