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Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
08/12/2019 19:40:25

Looking good Jez - great progress! - Yes there's a lot of balsa to remove with the block on the fuselage and especially the nose - and we haven't even tackled the curvaceous air intakes yet!

First vac form (taken from my 'pre-prod' plug) has been trimmed to size and fits really well - Steve has since made a production resin plug and the production vac-forms are now available to purchase from Vortex.

jp canopy 1.jpg

jp canopy 2.jpg

jp canopy 3.jpg

Thread: Canadair F4 Sabre XB812
05/12/2019 18:24:41

Great going Chris, that looks awesome - captured the shape lovely in the last photo!

Thread: John A's Sabre build
03/12/2019 22:42:20

Good to see you up and running so early John - looks like im the last to launch this time round!

Thread: F-86A Sabre Montana Air National Guard
01/12/2019 16:59:47

great stuff Harry, coming on really well! I like the idea of assembling the second side onto the mostly completed first side, to guarrantee former to former alignment etc - still not started here quite just yet, but I think I will follow your lead. Good going! thumbs up

Thread: Canadair F4 Sabre XB812
01/12/2019 16:49:46

tail end looks great for a bit of careful shaping Chris, the fin and tailplane look very tidy indeed in those latest photos! I still can't believe how far your build has progressed in the 30 days of November - really impressive! Of course with a full 6 months to finish her off from this position we will be expecting surface rivet details! cool

Thread: What does this mean?
27/11/2019 20:05:27

Yep - the US branded mag - a few issues back a number of UK subscribers received this version somehow in the mail instead of the regular RCM&E - I think the article content is identical throughout, but Im not sure - are the adverts tailored for the US market - I guess so?!

Thread: Canadair F4 Sabre XB812
26/11/2019 12:25:03

great job Chris - most innovative! Top work!

I'm going to feel very lazy not fitting a rudder to mine now... smile d

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
25/11/2019 19:49:30

They look the business Pete - very nicely painted and detailed!

Your boys shouldn't have too long to wait for their windshield - Steve at Vortex kindly sent me this picture of the very first vacform this afternoon!

first pull.jpg

25/11/2019 13:16:09

Thanks Chris - the plug has been delivered to Vortex this morning.

Yes, I will be making a start on my Sabre now, finishing the Jet Provost build in parallel - that’s the plan.

24/11/2019 21:43:20

Hi Al - that sounds like a useful media! - although I don't have a decent sized spray gun - and I have to ask - if its a P38 'simulant' what do you use to clean the line and gun after use as P38 in the line would be horrendous!?? Sounds like a better way of smoothly building up the layers as I've done here bit by bit by hand.

24/11/2019 20:43:35

I hope you're able to trim down those pilots Pete!

The canopy plug is finally finished... Having shaped it on the model, I've since been adding framework and then building up a base from which it can be vac-formed. I've then been chasing my tail for what seems like an age on surface finish - my P38 mixing always seems to produce air bubbles which appear in the surface as you final sand! Anyway all done - It's on its way to Steve Davis at Vortex Vacforms tomorrow morning so knowing Steve we should have the first pulls in no-time!

finished plug 1 forum.jpg

finished plug 2 forum.jpg

Thread: F86 "Gamma" Build
21/11/2019 09:20:34

Yes a very well timed article guys - excellent stuff!

The second Sabre looks awesome as she starts to come to life with the colourscheme and details!

Thread: Avon Sabre Spirit 78
10/11/2019 18:14:22

It all looks very neat and accurate to me Steve - great progress... seems the fuelage comes together quite quickly - impressive stuff!

I'm still fettling the Jet Provost 150 here so not planning to make a start on my Sabre quite just yet - but I'm conscious of being left behind!

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
09/11/2019 07:41:38

Hi McG - no I'm not quite able to make a start on my Sabre yet due to other work taking up the bench and my time, I should be underway in a couple of weeks.

Plenty of time for this one with us not flying until mid June - our biggest build window yet at over 7 months - but I am conscious I'll be one of the last to start! That said I'm sure my build won't raise any issues not already admirably discribed and tackled in the threads up and running - those combined with Martin's Gamma build thread give us a rich reference guide!

Thread: XFJ-2 Fury: F-86E Modified for Carrier Operations
08/11/2019 21:06:06

Good to see your build and Sabre adventure underway John - watching with interest! I can’t start mine quite just yet - not until this 150% Jet Provost is off the board - so I’ll be playing catch up on the Sabre in a few weeks!

Thread: Sabre Rattling time
07/11/2019 19:40:06
can somebody explain the competition element please?

"The formal competition element will be run on whichever date has the best flying conditions"

Nothing too serious Danny - just a bit of static judging and demo of any novel scale features or deviations from the plan as drawn as we review the mdoels one by one throughout the morning session. We always arrange the models neatly in their own pit area - so when they're not being flown this allows those tasked with the judging to view all the models together and to compare and contrast throughout the day.

I normally work with those involved in the design of the chosen model to agree winners in a few categories, typically;

Best PSSA Newcomer

Most Innovative Build

Best Finished Model

Prizes are modest of course, its all just a bit of fun! Bring some pictorial evidence of your chosen scheme or variant and you will put yourself in the good books with the judges

Edited By Phil Cooke on 07/11/2019 19:42:42

06/11/2019 22:39:08

Honoured to have you taking an active part in our PSSA Mass Build event Danny! Looking forward to seeing your Sabre develop!

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
06/11/2019 19:59:45

Very nice Pete! thumbs up

Quick update on the canopy plug - having sanded the top sides of my fuselage to final shape I've built up a canopy from balsa and blue foam which sits into the cockpit cavity, made underside to then accept a 2-3mm skim of P38. This is now sanded and bar final touch up/polish sanding I think we are ready to add some framework.

jp canopy plug 1.jpg

Once that's done I need to remove it from the airframe and fix the plug to a base which will lend itself to vac forming.

I'm hopeful I can get the finshed plug to Steve at Vortex Vacforms next week. Thats the plan.

Thread: Dave's F-86 build
06/11/2019 19:42:53

Welcome Dave - really great that our Mass Build Sabre has inspired you to join us and we look forward to seeing your model develop over the coming months - Great scheme btw - excellent choice!

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2020 Mass Build Project
30/10/2019 23:07:16


We launched the 2020 Mass Build some time back now with the F-86 Sabre short kits, plans and canopies being made available to purchase from 1st August. Well, the time has arrived to formally commence the build phase of the project as planned on 1st November!

plans sheet forum.jpg

Before we go any further I wanted to say a huge ‘Thank-you’ to Martin and Gordon who, under the guise of G&M Models have designed, manufactured, packaged and distributed more than 70 plan and woodpacks to modellers all over the planet! We really have created a global event, with Sabres being built in France, Germany, Belgium, Iceland, USA, Argentina, Japan and Australia! A huge thank-you must also go to Steve Davis at Vortex Vacforms who has tailored a new plug specifically for our project and has distributed clear, vac-formed canopies to the same destinations! Brilliant stuff guys – our event wouldn’t work without your dedicated time, efforts and good will – sincerely many thanks from us all!

f-86 sabre forum dated black.jpg

Having initially only stated event timings as ‘June 2020’, giving a 7 month build window throughout the Winter and beyond, we can now confirm the Mass Build Fly-In will take place 13th/14th June 2020 at the Great Orme in Llandudno. The formal competition element will be run on whichever date has the best flying conditions forecast so please plan ahead for a 2 day attendance. If the forecasts are similar both days then the Sunday will be the competition day by default. More on all that in 7 months time… ON WITH THE BUILDING!

As you’ve no doubt seen there is already a good number of model specific build threads started on the forum in readiness, with folks claiming their chosen Sabre scheme. It certainly looks like we’re going to be treated to a full spectrum of colourschemes from airforces around the world. If you are building a model but have not yet created your own blog, do please try to do so – it’s a great way to share your journey and show off your tips and modifications, and it helps generate a superb sense of association and community ahead of the event!


So with that, there’s not much more for me to say for now, lets get the next phase of this project underway! It’s time to prepare a clean building board and fit a new blade to the scalpel handle!

Enjoy your individual builds and the group journey between now and June - It should all gel to form a memorable soaring event next Summer!

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