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Thread: Enlightenment required please
13/05/2013 12:02:17

Thanks Jim, i have downloaded some nice clear pics of a model built by Australian Peter Rake to show me the way with the aileron configuration, they taper out wider towards the wing tip but on this size i don`t think i would need to go quite that heavy, from what i can find out on the net there were a variation of aileron systems used on the real thing some with the not so large upper wing one and some which use upper and lower but very often the lower ones were used as flaps, i think i will go with upper only as it would simplify things greatly.

12/05/2013 13:27:43

Cheers again guys, think it must be a c/l model so i have to change the plans a little to include ailerons and other controls, do you think upper ailerons only or both ? Peter, no need to take the rise out of my spelling, just got lost in the tranlation lol. That one of yours looks nice Jim, this is a model hob plan but no indication of the scale, looks like i got a bit of work to do here then.Thanks again, might post some pics of the build as it progresses. Cheers and have a nice day.smiley

12/05/2013 01:33:26

Sorry Kevin, forgot to answer your question, i would put the quality as average, i would have liked to see a stronger grade of balsa used for the ribs as what is supplied is almost of covering grade and very soft, the spinner set up comprises of a backing plate with a threaded nose, i think a starter will just unscrew the nose before turning the engine so i may have to modify by perhaps side pinning.Tis kit has been subjected to damp at some time and i have had to flatten out warped parts. However this model is growing on me by the minute.

12/05/2013 01:23:23

Thanks both, John, dos mass cervezas will get you two more beers and qatra cervezas will get four (make sure they are grande and not tubos else you will be repeating the order in about 5 mins), Kevin, yes a 2.49 diesel is recommended but i will probably use a 25 two stroke and countertorque is something i had considered, the plan does not include ailerons but there are two very antiquanted mechanical swivel bits and piano wire in the kit, to be honest i have not gone in depth enough yet to see what they operate and have at the mo assumed elevator and rudder, i will alter the plan to fit ailerons and a bigger fuel tank than the matchbox sized one that comes with it (metal construction too) do i fit this piece of lead at the moment or not i wonder?

Thread: WolstonFlyer's Tucano
12/05/2013 00:51:58

Hi WF, I went to Wickes today and also purchased the same mdf as a building board for my new project, a Heinkel HE51 bipe, i saw some floor underlay which came in packs and thought about them lending themselves to the pinning but they were too dear, so, like yourself i`m back down for the cork tiles tomoz. The Tucano is looking good mate.

Thread: Enlightenment required please
11/05/2013 19:45:58

Hi, i recently obtained an old balsa kit of a Heinkel HE51 bipe, there was of course the plans, various balsa sheets e.t.c., the kit appears to be perhaps of Spanish origin as it looks like Spanish to me, it`s a language i have a certain grasp of but if anyone is fluent please p.m. me in case i get stuck. Anyway what is confusing me at the moment is the 20 gram piece of lead supplied intended for the starboard upper wing, what would be the reason for it? was the model perhaps intended for c/l? if anyone knows please enlighten me. Thanks in anticipation, Billdscn2444.jpg

Thread: Old Uno Wot refurb
25/04/2013 18:07:18

Thanks guys yes

Thread: Top coat satin/flat finishes
24/04/2013 21:27:46

There is also solarlac matt which is fuel proof.

Thread: Old Uno Wot refurb
24/04/2013 21:22:08

Finaly all is finished, so here it is on the approach following its maiden, it flew like a dream so well chuffed.



Thread: The 2013 Photographic Comp - entries
16/04/2013 21:02:18




Thread: Decal Fixing
12/04/2013 00:28:13

Not realy necessary to laquer the whole panel unless the original finish is less glossy in which case yes, do so, or use an automotive mild cutting paste around the edge to blend in, Farecla is excellent used as instructed, or you might get away by using a milder product such as 3ms handglaze

10/04/2013 20:48:04

Just re-read your post cymaz, to clarify, the laquer goes over and not under the decals.

10/04/2013 20:46:03

Martyn has it cymaz, there is an aerosol acrylic laquer called Clearcoat which is good and can be obtained from arts and craft shops or similar outlets, a bit more expensive is of course solarlac clear in matt or gloss finish, i used clearcoat on the transfers that i made for my uno wot.


Thread: Prop nuts and spinners help please
10/04/2013 20:38:17

Thanks again guys, I`m happy that the valve clearances are o.k. as it was the first thing i checked and having been in the motor trade all my life it`s a job i am very familiar with G-YRUS describes the shaft length very well, room for prop, washer and one nut and thats your lot.

I think i am probably looking at a fueling problem here as Ken and William suggest, i have ordered the bespoke two piece lock nut that Ben put me on to, once fitted i will give the HSN 3 full turns out from the stop and lean it off very gradually using the rev meter till it reaches peak then richen it 2 or 3 clicks and see where we get too.

Thanks for all the advise one and all.

Thread: Undercarriage position
09/04/2013 20:03:59

Thanks RR, yes retracting out,the wing structure is obviously a major consideration here, i don`t want to cause too much weakenining although i will be utilising other re-stregnthening actions of course, the fors of going inboard are that it makes it easier to bury the assembly in a deeper area, it`s tricky in as much as i need to achieve some negative camber and an inclination to achieve the tracking because of the dihedral, the ribs almost lend themselves with a bit of cutting, doubling up e.t.c. and also i hope to get away with only interfering with the main spar to let the leg in (minimal cutting there of) i have made a harboard template to feel my way and think that i can do it but the position is quite a way out on the wing compared to a scale copy, i don`t mind deveation from scale but it sort of looks odd. By the way how does one work out where to position the central point of support on a model for the undercarriage legs, any one know?

09/04/2013 11:10:17

Hi, I am converting the static landing gear which is standard on the spitfire model i have to retracts using electric units and robo sprung oleos, my gut feel is to position the root of the unit to coincide with the original leg position but it detracts quite a bit from a scale position so what are the implications of moving them in board closer to the fuz. I have heard that too far apart can be problematic so suspect the same may apply or should i stick with the original position?

Look foreward to your informative feedback as allways.

Thread: Patriot, Ratatat and Swamp Rat
08/04/2013 20:52:49

Looks good Peter and i don`t feel so guilty now about not throwing things away, i thought i was the only one with a workshop that looks very similar to yours. yes

Thread: Prop nuts and spinners help please
07/04/2013 11:52:31

Thanks for the info Percy, i`ll take a look. yes

06/04/2013 19:30:52

Thanks Ben, much appreciated, that sorts one of my problems. yes

06/04/2013 18:43:36

Hi, I have recently fitted an OS 40 FS SURPASS engine to one of my trainers, its the first four stroke i have used.

My problem (s) are, firstly it likes to spit the prop, i am aware that detonation can cause this and have tried variations on the carburation to no effect, i am informed that a lock nut is necessary on a four stroke but the engine comes with just the normal nut and no indication of lock nuts mentioned in the manual, if a lock nut is purpose made for this application anyone know where i can get one?, then there is the problem of fitting a spinner, i have tried a variety but they all seem to take up all the shaft space leaving little or no thread which would be sufficient to get the nut on properly, is there a spinner that fits this engine?

Any advise at all would be very much appreciated. sad

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