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Thread: Throttle arm
10/05/2015 23:02:49

I need to extend a throttle arm by about 10mm to line up with better with the servo, I can not think how to do this. Dose anyone have any easy to do mod that will put the arm more in line with the servo and do away with the crank in the throttle linkage (see attached pics)




Thread: Taranis Software updates
06/05/2015 01:22:17

I'm in a similar position but I did manage to down grade an EU spec RX to pre EU spec. Next step for me will be the FW on the taranis, I'm reading all the post's so I'm familiar with the process, I have about 5 or 6 X6 RX's and I can not decide weather to up grade those yet, although I will probably end up doing the new EU spec upgrade just to save any fuss in the future. I might do the total upgrade to EU spec towards the end of the summer just in case it dose'nt go well.

Thread: How much do you have invested in your current models and kit?
01/05/2015 11:33:08

Well said Sam Wragg,

I've worked hard since I left school, now working part time, and only buy what I can afford to. If I see anything that I want, I work extra overtime to cover the cost, I build 99% of my planes not all ways the cheepest opition but I enjoy building and keep the cost to a minium, to me its a hobby and keeping the cost down is more of a challenge than a necessity.

I cannot put a price on what I have bought but I know it has cost me less than buying a 10x16 shed and kitting it out with heating & electrics ect ect...............

Thread: Two more FrSky Txs in the pipeline
28/04/2015 18:36:13


28/04/2015 17:48:22

Ugly but in the same breath beautifulsmiley

Thread: Old firmware receivers
25/04/2015 22:38:50

Last weekend I did manage to flash a new EU spec RX back to the non EU version. Not being a PC type, it did take a couple of hours of head scratching and a bit of help from the other half who understands PC's, and she works in a more methodical way than I do!!!

Thread: New Firmware
20/04/2015 17:26:08

Right, that's clear now, thank you Mike.........

20/04/2015 16:03:23


just had a look at OpenTx & its version 1.52 (revision 2381). If I update the TX would I then have to up date all of my older spec RX's to the new EU spec ( about 6 I think )


20/04/2015 14:51:04

Hi Martyn, I'm still using companion9x to program the TX, I thought that there was a new version available to use??

20/04/2015 14:32:53

I managed to downgrade a new spec X6R over the weekend to the older non EU version. A few hecups along the way but got there in the end. Not being a PC type of person it did suprise me that I managed to do it but I did get some help.

Now do I upgrade the TX firmware or leave as is,

are there any benfits in doing an upgrade to the TX??

Thread: setting up rates
19/04/2015 11:00:23

Thanks Bob

Off to the workshop now to double check my TX...........

19/04/2015 09:40:24

Thanks Bob, I knew there was something and have seen a posting about it, I spent ages trolling through old threads but could not find the answer. Is it ok to alter the weights on this screen IE have rudder @ 75% with no switch or do they all have to be @ 100%...............

18/04/2015 21:03:18

A while ago I read a posting about setting rates, it detailed a way to do it using a safety precaution should your switch malfunction so that you still have control over your plane. If anyone can remember what thread its in can you post a link for me please............

Thread: Prangster Problem!
23/03/2015 21:07:17

GB, don't forget that the ailerons need to be set in line with the center of the wing not set in line with the top surface of the wing, a lot of people have made this mistake ( me as well ) it makes the ailerons act as flaps if they are set incorrectly.

Thread: What are you flying this Season
18/03/2015 19:33:00

This will be finished soon, just the tail feathers to sort out & fit the radio

Cambrain Mooney 201



Edited By J V R on 18/03/2015 19:39:11

Edited By J V R on 18/03/2015 19:39:48

Thread: Covering film
15/03/2015 20:40:03

A yes for the HK film & the GS as well, its the same covering and they use the same number system and the rolls are 5 meters in length, I bought 3 rolls last time it was in stock at HK you can never have to much white covering.....

Thread: New Firmware
02/03/2015 15:58:18

KF I've looked at that post a few times and can see that I will have trouble before I start !!

CB If you think that the 6XR & 8XR will still work on the D8 mode then there's light at the end of the tunnel for me. For now I will use the Taranis as it is with out changing anything.

Thanks for your help.............

02/03/2015 00:32:43

I have not done much flying in the last year, and have slowly been building/repairing so have not needed to do any new models/programming on my Taranis. I have been looking at the Frsky section recently and see that there has been a lot of chat about the new firmware regarding EU regs ect,I'm still using Companion 9X with mostly older receivers DR4-11,V8R4-11,V8FR & a couple of X6R's and 2 XR8's all pre EU upgrade. Is there any need to upgrade to the latest firmware on the TX and then have the problems that others have had with the RX's. I don't use the telemetry that much and most of my models are flying with the XJT module as I have more of the older RX's.

Thread: New Tony Nijhuis BAe Hawk EDF
23/02/2015 11:53:49

Tony, my ''to build list'' has just increased by 1........

Thread: Cleaning cockpit canopy - advice please
17/02/2015 10:37:09


Chrome polish works well on Perspex, that might be worth a try along the edge or a corner before you commit to a large visible section in the middle....

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