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Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
15/03/2020 13:31:47

I received an email from my club this morning stating that the regional governing body for aeromodelling activies have imposed a total ban on club activities here in the Aragon region of Spain. I also understand that similar bans have been imposed in the rest of the country too.

At the moment, technically I'm not permitted to leave my home for a simple walk unless it's for an approved activity like food shopping or medicines.


Edited By Steve Colman on 15/03/2020 13:32:10

Thread: idea
20/02/2020 13:43:58

Sorry Foxfan,

I misinterpretted you question. Disregard the above unless you want to program throttle kill.

20/02/2020 13:38:22

Foxfan, I don't know about the DX7 but this is how It's done on my DX8.

It's very simple.

Switch on Tx and open the model.

Enter function list and scroll down to "Throttle Cut "

Once in throttle cut screen you can assign a switch ( I use a spare 2 position swith ).

Select your preference for switch position used to cut throttle ( 0 or 1 ).

Return to main screen and it should be done.

Go to monitor screen and check that the throttle channel goes down to zero when your switch is toggled.

Good luck and let me know if it works for you.


Edit.PS. I always have my throttle trim set to zero too.

Edited By Steve Colman on 20/02/2020 13:40:08

Thread: Lightweight hinge for a small depron model?
16/02/2020 19:27:55

Uhu por can be used to form the hinge.

Thread: Perfact day for a maiden but............
16/02/2020 19:18:05

Thanks for the replies everyone. given me a few ideas to check out.

Tigerman, I live in Northern Spain.

It's just occured to me that in all my setting up this morning I didn't actually get round to calibrating the ESC for throttle range. Could it be going into program mode ?. This might explain the beeps after the range check failure.

Edited By Steve Colman on 16/02/2020 19:25:56

16/02/2020 15:16:02

An absolutely beautiful day for flying today; the best so far this year in fact. Clear blue sky, almost zero wind and temperatures a tad under 20c.

So, in anticipation of a great morning of flying ahead I spent around 90 minutes at the field this morning carefully completeing the final set up of the control throws of my newly completed HK Avios Grand Tundra. including low, medium and high rates. Happy with everything, I then rebound the Rx to my DX8 and moved onto the CG and got that sorted.

At this stage everything is moving forward smoothly and with the help of a friend a range test is the final order of the day before committing to flight. So with the flight battery plugged in and a brief check that all surfaces are moving, and the motor functions, my friend watches over the model while I walk the 30 paces or so wiggling the sticks as I go although not yet pressing the range check button and all seems to be OK. I stop at a reasonable distance and do the range check proper and get absolutely no response from the model; in fact it just emits a steady beep. This process was repeated a few more times with the same result.

Upon a more detailed inspection the LED of the Rx was not lit, indicating no voltage from the ESC. What I don't understand is that the ESC was supplying volts to the Rx for the duration of my earlier set-up routine and the problem only manifested itself when doing the range check. I've followed this procedure many times with a variety of models and ESC's and Rx's and have never had this outcome before. There was much head scratching among us but no satisfactory solution was forthcoming. Unfortunately, I didn't have an alternative ESC to try so still have no idea whether it's the ESC or the Rx that's the problem. The Rx is a Spektrum DMSX compatible (Admirable) from Motion RC which I bought after reading some good reviews.

The next opportunity I have to go to the field I'll take a spare ESC to try. If I get the same result then it's most probably the Rx I guess.

So, what started off as a day of anticipation and excitement ended in dejection and disappointment and a perfect day for flying wasted. However, if it were not for the fact that I carried out the range test, things could have been much, much worse!

If anyone has any ideas re the problem I'll be very pleased to hear from you.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
15/02/2020 19:59:47

Completed today and hoping to maiden tomorrow. HK Avios Grand Tundra.

gt 4.jpg

gt 5.jpg

Thread: FoamBoard Model anybody?.
10/02/2020 21:44:41

The Tetra Telink is a fantastic little model ! I've had one for a number of years although I haven't flown it in quite a while. I built the more powerful of the options and kept the wing flat. I flew it exclusively outdoors and had a blast with it. It will perform most aerobatics that belies it's diminutive size if well set up and also proved to be very tough.

Somewhat counter intuitively, it was a great flyer in winds that grounded many bigger, heavier models and It would often be in a situation of flying backwards while inverted; such was the confidence it inspired.

Whether suitable for the OP's situation I don't know but it's a great model in it's own right and well worth the small investment.

Thread: Must see Stop motion videos by TomGrigat
29/01/2020 21:19:46
I've been following these incredible videos by Tom Grigat for some time now.
Thread: Mini Camcorder
29/01/2020 19:08:15

I second the Mobius, I have 3 now including the mini which is smallaer and lighter than the original.

Thread: Most flown model
28/01/2020 10:02:39

Many thanks for the stories of your models gents. Seems my Acromaster has a few more flights and years ahead to catch up with some of the models detailed here.

Happy flying!

26/01/2020 21:15:44

My Multiplex Acromaster first flew in January 2013.

Today it completed it's 400th flight still with original (budget) motor, ESC and servos. I think that's a pretty good return for the original investment.

Anyone else have models with a similar story?

Thread: Trendsetters and Iconic Models over the Years?
17/01/2020 13:27:33

Multiplex Easy Star perhaps?

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
12/01/2020 21:25:15

I'm in the same boat too!

Thread: great service
26/11/2019 17:13:00

Ditto all of the above. I live in Spain and have never had a single problem with SMC Nothing but excellent service.

Thread: Looking at a new supplier
16/11/2019 16:07:26

If I recall correctly, they have a very bad reputation for customer service. As Kevin says, basically box shifters. I would stay well away unless you can't get what you're after from any other outlet.


Edited By Steve Colman on 16/11/2019 16:08:30

Thread: How many flyable aircraft do you have ?
06/11/2019 10:22:08

I have 24 that are flyable including 5 multi rotors. There are 3 others that are close to being ready to fly, just needing Rx's, and 6 that need building.

Thread: An offer I can't refuse?
01/11/2019 15:43:43

I inspected the Beast this morning and all looks as expected, only suffering from a few areas of loose covering along the top surfaces of the wings and the bottom of the fuselage, but nothing a little heat won't cure. I didn't commit to buying today as doubts always remain in my mind on these occasions. However, I do know that it will be a good value for money buy and there will always be a ready market for it if I decided I didn't like it. So, I'm at 90% positive that I will go ahead over the weekend.

The F5J models were rather interesting. I got to fly one of the two and ended up buying the other. The one I flew was 2.5 m and the asking price was 500 euros. It flew very well but I was really looking for something bigger for F5J comps so I decided not to buy.

The second model? Not exactly perfect for F5J comps either, and at 2m even smaller than the first and close to 1 Kg to boot. However, it has a great pedigree that I just couldn't resist, and at only 200 euros with all electronics apart from a Rx + 4 lipo's, it was a bargain not to be missed. The model in question? Vladimir's Models Sprite Thermal E.

Edited By Steve Colman on 01/11/2019 15:44:37

31/10/2019 10:00:16

Thank you gents,

Chris, Yes, that did help! This comment from you really resonated with me; "How often do Beasts with this spec and price come up for sale?"

Many times in the past I've been indecisive and foregone a model I really liked as a result. So, this time it's going to be different. I'll be giving the Beast a good going over this weekend with the likely-hood of sealing the deal.

And, at a stretch, I will still have enough dosh left over to buy the cheaper of the two F5J models if that proves to be OK.

Thanks again everyone, I will report back the outcome.

30/10/2019 19:36:41

I have been offered an Eflite Beast 60 E for 400 Euros from a fellow club member. The model is in pristine condition and has very few hours on it. It's fitted with the original Eflite motor and top quality servos throughout. In addition the seller has offered to throw in a spektrum Rx as a freebie.

The Beast has always been one of my favourite models and a few years ago I would have jumped at the opportunity to buy the example I'm being offered. More recently however, I've been gravitating towards F5J powered gliders and have a couple of top spec models to look at on Friday.

Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, I can't spread my funds to cover all of my prospective purchases, a situation which I'm sure many of you reading this have been in too.

So, if there's anyone out there who can offer a few words to help me make a decision I'd be very grateful.


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