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Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
27/01/2020 08:11:53

Hi Chris,

I think I've only gotten away with it because of the symetrical Aileron section Im using as opposed to the usual flat bottomed T/E stock. I hope so anyway, otherwise it means my tips are drooping at the back by a few mm.

Blue foam will work to create the shape of the tips of course, but in my opinion it would be a little too soft to act as a wing tip - they take quite a lot of abuse on the slope and in transport. Of course you could put brown paper and PVA over the blue foam before you glass the wing - that would harden it up sufficiently.

Alternatively is to make up the thicker stock with laminate - it's only 1/2" on top so just 2 laminates of 1/4" will do it.

26/01/2020 23:07:39

So with a little epoxy the tip lamiates were glued square onto the end ribs, ensuring the 1/16" ply aligned front and back with the extreme L/E and T/E as shown.

wingtips 5.jpg

wingtips 4.jpg

Just needs a good sand now and the wing is about complete bar the L/E ply face, dowels and wing bolt load spreader.

wingtips 6.jpg

26/01/2020 23:03:26

Following Martin's advice - I placed my wing back into the jig and aligned a short section of aileron stock up square to the sub-TE to check the angle - for me it looked good, not drooped, not raised. I'm using a fully symetrical T/E stock - not flat bottomed, and I think this is helping - although it got me thinking - maybe if it looks right at the tip then perhaps the section further inboard is too elevated? I still wasnt sure...

Gordon and Martin got in touch on email and they explained that on both prototype wings no twist or warp was required on the T/E stock to align them inner and outer. I think we agreed that with the wing being built in the jig, as opposed to being built flat onto a board and then subsequently elevated at the rear with a wash-out wedge whilst you fit the top skin, that the sub-TE must 'roll' or twist a little along its own length as it sits down square onto the lower skin - which is preformed with the washout.

This is my only explanation as to why it looks like you can just push the aileron stock upto the wing sub TE and it looks good at both root and tip with no wash out warp applied! Anyway, I went with it - and set about sticking the tips on...

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
26/01/2020 20:05:36

No problem giving yourself a little time to ponder... thumbs up

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
26/01/2020 12:30:26

A little bit of work on the wingtips. Over previous Mass Builds we've developed a 'house style' with tip laminates of balsa/1/16" ply/balsa which provide a lovely robust finish to the wingtip where it gets nice and thin at the T/E. Although it's not shown on the plan I thought I'd go this route again...

wingtips 1.jpg

Taking the shape from the plan I've cut sandwich elements from 1/4" balsa, 1/16" ply and 1/2" balsa. These were all glued up with a little PVA (ensuring you make a L and R handed pair!) which were then pressed for a few hours under some lead.

wingtips 2.jpg

Whilst that was drying I made up the ailerons - slotting and drilling them for the torque rod. Before these are rounded and hinged you can use them taped to the wing to help align the wing tip, ensuring the ply in the tip is angled so it bisects the most forward part of the L/E and the most rearward part of the aileron.

wingtips 3.jpg

I've still not applied any additional wash out, twist or warp into the aileron - I'm not convinced it is needed as I had initially expected... the wing is built with the washout in (formed by the jig) so I think the aileron can just be aligned this way to regulate the angle of the tip?? Do other builders agree?? Or have you twisted or sanded your ailerons with some additional washout?? Jon H? Dirk?? Harry??? I think your wings are all at a similar stage? What do we all think?

25/01/2020 22:58:46

With the T/E's added I could now apply a small glass fibre bandage as a wing joiner. This isn't shown on the plan - the design isn't deemed to need a wing joiner with there being a dowel and wing retention bolt in each panel, and this has been well proven on the prototype - but I'm adding this just for piece of mind. The good news is it will all be hidden under the belly pan, so no unsightly bandage will be on show!

I cut a 2" wide strip of standard wing bandage cloth, and applied it with PVA, not glass, as we've done before on many other small scale PSS models. The underside gets a full length strip, front to back - PVA can be 'stippled' into the weave with a small brush and a wet finger.

bandage 2.jpg

The top surfaces are too cluttered for a continuous strip, I almost didn't bother adding any on the top side but couldn't help myself in the end - 2 small patches were added fore and aft of the servo bay. I'll sleep a little better now knowing my wing is +9G rated - even if the pilot isnt!

bandage 1.jpg

Edited By Phil Cooke on 25/01/2020 23:02:50

25/01/2020 22:45:42

The aileron Torque Rods and wing T/E were fitted in this afternoons session...

With the sub T/E marked up with an accurate centreline, holes were drilled for the 4 plastic torque rod bearers and a length of T/E section was cut to size (sized for scale ailerons) and recessed out to clear the torque rod.

torque rod 1.jpg

The 4 bearers were secured into the wing with a little epoxy in each semi-recessed hole. I then carefully applied some vaseline to the torque rod to ensure I didn't stick it all up when glueing the T/E on. This was done one at a time with the wing flat on the board. I am conscious I have NOT considered any washout yet on this inboard fixed section (ie - I've not pre-twisted the T/E or alike) - the T/E is just glued to the wing flat on the bench.

torque rod 2.jpg

All secure and awaiting the aileron!

torque rod 3.jpg

torque rod 4.jpg

Both sides attached - resulting in two 'free to move' torque rods - bonus! This is always one of my least favourite tasks in any wing build with torque rods!

torque rod 5.jpg

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
25/01/2020 09:20:15

2020 PSSA Events Calendar now released

Many thanks to all those who've helped me confirm and commit these dates with local authorities or club committees - your assistance has been invaluable as always!

More details for each event can be found on the PSSA Website Events Page

Quick reference here for convenience!

dates 2020.jpg

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
25/01/2020 08:37:54

Excellent modelling Dirk... really impressive stuff.

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
24/01/2020 15:06:20

hehe glad it's not just me it fooled then Dirk - we must have similar minds! thumbs up

Thread: Avon Sabre Spirit 78
23/01/2020 22:32:02

A clever solution for that tricky operation Steve - nice one! thumbs up

Your last photo shows clearly those who, like me, are adopting a central servo and pushrod/torque rod arrangement for the ailerons will have to remove the lower half of the former in the middle of the wing bay.

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
21/01/2020 22:52:14

Good to get the jig off the board so I can read the plan again and recap what needs to be added where still on the wing... Leading Edges added in a short session tonight, cut from 10mm medium balsa sheet with the right taper.

top skins 5.jpg

One odd thing with the wing - a function of the section profile and the sweep I think(?) is that sat flat on the bench (not on the jig) it sits back down on it's T/E and makes it appear that its built with no dihedral or washout - has anyone else noticed this?

Of course when you check the L/E in this position it is raised - lower that with some weight at the front into an approximately correct incidence and the wing tips both rise to better visualise the correct dihedral - all set of course by the jig!! Spooked me for a second as I thought I'd built the wing flat! (and I'd never live that one down, would I Matt!?)

Edited By Phil Cooke on 21/01/2020 22:53:29

21/01/2020 17:35:24

Both wing skins attached and trimmed - impressed with how 'stiff' it feels - all trimmed up now and ready for the T/E, L/E and tips to be added.

top skins 3.jpg

On the underside I could dress the slots for the drop tank pylons upto the ply features which lie hidden within.

top skins 4.jpg

21/01/2020 07:02:18

No not through slots, that would make fitting the wing too tricky! I'll simply cut away any clashing formers to the required depth once the fus is built - I cant see my fuselage plan (as its on the other side of my building board!) but from memory its only F5 that is concern!?

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
20/01/2020 23:00:47

Excellent. I must admit when I read your previous posts earlier today stating you were using a second canopy that you were simply cutting a frame from that and sliding it over the first - this is a much more thorough job (as always!) Imprressive stuff!

I hope that canopy pops out of the glass cloth with the wax and pva - we eagerly await the next installment!

Thread: Alaskan Air National Guard Version
20/01/2020 22:56:57

Nice work Steve, nice to see you back on the blog!

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
20/01/2020 22:54:40

I don't have a separate room for photos, but I do have a little spruce up before photos are taken on the bench, and I tend to do all but the smallest of sanding jobs outside or at the garage door as much as poss, not on the bench.

Top skins added this evening after a final R/C check. Once trimmed and aligned at the root around the servo bays, the skins were pinned out along the top spar, the T/E was weighted down flat into the jig and the L/E was rolled over and battoned down along the sub L/E.

top skins 1.jpg

Skins trimmed for the servo bays and the drop tank pushrod articulation.

top skins 2.jpg

Edited By Phil Cooke on 20/01/2020 23:03:02

Thread: Sabre Drop Tanks
20/01/2020 17:03:24

Excellent stuff guys, looking forward to seeing the drawings, I'm ready to go with design #2 - just cutting some pylons tonight in readiness! smile d

Thread: Canadair F4 Sabre XB812
19/01/2020 08:15:59

Impressive stuff Chris, I cant believe how well the lasered planking 'sheet' idea worked thats fantastic - Andy should slap a patent on that one!!

I've just added a pin on my droppable pylons to stop them trying to 'rotate' in the airflow, how do you intend to anti-rotate your tanks with your set up here?? And did they drop ok in your bench trial??

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
18/01/2020 20:41:02

Splitting them will be no issue. I've joined my wings at R1 on the jig, so running them through one peice here made sense to me, but in no means do they act as wing joiners, just servo bearers. I will be using a 2" glass fibre bandage around the wing CL once the top skins and L/E and T/E are fixed - akin to a simple foam wing.

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