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Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
03/07/2020 16:42:39

Superb finish all round Dirk, lovely work!

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
03/07/2020 16:41:17

Yep, I use the fighter aces resin and 'single cream' is a good description on the viscosity. Straight out of the bottle mixed 1:2.5 and well stirred.

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
02/07/2020 21:23:02

Hi Chris,

Yes Im at the same stage with my fuselage - its complete now and just in need of final sanding all over. I've taken down all the big steps in between my planking, and now need to make the curved card/grit aid to finish the job. It seems to take ages!?

I've got a couple of 'starved horse' depressions too I think over the wing bay which might need some filler to maintain the lines... crying 2

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
30/06/2020 23:30:19

Wow! That looks stunning Dirk - excellent stuff!

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
28/06/2020 23:02:34

Hiya Dallas, good to hear from you.

No, I dont thin the resin, I just mix as supplied at the correct ratio (by weight)

There is a very good chance the meeting won't take place this September, or indeed October, as I want to ensure all travel restrictions are eased to and from the UK before we run the event, as we have a number of international partcipants wanting to take part. If we havent run it by October then we will have to put it on hold until April or May next year - as the days throughout our winter are too short for a decent meeting - so dont throw in your cards just yet!!

Would be great to meet you at the Orme!

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
28/06/2020 22:27:47

Oh does that threaded rod run right through the model???

I imagined you gently squeezed the model in compression from both ends with a big nut or pad!! I need to make mine.

28/06/2020 22:18:20

Superb finish from every angle... I really cannot wait to see this up close in person when we get the chance!

BTW - How are you planning to finish the flat face inside the intake??  Leave it red with the shadows or add a shady grey??  I have the same problem, only in blue! 

Edited By Phil Cooke on 28/06/2020 22:19:59

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
28/06/2020 21:57:14

I got the belly pan glassed and trimmed today, I left a little more resin in the weave than on the rest of the wing for robustness as this part will see (most of) the landings. I have left myself the job of blending in the overlap just outboard of the belly plan... never a pleasant job on a flat surface like that - much easier on a curved surface!belly pan glass.jpg

With the wing to one side I finally added the nose intake laminates having sanded the inner surfaces and radius as best I could before gluing it on the front ensuring it was vertical. Still quite a bit of shaping needed on the outer surfaces, you can see the pinacle of the nose still has a flat on it - that should be domed so still some more material to come off all round. Hopefully I can get rid of most of the filler between the laminate edges? Anyway, with that fitted she looks like a Sabre now, and if I'm not mistaken thats the final wooden part of the airframe now fitted!

nose sand 1.jpg

It's all sanding and glassing and sanding and priming now before the real fun starts with the paint.

Time for a beer

Thread: Adding Span To A Low Aspect Wing
27/06/2020 20:51:28

Go for it! I really dont see a need to alter the tailplane design, maybe just a little more throw on the elevator as it slows up. What model is it out of interest - any pictures?

27/06/2020 20:43:10

If the wing design is constant chord and has zero sweep (you dont specify whether its a straight wing) then adding 20" to the span won't change the CoG.

I'm no aero specialist but with the size and layout as you've described I'd expect no need to alter the tailplane design in any way. With the lighter loading you may find a slight reduction in speed througout the flight profile, as such you may find a slight increase in control surface throws are required to keep the same sport like feel.

But by the magnitude you are changing things here I dont think you'll see a lot of change in performance. It should climb a little quicker and land a little slower. It should all feel a little 'tamer'.

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
27/06/2020 17:48:57

Good to get back in the garage again today after a few days off with a heavy work schedule. As the fuselage and belly pan are readied for glass I seemed to spend too much time today on final fits and refinement of shapes and blends - so lots of fitting & fettling with very little obvious progress or change!

The belly pan was a fraction long and needed trimming front and rear to achieve the correct spacing. Also the little ply faces on the rear wing fillets were just a tad tight, and with the wing having been fitted probably 50 times since build the local T/E of the wing was just showing signs of wear, despite it already being glassed. This part of the wing was sanded back and repaired too with a smudge of P38, a bit more glass resin here when I glass the belly pan later will sort this ready for paint.  The edge of the ply was also dressed back by  1/32".  All sorted.

belly pan front.jpg

belly pan rear.jpg

Edited By Phil Cooke on 27/06/2020 17:51:42

Thread: F86 "Gamma" Build
25/06/2020 11:04:16

Just had notification from Steve Davis at Vortex Vacforms to explain he now once again has stock of 1mm PETG material (following a forced break in canopy supply due to all the available material stock being aligned to the manufacture of NHS facemasks).

This means he can once again supply canopies for the Sabre if anyone here is desperately waiting for one to finish their new creation!

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2020 Mass Build Project
25/06/2020 11:03:32

Just had notification from Steve Davis at Vortex Vacforms to explain he now once again has stock of 1mm PETG material (following a forced break in canopy supply due to all the available material stock being aligned to the manufacture of NHS facemasks).

This means he can once again supply canopies for the Sabre if anyone here is desperately waiting for one to finish their new creation!

Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
23/06/2020 23:02:24

awesome stuff! The canopy, internal and external details look totally convincing! Great work!!

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
23/06/2020 21:03:29

Happy to discuss torque rods here if you are Chris, or PM as you see fit!? thumbs up

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
23/06/2020 17:33:02

surely we all trust Airfix!?

23/06/2020 16:28:47


I've not done any modelling today with work being hectic, in between linkcalls I DID notice on the Airfix website that they have released a new 1/48th scale F-86 and the website overview offers some really nice views of the airframe, including an elevated view from the 3/4 rear which shows the wing fillet and tail fillet shape really well (a view I was struggling to replicate in photos of the full-size!)

Here's a link to the new kit overview

Airfix Sabre

and here's the view for those still to model these fiddly little features!

airfix sabre.jpg

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
22/06/2020 19:55:39

doesnt matter its always enjoyable to see another build coming on and seeing how others tackle the same tasks...

Soon be time to dig those torque rods out now Chris!

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
22/06/2020 14:54:36

So our latest calendar overview looks like this...

pssa events june 2020.jpg

Edited By Phil Cooke on 22/06/2020 14:55:05

22/06/2020 14:53:50

Lleyn MAC PSSA Event pushed back to August in an attempt to save the meet!

As you have no doubt already read, the Welsh Government Covid-19 restrictions on travel are due to be relaxed from 6th July, meaning that we can once again return to the slopes for socially distanced flying purposes, on the proviso visitors do not stay over in Wales unless they have self contained accommodation. I understand there is no further review of this until 13th July, meaning that at least until that date, B&Bs, Hotels and even camp sites all remain closed.

Our annual visit to the Lleyn Peninsula flying with the Lleyn MAC was due to be held 11th and 12th July. The geography and distance makes a day trip to the Lleyn impractical, and in an attempt to secure and maintain this event in our 2020 season I am proposing a date swap with one of the 3 remaining Orme Events in Llandudno – the logic being Llandudno is far easier to attend as a day visitor, and those travelling long distances if required, could find accommodation just over the boarder around Chester - just 30 minutes drive from the Orme.

I have agreed this logic with the Lleyn MAC committee and they have been good enough already to alter their slope calendar to reflect the following changes.

11th/12th July

PSSA Fly-In at the Great Orme, Llandudno.


8th/9th August

PSSA Fly-In with the Lleyn MAC, Abersoch Area, Lleyn Peninsula.

I have adjusted our PSSA events calendar accordingly. I hope you agree this alteration to our calendar is for the best – our annual visit to the Lleyn is always very special and I wanted to make this change in the hope it allows us to fly there as a group once the restrictions are sufficiently eased for us to stay over. The only alternative was to cancel.

Please also note the date for the Sabre MB is still not yet fixed, potentially September, potentially October - we may even push this back into next season. It's a decision that will be taken based on the ability for folk to travel freely into the UK from abroad without being forced to quarantine - as we have a number of international participants wishing to take part. For now, keep building your Sabre in readiness for a September event - more on that nearer the time.

Many thanks for your understanding. Phil Cooke.

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