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Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
28/03/2020 16:55:01

The last fuselage planks are added... finally!
last planks 1.jpg

Now to dress the cockpit cavity,,,

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
28/03/2020 08:13:50

Ingenious - And very nice drawings too! I do like the weight drop to maintain the CoG!

With all the time we have on our hands at present you'll have to make us a test sequence video to keep us all entertained!

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
27/03/2020 20:29:51

Do I think you should add panel lines? - definitely! - certainly the main panels anyway.  Use an ultra fine permanent marker and you'll be fine it will look great and break up those big areas nicely!

Yes, you've finished first once again Pete - impressive - plenty of time to have this all detailed and trimmed out before our event now!

Edited By Phil Cooke on 27/03/2020 20:30:22

27/03/2020 17:52:47

excellent Pete - looks great!! I do like the cream GlossTex. Is she getting any panel lines???

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
26/03/2020 07:45:42

'weight compensation in the event of an ejection' sounds very intriguing! I look forward to the full rundown!

Yes there is some tricky shaping at both the intake and exhaust area on this one. Secretly, you all owe me a pint as the first kit proposal didn't come with the 3 ply balsa nose parts - I thought they were complex, characteristic shapes, difficult to form at home by hand - and it was I who bent Martins' arm to have those 3 balsa parts precut as part of the kit. Even with them laser cut they take some careful shaping!

Your 'I Beam' section at the back above the exhaust looks good, is that all carved from balsa or do you have a thin ply top skin? I cant quite work it out?

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
26/03/2020 07:31:50

Hi Andy,

Only Chris' Sabre Dog variant was built without the tailplane dihedral - that is scale for that type (I dont understand the aerodynamics myself?) but certainly if you are building a more regular F-86 then the tailplane dihedral is the only way to go for scale.

As for levelling the tail actuator, if you have glued the 2 fuselage halves together without misalignment then the grooves pre cut in F-15 will ensure the actuator sits level - or as level as it needs to be - the width of those slots will need opening up to suit the brass tube you use as a pivot, but the depth of those slots is pre-cut and determines the angle of the tailplane axle. I can't say mine is accurate to 2 decimal places either, and there's loads more tolerance stack up yet to come with the fitment of the tails onto the bent rods. Only once its all set up with the wing and fin assembled can you really stand back and say its all symetrical, and make the required ajustments then as necessary - bending rods or opening out tailplane slots etc.

Dirk - the 1/32" ply sandwich filler in the tip blocks allows you to sand right down to that thickness (and thinner if you wish) at the T/E and it all remains very stiff and robust. I hate soft perishable T/E corners too!

Edited By Phil Cooke on 26/03/2020 07:34:01

25/03/2020 22:23:00

Following Dirk's advice I'm keen to finish the basic wing with glass cloth before it gets 'man-handled' in sizing and fitting out the fuselage wing saddle, blend fillets, location dowels and bolts etc. The drop tank work also benefits from having a glassed wing section.

So in between planned link-calls (with working from home) I've got a bit more done today, sanding the wings L/E ply face to section and hinging the ailerons.

I've used the small robart 'knuckle' type hinges, centrally mounted with offset reliefs cut into the ailerons.

wing hinges 2.jpg

wing hinges 3.jpg

wing hinges 4.jpg

The belly pan will be added to the wing after the initial glassing, then reglassed. Bar final sanding thats the wing ready for glass now...

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
25/03/2020 22:13:54

Looking good Pete - nice curves!

Thread: PSSA Sabre Mass Build Event T-shirt - NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER!
25/03/2020 08:54:31

With our Mass Build flying event being pushed back until later in the year, we can keep the T-shirt order book open througout the Summer.

Many thanks to those who have already placed orders for your event shirt, these are all collated and with the supplier.

If you would like a shirt do please send me your requirements to the following email address, stating your size(s) and whether you wish to collect from me by hand at the event or if you want them posting out in advance once made.

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
24/03/2020 19:50:08

Great work as always Dirk - your model has so much detail and intricacy throughout - both internally and externally! Really impressive!

Thread: John A's Sabre build
23/03/2020 23:48:52

Wow! Those tailored servo mounts and hatch frames are pretty cool John - excellent stuff! Presume you've seen we've had to push our event back to later in the year from our planned June date! keep well!!

Thread: Avon Sabre Spirit 78
23/03/2020 20:18:30

Great to see you back at the bench Steve! The Covid-19 situ means we have had to put our event back until later in the year so none of us need to panic finish these masterpeices now!

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
23/03/2020 20:15:24

Congrats on getting back into the workshop Chris, your shaping looks great! - Not my most enjoyable part of the build these days either but a little care and attention and you soon bring the model to life with all the curves and corners.

Thread: Pete's Cavallino Rampante Italian Aerobatic Team Sabre
21/03/2020 16:34:12

Your covered wing looks superb Pete - very smart and great to see a Sabre with some colours now applied!

Yes, the event has been put back today in an attempt to enable us to run our Mass Build Fly-In at full strength. So put 5th / 6th September in your diaries!

Sabres are being built all over the world and we were due to have participation of flyers from a variety of nations - I just hope by September all this is contained and we are free to enjoy our sport again to the full!

In the meantime, we have a few more weeks to finesse our models and lift the bar that bit further on scale smile d

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2020 Mass Build Project
21/03/2020 16:22:35


With the current situation around the globe our planned Mass Build event date is in serious jeopardy. In the interest of being able to run our seasons 'flagship' event at full strength with everyone in attendance, I am moving the event back from our June Fly-In to our September Fly-In.

So please now plan to have your Sabres complete for an event running 5th/6th September 2020.

We will stage the Mass Build competition on Saturday 5th September, keeping Sunday as a back up.

All event notices have been altered accordingly. Many thanks for your understanding.


Edited By Phil Cooke on 21/03/2020 16:26:44

Thread: 2020 Events Cancelled
21/03/2020 14:11:49

PSSA Events in April and May now cancelled.

April 4th/5th - PSSA Fly-In Great Orme, Llandudno.

May 9th/10th - PSSA/SWSA Fly-In The Bwlch, Nant-y-Moel, Bridgend.

Our June event is under watch, more on this as we see how the current situation develops.

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
21/03/2020 12:54:52

events 2020 covid.jpg

21/03/2020 12:30:21

Mark, many thanks for your post, your concerns and guidance. I have carefully considered all your points and have discussed the situation with many other members of our group. I want to ensure we do the best thing for all.

Despite me last week following Government and BMFA guidance at the time and having carefully assessed the perceived risk in continuing with our small scale, outdoor event, my announcement is clearly causing concern related to 'non-essential social interaction'. Since my last comms, UK Government have mandated the closure of pubs, clubs, leisure centres and theatres for the exact same reason. Non-essential social activity increasing risk of potential exposure and transmission of the virus.

With the virus still yet to peak in the UK, and with the ever changing situation in our country at this time, I've reconsidered my stance and reluctantly I'm going to cancel the PSSA meets planned for April (Great Orme) and May (Bwlch).

June's Great Orme event is also in jeopardy as it falls within the 12 week window deemed necessary to control and correct our current situation. So June is currently on a watching brief. What I can say for certain, whether the June event runs or not, we will push the Sabre Mass Build element back to our planned September 2020 meeting. This enables us to run the event at full strength, with everyone wishing to take part hopefully by then free and able to travel.

So no formal PSSA event will be run on the Orme April 4th/5th, or at The Bwlch May 9th/10th.

The planned event at The Orme June 13th/14th is on a watching brief and it's running is dependant on how the country now reacts and controls our current situation. The Sabre Mass Build will move back - initially to September, but if that date later proves we still cannot welcome all participants due to enforced travel restrictions, we will defer the Mass Build further into 2021.

I hope you understand and appreciate the difficult decision I've had to take, reluctantly after a lot of work in readiness for the season, but this is clearly now the most appropriate cause of action for the PSSA.

I will set about now making the required changes to the 2020 events calendar on our website, social media, on forums and in the magazines.

Stay well all,


Edited By Phil Cooke on 21/03/2020 12:35:17

19/03/2020 21:24:47

PSSA Fly-For-Fun Events and COVID-19

As the flying season fast approaches, we have been monitoring the current situation carefully and have fully considered the guidance from the Government and the BMFA regarding the continuation of model flying events from the slopes.

Clearly the COVID-19 situation is developing rapidly in the UK and we should each follow the precautions provided by the NHS – details of which are here: **LINK**

In general terms our model flying represents a low risk activity. Our PSSA events rarely attract a group of more than 50 people, we operate outside in the fresh air at remote locations and have ample opportunity to regulate our personal proximity with other flyers and spectators. It is considered the well-being benefits provided by model flying outweigh the potential risks if the NHS precautions are routinely followed.

Therefore at this time (and subject to any updated government advice/instruction) we see no reason not to continue to stage our Fly-for-Fun events at slope sites around the UK. As such, our planned events at The Great Orme 4th/5th April and at The Bwlch 9th/10th May will be staged for those who are able and wish to attend.

Stay safe, stay well all,

Phil Cooke – PSSA

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
19/03/2020 12:12:30

Hi Chris,

For our general PSSA Fly-Ins our current position is that these events are all still ON, our first event will run as planned 4th/5th April. I've used the following logic - We are a group relatively small in number (less than 50 normally), we are operating outside in the fresh air in a remote environment, and its easy for us to self regulate our personal proximity to others. Individuals need to self assess and their participation is upto them based on individual circumstance relative to the published government guidelines. Those guidlines, combined with the advice received recently from our BMFA leads me to be able to maintain our plans.

However, the Sabre Mass Build event is a little different for a few reasons and we may have to defer the event to enable it to run at full strength. Im yet to make that decision final but will go to press as we get a little nearer the time having assessed the situation. I'm very conscious that our event will draw a bigger crowd and that so much effort has/is being employed around the world with models being built to the June deadline, it would be an awful shame if those models couldnt take part in the event as currently scheduled.

So in summary, all our normal Fly-In dates remain unchanged and we plan to run them as listed until guidelines dictate we stop. However the Sabre Mass Build element of our June event could be deferred pending a decision to come. DON'T SLOW DOWN YOUR BUILDS!!!

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